Best Sports Watches Reviewed & Rated for Performance and Quality

A watch has long been known as a pillar of menswear. With that, the sports watch has taken a trend as a must-have, if you are a sports lover. With that, we went on the hunt to share with our audience the top ten best sports watches. What we found was a slew of great watches designed for the sporty individual in all of us. These watches are designed for quality, have a great set of features, and come as some of the most modern innovations of our time. In fact, product #10, the Apple Watch was a key trendsetter when it comes to sports watches and smartwatches.

Featured Recommendations

Garmin Vivoactive HR
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sports Applications
  • Price: See Here
Fitbit Blaze
  • Fitbit Blaze
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SmartTrack
  • Price: See Here
Timex Ironman
  • Timex Ironman
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here

However, sports watches were always there and we are eager to share some of the companies that have revolutionized an industry! These are the top ten best sports watches you can get today.


10 Best Sports Watches


1. Garmin Vivoactive HR

1. Garmin Vivoactive HR
As the first watch on this list, this brand is known for creating and supplying some of the best gear. In fact, they have long produced golf watches and golf GPS rangefinders. But, if you want a quality activity watch with plenty of gnarly features, this is it. Let’s explore the Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smartwatch and two features consumers can expect from this quality watch.
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Built-In Sports Apps

We are talking about golf, aren’t we? Yes, we are! This watch has a quality integrated golf app that allows individuals to keep track of their strokes, score and more. However, there are actually many different types of sports apps integrated into the system of the watch. When it comes to golf, an individual actually will receive 40,000+ different downloadable courses worldwide. So, when you are not golfing, you can run and still use the product.

The Battery Life

The battery life of this particular watch is actually a lot better than most. Consumers can expect up to eight days in watch and activity tracking mode with a GPS that can last up to thirteen hours. Have you ever been golfing or in any other sport and your watch died? Not with this one!

Cost and Value

So, how much does the number one product go for? Well, let's talk about its value first. It is designed to be both durable and also a quality fit. With that, the band is made of a durable and resistant to wear and tear band. You can also pick between two sizes for this watch, extra large and regular as well as the watch only or a US/CA version of this product. Overall, for the price, it is well worth it.

Touchscreen device with custom watch faces.

Different functional apps.

Sport apps included.

Long battery life.

Water resistant.

Heart rate technology sensors.

High resolution color screen.



The Garmin server can get glitchy sometimes.

If you step too far away from your phone the Bluetooth connection is lost.

2. Fitbit Blaze

2. Fitbit Blaze
When this product hit the scene, it gathered a craze like no other sports product ever before. The Fitbit has now been known as the chosen activity watch for individuals to track their heart rate, steps, and more. With that, if you want a quality activity watch for the golf course, we have a great one to share with you. This is the Blaze Smart Fitness Watch from Fitbit. Here are two features we want to share with you!
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This product has some of the neatest and intuitive innovations. For instance, they have a technology called SmartTrack, which automatically logs and records your exercises while you are doing them. In the case you forget to log it in yourself, you don’t have to worry. The app does it for you! With that, consumers can workout, set weekly goals, and check their overall workout summaries on the go.

More Ways To Function

This specific watch is easily a competitor for the title simply because of the multiple ways of functioning. For instance, the item allows for call and text alerts as well as calendar alerts. So, you can Bluetooth and sync a cellphone to the watch and allow the watch to read texts and make calls, making it easy to conduct a small business meeting while you are walking through the middle of central park.

Cost and Value

We believe that it is the second best as far as technology, quality, design, and different aspects. With that, the watch even comes in six colors to choose from. However, the cost is a bit pricey, but it is because you are essentially investing in the pinnacle of the watch market.

Track your steps, distance, and calories burned.

Never lose a day of logging in your workout.

Cardio, cross-training, biking, golfing, and more.

Water-resistant design.

Connect to your phone for phone calls and text.

Receive alerts, notifications, and set a timer.

Music functionality available.


The strap may be considered less quality.

Not 100% accurate all the time.

Costly device.

