Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags Reviewed & Rated for Quality

When it comes to a brand that we were eagerly looking forward to sharing with our audience, this is one of them. Sun Mountain has long produced some of the best technology when it comes to the golf bag. In fact, they have redefined the design of golf bags to ensure better comfort and overall quality with ease of use in mind. Therefore, we were eagerly awaiting the day to share the top ten best Sun Mountain golf bags with our audience.

Featured Recommendations

2018 C-130
  • 2018 C-130
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Three Utility Handles
  • Price: See Here
2018 4.5 14-Way
  • 2018 4.5 14-Way
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stand and Cart Bag
  • Price: See Here
2018 Phantom
  • 2018 Phantom
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pocket Space
  • Price: See Here

With that, what makes Sun Mountain golf bags some of the best is that they are designed for individuals that want to use them both and stand bags and cart bags. However, when used a golf cart bag, they have specialized features to ensure proper adjustment, that everything is in place, and that everything is easily accessible. Sun Mountain Sports has been in the industry for years, creating some of the best golf bags when it comes to design and comfort. With that, we went on a hunt to find the top ten best golf bags from this brand. Here is the first one on the list!


10 Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags


1. 2018 C-130

1. 2018 C-130
As the first golf cart bag on this list from this brand, we want to share the quality Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag, which is designed for effortless use and plenty of benefits. This product combines easy to use functionalities alongside a simple and bold design. With plenty of colors to choose from, here are two features to consider.
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Three-Utility Handles

This particular bag comes with three utility handles! Overall, the bag has three durable and reinforced handles at the top that make it easy for individuals to carry it from cart to course and back. However, when the bag is actually still on the golf cart, it is still fully functional. The way to attach it is with a new smart strap system that uses 2 Velcro straps located on the back of the bag that easily attaches to the golf cart.

Pocket Design

One of the innovations of this product is the pocket design. This brand has designed this item with front facing pockets for easier quality access to all products. So, individuals can actually easily access whatever they may need effortlessly. With that, the pockets are plenty! There are garment pockets, valuables pockets, apparel pockets, water-resistant pockets and plenty more.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost and value for this item, it is important to note that this is considered a professional grade but sporty bag. It does not have the quality luxuries of Callaway or Ogio, but it has the sporty designs that make it a great product for individuals that want a durable and beneficial golf cart bag. Overall, we highly recommend it for the many benefits.

Easily attaches to a golf cart.

Plenty of color choices.

Three utility handles at the top for effortless carry.

Newly redesigned product.

Accessible when on the cart.Plenty of pocket space.

Smooth zipper design.

Will withstand the test of time.

Water resistant coating.

Easy to clean.

Five-star product.



2. 2018 4.5 14-Way

2. 2018 4.5 14-Way
This next stand bag boasts three of the best benefits from a quality bag. The Sun Mountain Golf 2018 14-Way Stand Golf Bag is easy to carry, easy to manage, offers plenty of durable space, and is known in the industry as one of the most useful stand bags. Here are two features of this product that individuals can expect.
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Stand Bag and Cart Bag

This product works as both! Yes, this bag actually has a cart strap that allows it to easily be attached to a golf cart without limiting the use of access of the pockets. With that, if you want to take the bag with you, you can actually use it as a stand bag by itself and individuals can easily enjoy the benefits of a low profile stand by itself bag, which brings us to the next feature!

How To Carry

This product works as both a stand bag and cart bag. Therefore, individuals can expect a double carry padded strap design that makes it easy to carry from course to golf cart and back. With that, the straps are actually reinforced and constructed in three layers that allow for maximum comfort due to the contoured design. With that, it has plenty of pocket space and a fourteen-way top design.

Cost and Value

This bag is right under the cusp of the last stand bag we shared on this list. The design is expertly crafted for quality and reassurance. With this, individuals can expect the stand bag to be easy to carry and designed for long-term use. However, it is both the stand bag benefits and the golf cart benefits that make it one of the best.

Fourteen-way top divider design.

Straps are constructed in three layers for better comfort and support.

Quality color choices and anti-wear and tear.

Stand bag design is easy to use.

Quality stitching and zippers.

Reinforced in traction areas.

Padded straps for comfort.

