Best TaylorMade Putters Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We have covered practically some of the top of the line brands here at Golfoid. With that, we have also covered a large number of different products and gear to consider. Whether you are looking for a top of the line club, iron, or wood, or you want the best-golfing shoes or caps, we appreciate and are eager to share with our audience the best gear, products, and equipment. With that in mind, it is time to talk about one of the best tops of the line brands that excels at creating some of the most quality products in the industry.

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2018 Spider
  • 2018 Spider
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • High MOI
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  • Big Red Monte Carlo
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Effortless Alignment
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  • Two Aiming Aids
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TaylorMade has long been known as one of the leading brands in the golf industry for their ingenuity, quality items, specifically tailored and designed products, and overall quality durability. With that, we want to share with our audience the top ten best TaylorMade Putters that are specifically designed by this brand for the perfect short distance stroke. Now, as part of our process, we had to identify the most important elements to consider that individuals are seeking. With that, we developed the Criteria To Evaluate The Top Ten Best TaylorMade Putters, which is listed below the ten products.

Now, without further wait, if you are a fan of this brand and are seeking some of the best putters in the industry, we have them here for you!


10 Best TaylorMade Putters


1. 2018 Spider

1. 2018 Spider
This brand has long been known for their expertly crafted and unique designs. Not only are they innovative, but they are for a select few people that want to stand out above the rest. As the first putter on this list, we highly encourage individuals to have not shame and get the TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putter. Here are two unique features of this one of a kind item.
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High-MOI Spider Design

This item, upon looking at, looks like one of the most unique putters in the world. In fact, individuals have mixed emotions when it comes to this product. However, it has one of the best designs, a Spider Arc Geometry design that provides a better and higher MOI return. Overall, the item encourages improved alignment and greater forward roll when putting.

The Material

One aspect of a putter is that it needs to be carefully designed, differently than most clubs. This item has a lightweight aluminum body that is combined with a stainless steel ring. This element and design ensure that the face of the putter keeps square to the path which ensures a more accurate shot.

Cost and Value

To talk about cost and value, we want to share that this item is one of the best designed in the industry for the value. There is not only a large selection to choose from, the overall design ensures a quality putting experience. With unique grip options such as a standard grip or super stroke grip, individuals can choose their ideal putter effortlessly. As far as the cost, however, it is important to note this item is both customs designed and manufactured by one of the leading brands in exclusive golf gear.

Spider Arc design ensures better MOI.

Improved alignment and greater forward roll.

Heavy stainless-steel body for better traction.

Stay square to the path with this product.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Face-balanced mallet.

Helps keep the ball in line.


Expensive design.

2. Big Red Monte Carlo

2. Big Red Monte Carlo
Now that we have shocked our audience with one of the most expensive putters in the industry, we want to share a different putter that boasts a much calmer and refined design. This is the TaylorMade Big Red Monte Carlo Putter and it is designed for performance and achievement.
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Effortless Alignment

The design of this product is thin and lightweight. With this, individuals can expect a quality and effortless alignment design that allows for easy putting and balance. With this product, individuals can expect a simple and more convenient way to putter.

High Contrast Sightline

The sightline of this particular item is actually raised, which is a simple tweak in the overall shaft to ensure easier alignment. When looking down, individuals can match the sightline of the ball with the bends of the shaft, which gives a more perspective appearance to the golfer. With that, individuals can easily manifest a winning shot.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we first want to say that it is highly beautiful and comes in a stealthy, clean, shiny red finish. This putter is also one of the thinnest and most simple designs with a modern precision edge that makes it stylish and designed for comfort. The grip is well designed and reviews tout it as one of the best. With five stars throughout, we highly recommend this product and the price tag is not all too bad either considering the brand.

Performance by design putter.

Effortless design and alignment made easy.

High contrast sightline and innovative design.

Two shaft lengths to choose from.


Not as high quality as other putters.

