Best Golf Shoes for Women Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Check out your golf shoes recently? Undoubtedly, golf shoes must be at the top of every golfer’s list starting from all the required golf equipment to the least important, especially when it comes to engineering a perfect swing. Outsiders who don’t understand the game see golf shoes as the least important pieces of equipment. As far as golf is concerned, they understand the need for clubs, the balls, and even a golf bag, but they overlook the importance of best golf shoes for women without having the slightest idea as to why shoes are so vital to any professional golfer’s success.

Featured Recommendations

DAWGS Golf Spirit
  • DAWGS Golf Spirit
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All-Day Comfort
  • Price: See Here
Sketchers Performance Backswing
  • Sketchers Performance Backswing
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comforting Features
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Climacool Ballerina
  • Adidas Climacool Ballerina
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Design Quality
  • Price: See Here

Many beginners would think why they should buy something made specifically for the game. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that golf shoes are specially designed to give golfers balance, stability, and flexibility on the field. If you tend to slip or slide during the swing, it would be much harder to make good contact with the ball, which eventually makes it more difficult to make good shots.


10 Best Women’s Golf Shoes


1. DAWGS Golf Spirit

1. DAWGS Golf Spirit
When it comes to golfing, proper golfing shoes are detrimental to the sport, and to women that suffer from discomfort, this may be one of the best solutions they can have when it comes to all day golfing. Now, if you are looking for comfort, quality, durability, and functionality, you may want to listen up because these are the golf shoes for you. Let’s talk about specialty shoes made for course performance. This is the DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe. Here are two important points of this quality golfing shoe.
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All Day Comfort

Nobody wants foot pain while out in their favorite sport. With that said, this manufacturer recognizes the importance of proper golf gear and designed the shoes for all-day sports comfort. Part of this comfort is designed thanks to arch support which helps relieve arch pain or tension. Another important arch aspect is the massaging foot-bed, which keeps any tired individual feeling brand new. Other than that, the ventilation holes provide better air circulation so an individual never gets extremely hot while out on the course.

Adjustable Design

One of the best aspects of these particular shoes is the fully adjustable design. With these, women are guaranteed that the shoes they are wearing are designed with maximum quality in mind. Now, as far as fully adjustable, the shoes have an adjustable hook and loop strap for better fastening. This allows for a custom fit every time an individual uses the shoes and they can use this method to be able and accommodate their foot width.

Cost And Value

As far as cost and value, these shoes are some of the best in the industry for women that are wanting quality shoes designed for long-term golf gear. Accompany your golf skills and gold outfit with these well-built shoes that are not only comfortable but hold up their end as far as designed and quality. Designed by a masterful brand, the cost will vary depending on the shoe color, style, and the size that an individual chooses. With that said, they are designed to withstand the test of time and users will appreciate and tout.
  • Extremely lightweight design that allows long-term use.
  • The rubber outsole is designed with molded rubber spikes.
  • They are non-marking on any surface.
  • Easy to clean design.
  • The shoes are individually boxed with a carry handle.
  • Fully adjustable design for a perfect and well-built fit.
  • Golfers have mentioned that these actually run smaller than what they anticipated. 

2. Sketchers Backswing

2. Sketchers Backswing
If you are an avid golfer looking for a quality technical golf shoe, this is the shoe for you. As one of the best golf shoes in the industry today, users are recommending this next golf shoe for the quality and durability. Not only that, but it happens to be one of the most highly touted brands in the industry today. Let’s talk about the Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Walk 2 Shoe. Here are two points worth notating about this quality golf shoe.
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The Comfort Factor

One of the biggest and most important factors when it comes to quality golf shoes is the comfort. If an individual plan on being on the course all day long, then you can be guaranteed that comfort is at the forefront of the mind. With that said, this brand is known as one of the top sporty brands in the industry today that supplies exceptional comfort alongside quality. Now, this comfort is due to numerous factors such as lightweight durability. However, the primary reason that the shoes are extremely comfortable is that of the resalyte midsole cushioning which is expertly crafted for individuals that suffer from foot discomfort.

Traction Bottom

When it comes to being on the golf course, on a fresh cut of grass an individual needs shoes that are easy to wear and offer great traction. With that said, these shoes offer a traction design that provides excellent comfort while improving the playing surface for individuals that want a firmer stance. With that said, the cleats on the bottom or replaceable in the case they get damaged or harmed. This bottom is known to offer excellent support and traction, so women feel safer while walking out on the court.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration for these particular golf shoes, women highly tout the quality of the brand. Overall, the brand gives the shoes an essence of quality because they are known as one of the most durable shoe brands in the industry today. When it comes to value, users can expect everything from traction comfort to tremendous support for a better golf stance. With that in mind, these shoes come in five different color choices and depending on the size and style, the shoe cost may vary.
  • Designed with quality in mind.
  • Perfect shoes for individuals that want better-golfing support.
  • Stylish and five different color choices to choose from.
  • Textile and synthetic material that user will appreciate.
  • The midsole cushioning is perfect for individuals want extra support.
  • Spikeless outsole which allows perfect traction.
  • The rubber sole is well built.
  • Users have mentioned these golf shoes may run a bit small.