Five-star product.


Can only buy from specific sellers.

3. 2018 C130S

3. 2018 C130S
This next particular golf stand bag will stand out the moment an individual sees a picture of it. The reason being is that it is considered to be a bit bulkier than a regular stand bag. With that, this bag has a three-handle design and it is made for multifunctional use. Let’s talk about the Sun Mountain Golf 2018 C130S Stand Golf Bag. Let’s talk about the first feature, multi-functional!
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Multifunctional Design

How is this product multi-functional? To start, the bag is designed to be both a stand bag and a golf cart bag. Meaning, it has stand bag qualities such as a low profile and two stand poles. However, it also has the ability to be attached to a golf cart easily and effortlessly without hindering the pocket space.

Full-Length Dividers and Organization

One of the best benefits of products such as this is when the brand designs them to have quality dividers. This item comes with full-length dividers that allow for better organization. Overall, the dividers are designs to prevent clubs from scratching against each other. Alongside this, it has plenty of pocket space for the extra organization while on the course.

Cost and Value

This stand bag is quality design and filled with great features. It comes with a cooler pocket for drinks, two valuable pockets, accessory pockets, full-length dividers and more. Overall, it is around the same price range as the other stand bags we have shared so far. The design is different, with a bulkier and thicker finish, but all around, it is a well-rounded and well-designed product if you like the style.

Three integrated lift handles.

Eight different pockets.

Multiple accessory pockets.

Valuable pockets.

Fourteen-way dividers.

Organize easily.

Stand bag design and golf cart design.

Smooth zippers.

Exterior finish is high quality.

Different color choices available.


Bulky design.

4. 2017 X-1

4. 2017 X-1
Upon further inspection, we found this next stand bag to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing from this brand. The Sun Mountain 2017 X-1 Cart Bag is beautiful, stylish, includes quality finishes and also has many different features that individuals will appreciate. Let’s talk about the first feature!
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The Design

The design of this stand bag includes many different benefits that individuals have come to know. For instance, the stand bag comes with full-length dividers and a fifteen-way top design. Alongside this, it also has seven different pocket spaces that are designed to withstand the test of time. The pockets include a valuable pocket, multiple accessory pockets, and much more. However, the biggest benefit is that all of the pockets are forward facing. The reason why is answered in the next feature!

Easy To Use

The reason all of the pockets are forward facing is because this stand bag actually has the ability to be a golf cart bag with attachable straps. Essentially, the pockets are placed in the front so there is no hindrance when the bag is connected to a golf cart. With that, the design allows it to be both a stand bag and a golf cart bag. With three lift handles in the bag and padded traction points, individuals can expect this product to last a long time.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value it is important to note that the cost is reflective of this product being last year’s design. With that, it is still an innovative and unique design that is timeless. With beautiful color choices and plenty of benefits, we can see why this a highly touted stand bag. Overall, the features make it a great product for years to come.

Fifteen individual dividers designed to be full length.

Three lift handles available.

All pockets are forward facing.

The pockets are accessible when on the bag.

Different color qualities and designs.


Not as high quality as other from this brand.

5. 2018 Phantom

5. 2018 Phantom
As the next stand bag on the list, we are talking about a newer design from this brand. The Sun Mountain 2018 Cart Bag is a quality stand bag, effortlessly designed for golfing benefits and organization. Here are two features individuals can expect from this product.
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Plenty of Pocket Space

As we have come to notice from this manufacturer, space and organization is at the forefront of their creation process. With that, this product comes with eight different pockets to ensure maximum organization. The pockets include valuables pocket, cooler pocket, and plenty more. With that, the zipper and interior of the pockets are smooth and made for quality features.

Fifteen Individual Dividers

Part of the design of this product is that it is made from fifteen individual dividers that allow for full organization. With that, the brand has even enhanced the quality of this product by making the dividers full-length! With this, the interior lining is also made to be very durable and high quality, so individuals can expect an overall great experience when using this product.

Cost and Value

We highly recommend this stand bag if you want a new design with the latest organizational method. With that, it also comes reinforced with carrying handles and different traction points. Alongside this, it is easy to carry and easy to place in a cart bag with attachable straps and a flat quality bottom. The durability is superb and the price makes it ideal for any golfer wanting to bring their game up a notch.

