Best PING Golf Bags Reviewed & Rated for Quality

The Ping brand started from humble beginnings in a garage and quality product that would soon create one of the most notorious golf brands in the industry. Ping is now known as a touted golf brand when it comes to quality amateur products that are made to be durable and designed for efficiency. In this, they produce a vast selection of products ranging from putters to golf stand bags. However, on this list, we are going to focus on stand bags alone.

Featured Recommendations

  • Traverse
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pocket Spaces
  • Price: See Here
Traverse II
  • Traverse II
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Anti-Flex Wall Construction
  • Price: See Here
Hoofer Lite
  • Hoofer Lite
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable
  • Price: See Here

Below, there is a list of the top ten best Ping golf stand bags. Whether you want a bag for durability, a bag for quality, or a bag for easy carry, this is the list for you. With that, if you are familiar with the ping brand, then you know that they produce excellent quality products made for masterful durability. Without further wait, we want to share with our audience the top ten best Ping golf bags. Let’s begin!


10 Best PING Golf Bags


1. Traverse

1. Traverse
If you want a great golf cart bag with a simple style designed for quality and ease of use, this is the one for you. Made with white and red accents and a full-color blue design, the Ping Golf – Traverse Cart Bag has many different features that make it a worth-while product. With three different reviews to consider, this item is designed for the novice golfer or an individual wanting a starter golf bag. Here are two features to consider.
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Plenty of Pocket Space

If you are seeking a golf cart bag that has enough pocket space for you to carry around all of your items. This is the bag for you. This quality item is designed with ten different pockets all ranging in different sizes. The sizes range from large sized pockets to small sized pockets to side pockets and even an umbrella sleeve to easily carry around an umbrella.

The Design

The design of this has a single shoulder strap and a fourteen-way top. The fourteen-way top is a top designed for easy use, and although it only has four full-length divers, they still come in handy. With that, the single shoulder strap is padded and designed with reinforced areas that matter the most.

Cost and Value

Time to discuss the cost and value of this product. Overall, the price of this item is very affordable and much less than premium brands. With that, a part of this cost is because this bag is not designed with exclusive premium materials and features. However, it is a very durable cart bag that is efficiently made to come in handy.

Fourteen-way top design.

Four full length dividers and ten total pockets.

Umbrella sleeve is high quality.

Rain hood is included in the purchase.

Integrated carry handles for easy transfer.

Made for durability.


Not made from premium materials.

2. Traverse II

2. Traverse II
Time to talk about a very different golf cart bag design. This next quality item is designed for durability and made from strong materials intended to withstand the test of time. It does come in four colors, but it can only be selected by a handful of available sellers. Let’s talk about the Ping Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag. Here are two features to consider!
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Anti-Flex Wall Construction

This item has a unique wall construction design that is intended to be extra durable. The Anti Flex Wall construction is a design that makes the product even stronger and able to withstand wear and tear. However, it does not limit the fact that it is a lightweight bag designed for easy transfer and carry. With that, the overall design is high quality and made to last.


This product is made with reinforced materials in specific areas. The use of mesh in the inside and nylon throughout is made to be of high quality. With smooth reinforced zippers and even a handful of quality pockets that are made to last, this item can carry all of your golf essentials with ease. Overall, the reinforced design allows it to be an easy to carry product that can protect your golf clubs.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this cart bag, we want to share that it is a high-quality bag, but it can only be bought from specific sellers. The overall design is made to last and the design is very stylish. It has a reinforced bottom, great design, plenty of pockets, and it even has plenty of positive reviews. With that, its price is very affordable but slightly higher than the first bag on our list.

Quality golf cart bag

Has a cool pouch for drinks.

Full length dividers.

Very lightweight and easy to carry.

Quality design made to last.

Different color options available.


Not a stand bag.

Bag falls forward.