3. Adidas’s W CC Ballerina II

3. Adidas’s W CC Ballerina II
This next golf shoe that we want to introduce, is designed with maximum comfort in mind and developed by one of the best states of the art brands in the activewear industry. We are eager to talk about the Adidas’s Women’s W CC Ballerina II Golf Shoe, one of the best shoes available today for golfers. With that in mind, there are certain aspects of the shoe that make it exceptional from the synthetic material to the rubber sole construction. Let’s begin with two of the most important points of this particular golf shoe.
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Easy Wear Design

What makes this brand an expert in the activewear industry is the way the produce some of their products and the different design elements that are included in the construction process of their products. For example, this particular shoe has an easy wear design that includes a tongue and heel pull loop. This form of construction allows individuals to easily put on the shoe or take the shoe off. With that said, the tongue and heel are made from one of the best construction materials to ensure that it works properly.

All Day Breathable Comfort

When it comes to quality golf shoes, individuals take into consideration the fact that they need all-day comfort. Well, this is another important aspect that this brand kept in mind when developing these gold shoes. The primary reason being is that while on the course, an individual walks a lot and needs breathable comfort. The comfort is due to the padded footbed design and the EVA midsole construction. Other than that, the breathable design comes thanks to the mesh upper material which allows for better ventilation and airflow.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular golf shoe, we realize that one factor that may increase the price is the brand. With that said, we can say that this particular shoe is designed especially for women that want a quality golf shoe. The value is found not only in the comfort of the shoe but the style and durability. For example, the rubber sole design that ensures the shoe withstands the test of time, easily makes this shoe one of the best. For the price, we consider this one of the best and most trustworthy shoes on this list.
  • Quality and very durable shoe brand.
  • A trusted brand with plenty of years of experience.
  • Keep cool with the mesh breathable upper material.
  • Bottom cleat-style action.
  • Synthetic durability that can withstand the test of time.
  • Great for women that want comfort and support.
  • Different color options to choose from.
  • Users have mentioned that the shoe is tight in the arch area.

4. Ashworth Cardiff ADC

4. Ashworth Cardiff ADC
When it comes to quality shoes on a budget, these are the ideal golf shoes for women wanting quality alongside a very stylish design. For the amateur golfer that wants to look beautiful on the course, these shoes enhance any outfit thanks to the great style. With that said, they also offer starter comfort with benefits that users will appreciate. Let’s talk about the Ashworth Women’s Cardiff Adc Shoes and what users can expect from these quality shoes. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Design Materials

One of the best design elements that users love about these shoes is the way they were made. More than anything, these golf shoes are more for design aesthetics than anything while offering basic level golf shoe design benefits. With that said, the shoes are made from a very rich and soft tumbled leather upper material. Other than that, the inside is made with a PU sock liner that offers better comfort and grip alongside quality socks.

Spikeless Outsole

One of the biggest benefits of these shoes is that although they are designed with aesthetics in mind, the manufacturer still focused on quality design elements. For example, these shoes have a spikeless outsole that delivers more traction and better flexibility. This allows users to not slip while on the course while also not getting that odd feeling that spiked shoes sometimes give their users. With that said, the generous forefoot design offers increased comfort.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these shoes, we want to say that users love the quality design of the shoes. They really do aesthetically keep up their end! With that, we believe that the shoes are perfect for casual wear on the course, not everyday wear. Other than that, the price is excellent for individuals wanting casual and stylish golf shoes. The price may vary depending on the size and style; turquoise and white or pebble red and white.
  • These shoes are designed with comfort and style in mind.
  • Perfect for the average golfer.
  • Leather quality material that is easy to clean.
  • Traction bottom for a better experience.
  • Well priced for amateur golfers.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Trusted company with a great track record.
  • Users have mentioned that they lack some support.

5. Adidas Climacool Ballerina

5. Adidas Climacool Ballerina
Now, this is normally a stretch and very rare occasion, but this activewear brand actually offers some of the best golf shoes in the industry. Therefore, we have included more than one on this list. As the second shoe on this list by this brand, we want to talk about the Adidas Women’s Climacool Ballerina Golf Shoe, a quality golf shoe that is designed for quality and comfort. Let’s talk about what makes this shoe so special in the industry today. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Design Quality

This brand is known for producing some of the best quality shoes available today. Therefore, it should be no surprise to many individuals that this shoe is designed to last. Now, one of the best design qualities of this shoe is the ultra-light construction design. Make from texture and synthetic materials, they are intended for all-day golf comfort for women that want to easily wear their shoes all day while out on the golf course.

Reinforced Areas

One of the best aspects of this quality shoe and this brand is that they focus on some of the areas that need enhancements in the sports field. With that, they took into consideration that when it comes to sports shoes, there are areas that need reinforcement. Therefore, they designed these sports shoes with reinforced zones that allow for a lightweight stable balance when on or off the course. Other than that, the reinforced areas add to the maximum durability of the shoe, so users can expect the shoes to withstand the test of time, even if they are worn daily.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, this brand is known for their quality shoes and so we had to really compare this shoe to other quality shoes in the same field. Therefore when comparing cost and value we took a deep look at what other brands offer and we found that this particular shoe is primarily best for durability. Users will love the durable value of the shoe alongside style. They are comfortable. However, an individual may find another pair more comfortable than these if a style is not a concern. With different sizes, it is important to say that the price will vary
  • The textile material used to create this product is incredibly durable. 
  • This product is made for women that are interested in purchasing a pair of comfortable golf shoes. 
  • The purpose of this design was to create a lightweight golf shoe. 
  • Golfers are impressed with how well these golf shoes fit. 
  • When it comes to the cost - this product is priced really well. 
  • The mesh upper is great for enhanced breathability.
  • The sole of the shoe was made from rubber for the best durability. 
  • Users have mentioned that these do not have any water protection.