3. G-Shock DW5600E-1V

3. G-Shock DW5600E-1V
This next activity watch is nowhere as famous as the two watches above. However, it is made to be shock resistant and offers an overall, easy to understand screen that makes using the watch rather easy. The G-Shock DW5600-1V Men’s Black Resin Sports Watch has a couple of great features individuals will enjoy. Here are two of those features!
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The Functionality

The functionality of this watch is not necessarily for it to be a smartwatch, but more of a sports watch. Meaning, golfers can benefit from this watch if they want a durable and functional watch on the golf course. The watch is made to be shock resistant, so it offers maximum durability for the most of rigorous and intensive tasks.

Water Resistance

On the topic of durability, this product has basic features such as preprogrammed calendars and even a stopwatch setting. However, the true testament of what it’s worth is the water resistance and durable qualities. So, if you want a quality watch that can withstand a bit of rain while you are golfing, this is the watch for you.

Cost and Value

This product is, by no means, a luxury watch. This watch is a very simple activity watch and a durable one at that. With close to 2.5k reviews, this watch is made to last. The exterior is durable, it is made from some of the best shock-resistant materials and even has tiny reinforced screws in traction points. For the price, it is worth it if you want durability over technology.

Shock resistant and water resistant.

Reinforced areas for more durability.

Countdown timer and auto-repeat function.

Well-sized display.

Auto Calendar with pre-programmed settings.



The watch is very limited in technology.

Considered to be bulky.

4. Casio Solar

4. Casio Solar
The next watch on the list is much like the last one that we have shared, a sporty watch made for durability. However, instead of this one having a digital display, it has a solar powered traditional watch display. Although it does not have the technology of a FitBit, it is considered a great watch for individuals that want quality durability with a great and traditional design. This is the Casio Men’s Solar Sports Combination Watch.
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The Features

This product actually has quality features when it comes to the technology behind the product. For instance, the watch comes with five daily alarms, an hourly time signal, full auto calendar, and even two countdown timers. With that, it allows individuals to have various functions when on the golf course. Alongside this, other quality features include battery power indicator and a power saving function.

The Design

Want to talk about unique? Well, this specific product is made to be solar powered. Yes, this watch actually comes with solar power features so individuals on the golf course never have to worry about it running out of battery. With that, it actually has a 100M water resistant casing and an LED light with an afterglow design.

Cost and Value

So, all of these benefits and durability at what cost? Actually, this is considered a cheaper product on this list and right now it is even lower and on sale. With that, it has 1.8k reviews and five stars with individuals touting it as “highly durable and functional.” Overall, if you want durability and quality benefits such as solar powered and countdown timer, this is the watch for you.

Solar powered design with water resistant exterior.

World time and auto calendar.

100M water resistant.

Five daily alarms and hourly time signal.

1/100 second digital stopwatch.

Reinforced in the hingers.


The band is not as high quality as other watches.

The illumination is not as bright.

5. Timex Ironman

5. Timex Ironman
This next product comes from a brand that has long been known as a great brand for activity sports watches. The Timex Full-Size Ironman Classic 30 Watch is an iconic piece of performance design with durable construction qualities and reinforced hinges and traction points. Here are two features to consider if you want this quality watch.
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The Design

The design of this oversized watch is to make it a product that is easy to read while on the go. So if you need to read the time or click any functions while running or running or biking, you can, which is harder to do with smaller watches. With that, overall, the design is reinforced and it even comes in a variety of great and nifty color choices to choose from.

The Strap

The strap is easily the leading benefit and reason why this product is on our list. The strap is actually made from a buckle closure and resin design that ensures traction and grip. With that, the strap is durable and does not shake or is loose when running, walking, or even swinging a golf club. With that, it even has water-resistant benefits in the case you need to go digging in a pond for your golf balls.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss what matters: the cost! It is important to note that the most common trend is that many of these products are designed to be highly durable and functional. With that, this item is made from quality materials that ensure the best possible longevity of the product. Reinforced, designed to last, with many benefits for the individuals. Although it does lack technology performance, the fact that it is the most durable at an unbeatable price makes it worth it.

Iconic quality performance design.