Quality design crafted with many benefits.

Fifteen individual full-length dividers.

Protect and organize all of your clubs.

Plenty of color choices.

Plenty of pocket space.

Golf cart benefits and straps.

Reinforced traction points.

Quality smooth zippers.

Five stars overall.




6. 2018 3.5 LS

6. 2018 3.5 LS
This next stand bag may have some of the best and latest features if you want quality and space. The highly durable design of the Sun Mountain Golf 2018 3.5 LS Stand Bag is a fun bag that is designed for quality and reassurance. Here are two features individuals can expect of this expertly crafted stand bag. Let’s begin!
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Ultralight Design

This may be the first bag on this list that has an ultralight design. Many of the products we have shared have been known to be heavier and bulky. This one is slimmer in design as well as more lightweight, which makes it easy to use. With that, the durable design includes carbon fiber legs that are strong enough to stand on all terrains. Therefore, individuals can expect the bag to be easy to use on the course.

The Straps

This product has a unique strap system. First of all, the straps can either be used as a single strap or as an X strap. This allows individuals to carry the bag in multiple different ways that are more comfortable with their choice. With that, the straps are reinforced with quality stitching and allow for maximum durability. Lastly, the overall nylon fabric is lightweight and ensures easy to clean features as well as resistant to wear and tare.

Cost and Value

To discuss the cost of the item, it actually is priced around the same range as all on the list. It seems the common range for this brand is between the two-hundreds. With that, the value is found in the ultralight design. So, if you like this brand, their features, and their quality, but you want an ultra-light design, this is the stand bag for you.

Quality design that is highly durable and lightweight.

Four-way top dividers.

High density foam straps with X design or single design.

Ultra-light stands well in all terrains.

Different color choices.

Durable bottom plastic.

Scratch resistant design.


Individuals have mentioned the product to be slightly overpriced.

7. 2018 2.5+

7. 2018 2.5+
Now that we have started a lightweight and skinny trend when it comes to stand bags. We want to share the rectangular and highly durable Sun Mountain 2018 2.5+ Stand Bag and the quality features individuals can expect. With a skinny and elongated rectangular design, this stand bag is high quality and comfortable to carry. Here are two features!
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The Foam Straps

If you want quality functionality, alongside plenty of benefits, this is the stand bag for you. For instance, the foam straps are actually one of the best and most reinforced in the industry. They are both comfortable and easy to pick up and go. With that, no more back pain while you are carrying your clubs around.

The Material Quality

The material quality of this product is one of the most durable. For instance, the material quality includes a high-density plastic top and bottom with a highly durable carbon fiber legs. With this, the material quality of the bag is actually one of the most functional and allows for ease of mind when in transport. Alongside this, the four-way top dividers allow for a protection of all of your clubs.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share that the design of this stand bag is highly durable and fully functional. With that, the comfortable straps are a big plus as well as the durable design. But, the best aspect is the thin rectangular shape that makes it easy to carry and not bulky. Overall, the price is in the same range as the ones above, which can be somewhat costly for the fact that it does not have as many features. However, the price reflects the lightweight benefits as well.

Highly durable carbon fiber legs.

Four-way top divider design.

High density foam straps for better comfort.

Different color choices available.

Durable plastic bottom that is anti-wear and tear.

Highest grade of materials.


Lacks pocket space.

Costly design.

Not for professionals.

8. 2018 Sync

8. 2018 Sync
Before we begin this next cart bag description, we want to say that this brand has excelled in making their new line of golf bags. With that, the Sun Mountain 2018 Sync Cart bag is the newest design and boasts some of the best and innovative design features. These features include everything from a fifteen-way top to a durable bottom and reinforced points. Let’s get into detail!
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Nine Pockets

This brand has included in this product nine different pockets all ranging in size. Individuals can expect pockets ranging from valuable pockets to apparel pockets. With that, this brand has even included an integrated putter compartment that easily holds oversized grips. Alongside this, individuals can expect the pockets to offer smooth zippers and reinforced stitching.