6. Adidas W Adizero Sport III

6. Adidas W Adizero Sport III
As the last of this brand on this women’s golf shoe list, we want to include one of the best shoes from the Adidas brand. This is the Adizero Sport III Golf Shoe, one of the best golf shoes for users that want style and quality. These particular shoes are designed with more than style in mind. In fact, they offer many different great qualities that users will appreciate from a quality golf shoe. Let’s talk about two of the best and most important features from these particular golf shoes.
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Breathable Design

Once again, golf shoes are designed for comfort and style. However, part of that comfort design is the breathable mesh material the upper is made out of. With this, users can expect that there will be enough airflow while on the course. Lastly, the synthetic upper material is great for durability and comfort, so users can expect a long time comfortable wearable experience even in hot weather. With this, users can wear the shoes and if they sweat, feel comfortable simultaneously.

Comfort Style

As we have talked about this brand we have mentioned that all of their shoes are designed with comfort in mind. These shoes in particular offer a durable midsole design that have a springy and shock-resistant cushion. Other than that, the footbed is really great for users that want all day comfort and have sensitive feet to all day walking. Other than that, the flexible sole design is great for traction and users that want an enhanced footbed design.

Cost And Value

As we talk about cost and value, we have mentioned that this brand is known as one of the best outdoor gear brands available today. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the shoes will be very durable and expertly designed. Now, these shoes in particular offer many stylistic benefits and value benefits, therefore, the price will reflect that.
  • In comparison to other shoes on our list today, this pair is easy to clean. 
  • The materials used to make this pair of shoes are high-quality, assuring consumers that these can last a long time. 
  • There are perforated holes on the top of the shoes for ventilation and breathability. 
  • These shoes are one of the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes on our list today, so you can use these everyday on the course
  • Golfers have complained that these shoes can stain easily if you are not careful.

7. Adidas W Adicross IV

7. Adidas W Adicross IV
As another quality shoe by Adidas, we are eager to share with our readers the Adidas Women’s W Adicross IV Golf Shoe, a quality golf shoe for women that want style and comfort. Now, these golf shoes have been touted as one of the best available golf shoes of today for women that want style and durability. With that said, we want to dive into two of the best features of these quality golf shoes and what users can expect from them today.
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The Quality Materials

One of the best aspects of these particular shoes is the material that this brand uses. For example, this particular golf shoes, although they are not designed with a breathable upper mesh material, they are designed for quality and aesthetic purposes. This is done with the balance of a synthetic material and leather. With that said, the materials are able to withstand the test of time and users can expect the quality materials to enhance the appearance of the shoes. Other than that, users should expect quality alongside functionality. Which brings us to the next aspect of quality golf shoes.

The Sockliner Design

When it comes to the interior part of the shoe, what users are most importantly looking for is comfort and durability. No user wants a shoe that looks beautiful on the outside and extremely uncomfortable on the inside, otherwise, no individual will fully enjoy their favorite game. Therefore, this brand included CLOUDFOAM sock liner, which is a long-lasting and durable sock liner that is designed with extra cushioning for lightweight comfort. With this, an individual can wear the shoes all day long and not worry about being uncomfortable.

Cost And Value

Now that we are getting into cost and value, it is natural to compare these shoes to other shoes within the same brand. With that, as far as in the same brand we can say that these shoes are primarily for stylish purposes. The reason being is that the leather design, although being really durable is not breathable. With this, users should expect a quality material that is easy to use. Lastly, as far as cost, users should expect that the price will vary depending on the size and style of the shoe. With two color choices to choose from, users can expect a quality and stylish shoe. Maybe not for everyday golf comfort, but yes, for everyday golf style.
  • This shoe is made from a mixture of leather and synthetic materials, both of which are incredibly durable. 
  • Golfers can be assured when purchasing a product from this brand. 
  • This is a high-quality golf shoe that comes in two different stylish colors for female golfers. 
  • The outsole is designed for maximum durability.
  • The tongue is cushioned to help boost more comfortability.
  • Great golf shoes for part-time comfort.
  • Users have mentioned that they run a bit too big.

8. New Balance Minimus

8. New Balance Minimus
As the last golf shoe on this list, these next golf shoes are designed with comfort in mind and are known as one of the best brands for comfortable shoes in the industry today. Let’s talk about the New Balance Women’s Minimus Sports Spikeless Golf Shoe and what users can expect from this high-quality golf shoes today. Other than style and comfort, here are two important takeaways users should take into consideration. Let’s begin!
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The Breathable Mesh

These shoes offer the same or better breathable mesh technology that other more high-end shoes offer. While boasting a more sporty appearance, users can expect that the shoes will offer maximum breathability alongside airflow and comfort. This allows users to easily wear the shoes without any discomfort or any added sweat or moisture. With that in mind, the shoes are very easy to clean and because of the mesh material, odor-resistant.