Stopwatch with a thirty lap memory feature.

Alarm and countdown time as well.

Light up watch dial.

Water resistant.

Highly durable and reinforced design.

Great price.


Lacks technology.

Bulky and unattractive.

6. Ticwatch E

6. Ticwatch E
For the lack of attractive design from the last product, we want to share what may the best-designed product on our list today. The Ticwatch E Most Comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow is both appealing and aesthetically pleasing. The great news is that if you love android wear, then you are going to appreciate this particular product.
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Personal Assistant Benefits

This product can be connected to your phone. With that, virtually many of the benefits that an Android phone has are also in this product. For instance, the watch comes with Google Map functions as well as Google Calendar and a personal assistant app. With that, individuals can expect that this product will function with the highest of technologies. So, if you need to create a grocery list as you are beating your boss on the golf course, you can.

Fitness Companion

Another quality benefit of this product is that it is a smartwatch essentially. With that, it combines sport watch benefits with smart technology. As your fitness companion, individuals can connect to Google Fit, Strava Running, and Google Play Music to listen to their favorite stations and music. However, the true benefit comes from being connected to Hole 19 Golf GPS app, which is expertly designed for golfers.

Cost and Value

This product cannot be compared to the last ones on the list because overall, it is not a sports watch only. This is technology, highly smart and intuitive crafted item. With that, it is considered on the pricier end but it is because individuals will find it to have some of the best features available. The design is highly durable and the watch itself has a slew of features and color choices to choose from. Overall, if you like Android and you want a smartwatch, this is the one!

Android product with plenty of benefits.

Track your fitness stats and your strength training.

Heart rate monitor and more.

Plenty of Android wear apps available.

Download Fitness apps.

Lightweight design.

Built-in GPS.

Music in the wrist.

Ticwatch Tech Specification.

Change the watch face abilities.


Individuals have mentioned the battery life is not good.

7. Suunto Core

7. Suunto Core
This next product is a whole new level of durability and style. This next product is considered a computer-watch that is highly durable and designed with a wide variety of benefits. This computer watch has some of the best features alongside a design that ensures maximum quality and longevity. Let’s look at the Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch.
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Plan Your Activities Better

So, this particular product has a unique feature that we have not talked about yet. The watch is designed with a weather trend graph and storm alarm alongside other features. With this, consumers can actually, while golfing, get to know when the next storm or rain shower is going to hit. With that, it has sunrise and sunset times in over 400 locations around the world. With this, consumers can effortlessly plan their activities better than before.

Intelligent Storm Alarm

One notable feature with this watch is that it comes with storm alarm detect. This feature notices and senses the drops in air pressure and notifies the individuals when the next storm or rain shower is going to hit the golf course. With this, it is great for individuals that live in Florida or really rainy states where storm showers happen every day.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that this watch is made with a durable design - meaning, it will last for a while. Overall, the watch is designed to offer unique benefits ranging from a barometer to an altimeter. With that, golfers will enjoy the many benefits of this product alongside the design style. Boasting a stealthy black appearance, we believe that this watch is effortlessly designed for quality features in mind. However, the price is expensive for what you are getting.

Altimeter that tracks your vertical movements.

Suunto core that tracks weather and sun changes.

Weather trend graph and storm alarm.

Stylish design with helpful benefits.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Intelligent storm watch alarm.

Scratch-resistant design.


Consumers biggest concern is that it is very pricey.

7. Armitron Sport Chronograph

7. Armitron Sport Chronograph
This next product is designed to be slim, simple, and quality filled. The Armitron Sports Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch is a quality watch with a distinctive and unique design alongside a couple of basic and simple activity features. If you want a reliable watch that is not speced out but has a couple of simple daily benefits, this it it. Here are two features of this product!
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The Display

This watch is nothing too special. Overall, it is a simple watch with a couple of benefits including day and time even down to the second as well as an alarm, second-time-zone, and backlight. However, the oval shape of the display is what is the most notable and unique function of this watch, it is designed to be comfortable and slim on the arm.

