Best Vitamin D Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Vitamin D has long been known as the sunshine supplement! With this, not enough individuals in the world get enough vitamin D. Now, as a golfer, you would expect that golfers get enough of the D vitamin. However, if you don’t golf enough and you are noticing some odd effects in your body, you may need some more time in the sun, which means more golf, or a vitamin D supplement. With that, we want to start off by sharing the effects of a Vitamin D deficiency.

Featured Recommendations

  • NatureWise
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Organic Olive Oil
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Sports Research
  • Sports Research
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Potent and Strong
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  • NOW
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Strong Bones
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When it comes to being deficient from the sunshine vitamin, the effects can really have a toll on your body. The many different symptoms can include muscle and joint pain, which is detrimental to golfers alongside bone pain and fatigue. With this, other symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include depression, body weakness, and an overall lack of motivation. So, take your vitamins supplement and get on the golf course. With that, we want to share the many benefits of vitamin D.

Vitamin D has many different benefits and it is crucial to the support of muscles, brain function, and many more. Here are a couple of benefits that come from taking a D supplement.

  • Inflammatory agent.
  • Stronger bones.
  • Improve muscle function and growth.
  • Better recovery time.
  • Protection from cardiovascular disease.
  • Decreased risk of type 3 diabetes.
  • Reduces risk of cancer.

So, we hope we have convinced you a bit and enlightened you on the many benefits of the sunshine vitamin. If you find that you need more of this vitamin, then we recommend getting on the golf course more often. Alongside this, we also recommend these top ten vitamin D supplements. With that, we want to begin with product number one.


10 Best Vitamin D Supplements


1. NatureWise

1. NatureWise
When it comes to supplements, they tend to be highly beneficial when they are made from the highest quality sources and ingredients. This next brand is often known for producing some of the highest quality in the industry. From NatureWise, we want to share the Vitamin D3 5,000 U Healthy Muscle Function supplement and two features individuals can expect from this product.
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Organic Olive Oil

Many individuals have difficulty when it comes to swallowing a supplement. With that, this gel tablet is coated in organic olive oil which makes it easy to swallow and also allows for easier absorption. With this, the olive oil is of the healthiest value and individuals can expect the content to be the healthiest.

Healthy Vitamin

This product is considered to be 100% Natural and sourced from the healthiest ingredients. In fact, this product is Non-GMO and completely gluten-free. With this, individuals can expect it to last the test of time and be of high quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we can say that it is of the best and highest quality. It happens to be 100% natural and completely gluten-free, making it great for anyone. Overall, individuals can expect a healthy dose of Vitamin D if they know they are lacking it. For golfers that do not get enough of the sun, we recommend this quality product.

100% natural.

Bioactive D3.

Non-GMO and completely Gluten Free.

Organic olive oil for easy absorption.

Guarantees healthy bones and muscles.

Supports healthy mood and longevity.

Plenty of positive reviews.


Moisture gets into the bottle.

2. Sports Research

2. Sports Research
It has been said that individuals do not get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for the body and individuals can expect it aid in many different areas of life ranging from mood to heart health. Now, if you are an avid golfer than you may already consume enough vitamin D. if not, we want to recommend this next quality product, Sports Research High Potency Vitamin D3. Here are two features to consider.
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Potent and Strong

As we said, many individuals can benefit from their daily vitamin D dose. This product has 5,000 IU per soft gel of vitamin D. With that, it happens to be one of the most potent and high intensity capsules in the industry, which is perfect for individuals that may lack their daily D vitamin.

Coconut Oil

The last product is made from healthy olive oil, which ensures better absorption. This product is actually made from healthy coconut oil, which has slightly better benefits than olive oil. With that, it is made from organic ingredients and happens to be completely GMO free.

Cost and Value

For 360 capsules, individuals can buy a pack of 1000iu or 5000iu. With that, individuals can expect the price to range depending on the IU potency that they buy. With that in mind, we can highly recommend this product to be of the best quality and individuals are guaranteed a year’s worth of vitamin D. With that said, we recommend this to all individuals that want heart health and a healthy body.

High potency.

Sunshine vitamin.