Nature Feel and Fit

When it comes to this brand, their shoes are primarily known for running comfort. With this particular shoe, they have added the same running lightweight comfort and cushion feel into the inside of the golf shoe. For example, these shoes have the Revlite interior which allows for maximum comfort and durability. With this, users can expect quality midsole technology support and cushion. Other than that, this brands natural feel and fit allows for an all-day comfortable experience.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration for this last item, we wanted to include something that was reasonably priced while offering tremendous comfort for a golf shoe. With that said, users can expect that these golf shoes are designed with comfort in mind and also durability. The durability comes from the rubber sole technology that allows better support and functionality. Other than that, the value is enhanced by the leather material and the breathable mesh which allows for an all-day wear. For the price, users will be very happy!
  • Consumers will have the option to pick from three great color choices. 
  • These shoes are designed with a breathable mesh material so that golfers will not experience any significant sweating or odors from their feet. 
  • This brand spent quality time developing a comfort-focused shoe, which can be seen in the very technology of the product itself. Some have even argued that this product could function as a runner's shoe. 
  • This brand is one of the most reputable and well-known makers of shoes in the industry. 
  • Users have mentioned that their heels have hurt after a while of wearing these.

9. Ecco Biom Hybrid Lace Up

9. Ecco Biom Hybrid Lace Up
As the second pair of golf shoes with this particular brand, we are eager to share another quality golf shoe with a different style and quality design. These are the Women’s Biom Hybrid Lace Up Golf Shoe, one of the most coveted and comfortable golf shoes available today for quality reassurance. Let’s talk about what makes these so special and what users can expect from this quality brand today. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Supportive Design

What makes a golf shoe comfortable? Well, first, users feel that golf shoes should have a shock absorbent quality to them or at least some form of comfort cushion on the inside. These, in particular, have a heel measuring about 1 inches above the ground. With this, the heel is always constantly supported for maximum traction and comfort. Users can then expect an even support in the center of the foot alongside the arch. With this type of quality comfort, users highly tout this brand as being one of the best available brands today.

Easy Wear Lace Up

What is even better than comfortable golf shoes? Golf shoes that an individual does not need to lace up! The reason being is that all a woman has to do is put them on, grab a club, and get to the course. With this in mind, the lace-up is very stretchy and allows for all-day comfort so individuals can easily wear the shoes. Therefore, if individuals want easy comfort that they can wear all day long, these are the shoes to consider.

Cost And Value

Let’s take cost and value into consideration for these shoes! It is important to keep in mind, that much like the last brand, these shoes are designed from one of the best quality shoe brands in the industry from authentic materials and expert craftsmanship. With that said, users can expect to pay a pricey penny for these but they are worth it if they want masterful quality. Alongside this, users can always expect quality from this brand and a valuable product that will withstand the test of every golf game.
  • Thanks to the leather material used to construct these shoes, they are easy to clean. 
  • The sole of these shoes is made from synthetic materials to promote greater comfortability. 
  • Thanks to the comfortability of these shoes, female golfers can use these all day long without any signs of discomfort. 
  • These shoes can withstand extensive use and many visits to the golf course. 
  • This product is made from one of the most reputable brands in the industry. 
  • Users have mentioned that the pink interior may stain socks.

10. Ecco Biom Hybrid Sport

10. Ecco Biom Hybrid Sport
Now, we are eager to bring you another quality brand that is designed for comfort, style, and golf-fun. Let’s talk about the Women’s Biom Hybrid Sports Golf shoe, a step towards a better golf experience. This quality golf shoe is ideal for individuals that want quality and comfort and style all in one great package. With that said, let’s look at the two aspects that make this quality golf shoe one of the best available golf shoes of today.
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Breathable & Stylish

This brand is known for having some of the most durable and highly aesthetic shoes in the industry. With that in mind, they have mastered the art of comfort and style and these shoes reflect the quality of great golf shoes. These golf shoes offer a breathable design without using mesh. They do this with perforations to allow airflow to pass through the shoe so individuals can have more comfort. With that, they are also incredibly stylish and very beautiful with the right outfit. This is a winning combo on our list!

Comfort Interior

This brand has also mastered being able to produce comfort and durability all in one package. With plenty of reviews with 5 stars, these shoes are great for an all-day wear. Now, the interior is made from a breathable design and shock-cushion for great comfort. Since individuals wear these shoes all day long, the brand wanted to ensure maximum comfort while out on the field. Other than that, users can expect a quality shoe that is designed to withstand the test of time.

Cost And Value

These shoes cannot really be compared to other shoes unless they are made from another high-quality brand, not an everyday sports brand. The reason being is that these shoes are designed with quality in mind and in a way have become somewhat of a rare quality find. With that said, the shoes are considered a bit pricey, but for the value and quality, users should expect to pay a pretty penny for them. Not only that but depending on the size and the price, the shoe quality may vary drastically.
  • These golf shoes are constructed from high-quality leather and fabric materials that are designed for long-term use. 
  • Thanks to the name and brand of the shoe - golfers can be assured that this product is high-quality. 
  • These golf shoes were designed with a new level of comfort for female golfers. 
  • Not only does this shoe look beautiful, it comes in two different stylish colors. 
  • The sole of the shoe is made from a durable rubber, which is great for both balance and traction while on the course. 
  • The company included asymmetric reflective paneling for both safety and style. 
  • Golfers have communicated that these shoes are tighter than other common golf shoes or brands. 
  • For some consumers, these may be considered on the pricier end. 