3. 4 Series

3. 4 Series
Time to switch greats from the last golf cart bag on this list. The Ping 4 Series Carry Golf Bag is a quality golf bag with plenty of quality to offer a novice golfer. It is simple to carry, lightweight, and has some of the best features an individual would expect from a carry bag. Here are two great quality assets individuals can expect from this awesome product.
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Stand Bag Feature

Who here knows the pain of not having a stand-up bag? If you enjoy golfing, you know a stand-up bag comes in handy. Although a golf cart bag works great for multiple uses, this design is one of the most efficient. This bag comes with two different stand-up legs that allow an individual to easily kick them open so the bag lies by itself. With that, the bag is also easy to carry with a quality carry handle and strap, so using it on the course is made simple.

Water Bottle Pocket

Staying hydrated on the course is one of the most important considerations for a golfer. Making sure your water stays cool is considerations number two. Well, this quality stand up golf cart bag has an insulated water bottle pocket that makes it easy for an individual to keep their water cool. With that, the water bottle pocket does not leak and keeps drinks cool for hours, so you can have a full round of golf.

Cost and Value

This golf cart bag has many different features that make it a high-quality product. With that, one would expect it to be somewhat expensive and it is not! This bag actually is priced right in the amateur level and it is overall one of the best designs t consider. It does lack a bit of pocket space and it can be a bit of a tight top design, but overall, it is a great starter bag.

Great starter bag for golfers.

Four-way top design.

Seven total pockets.

Sliding shoulder strap.

Wide leg design for easy standing up.

Umbrella holder.


Not made of premium materials.

No rain hood included.

4. Pioneer

4. Pioneer
We are eager to share with our audience this next golf cart bag which raises the bar when it comes to design and quality. This item is reinforced, made to protect your equipment, and it is made from some of the most premium materials in the industry. The Ping Golf Pioneer Cart Bag is a quality bag designed for efficiency and quality. If you are a leading golfer, this is the item for you!
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Space and More Space

This item made be considered the most spacious when it comes to design. With that, you can be guaranteed that it will be heavy once completely full. However, the benefits of having eleven total pockets as well as a fifteen-way top design are unprecedented for the golfer that wants to take all of his equipment. With that, the dividers are even more high quality because they are made to be completely full length.

Two Specialty Pockets

In this last cart bag we touted the fact that it came with an insulated pocket. Well, this product comes with insulated pockets, gear pockets, and most important a valuables pocket. However, most stand bags only have one valuables pocket, this one comes with two. This stand bag comes with two water-resistant valuables pockets that are designed to protect your equipment and your gear from rain, wind, and the weather elements.

Cost and Value

Before we get into the cost, we have to keep in mind that this item is made reinforced durability and performance. This is a stand bag that you can use for years and it will still look good as new if taken care of. With that, it is also a product made for quality and endurance. The fifteen-way top design, the eleven pockets, the quality materials all add to the cost, which is three times the price of the bags we have shared so far. However, if you want premium quality alongside craftsmanship, this is the stand bag for you.

Fifteen-way top is full length.

Eleven total pockets.

Integrated carry handles.

Two water resistant valuables pockets.

Single shoulder strap.

Plenty of space.

Durable exterior.

Anti-scratch and water resistant.


Heavy design.


5. Honma CB-1808

5. Honma CB-1808
This next quality stand bag is known as a caddy bag and it is in partnership with the Honma brand. The Ping Honma CB-1808 Staff Bag is a unique design, has a quality exterior, and an overall graphic design that makes the bag stand above the crowd on the course. Here are two features to consider if you want a quality bag made to stand out!
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Synthetic Leather

This item is made from synthetic leather. Although it is PU and not full leather, it is a quality and reinforced design that looks eye-catching and high quality. With that in mind, individuals can expect the overall design to be made for quality. The design also has reinforced areas as well as a padded strap with the brand’s quality logo.

Matching Rain Hood

This item comes with one of the most beneficial and detrimental products in the game of a golf. This product comes with a matching rain hood. The rain hood is designed to be high quality and offers protection to all of the clubs. With that, the rain hood has the brand’s logo as well as to create a matching experience between stand bag and the hood.