Three IU strengths to choose from.

Will last up to a year.

Quality formula.


Immune support booster.

Made with coconut oil.

Gluten free.


Dosage may be too strong for some people.

3. NOW

3. NOW
From the NOW brand, which we have talked about before when it comes to supplements, we want to share the NOW Vitamin D-3. This product is made for quality and made by a trusted brand with years of experience. With 2k+ reviews, this product is effective and includes 240 soft gels. Here are two benefits of the sunshine vitamin.
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Maintains Strong Bones

This product helps maintain strong bones, which are obviously needed for golf, or any sport. With this product, individuals can expect increased levels of energy, which will aid with sports performance on the green.

Trusted Brand

This brand happens to be one of the most trusted supplement brands in the industry. This brand only uses quality testing and third-party testing as well. With that, they also are family owned and operated and focus on only using the healthiest sustainable ingredients during their process.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this supplement, it is important to note that you are buying from a brand that focuses on value rather than profit. With that, this item is highly affordable and happens to cost less than most mainstream brands while keeping the structural natural ingredient of this brand. This item is designed to the body’s immune system and comes in different sizes.

Different sizes to choose from.

Quality structural support and high potency.

Supports dental health.

Trusted brand.

Gluten free.

Organic and healthy.


May be too strong for certain individuals.

4. Viva Naturals

4. Viva Naturals
This next product comes from an all-natural brand that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. This brand has over 2k reviews and close to five stars for it's easy to consume vitamin D capsule. Here are two features of the Viva Naturals High Potency Vitamin D3 capsule and what individuals can expect from this product.
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Made In The USA

First of all, this product is made in the USA. With that, individuals tend to trust a USA product over other products because of the quality of the brand. With this in mind, the soft gels are made to be easy to swallow and the bottle has a yearly dose of Vitamin D. If you want quality alongside an all-natural brand you can trust, we trust this one.

The Formula

The formula for this vitamin D capsule is 5,000IU per dose. Alongside this, this product is based with organic coconut oil and individuals can expect it to be simple and easy to swallow as well as very effective when it comes to features and benefits. Maintain healthy bones, strong teeth, and your immune system high so you can golf more.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that this product is made of the highest quality in the industry. Overall, we not only trust this brand, but they have proven to use the best quality materials. There are virtually no complaints about this tablet and the price, although it is all natural, is priced at the same price as other brands.

Quality tablet soaked in coconut oil.

Maintain healthy bones.

Promote happy mood.

Supports your immune system.

Enhances energy.

Quality capsule bottle.

Easy to swallow.


Only one IU size, which may be too strong.

5. Nature Made

5. Nature Made
If you ever pass by the medicine or supplement aisle in any grocery store, you will find this brand. This manufacturer has long been known as one of the largest producers of different vitamins and with that, they are highly trusted in the industry. We want to share the Nature Made Vitamin D3 supplement and what individuals can expect.
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The Right Amount

Many individuals have mentioned that a 5,000 IU of this vitamin can lead to headaches or nausea. With that, the 5k dose is considered too strong. Therefore, this brand has created the right amount. This product is a healthy daily dose of 2000IU tablets.

Pharmacist Recommended

The reason this is such a widely known brand is that it happens to be America’s #1 pharmacist recommended brand. With this in mind, individuals highly trust this brand for their quality products and design elements. This product is no different. It is made to support teeth and both health as well as enhance mood and overall body functions.

Cost and Value

Considering the fact that this item is priced around the same price as other brands for fewer capsules and less dosage, it is somewhat expensive. However, it is also one of the most trusted brands to date. If you are seeking a quality product that is made to last and based on FDA regulations as well as pharmacist recommend, we recommend this quality brand and vitamin D capsule.

Trusted brand.

Quality size pills.

220 tablets per bottle.

Boost your health.

Made for healthy bones.

Supports bone and teeth and immune health.


Not a gel tablet and may be difficult to consume if you don’t like powdery pills.