Why are golf shoes so important?

To understand the importance of this kind of shoes, you have to understand the game first. When it comes to golf, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’d need for a perfect swing isn’t in your bag. It’s found on your feet. Yes, we’re talking about shoes. Everything depends on how well a golfer’s feet are anchored to the ground throughout the swing because to be able to hit a golf ball square, a golfer needs to have foot stability – no matter if it’s the men’s golf shoes or ladies golf shoes – and the rest is all balance and the swing.

A golfer cannot afford to think about whether his/her feet are stable or if they’re going to slip as he/she swings the club. For the same reason, a golfer needs shoes with spikes or cleats before heading to the golf course because if the one thing that’s going to improve your golf game, it’s a perfect pair of shoes. You need that extra stability during your swing as you navigate your way through the golf course that can be either wet or flat and dry. And it’s at that very moment you probably ask yourself why you didn’t go for something a little better, or a little sturdier.

You very well know players change their sponsors every season for a better pay off or for a change may be, thus getting their hands on a new set of clubs every few months, but the one thing that’s merely irreplaceable is their favorite pair of golf shoes. The best part is not to look good, but to feel good. Golf fashion has been a significant part of the league for years and has made many star players who will be remembered for generations to come for their spectacular games, and golf shoes are no exception.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Women’s Golf Shoes

This was one of the articles that we were particularly excited to write. Reason being is that for our readers looking for quality golf shoes, we wanted to share the best from what we have found. With that in mind, the golf shoes on this list are primarily made for women and so the style, comfort, and different qualities that make up the golf shoe, they are for women. With that in mind, we are eager to get to our favorite part of our articles. This is the criteria used to evaluate the best women’s golf shoes!

Now, it is important to say that the reason we do this part is so you don’t have to! Our goal is for our readers to get out on the golf course as soon as possible. With that said, we wanted to ensure that each reader takes a deep consideration of each shoe because they are all formally designed for specific reasons. Of course, golf is a part of it! However, users should take into consideration the comfort, quality, style, etc. With that said, when we started to find the best products to share with you, these are the criteria we knew would be detrimental to our viewers and readers. Let’s start with the quality of the shoe and why it was extremely important.

Quality of The Golf Shoe

The quality of the golf shoe was extremely important to us when picking out the golf shoe. Reason being is that for a sport as special as golf, we want to ensure the best quality products for our viewers. With that said, users can expect that we took into deep consideration the many different elements that make up a quality product, as one would see the criteria that follow.

With that in mind, a quality shoe is a composition of many different elements. These elements include durability, comfort, style, materials and more. As we’ve said, each shoe passes the quality test with flying colors. Whether you want an all-day comfort shoe or a shoe for stylish appeal, all of these shoes are designed for golfers. Let’s begin with why we chose certain brands.

The Shoe Brand

As we started to look at the many different golf shoes that were in the industry, we knew that the shoe brand would also determine whether or not they made it on the list. The reason being is that the shoe brand will also determine the quality of the shoe and the cost. Shoe brands today are plenty, especially in the activewear industry. Therefore, we had to take into consideration what kind of brand we included.

As one will see, which is rare to us, is that we included the same brand multiple times. This is because many users tout these brands and these specific shoes for the quality of the brand and the shoe. Therefore, we just could not pass the opportunity to share them with you. Whether it was Adidas or Ecco we took into deep consideration how the brand is as a whole. Lastly, we also included other brands that although not widely known, they are widely accepted as a quality brand available today.

Shoe Durability

This was one of the most important elements when it came to picking out the best golf shoe for women. As we developed the criteria we realized that in everyone we have included durability for particular purposes. When it comes to this kind of shoes, the reason we included durability is that the right shoe requires special needs to ensure it withstands the test of time.

As far as women’s golf shoes, the durability factor is crucial to ensure that the shoe can last a while. Therefore, it was important that the shoe is designed in a way that it can be used virtually anywhere as well as it is used during rainy weather. With that, some of the shoes we have mentioned are not designed for rainy weather, but they were included for other important reasons. It is vital that our viewers review the shoe accordingly if they plan on golfing during rainy weather.

Golf Shoe Comfort

Who wants to be wearing uncomfortable shoes all day? No one! With that said, we wanted to ensure that each shoe that was on the list was designed for maximum comfort. However, what defines maximum comfort? Well, we first looked at the reviews of individuals and began to take into consideration what users were mentioning about the shoe, whether they were comfortable or not. With that, we look at any special design elements that the shoes may have had to ensure maximum comfort.

For example, some shoe manufacturers designed the shoes in a way that the heel was off the ground for better support. Many other brands include a soft gel design or a mesh style benefit. Which brings us to another important element of comfort. No individual wants to be soaking in sweaty feet all day. It’s not comfortable, nor is it healthy. Therefore, many brands design the shoes with a mesh-like airflow design that allows for maximum breathability, so individuals can golf all day long. However, is the mesh durable? This brings us to the next criteria, the material of the shoe.