3. White Smoke

3. White Smoke
This next putter is expertly designed for quality and ensures a consistent roll upon impact. Let’s talk about the TaylorMade Golf White Smoke Putter, a simple design that is more stable, comforting, and creates a bond between golfer, putter, and golf ball effortlessly. Here are two features of this product.
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Counterbalanced Putting

This item actually has a design that creates a counterbalanced putting method. However, the method is designed to ensure a 50% more stability and easy roll than a traditional based putter. This method helps individuals perfect their tempo and style when putting short distances.

Pure Roll Surlyn

One of the best designs of this item is the Pure Roll Surlyn design, which is intended to promote a soft and solid consistent roll. The insert allows individuals to effortlessly roll the ball from the face of the putter with a slight energy return that builds confidence and stamina.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value for this putter, individuals have touted this putter as being simple to use and effortless in their golfing game. With that, the item is well priced, designed to be durable, and can withstand the test of time. If you want simple craftsmanship alongside a durable experience. This is the putter to get.

Quality grip that counterbalances the putter for increased stroke.

More stable and 50% more accurate.

Allows for better MOI.

Surlyn insert allows for a more smooth and consistent experience.

Better roll off the face.


Individuals have received the wrong product.

Not as high quality as other putters.

4. Big Red Daytona

4. Big Red Daytona
Let’s talk about the sister to the Monte Carlo, this is the TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter and it offers excellent performance and a quality design that is unprecedented but takes its stylish looks from its big sister. Here are two features of this putter.
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The Design

The design of this putter is a simple and sleek design that has a beautiful finish and a quality effortless head appearance. The putter blends in smoothly but when taken out, it achieves great results. If you want a stylish design with a contrast appearance, this is the putter to get.

High-Contrast Sightline

Much like it’s big sister, this item has a high-contrast sightline. The sightline ensures a better quality put when individuals are golfing. Alongside this, it makes alignment easier for a more square and balanced experience.

Cost and Value

This item is quite simple and does not boast too many unique features as some other putters from this brand. With that, the raise sightline is highly beneficial and the overall shaft material and construction ensure a better and more efficient experience. The price is the same as many of the putters we have shared so far. So in reality, it is more about the style and the lightweight design if you are considering this product.

Promotes a better sightline appearance.

Effortless alignment and performance.

Beautiful finish design with a raise contrast sightline.

Alignment made easy.

Beautiful finish.

High quality engineering.

Positive reviews.

Stainless steel is high quality.


Slightly heavier than other putters.

5. Spider OS Counterbalance

5. Spider OS Counterbalance
The spider is back! However, the price tag is much lower and the design is more subdued. Let’s talk about the TaylorMade Spider OS Counterbalanced Putter and two unique features that individuals can expect from this unique and simple putter. Let’s start with what “OS” stands for?
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“OS” is actually “Over-Sized Head”. This means that the head of this product is considered oversized and designed to feature an easier roll and more forgiveness. With that in mind, the product has a counterbalanced weight, meaning the weight is balanced through the club different than a regular putter, which creates a more unique and quality experience.

The Sightline

One aspect of this putter that makes it well designed and intended for quality is the sightline. This item has a raised sightline design, which is traditional of this brand. What are the benefits of the sightline? Well, as we discussed above It allows individuals to adjust their alignment and create a more square space to achieve the results they desire.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we first want to share that this is one of the most simple putter designs in the industry. However, the counterbalanced design is a unique aspect that this brand has introduced to ensure a quality roll and better motion and consistency. For the price, we highly consider it as the entry putter into the Spider Series.

Quality performance design.

Over sized head allows for better off roll and forgiveness.

High-contrast sightline.

Makes alignment easier.

Beautiful finish.

Counterbalanced weight gives a unique overall feeling.

Five-star rating.


Not self-standing.

Not as high quality as other Spider putters.

6. Tour Preferred ArdMore 3

6. Tour Preferred ArdMore 3
This milled stainless steel putter is made to stand out with a bright red head that ensures a premium look. What is even better is the overall performance of the product with a classic milling that this brand is expertly and effortlessly known for. Let’s look at two features of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Red Collection ArdMore 3 Putter and two features of this quality item.
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Pure Roll Insert

This particular putter has the Pure Roll Insert that the brand has introduced into many of their products. The benefits have been widely touted and known to offer expert forward roll and a firm feel upon impact. The aluminum insert is not only durable but responds better to the overall quality of the golf club.