6. Garden of Life Raw

6. Garden of Life Raw
This Vitamin D3 is for the individuals that want the purest product alongside a healthy dose of benefits that makes every other capsule obsolete. This is the Garden of Life Raw D3 Supplement and it is high quality, effective, and made for individuals that want a whole food vitamin D3. Here are two healthy benefits of this product.
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Completely Vegetarian

This item happens to be made from one of the healthiest formulas available. This product is delivered in a lipid cracked wall of chlorella base and it is designed with live probiotics and enzymes for optimal health and digestion. With individuals can expect this product to be completely RAW, gluten free, and dairy free.


Alongside the health benefits above, this item happens to be completely organic and not have any binders or fillers. With this, individuals can expect this product to be one of the highest quality Vitamin D capsules in the industry. The dose happens to be a dose of 5,000 IU which is very strong and healthier than most. With that, if the dose is too strong, it is recommended to buy a lesser dose.

Cost and Value

Now that we have mentioned lesser dosages, this brand actually has two different dose degrees to choose from, 2000 IU and 5000IU. With this in mind, we highly recommend this product for the organic benefits and high-quality capsules. Now, the product is a bit more expensive than most. However, that is expected of brands that use the highest quality ingredients and materials.

No fillers or additives.

Quality capsule design.

Strong and supports healthy bones and immune system.

Raw vitamin.

Trusted brand.

Completely organic and vegetarian.

Two dosage sizes to choose from.


Can be costly.

7. Bronson

7. Bronson
This next product is a high-quality supplement made to be certified organic and has the perfect dosage quantity for individuals that see 5,000 as ‘too strong.’ Here are two features to consider of the trusted Bronson Vitamin D3 2000 IU Certified Organic Vitamin D Supplement.
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USDA Certified

This product boasts the USDA organic label on the bottle to ensure consumers that the item truly is 100% organic. With this in mind, we highly trust this product for the benefits and overall composition and quality of the tablet. For instance, the tablet is made completely of the healthiest vitamin D3 composition with no GMO’s or any fillers.

Money Back Guarantee

Now, this is a brand that truly cares about consumer satisfaction. This item comes with a complete money back guarantee and a 365-day hassle-free guarantee in the case that you are unhappy with the product. With this in mind, we can say that this product is made in the USA and is completely FDA registered and trusted.

Cost and Value

For the price, which is around the same range as other brands an individual gets 360 2,000IU tablets. With that, individuals can expect a daily dose of Vitamin D and a year’s worth supply. If you are unhappy, you can return the product, no questions asked. With this said, we highly recommend this brand for the value and the benefits.

Pharmaceutical grade quality.

Laboratory tested and completely NON-GMO.

High quality ingredients.

USDA Organic.

Helps promote strong bone health.

Helps support color and muscle health.


Some individuals wish it did not have probiotics.

8. BioSchwartz

8. BioSchwartz
This next product comes a brand that excels in quality and product satisfaction. The BioSchwartz is a five-star product that is designed for bone and immunity support alongside a powerful formula that is designed for enhanced absorption. Here are two features to consider of this item.
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The Formula

As with a couple of brands we have mentioned, this product has an all organic and all-natural formula. The formula of this product has no fillers, is completely NON-GMO, has no binders and has all-natural ingredients. With this, it has no preservatives or artificial flavors added into the formula to enhance the flavor and color.

The Brand

This brand happens to use the safest methods of cultivation when it comes to a product such as this. For instance, this item is third-party tested, it has a strict manufacturing process, and it happens to made in the USA. With this alone, individuals can expect this product to be of the safest value and offer maximum support.

Cost and Value

The price for this item easily makes it one of the best deals in the industry. Considering the fact that it has 360 tablets that are all organic and 5,000 IU strength, the price is well below what many brands charge. With that, this dosage has been considered strong for many individuals, but this product has five stars and plenty of positive reviews.

All organic.

Completely healthy.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Promotes happy mode.

Made in the USA.

Olive oil coated for better absorption.

Trusted brand with five-star reviews.

GMO and filler free.


Only one dose option available.