The Materials of The Shoe

  •  Leather/Synthetic Leather

Leather is by far the most obvious and popular choice among the golfers and rightfully so. It’s the most popular material used in the exterior of the shoe, for the most obvious reason that it’s very comfortable and waterproof. It fits in just perfectly and considering it’s more breathable than other shoe materials, it makes for an ideal choice for summer golf. Highest standards of quality are maintained along with unmatched craftsmanship to make high-quality golf shoes. For those you don’t want to spend a great deal of money on their golf shoes, synthetic leather is a great alternative for you, though it doesn’t offer the same level of quality and features.

  • Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex is one of the most popular and widely used waterproofing materials in the world, which is known for its quality, strength, and breathability. It’s an ideal choice when it comes to waterproof golf shoes, especially in winter plays. Gore-Tex is a heavy-duty material which is considerably warmer than leather and should be avoided when playing in hot temperatures.

  • Polyester

Polyester is one of the least expensive materials used in the making of golf shoes, which can be spread over the shoe to protect the outer shell of the shoe. The polyester lining is thinner and much lighter than its leather counterparts, which means it’s less expensive and may not be as breathable as other materials. It’s not nearly as durable as other high-end materials and does not offer the standard features found in leather or Gore-Tex materials.

Your choice of golf shoes has never been more diverse than it is now. The designs have now become lighter and more comfortable than ever before, plus a number of technologies and design aspects are offering an insane range of features like increased stability, indoor versatility, and plenty of styles.

Types of Women’s Golf Shoes

No longer do golfers have only a limited number of options to choose from. As the technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate different styles of golf shoes have started surfacing for the consumers to enjoy, this kind of shoes are no exception. With so many different brands, styles, designs, and colors to choose from, finding the right pair can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the game. The range of golf shoes for women is almost similar to that of the men’s segment, the only difference being the designs and colors available. Even then there’s no real way to tell the difference between men and women golf shoe. Let’s take a look at the main types of golf shoe available for women to purchase.

  • Standard Golf Shoe

Standard ladies golf shoes are one of the most popular styles to choose from and they tend to have a classic appeal to them. They provide comfort, breathability, style, water resistance, and traction through a set of spikes that sit on the bottom of the shoe. Finding the right pair is based on personal preference and what you want the shoe to deliver. Prices can vary depending on the shoe material and the quality of the craftsmanship put into its design. The best thing about the spiked golf shoe is the stability that it can bring to your swing. Spikeless, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and flat soled. Most of the brands use rubber studs or dimpled soles in place of standard golf spikes.

  • Golf Boots

A fairly modern development in the women’s golf segment, the golf boot is a rare version of the golf shoe which is designed to mimic the feel of a hiking boot or wellington boot. They have high-topped heels and flat soles that provide lightweight stability and are specially designed to stand up to the tougher elements of mother nature. Designed to be 100 percent waterproof, they offer great traction and warmth favored for use in winter and spring when courses are considerable wet. They are also made from the materials that keep your feet warm. They can be a little expensive due to the thick waterproof material used over the boot.

  • Golf Sandals

A golf sandal can be a better alternative for the ones frequently golfing in warm temperatures. They provide greater stability and comfort, all the while providing a sense of breathability – the courtesy of the open, toeless design. Whilst they are not ideal for long walks, they are lightweight, breathable and not nearly as constricting as a standard golf shoe can be. They are less expensive than the classic golf shoes due to the lack of materials used in the design.

  • Spiked and Spikeless

The hottest trend in golf might as well be the most surprising like the spikeless golf shoes. The extremely sophisticated traction designs have also dramatically improved the performance of spikeless shoes. Another great reason for the surge of spikeless shoes is convenience – it’s equally fashionable enough so that you can wear it almost anywhere and anytime. And you can play golf in them. Isn’t that FUN! Just a couple of years back this wouldn’t have been a decision you’d even have to consider because they accounted for barely 10 percent of the sales back then. But now, every major brand offers an ample range of spikeless golf shoes.

The best thing to go spike-free is it saves a lot of weight, plus it offers improved comfort and versatility. Instead of the traditional metal or plastic spikes, the spikeless shoes have cleats or nubs on their soles. They come in quite handy for long rounds and they provide the same or sometimes better traction plus they are more stylish.

Available Color Options

Of course, people like variety! Therefore, we found it a need to include brands that offer the shoes in numerous color options. With that said, individuals will notice that the golf shoes on the list vary in color options, although all being somewhat feminine. Whether an individual is in the mood for a comfortable pink and white traction bottom golf shoe or desires a sportier laid-back mesh style comfort shoe, this list is designed for women that want the ideal golf shoe.

Although we will cover it later with deeper consideration, users should keep in mind that the golf shoes will vary in price depending on the color and size an individual chooses.

Golf Shoe Traction

As another phenomenal and detrimental criteria, the right and essential golf shoe will have a traction bottom. Whether it is cleats, or specialty formulated traction rubber on the bottom of the shoe, golf shoes are designed for maximum golf course traction and comfort. Without this design, an individual will not be able to be on the golf course for long periods at a time.

Since a golf course ranges in flooring texture, from sand to grass patches, to concrete sidewalks, traction is very important. Now, another crucial and important element of traction is that it would not wear and tear easily. With some traction bottoms, individuals need to be a bit wary because the traction bottom will wear, and tare easily and then not offer any traction. Therefore, it is crucial for readers to read the description and quality of the products to ensure they find the best of what they desire. Which brings us to one of the most important and covered criteria that we include in every article; let’s talk about cost and value!