Includes Rainhood

This is a different feature that we have not yet shared. By now it is expected that this brand will design their products with quality features from padded straps to golf cart benefits. However, they even have added a nifty and one of a kind rain hood. The rain hood is designed from high-quality materials to easily protect the stand bag from getting wet.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we first want to share that this bag has some of the best new designs in the industry overall. With that, the bag has many of the features we have come to know by now ranging from durable golf cart straps to plenty of pocket space and a well-designed exterior. Overall, when choosing this bag over others, it is all about the appearance at this point. The cost is the same as many other bags on this list.

Fifteen individual dividers with full-length designs.

Protect and organize your golf equipment.

Range finder pocket.

Water-resistant valuables pockets.

Durable exterior design.

Quality bottom.

Padded straps and reinforced stitching.

Different color choices available.

Five star product.


Bulky design.

9. 2018 4.5 LS

9. 2018 4.5 LS
This next stand bag has many of the quality features that makes this brand one of the best in the industry today. The Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 LS Stand Bag is a high quality- multi-use stand bag with some of the best-reinforced design features to ensure longevity and quality usage. Here are two features of this quality stand bag.
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The Features

The features of this stand bag are one of the key benefits. This bag essentially comes with everything that a golfer will need to be successful. For example, the bag comes with four zippered pockets that are designed to store all golf gear. The bag also has a water bottle pouch and valuables pouch. It comes with an umbrella holder, a roller bottom, and composite fiberglass legs for standing alone. Overall, there are even more features that make it ideal for everyday use.


One quality feature that has made this manufacturer at the forefront of individuals minds is the X-Strap design. For instance, this product comes with a quality padded X-strap system that ensures an individual has an easy time carrying the bag. With that, the straps are top mounted to ensure better balance and carrying quality.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we first want to say that this may be one of the best stand bags if you want efficient and the newest design. As the 2018 version of the 4.5 LS, we believe it is high quality, designed to be comfortable, and with even more improved resistant points and stitching. With that, the price is around the same as every other stand bag on this list.

Quality stand bag designed with benefits.

Top mounted strap attachment design.

Roller bottom making it easy to use.

Ball liner for marking balls

Matching rain hood.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Quality stitching and reinforced areas.

Padded areas.


Can be costly.

10. 2017 Front 9

10. 2017 Front 9
As the last stand bag on this list, we want to share another great and beneficial bag if you want minimal bulk and better efficiency as far as design. This is the Sun Mountain Gold 2018 4.5 LS Stand Bag. Here are two unique features of this product if you are considering it.
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Six Pockets

Although this stand bag actually comes with minimal features to ensure less bulk as far as the design, it actually comes with about six pockets. This product has pockets ranging from water-resistant valuables pockets to a beverage pouch intended for more functionality and comfort. With that, other pockets include accessories and more space overall for the golfer.

The Strap Design

Part of the design of this product that makes it such great quality is the strap design. This item comes with quality carry straps designed at the top of the bag to move the center of gravity. With that, the bag essentially becomes easier to carry and more comfortable overall.

Cost and Value

Overall, this stand bag is designed a bit more simple than most. It is designed for the amateur golfer that wants an easy to carry stand bag, and with features such as padded straps and a stand-alone design, the golfer can really experience the quality that is this brand. Overall, it is also underpriced compared to many of the bags we have talked about on this list, making it a quality bag to consider.

Different quality pocket design.

Three-layer construction for a better carry design.

Different X-Strap carry system that is more comfortable.

Padded straps.

Plenty of space while removing bulk.

Stand alone construction.

Top dividers are high quality.

Priced really well.


Not for professionals.

Now that we have shared the top ten best golf cart bags from this brand, which one is your favorite? Through every masterfully designed product, we can say that each product of this brand is created for effortless use. With that, each item excels when it comes to quality benefits and longevity. Also, it is evident as to how their products can withstand the test of time when it comes to durability and quality. As far as the manufacturer, they guarantee the best quality craftsmanship in their products and they are a great choice if you want to stick away from the premium brands where a stand bag can cause twice and triple the price. For their quality, they are highly touted and now you can see why.