The Steel Shaft

This item comes with a steel shaft, which although is heavier, allows for a better opportunity roll and consistent shot. With that, the steel shaft is made for quality and designed with a chrome finish. The chrome finish alongside the red head has surprised individuals as being one of the most simple but stylish and modern designs for a putter.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value for this item, we can share that this product has an improved alignment design that ensures a consistent shape and overall radius per shot. With that, this product comes with three different available shaft length options and it is milled for perfection. The Tour Red design is a premium quality look that makes the style unique, quality, and intended to stand out.

Beautiful and well-crafted finish.

Pure roll insert made of aluminum.

Steel shaft with chrome finish.

Combination of mid mallet and sightline design.

Improved alignment and improved consistency.


Little to no reviews.

7. 2017 Tour Preferred Soto

7. 2017 Tour Preferred Soto
This next putter has been widely known as one of the preferred design from the tour collection. The TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Soto Putter is an innovative style with strategically placed designs and elements that make it well worth the purchase. Here are two unique quality features from this product if you want innovation and a quality appearance.
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The Grip

When it comes to the grip of a putter, it happens to be one of the most important elements of a club. The reason being is that the grip allows for proper balance and placement. When it comes this product the grip is one of the best with two stock grips available and various tour-validated grips available as well. With this, individuals can expect a wide variety of benefits.

Pure Role Insert

Another quality aspect of this product that makes it well designed and exceptionally feeling is the Pure Roll Milled Insert. Essentially, it is an insert that is designed to generate and offer a better roll experience once the ball makes contact with the product. With this, individuals are guaranteed an all around well-rounded experience.

Cost and Value

To take cost and value into consideration for this product, we can say that it is well designed and made from one of the finest stainless steel materials. With a Lamkin Sing Pistol Grip and a red and white color design, this putter boasts many different design qualities that individuals would expect from this top of the line brand. With that, the strategically placed sightline allows for better performance and overall value.

Quality design and durable grip.

Classic shape made to improve excellence.

Milled using a 303 Stainless Steel feature.

Tour satin finish is well designed.

Classic blade-style design.

Beautiful and convenient.



8. Spider Mallet

8. Spider Mallet
We are coming close to the end of our list and we want to share a quality product that is designed from the Spider series. This is known as the TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter and although it does not boast the unique features that we have come to know from the extravagant 2018 Spider, it is still well designed. Here are two features to consider!
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Provocative White Topline

Part of the design of this product is to make it both stealthy and stand out. This putter is made with a white topline and a mirror-black ion-plated sole that is sexy and well constructed. With that, it boasts anti-scratch benefits and an overall smooth roll and profound feel upon impact. For the design alone, we can say that it is well constructed and comes with a slew of benefits.

Two Aiming Aids

This unique product comes with two aiming aids. The first one is the fact that it comes with strong black parallel lines at the top designed to ensure better-aiming standards. With that, the top line is a powerful aiming aid alongside a step-less shaft design that ensures better stance and better command when putting.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we can say that it is one of the best well-designed products in the industry for the overall value and performance. Made with a rubber grip that ensures better overall performance, it is lightweight, comes in two hand orientations and has two shaft lengths available. If you want expert quality alongside profound reassurance when putting, this is the putter to get.

Well-constructed design.

Beautiful stealthy look.

Smooth roll and better feel on impact.

Two powerful aiming aids.

Premium rubber grip technology.

Mastered for quality. Excellent customer service.


The putter paint may chip if not careful.

9. 2017 Tour Preferred Berwick

9. 2017 Tour Preferred Berwick
As product number nine on this list, if you are looking for a quality and top of the line putter. We are eager to share this product with you. The TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Berwick is known as one of the best putters to have in your golf club set if you want a balance of wing weight and confidence. Here are two features to consider this product.
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The Material Quality

This product has a quality design and a premium look. Part of the design aesthetics that make it well worth it is the milled 303 stainless steel head and satin finish. With that, the design is made to not chip easily and be anti-scratch. Alongside this, the shaft is expertly crafted for weight balance and perfect footing for the golfer.