The Durability

Now that we have talked a bit about the design of this product, we want to share the durability. The durability is designed to offer water-resistant qualities alongside a resin case that is very durable and scratch resistant. Overall, the buckle closure is tight and does not come loose and the display is scratch resistant, making it great for scuba diving or other sports.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that the overall design is intended to be minimal and simple to use. It does not boast a slew of features as many other watches do. However, because it is such a simple product, the price is the lowest on this list. Overall, if you want an activity watch for light use and simple features, this is worth exploring.

Slim watch design with an oval case.

Alarm and second time zone settings.

Resin case with acrylic dial window.

Durable design and water resistant.

Digital display with a quartz movement design.

Resin band with easy to close buckle closure.

Suitable for golfers and light use.

Multiple color choices available.


Lacks technology.

Poor directions.

The band is not easily replaceable.

9. Tonnier Genuine Leather

9. Tonnier Genuine Leather
This next sports watch is a very different design than anything we have shared. Most sports watches tend to be made of rubber or a hard plastic material that ensures maximum durability. Well, this product blends both traditional watch designs and durability in a watch that is highly appealing and perfect for golfers. Let’s explore the Tonnier Genuine Leather Band Digital LED Dual Time Watch and two features you can expect from this excellent product.
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The Material

Now, a sports watch is known to be highly durable. This product is actually made of a plating wear-resistant case made of alloy. However, the true luxury feature is the genuine cow-hide leather which makes it durable and beautiful to wear. With that, golfers will enjoy the luxury of this product. Now, do not fear the leather getting damaged. In fact, the design is 3ATM water resistant. It should not be used to shower with or swim in it, but it is durable enough that it can get wet.

The Features

The features of this product blend the traditional watch design alongside a couple of modern features. These modern features include an alarm clock function, luminous hands, dual movement time zones and many more. Overall, golfers can expect a quality traditional watch that is highly appealing and made for quality. Now, the best feature may be that it is made with an environmental protection vacuum plating.

Cost and Value

To discuss the price and it's value, we want to share that this product is made from quality materials in mind as well as a highly durable frame. Now, the biggest luxury is the genuine leather and the gold plating. With that, the item is actually not as costly as one would think. It is on the less costly spectrum of our list and you can expect it to be highly durable and functional as well.

Quality plated product made of genuine materials.

Durable material quality and it is water resistant.

Functionalities that are both traditional and modern.

Great gift for golfers.

Stylish and classy looking.


Individuals have mentioned the watch to be hard to set.

10. Apple MR352LL/A Series 3

10. Apple MR352LL/A Series 3
We could not share the top ten and not share an Apple watch. In fact, we think Apple users reading this may be upset if we shared an Android watch and not apple. In all fairness, this product is worth being in the top ten because of the large plethora of features that it contains. When the Apple Watch hit the scene, it was known as a huge trend and piece of ingenuity. With that, we want to share the Series 3.
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The Features

It would take an article on its own for us to discuss the many features of this excellent watch. So, let’s just run them down, shall we? This watch has a water-resistant casing, up to eighteen hours of battery life, a dual-core processor, a barometric altimeter, a heart rate sensor, an Ion-X strengthened glass, Bluetooth, and a large app selection. With that, how does it benefit a golfer?

Made For Everyone

Essentially, this product is built for everyone. It can connect to your phone and read alerts, listen to music, send text messages, talk on the phone, and plenty more. With that, golfers can enjoy a large selection of golf apps and different features such as step counters and much more. With that, the durability is notable and you can expect this product to easily withstand the test of time.

Cost and Value

To discuss price and value for this watch, we want to say that it's a leader because of the overall design and the overall technology. Overall, this brand has long been known as a leading creator in the technology industry and has created some of the most trusted products to date. With that said, if you know this brand, you also know that it is highly costly. However, it is well worth it!

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Water resistant design.

Filled with technology.

Track your steps, heart rate and more.

Connect to your phone.

Trusted product.

Highly durable.

Long battery life.



If you are looking to track your steps on the course, track your miles as you walk, or even track your swing speed or get to know the course overhead, an active sports watch is a great investments for golfers. Therefore, we hope that you have found your top ten best sports watches, here today!