So, now that we have covered the top ten best products, let’s move forward and talk about the criteria for quality stand bags from this brand. When selecting their products, we took a different approach, which you will see below!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags

As our criteria to find the top ten best bags from this brand, we took a different approach. With that, it was our primary goal to ensure the best quality products and what is even more outstanding is that despite the lower price, compared to premium brands, the stand bags all have 4.5 stars or more. In fact, a large selection of the products we have shared has about five stars in total. With that, let’s talk about the criteria for the best Sun Mountain Golf Bags.

Quality / This Brand Vs. Premium Brands

When we first observed the first stand bag, we realized that this brand is clearly understated when it comes to quality. In fact, they feature some of the best quality features that are often associated with premium brands where the products may cost twice or triple as much. With that, as far as the overall quality we found these features to be the best of these bags, which tend to be features associated with more expensive brands such as Callaway or TaylorMade. Here is a breakdown of the best quality features from this maker.

  • Plenty of quality pocket space that is not hindered when on the cart.
  • Plenty of maximum reinforced traction points to ensure durability.
  • A lot of different sized pockets with different qualities for expert use.
  • Padded comfort straps that are fully adjustable.
  • Ergonomic design that ensures comfort and quality.
  • Extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Smooth zipper pockets for better traction.
  • Easy carry top design with many different handles.
  • Easy carry side handle.
  • High-quality exterior design.

With this in mind, these are only some of the best quality features from this brand that is often associated with more expensive brands. With that, for the price, this is one of the best values that an individual can expect. Let’s move onto the second criteria!

The Design / Variety

As the second criteria that we took into consideration, we focused a large portion of our attention on picking out the top ten best designs. With that, we wanted to ensure that there was a wide variety from this brand so we focused on three major designs. Here are three major designs below.

  1. Designed For Space / Professional – These golf bags are designed for the professional golfer. The first design that we wanted to ensure to include was golf bags designed for space that was high quality. With that, the features that these type of golf bags include everything from large pocket spaces for garments and gear to plenty of space for equipment and a fourteen or fifteen-way top design. With that in mind, professional golf bags also have different features such as fleece-lined interiors, a water bottle pocket that is insulated, and padded straps for major comfort.
  2. Designed For Streamline – These golf bags tend to the be the thinner, more lightweight and easy to carry golf bags. With that in mind, these particular golf bags are effortlessly designed for quality and feature some of the best features in the industry. As far as a streamlined design we discovered that these are more minimal as far as space but offer the same comfort features such as padded straps and areas that are made for better reinforcement.
  3. Right In The Middle – These style of golf bags are designed for amateurs that want a quality bag without all of the perks. With that, these golf bags do not focus so much on quality as they do craftsmanship and durability. These are designed to be easy carry and offer plenty of useful features from eight pockets to quality material design and composition.

As far as criteria go, these criteria are the two most important that we focused our attention on. With that, other factors include the features, the durability, the material craftsmanship, and the cost per value, which we have highlighted in many of the items above. Now, we want to move forward and discuss the frequently asked questions when it comes to this brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the stand bag able to be used as a cart bag?

So this question is often the most asked when it comes to this manufacturer. Now, this brand actually has designed most of their golf cart bags to be used as cart bags, it happens to be one of their most innovative features. With that in mind, the method in which they do it is by specialized designed straps with Velcro closures that allow for the stand bag to be wrapped in the cart. However, one of their most touted design is that the cart bag is actually fully usable and comfortable, not blocking any pockets when in the cart.

Q: How do I clean the exterior of a golf cart bag?

To clean the exterior of a golf bag individuals should warm a cloth or golf bag towel and just wipe it down gently. Overall, these golf bags are very easy to clean and individuals should expect them to not get dirty easily.

Q: Are the straps padded?

One thing that this brand does very well is comfort! With that, their designs happen to be some of the most comfortable to use all day. Individuals can expect their designs to be high quality and reinforced, allowing for better peace of mind when in comfort. Therefore, when it comes to the straps, you can expect everyone to be padded and designed for easy carry. On top of this, they are strategically placed for better center of gravity.

Q: Why does the stand bag have extra handles?

This is another one of the key innovations that this brand is known for. They have designed many of their products come with a total of three handles. One padded handle on the side for easy carry and two durable plastic handles at the top that is designed for placing the bag on the cart easily and effortlessly.


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