9. Zahler

9. Zahler
This next product happens to have the largest dose on our list of tablets. The Zahler Vitamin D3 50,000IU All-natural Supplement is high quality and highly beneficial. With that, yes, that is not an extra zero, it really is a 50k dose. Let’s discuss the benefits of such a large dose.
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Maximum Dose

If you know that you are completely vitamin D deficient, then this may be the product for you. If you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency, then this product will aid in that process for individuals that are noticing the symptoms of the deficiency. This and a bit more golfing will get you back in healthy shape in no time.

The Benefits

The benefits of this formula are plenty. It ranges from bone health to immunity support. With this, individuals can reverse years of vitamin D deficiency in a couple of doses of this particular formula. With that, we highly recommend it only if you know you can handle such a strong dose.

Cost and Value

Considered that this dose is 10k stronger than most, we want to caution individuals if you are new to consuming such a large dose. With this said, this item has five stars and plenty of positive reviews and for the price, it is not too bad of a deal as well considering other brands are only a couple of dollars less. With this, the instructions state to take only one pill a week!

Strong dose of Vitamin D.

Quality design and easy to absorb.

Manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

Promotes healthy body functions and bone health.


Strong dose at one time.

May cause side effects.

10. Sundown Naturals

10. Sundown Naturals
This next item is a complete left turn from the last one we shared. In fact, this product has the lowest dose on the list of Vitamin D3. From Sundown Naturals, we want to share the 1000 Vitamin D3 product. This item is made to be healthy, easy to consume, and completely organic. Here are two features and benefits.
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Healthy Formula

The formula of this specific product is a Non-GMO, no artificial colors, and completely preservative free formula that is high quality and very healthy. With that, this formula is easy to consume and will easily soak into the body for an enhanced immunity boost.

Three Sizes Available

This brand offers variety when it comes to selecting how many capsules you want in one product. For instance, individuals can select between a 100, 400, or 800 counts of capsules. With that, we can say that this product is incredibly healthy and designed with the best immunity health benefits available.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, it is important to note that the dosage is much less than most brands, which also brings the price down. With that said, we recommend this product if you want quality benefits and a healthy all-natural vitamin tablet. Overall, this brand is trusted and has plenty of positive reviews.

Healthy capsules.

Supports bone and teeth health.

Immune health support.


Organic ingredients only.

Plenty of positive reviews.

Various sizes to choose form.


The capsules may stick together in the bottle.

That we have gotten to know the top ten best vitamin D supplements, we want to hear from you? Do you consume Vitamin D? If so, let us know what your thoughts are on the products above. With this in mind, we have mentioned the importance of taking these. However, the vitamin alone is not the most important part, it is equivalently important to know where the product derives from and the brand that is supplying it. With that said, the most extensive of research was taken when finding the best vitamin D supplements to share with our audience.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Vitamin D Supplements

As our criteria to evaluate the top ten best Vitamin D Supplements, the most extensive and professional research was taken to ensure that all of the products we shared were of the best value. With this said, we want to say that it is as equivalently important to take into consideration the product as it is the brand. With that, we are eager to share the different guidelines that one can use when determining the best quality supplement vitamin D brand in the industry. Let’s begin with the first guideline.

Quality and Reviews

As the first guideline for this product, the overall quality, and reviews of the item were crucial when selecting the top ten best for this list. The reason being is that not only did we want to ensure the best products were chosen, but that they were potent and would work as advertised. Since there is such a large selection of supplements, there is a fine line between healthy ones and ones that are manufactured with less than quality ingredients and materials. With this, we found the top ten vitamin D supplements that we shared to be of the best value. With that, many of them have well over 2k reviews. As the second aspect, we also only wanted to focus on products that had close to five stars. Take NatureWise for example, their product has over 5k reviews and five total stars, making it one of the top best brands to consider when it comes to your quality vitamin D supplement.

The Formula

As the second criteria, we found that choosing the right product with the right formula was crucial. Therefore, there are two aspects of the formula that we wanted to consider when sharing with our audience, the potency, and the ingredients. Now, as far as the degree of potency that an individual need can only be determined by the individual, so consulting a health professional is advised.