Cost and Value

This item is not made for the individual that is going to be using a cart bag for wear and tear. This is more of a one-time use stand bag that is outlandish and unique. It has a quality design with a leather exterior that can be scratched easily and a price tag that is even more expensive than the last item. However, if you want to stand out on the course and you want a premium bag design, this is it!

Reinforced strength areas.

Durable bottom for easy standing.

Quality exterior made to be durable.

Padded straps.

Matching rain hood.

Many pockets.


Expensive design.

Leather can get scratched easily.

Not practical for everyday use.

6. Hoofer Lite

6. Hoofer Lite
Now that we are past the middle of our list, we have to come back down from that last peak! This next stand bag goes back to the amateur stand bags we shared at the beginning of our quest to find the best Ping golf bags. With that, we highly recommend the 2018 version of the Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Golf Bag. It has many features and it is made for durability. Here are two more features golfers will appreciate.
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The Frame

This stand bag is made with a quality frame design. The frame is a high-impact polypropylene frame with anti-flex walls that ensure a durable and quality experience. With that, the frame is made to last and can withstand plenty of wear and tear. With that in mind, everything from the zippers to the bottom and even the stand-up legs is made with reinforced materials to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Made For Comfort

This item is made for all-day comfort. It is a carry bag. However, it is made to be lightweight and easy to carry. This product has an easy-adjusting shoulder pad that is integrated with a sensor cool technology design. With that, the bag is also cushioned with an integrated pad that rests on the hip when in a transfer. In this way, the product is easy to carry and very convenient with minimal discomfort.

Cost and Value

When discussing cost and value for this stand bag, it is made for amateurs that want a comfortable stand bag. Overall, it is a great and durable product, not made from premium materials, but made to last the test of time. With that, it has plenty of pocket space, it is convenient, and it is long lasting when it comes to quality.

Easy adjustment design.

Integrated with quality sensor.

High impact frame.

Anti-flex walls.

Cushioned pad design for easy transfer.

Integrated carry handle.

Quality stand up legs.

Different color choices to choose from.


Not made with premium materials.

Only has six slots.

7. DLX

7. DLX
Time to bring bag the cart bag! This next bulky beast comes in handy if you want a durable high quality and heavy-duty cart bag made to last. The Ping Golf Men’s DLX Cart Bag has many different features that individuals will appreciate. The overall design is made to last, the cart bag looks stylish, and it is reinforced in the most important areas of all. With two color choices to choose from, here are two features to consider.
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Two Lift Handles

One of the differences between a stand bag and a cart bag is that a stand bag has two stand up legs. A cart bag has a back strap that attaches to a golf cart. With that, cart bags also have lift handles to make it easy to carry in and out of the cart. However, the handle, if low quality, can cause pain in the hands of the individual. This product comes with two twin padded lift handles that are designed for convenience and comfort.

The Pockets

One of the most beneficial features of this item is the overall pockets. Not only does it come with plenty of quality, durable, and cushioned pockets, it even comes with one specialty pocket designed to stowaway shoes. With that, individuals can expect to be able to carry virtually every important item that they may need on the golf course when it comes to this cart bag.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this cart bag, we think the design is highly durable and even better yet, stealthy. The PU exterior is high quality, reinforced, and made to last. Now, the item is very bulky, and individuals can expect that it is considered to be a bit pricier than most. With that, you can also expect plenty of years of use when it comes to this item.

Twin padded handles for easy lift.

Stowaway shoe pouch.

Heavy duty material.

Reinforced pocket space.

Reinforced zippers.

Quality design.

Sturdy design.

Five-star reviews.


Bulky design.