Cost And Value

Cost and value are one of the most important aspects when purchasing any product. The reason being is that the cost of an item will differentiate depending on the different elements that make up that product. With that said, what determines the value of golf shoes?

Well, although subjective, we found that the best golf shoes were designed by notable brands that had an attention to detail. For example, some brands will create reinforced areas in the golf shoe to ensure that individuals are comfortable in the spots of the shoe that have the most tension. Other than that, some brands create design elements that make the shoe more valuable such as stretchy laces or pull tabs for better placement or putting them on and off.

As far as cost, users should expect that any quality active gear product will be somewhat costly. With that, we felt that included a wide range of prices was important. Therefore, individuals will notice the Ecco brand compared to other, less notable online brands, the prices will vary accordingly. It is always best to take into deep consideration of what the price per value scale is.

Specialty Features

As the last criteria on this list, we knew that including specialty features was important. Reason being is that specialty features on the shoe will really determine the value alongside the cost. What is even better is when the specialty feature is designed with something purposeful in mind. Some shoes overall have design quality such as reflective like designs, or other materials included to make it better. However, special features that are beneficial include traction bottom, comfort sock lining, pull tabs for easy wearing, cushioned insoles, comfortable midsoles, and mesh material or perforations for better airflow.

Other Things to Consider

  • Frequency of Play

How often you play is one of the deciding factors on how much you’re willing to spend on your golf shoes. It may not be as important for someone who plays a few times a year to invest that kind of money into a pair of golf shoes. However, for someone who plays frequently, then investing in a high-quality pair of golf shoes is more prudent. Of course, how good you look plays a part in all of this as well. If you want to look great in your game, then get this beautiful expensive pair of shoes.

  • Fit

You need to get it right because the last the golf shoe is built upon has much to do with finding the right fit. While buying women’s golf shoes off the internet without trying first can be a little perplexing, but they do have size guides on the product pages for each manufacturer. Finding the right fit is all about how well your feet are anchored to the ground. Once you put on your shoes, it’s important that you should be able to walk for at least a couple of minutes or maybe even take a few practice swings to make sure you feel comfortable. If you have some kind of ankle problem, you may want to look out for a brand that is known to provide better support than others, which accounts for greater comfort on the greens.

  • Lacing

Standard shoelaces are by far the most common form of doing up your golf shoe however you should also take into consideration other alternatives as well. As spikeless shoes have become immensely popular some manufacturers have incorporated a more casual fastening approach, such as Velcro, to help ease the removal of the shoe. Many manufacturers have also tapped into proprietary lacing systems that secure the shoe exactly the same way as a ski-boot does. These mechanical lacing systems are built to provide more stability and control by preventing the loosening throughout the round.

The key to finding the right pair of ladies golf shoes is to take all of the above factors into account. If you need something with more stability or weather-beating performance, then the lightest shoe won’t necessarily be of help. Similarly, if you’re suffering from muscle related illnesses or have arthritis problem, you’d find tennis shoes better suited for your needs because they reduce the wear and tear on joints when walking several miles during the course. So it all comes down to personal preference when finding the right pair of golf shoes.

  • Flexibility

Most of the times, golfers play on uneven turf or hilly ground and have to take swings on irregular slopes, so golf shoes are designed to be very flexible to suit any conditions. Footwear for other athletic sports like football, baseball or basketball, on the other hand, is designed to hold a player’s foot and ankle in place. But golf is a sport that requires a bit of elasticity.

  • Comfort

A player covers anywhere between four to six miles during his strokes played on the golf course to roll the ball into the hole, so golfing shoes should be comfortable enough to walk long distances. A good pair of shoes now only allows your foot to breathe but also boost your performance on the field. Shoes with padded soles would be ideal for better comfort and stability.

  • Weight

Weight is clearly one of the most important factors to consider when buying golf shoes for women because a lightweight shoe would help in easy and comfortable foot movements, especially if you’re playing 18 holes and walking the course. The lighter the design, the more comfortable it gets. For this, almost every major brand is now offering its incredibly lightweight designs for maximum comfort on the field.


Frequently Asked Questions

Performance is paramount in a golf shoe design and make, and a golfer’s ability to maintain balance and grip is key to performing well on the course. A golf shoe is definitely one of the most vital pieces of equipment you need for a perfect swing because to be able to master a perfect swing, a golfer needs to have foot stability as he/she navigates his/her way through the golf course. And that very moment you tend to realize that you should have chosen something a little sturdier. We understand you have some question in your mind you’d like to ask, so go ahead!

Q: What to look for in a good pair of ladies golf shoes?

The right pair of golf shoes is critical to the success of your game – doesn’t matter if it’s a classic pair of golf spikes or a more stylish spikeless golf shoes. Manufacturers place a high importance on feel when designing a perfect pair of golf shoes because golfing requires movement of your feet. Uppers feature different material such as leather, synthetic leather for shape consistency, stability, support, and weather protection. Insoles and midsoles are meticulously crafted to provide underfoot support through the stroke. Emphasis on proper golf shoes ensures your feet remain anchored to the ground based on the demands you place on them during play.

Q: Are the shoe water resistant?