Now, it is time to move forward and discuss the criteria for which we find and discover the top ten best products. Our criteria below is designed to weed out the best from the worst and help our audience discover their own method of searching for quality products. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Sport Watches

As our criteria to evaluate the top ten best sports watches, it was our intention to develop a key set of criteria that focused on sharing the best information possible and finding the best watches. With that, we had to first focus on what are the key benefits of a sports watch and how can we answer what golfers are looking for in their sports watches. Let’s begin by sharing a couple key benefits of a sports watch.

Sports Watch Benefits

  • Can connect to your Bluetooth.
  • Reads alerts, messages, and texts.
  • Can connect to phone calls.
  • Has multiple times.
  • Has multiple time zones.
  • Extremely durable.
  • May be waterproof.
  • May have specialized apps for golf.
  • Can track your steps.
  • May read the weather.
  • May give you course information.

Of course, all of these benefits range depending on the type of watch! However, it was our dedication to sharing watches that had benefits for golfers. Here are what golfers are looking for in their watches.

Sports Watches Features for Golfers 

With that said, it is important to note that each watch for a golfer will be different and not all will have every feature. Therefore, without further wait, let’s explore the first of the key criteria that we took into thought when sharing with our audience the top ten best sports watches for golfers.

The Technology and Price

Of course, technology would be the first criteria! The reason being is that a sports watch for golfers will have different technology benefits to consider. With that, we found that there were two types of sports watches, both with very different features. These sports watches are the traditional sports watch and a technology watch is designed to offer more smartwatch benefits. Here are the key differences as well as a bit about the price!

  • Sports Watch – A sports watch is primarily made for durability. These watches are extremely strong and some, as you may have seen on our list, are actually designed with waterproof features. With that in mind, sports watches are made from more powerful materials and designed for more durability. With that, they do not have the smartwatch features as technology watches, but they are primarily made and designed to offer extra strength durability.
  • Smarty Watch – A smartwatch in short terms, is a cell phone on your wrist. You may not be able to answer calls or texts, which some do, but you will receive a variety of features ranging from texts and alerts to over overhead images of the course you are playing on. As far as price, smartwatches are more costly then sports watches and are designed with some sporty features.

Which leads us to the next key criteria, durability!


As far as durability, we found this to be the second main criteria that we explored for various reasons. Durability is crucial when it comes to a sports watch. As far as durability, all sports watches are made to be highly durable, even smart sports watches are designed with their own maximum durable features. Here are the main key components when it comes to durability that we found.

  • Sports watches are made with the best grade wrist straps to ensure maximum comfort and durability.
  • If the watch is a sport and smartwatch, brands have designed the screen to be touch screen but also tempered and highly durable.
  • Most watch screens are also made to be anti-scratch and waterproof.
  • For a product to be durable, it must include reinforced hinges with small tiny screws.

These are the main key features that we discovered when it comes to the durability of an activity watch!

Cost and Value

As the last main criteria, we want to share very simple criteria. Overall, when talking about sports watches we wanted to ensure the best value per cost ration. With that, the cost per each watch is well worth the value and individuals will find them to be some of the best. In fact, our primary focus was to share products and watches that were designed for durability and have over four stars!

Now, let’s move onto the frequently asked questions!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the brand include a warranty?

Yes, all brands on this include a manufacturers warranty. With that, you can even purchase separate warranties for products such as a smart sports watch. For better details, each warranty from each manufacturer will differ.

Q: Is the watch waterproof?

Most sports watches are waterproof, while most sports smartwatches are actually water-resistant. This means that the sports watch can be submerged underwater, while the more technology-based sports watch can only withstand a bit of rain.

Q: Does the product come with instructions?

Yes, each of the brands we have shared come with an instruction manual.

Q: How do I clean the watch?

As the key question that individuals are asking, you can clean the watch with a damp cloth if it is a sports watch. However, most technology-based sport watches actually come with their own cleaning cloth.

Q: Does the watch come with a timer function?

Yes! All of the watches above come with a timer.


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