8. Hoofer Monsoon

8. Hoofer Monsoon
Tis next quality stand bag is reinforced with quality materials that make it a worth while product. With a unique design that makes it a quality cart bag as well as stand bag, golfers get the best of both worlds when it comes to this product. Here are two features of the Ping Golf Men’s Hoofer Monsoon Bag and what individuals can expect from this cool product.
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Lightweight Carry

This item is made to be from high quality materials. However, it is also made to be easy to carry and lightweight. This is one of the least heavy in the industry and it even comes with reinforced top lift handles for an easy to carry design system. Overall, the handle is not padded, but it is highly durable. Alongside this, golfers can expect the stand bag to be reinforced in all areas that prove to be extremely important.


This is the first on the list that we can say is completely waterproof. In case our readers did not notice, the name kind of gives it away! This stand bag is made from some of the highest quality materials to ensure that nothing keeps a golfer away from the course. If you want a durable and high-quality waterproof bag that is intended to withstand the test of time. We recommend this quality stand bag.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that the waterproof design is what raises the price of this product significantly. With that, the value is unprecedented if you want to protect your products. The strap connector as well as the shoulder pads cool sensor technology ensure the most comfortable carry design in the industry. With that, we recommend this product if you are looking for durability and efficiency.

Reinforced top lift handle design.

Shoulder pads are reinforced and durable.

Waterproof exterior.

Stand bag legs are high quality.

Reinforced waterproof zippers.

Five-star reviews.



Top handle is not padded.

9. Hoofer

9. Hoofer
As another 2018 version, we want to share a stand bag that is designed for the need of every golfer. If you are a seasoned golfer and you want a quality carry and ergonomic design, then this is the stand bag for you. The Ping 2018 Hoofer Carry is the newest version of this series and comes in five different color choices to choose from. With five-star reviews, here are two features that individuals appreciate of this item.
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Front-Adjusting Shoulder Pad

Have you ever carried a stand bag and found it to be extremely off balance? Well, this product is made to be easy to carry with a light quality design that ensures a balanced experience. The front-adjusting shoulder pad is padded to lower the risk of shoulder pain and the design ensures that the weight is properly distributed from the front of the bag to the back of the bag.

Cart Strap

This is one of the best design elements of a quality product such as this, it is made to be a two in one. This item can work both as a stand bag and a golf cart bag. The cart straps are made with a pass-through channel that slides behind the pocket to keep the pockets easily accessible. With that in mind, the cart strap is high quality and reinforced where it matters most.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about the value per cost when it comes to this item. Well, it is a two in one and it is highly reinforced for quality. With that, we highly recommend it. The item is durable, ergonomic, made to last, and can easily withstand the test of time. It is also important to note that this is the new 2018 design and it even comes in a variety of color choices. Overall, we could not be disappointed!

Quality cart strap design.

Stand bag legs for easy access.

Plenty of pocket space.

Quality rain hood.

Shoulder pads for easy carry.

Weight balance transfer.

Different color choices available.


Not a fourteen-way divider.


10. Moonlight 181

10. Moonlight 181
As the last stand bag on this list, we wanted to share a quality and simple product made for efficiency. This next bag is nowhere near close to a cart bag or stand bag, this is a three-pound carry bag made for short games of golf and easy to carry design. Let’s talk about the Ping 2018 Moonlight 181 Carry Golf Bag.
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This item, since it is made to be an easy to carry bag, is perfect for rainy days where you just want to get on the course for a quick round. The water-resistant design is intended to be very durable and even comes with a single carrying strap that is fully adjustable and easy to carry. With this, individuals can store this product anywhere easily and take it out for quick games.

The Design

As we said, this product is made for lightweight carry use only. It is a quick carry bag that has a two way to only fit a couple of clubs and it has four pockets to carry your most important items. With that said, the design is ensured to last the test of time as long as individuals take good care of the product.

Cost and Value

As we said, this item is not like a regular golf cart bag. This is considered a ‘baby bag’ made for quick and efficient use. With that, the price is very affordable and happens to be the most affordable bag on this list. However, for a full round of golf, it may not be the most efficient bag to take with you and your products.