Straight Back Putter

This particular mallet putter is designed for individuals that have a straight back when they putt. With that, the design has a traditional rounded mallet design that includes a face-balanced design. Alongside this, it overall ensures a better quality stance and comfortable value.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value for this item, we can say that this may be one of the best designs in the industry as far as quality and overall value. This putter features a super stroke grip which ensures the best possible grip and traction on the skin even when the individual is sweating. With that, this may be one of the most affordable grips on the list for the overall value and design.

Milled stainless steel is well designed.

Premium look and quality feel.

Strategically places and positioned for better alignment quality.

Two lengths available.

Hand orientation left and right.


Little to no reviews online.

10. 2018 TP Black Copper

10. 2018 TP Black Copper
As the last putter on this list, we want to share the TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Black Copper Collection. This set boasts three different style names, has two shaft designs and has some of the best features one could expect from a putter. Here are two unique features to consider.
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Each Putter Design

So, this particular collection of putters has very different designs depending on the style you so choose. Take the Juno style for instance. It has a unique triple-plating process that creates a dark and rustic finish. The finish is beautifully crafted and designed to appear more stealthy than most putters.

Head Weight Design

Another quality aspect of these putters, that is universal all throughout is that this product has an adjustable sole weight design that ensures maximum weight benefits. What this does for the golfer is offer a maximum roll of the ball and perfect traction. With this level of quality, individuals can expect an easy putt process.

Cost and Value

As we discuss cost and value, we want to share that this collection is designed to offer different features and variety to your golf game. Overall, the copper accent design and edges are designed to ensure an overall quality putt and simple to use process. The price will vary and the putters are considered more expensive than most.

Well-designed putter.

Unique triple-plating process.

Copper accents along the edges.

Adjustable sole weight.

Optimal head weight.

Pure roll insert.


Can be quite expensive.

May take time to master.

Now that you have gotten to know the top ten best putters that an individual can buy from TaylorMade, which one is your favorite? We are eager and glad to say that all of these products are well designed and expertly executed for design quality and overall durability. With this, individuals can expect all of these products to withstand the test of time and be highly durable.

If you want a quality product that is designed for quality that ensures a more consistent stroke, any of the putters above will do. Everything from their innovative technologies to well-crafted benefits, TaylorMade excels in the genre of golf. So, now that we have shared the top ten, it is time to move forward and talk about the criteria to evaluate the top ten best TaylorMade putters.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best TaylorMade Putters

Without a doubt, TaylorMade excels in the golf industry. When we knew we were going to conduct specific research on the best TaylorMade putters we first had to direct our attention towards some very important aspects of a putter. To do this, it was detrimental to understand the purpose of a putter and what the best designs are, so then we can know what to look for. So, this is where is research began!

What is a putter in golf used for? A putter in the game of golf is used for short distance rolls. Essentially, a putter is the last club that an individual uses when they are attempting to get the ball into the hole. With that in mind, we can say that the design of a putter may be the most different than any other club. Not only is a putter specifically designed for a short distance but the head and shaft design are also quite different as well.

What are the primary design aesthetics of a putter?

A putter tends to be designed differently than most irons or woods. The reason being is that a putter is primarily for short-range impact. Therefore, it needs to be specifically designed for that. Alongside this, a putter may be the most simple club design. The primary design characteristics of a putter include the overall appearance and the low profile head and loft. Alongside this, some shafts are bent for a better sightline and the grip is also different.

Now that we have covered the many different design aesthetics of a putter compared to other clubs, we want to share with our audience the primary criteria that we took into consideration when choosing the top ten best TaylorMade Putters. Let’s begin with criteria number one.