  • Potency

As far as potency we found that there are many different varieties of strengths when it comes to this supplement. Individuals can buy from 1,000 IU to 5,000IU and even 50,000IU. However, it is important to note that an IU of 50,000 is only to be taken once a week as instructed by the brand. With that, this aspect we took into consideration because we wanted to share a wide variety of products that were of quality for individuals to choose from.

  • Ingredients

As the second criteria that we found to be one of the most important, we focused on the ingredient profile because we wanted to ensure that all of the products we shared were of the best value and quality ingredients. With this, aspects to consider when conducting your own research is ensuring that the product is 100% Non-GMO. With this, other aspects to consider is that the item is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Formulas such as this are designed for quality and individuals are guaranteed that they will be of the healthiest value. Even some formulas have the USDA Organic trademark to ensure the audience of the health regulations taken to ensure the best product.

Gel Capsule or Pill

As another criterion to take into consideration, during our research we discovered that there were two different methods for which the product is designed. Some Vitamin D tablets are designed as a gel capsule while some are designed as a pill. With this, we can say that a gel capsule tends to be coated with an oil to make it easy to consume while a pill tends to be a highly compressed Vitamin D tablet. With this in mind, the method by which a person takes their daily dose is up to the individual. Some individuals feel more comfortable taking a compressed pill compared to a gel tablet and vice versa. With that, most gel tablets are known as ‘soft gels’ and are easier to consume.

Price Per Pack

As the last criteria to consider, we wanted to take into consideration the overall price for a bottle of soft gels or compressed pills of vitamin D. With this, we found that most brands use universal pricing rules per bottle per pack. Of course, the highest quality brands that are Non-GMO, completely organic, vegan-friendly, and use the cleanest methods of production tend to be more expensive. However, not by a lot. It is most common to five a 90 count of soft gels for around ten dollars or so. With this in mind, here are a couple of aspects to consider when selecting the best supplement for you.

  • Is the product organic?
  • Is the product non-GMO?
  • How many capsules come in one bottle?
  • What is the potency of the capsule per bottle?
  • Does the brand have trusted reviews?
  • Is the brand recognized for ethical production methods?

Now that we have shared the most important aspects to consider when selecting your best Vitamin D supplement for you, we want to answer some of the most common questions individuals are asking. Let’s begin!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times a week should I take the supplement to notice results?

This question can only be answered by getting to know the different factors of the supplement. First, if you notice you have a Vitamin D deficiency than taking a 5,000 IU supplement is standard. With that in mind, individuals have mentioned getting a small stomachache or a headache after consuming such a potent amount of a supplement. With this, it may be best to start with a lower dose. Most importantly, it is best to follow the instructions for consuming the product. The common rule of thumb is one serving per day. However, a 50,000IU dose is commonly known to be taken once a week.

Q: What should I do if the softgels come pressed together?

A: If you have received a bottle with softgels that are pressed together, the simple thing to do is to shake the bottle and see if they loosen up. With this said, many brands have return policies on the item.

Q: What is the softgel coated in?

A: Unlike pills, soft gels tend to be coated or designed with a specific type of oil to ensure that it is easy to consume and swallow. With that, the most healthy oil is extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. With that, it is important to recognize that the product should not be coated in canola oil or soybean oil, which is less healthy.

Q: Do these gels expire?

A: This is a common question and yes, most gels do expire after twelve months or so. With that, it is important to take this into consideration when selecting the best product for you and how long you will be consuming the supplement for.

Q: What is Lanolin?

A: Lanolin happens to be the main active ingredient from which vitamin D comes from. Lanolin is a fatty wax found on the wool of sheep. With that, 95% of all Vitamin D supplements are derived from lanolin. With that, it is important to consider whether the ingredient is organic and non-GMO before consuming it.

Q: Can you be allergic to Lanolin?

A: Yes. Therefore, it is important to contact a nutritionist or health expert to see if a vitamin D supplement with Lanolin is right for you.

Q: I noticed I get headaches and stomach aches after taking it?

A: Vitamin D supplements should not cause any side effects to any individual unless they are taking to wide of a dose. Therefore, it is important to consider lowering your dosage of vitamin D. So, if you take 5,000 IU, it is recommended to lower to 2,000IU until your body gets used to taking such a strong dose of a supplement.


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