Yes and no! Now, some shoes such as the leather shoes are not water resistant at all. In fact, a bit of water and the shoe will be terribly ruined. Therefore, it is crucial for an individual to read the material and qualities of the shoe to ensure they are or are not water resistant. However, some shoes are moisture resistant and can be worn outside during humid weather. As far as water resistant, individuals should opt in for water-resistant shoes instead if that is a consideration.

Q: What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant women’s golf shoes?

Water-resistant shoes normally help repel water, but there’s no guarantee. Your feet are a little prone to getting wet while still wearing water-resistant golf shoes on damp or soggy turf. A nice pair of waterproof golf shoes, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of keeping your feet 100% dry for a specific amount of time, often more depending on the make and manufacturer.

Q: Which one’s better – leather or synthetic leather shoes?

You get what you pay for! The adage seems to be very true especially when it comes to your golf footwear. Leather uppers are specially designed to provide extra support and waterproofing. Waterproof shoes are more expensive but are much comfortable and ideal for wet conditions. Shoes made of synthetic leather, however, are not as breathable or as waterproof.

Q: Are women’s golf shoes come in different widths?

Most golf shoes come in a variety of widths to accommodate the different foot types, so make sure you measure your foot before making the purchase to ensure you know your proper width. Keep in mind that athletic shoes typically run wider than standard saddle shoes because they are built on an athletic style base.

Q: How much golf shoes usually cost?

That’s entirely determined by each retailer and manufacturer or brand, and the style you are interested in. The type of material used in the base can be a deciding factor as well.

Q: How long a golf shoe lasts?

If you clean them regularly after finishing each round and avoid storing them in extreme temperatures, you should be able to get at least three to four seasons out of your golf shoes, possibly more. However, if your game requires you to frequently play in wet conditions and you do that without properly dying and cleaning the shoes, or if you store them in extreme cold temperature, you’d probably get one season out of them.

Q: When is the right time to replace my shoes?

If you’re starting to slip during your swing or even while walking down the course, it’s likely you need a new pair of shoes, as the loss of stability and control can be hugely detrimental to your game. If the shoe loses its waterproofing qualities, or if you notice diminishing comfort due to worn-down insoles, it’s time to upgrade your shoes.

Q: When’s the right time to change my golf spikes?

If you prefer spiked golf shoes over spikeless shoes, you should consider replacing them every 10 to 15 rounds, or as soon as you feel something like the loss of stability.

Q: How do I clean my ladies golf shoes?

Wipe down your uppers with soap and warm water after finishing each round. Wipe down all the grass particles and dirt from the outsoles. And if your wear spiked golf shoes, consider unscrewing the spikes to remove dirt particles hidden underneath. Allow the shoes to dry at room temperature. Do not keep your shoes to dry in direct sunlight, and never use a hair dryer to dry your shoes.

Q: What are the main differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes?

Spiked shoes have cleats on the outsole, which are typically made of soft plastic and are locked into the turf for better stability. Spikeless, on the other hand, features rubber studs or dimples to hold the turf. Spikeless saves a lot of weight and offers improved comfort and versatility. They are very useful for long rounds plus they provide better traction. Spiked shoes may provide more traction on a soggy turf.

Whilst there is an insane number of considerations regarding the purchase of women’s golf shoes, a good pair is essential to allow you to enjoy your time on the course. There are not many differences between this kind of shoes for men and women, and the only difference that persists is in the shape and aesthetic. Professional golfers – both men and women – still walk around the golf course and golf shoe manufacturers are pouring unlimited resources into research and development to ensure you can do that in comfort whilst also inspiring you to improve your performance.

Q: Do the shoes offer great traction?

As we discussed earlier, traction is crucial when it comes to golf shoes. The reason being is that individuals want quality golf shoes that they can take on and off the course. No individual wants to risk wearing golf shoes that do not offer any traction because then it will be an awful experience on the course. What we can say is that most of the shoes on the list offer great traction while some offer good traction. For great traction, they may be designed with a cleat-like bottom. For good traction, some may be designed with ridges and a rubber material to ensure off course comfort and mobility.

Q: Is the inside of the shoe cushioned?

This, of course, is one of the most important questions on the list. The reason being is that individuals, above all else, want comfort. Without comfort, no individual can withstand the day ahead when golfing. With comfort, an individual can last hours on the course. Now, the cushioned material will all depend on the quality of the brand and the cushion. The cushion may either be made from a gel-like material or more of a foam. In any case, the insole is designed for maximum support and comfort. Which brings us to the next frequently asked question.

Q: Is the insole removable?

This is one of the most asked questions. Reason being is that most individuals want to be able to remove the insole and place their own prescribed or better insole. With this, a user can combine the same quality comfort they want from their own orthopedic insole with the durability and style of the shoe. It is best to always see what other users are saying about each individual shoe manufacturer.

Q: Are the shoes breathable?

This is the last most frequently asked question. Reason being is that when out on the golf course, individuals want to be able to enjoy a day out in the sun without worry that their shoes will get too hot. With that said, some shoes for golf are designed with a breathable material and design. Whether it be mesh or another feature such as perforations, users should read the qualities of the shoe.

More stylish or aesthetically focused shoes are designed for comfort and style. With that in mind, users should pay attention to the detail of the shoe and pick what they see is the best fit. We believe, nothing is better than all-day comfort and breathability adds to that!


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