The Overall Aesthetic

A putter is not only a bridge for golfers to get the ball into the hole, it is also a way to stand out on the course. In fact, putters are some of the most striking and uniquely designed clubs in the industry. With that in mind, when it comes to TaylorMade putters we took the criteria of the product and appearance as the first most important criteria. The primary reason is that we wanted to share a wide variety of different putters and designs to consider. Now, as far as aesthetic appearance, many putters are designed with different color heads, shaft designs, and of course, overall design. With that, this brand has a wide variety of different design styles to choose from. Some different design styles include the Spider Putter Series or the Big Red Series, which boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs.


Putters, much like clubs have different configurations available. With that in mind, one of the most important aspects that we took into consideration when it came to the many putters we wanted to share is the variety of configurations. Not only did we want to ensure the product was well designed and highly durable, we wanted to make sure that there was a wide variety of configurations for individuals to choose from.

For instance, varieties of configurations include everything from the shaft design to the head style as well as the overall, hand orientation. So, if an individual likes a specific style, we wanted to make sure that there would be different options available for that product.

The Head Design

The head and the loft may be one of the most important aspects of an overall putter design. With that, we wanted to include a wide variety of putters that had a well designed and unified craftmanship quality. The reason being is that the design and craftsmanship will make headway for the overall quality of the product. It goes without saying that a TaylorMade Putter is one of the most quality clubs an individual can buy, but overall their putters are all tailored differently depending on the design.

However, the most universal quality that we noticed of a TaylorMade putter is the impact zone design. Many of these brand’s putter has a certain sweet spot in their putters that ensure an overall better quality impact and roll on the green for the ball. With that in mind, some of these brands designs include a sculpted and high-contrast sightline that ensures a better quality field of vision when hitting the ball, serving as an overall aid in the process.

Now that we have shared the criteria to take into consideration when it comes to picking out the best TaylorMade putters, we want to move forward and answer some of the most common questions that individuals are having.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the putters come with a headcover?

A: As one of the most commonly asked questions in the industry, when it comes to TaylorMade they design their products with the best quality materials. As part of their customer service and quality, they actually do include headcovers with most of their purchases. With that in mind, their covers tend to be some of the best designed in the industry, including Velcro closures, soft linen interiors, and durable exteriors.

Q: Do I need a headcover for my putter?

A: This question happens to be one of the most commonly asked in the industry and we have to say yes! Yes, individuals need a headcover for their putters. In fact, it is highly recommended to have headcovers for all clubs to avoid them scratching against each other or getting damaged. With that, if you discover yourself needed a headcover, brands will specifically design headcovers for individuals to purchase separately.

Q: What is the shaft material of a putter?

A: This question is one of the most commonly asked when it comes to putters for various reasons. It is first important to note that depending on the shaft material that you purchase, the overall weight will be very different. For instance, individuals can expect the most common shaft material to be steel or graphite. However, graphite weights a lot less than steel, and steel if not properly taken care off can begin to rust.

Q: What is a SuperStroke Grip compared to a Standard Grip?

A: A SuperStroke Grip is actually a very different grip design compared to the Standard Grip. The Standard Grip happens to be a normal grip that is commonly known for not having any specific technologies other than an overall quality traction design. A SuperStroke Grip comes with a slew of different quality features to ensure overall quality. With that, with a SuperStroke Grip, an individual can easily add a sensor to the end to measure distance, the hit, and the overall quality of the performance of the individual and the putter. This is an innovative technology design that is different than most.

Q: How do you clean a putter?

A: As the last primary question that individuals are asking, the method to clean a putter is quite simple. Unlike clubs that need regrooving and other specialized methods, cleaning putter is simple and easy. To clean the grip, a damp quality cloth that will not scratch the grip is preferred. To clean the head, an individual can easily wet the head, use a brush, and a bit of soap and easily and effortlessly clean the head of the putter. Always keep in mind to dry the head after with a dry cloth to ensure no rusting of any of the metal areas of the putter.

Q: Is the putter water-resistant?

A: As the last question we want to share, this truly depends on the overall finish of the product. With that said, this brand does add an exterior layer to their putters. Whether it be a chrome finish or matte finish. However, it is important to keep in mind that if the product is not water-resistant it will rust.


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