Quality and colorful design.

Two-way top design.

Water-resistant exterior.

Rain hood included.

Beverage pocket.

Single strap design.

Four pockets.


Missing the essential pocket from previous version.

Now that you have gotten to know the best stand bags on our list, what do you think? These bags are made for durability, for quality, and intended to withstand the test of time. With that, we can say that individuals will find individual value in each product and all of them are made to last. So, let us know below which of these products is the one for you.

Now, when it comes to selecting the top ten best products in the industry, we create a specialized criterion that ensures we can weed out the good from the bag. When it comes to brands we focus on each specific brand and what they offer the individual compared to the competition. With that, if you are interested in utilizing our criteria to your own research, we are glad to share this criterion with you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best PING Golf Bags

As our criteria used to choose the best ping bags, we first took into account that many of these bags are made to be somewhat general and universal in use. Meaning, they do not boast any special features or out-of-this-world designs that make it a highly expensive product. In fact, many of the bags we have shared are made for amateurs or somewhat seasoned golfers.

Variety List

When selecting the first criteria, we realized that this brand had a wide variety of different products. Therefore, we actually evaluated based upon the three major golf bag designs. The designs are as follows:

  • Cart Bags – We wanted to make sure to include cart bags that were of the best quality. With that, different features that we took into evaluated when selecting the best cart bag was reinforced straps, an easy to carry design, top carry handles, and a design that did not inhibit the pockets from being in use.
  • Stand Bags – As the second bag, we wanted to make sure to include, stand bags is a different design than cart bags. Although some bags can be used as stand bags and cart bags, a stand bags needs quality legs when it comes to the design to ensure ease of use. Stand bags are the most common because they are easy to use and very convenient.
  • Simple Use Bags – A simple use bag is a lightweight and simple bag that has some of the features of a full-size golf bag, without the added pockets are all of the space to fit every club. These stand bags are made for easy portable use and for individuals that want a simple game of golf.

Features and Benefits

When evaluating the top ten best bags from Ping, the second was to ensure that there were many different benefits when it comes to their products. With that, some people buy a stand bag because of specific features ranging from padded straps to valuables pockets. However, a quality bag will have a well-rounded slew of features and benefits. We found that these ten products had the best overall features. The features are as follows:

  • Quality and durable exterior.
  • Padded straps or carry handles.
  • Reinforced designs.
  • Plenty of pocket space.
  • Full-length dividers.
  • Quality design.
  • Simple to carry options.

With that in mind, when taking into thought the many different bags there are, ask yourself which features you need and value the most.

Cost and Value

As the third criteria, we found that the price and value of the item were very important when selecting the top ten. The reason being is that this brand has a wide range of differently priced items. Therefore, it was important to acknowledge the buyer and the golfers we were writing for. With that, whether you are a novice golfer or a seasoned golfer, we have shared ten quality bags ranging from amateur designs to professional designs. With this in mind, they all offer different levels of value and quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag come with a rain hood?

A: This happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions, and to many individuals disappointment, this brand does not always include a rain hood with the purchase of a stand bag, unlike many other brands. Take the 2018 Hoofer Carry, it happens to be their newest item and it actually does not come with a rain hood. With that, it is important to inquire about each particular product to see if it comes with a rain hood or not.

Q: Is the carry handle padded?

A: As another one of the most common questions, the padded handle is most common among cart bags, not stand bags when it comes to this brand. With that, it is important to take assess the design of each bag.

Q: What is the inside lining of the bag? 

A: When it comes to this brands material quality, they have used some of the best materials to ensure durability and quality design. With that, they have included materials ranging from mesh to leather, to nylon in many of their stand bags to ensure maximum quality.

Q: Can it be used as both a stand bag and cart bag?

A:  Yes, many stand bags can be used as cart bags and have wrap around straps for this feature. However, some cart bags do not have the efficiency of stand poles.


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