Best Indoor Putting Greens Reviewed & Rated for Quality

If you are a regular everyday golfer, then nothing is more disheartening than a rainy day that does not allow you to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the green. With that said, we want to share the top ten best putting greens in the industry for individuals that want a phenomenal putting experience. Of course, these cannot begin to replace the real thing, but they can fulfill that itch to get on the green on a rainy day. In any case, they are all extremely fun and serve a great purpose, practice.

Featured Recommendations

Putt-A-Bout Par Three
  • Putt-A-Bout Par Three
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3 Practice Hole Cut-Out
  • Price: See Here
SKLZ Accelerator Pro
  • SKLZ Accelerator Pro
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ball Return Feature
  • Price: See Here
Abco Tech
  • Abco Tech
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra-Long Putting Experience
  • Price: See Here

With that in mind, we want to say that these putting greens are extremely high quality and ideal for individuals that are looking for a practice-at-home putting green. If your son or daughter has shown interest in golf and they are adamant and you want to have them practice a bit, then these putting greens will help the novice golfer learn how to putt, swing, and study the game.

Now, without further wait, let’s talk about the top ten best indoor putting greens in the industry and what individuals can expect when it comes to a quality green. Lastly, these putting greens are in no exact order, they only reflect a part of our research, which we will share later on in the article. Let’s begin!


10 Best Indoor Putting Greens


1. Putt-A-Bout Par Three

1. Putt-A-Bout Par Three
When it comes to the indoor putting green market, there are not many products that can compete with the Putt-About Grassroots Par-Three Putting Green. In fact, this specific model has been rated the best indoor putting green product on the market by thousands of consumers – which is one reason why it’s on the top of our list today. Let’s check out what makes this product so special.
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3 Practice Hole Cut-Outs

Unlike other indoor putting greens that we will share with you today, this is one of the only products that come with three different practicing opportunities. In fact, there are three different holes, all ranging in difficulty for golfers.

High-Quality Build

If there is one aspect of this putting green that stands out – it’s the way the manufacturer constructed this product. It is made from high-quality putting surface materials to keep putting as natural and organic as possible. Additionally, the company designed the actual putting green to look like a kidney to provide some challenge for both beginners and experts.

Cost and Value

When it comes to the cost of this specific product, we were quite impressed by how cost-friendly it really is. Typically, consumers anticipate paying a good chunk of money for an indoor putting green; however, this product is different. Designed with some great materials and non-skid materials underneath, golfers will appreciate the value and practicing opportunities that this product provides.
  • One of the most popular indoor putting greens in the country.
  • Made from higher-quality materials, making it great for practice.
  • Includes two built-in sand traps, should a golfer accidently miss their putt.
  • This is made from a well-known manufacturer for indoor putting greens.
  • Not great for advanced golfers.
  • Holes are very thin, making it challenging when putting.

2. SKLZ Accelerator Pro

2. SKLZ Accelerator Pro
If there is one product that can compete with our number one spot – it’s the SKLZ Accelerator Pro. This indoor putting green is not only challenging and fun – it’s built with some great unique innovation and technology that only very few companies include in their practice putting products. Check out these product highlights!
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Ball Return Feature

Have you ever practiced with a putting green before and found it frustrating to have to walk back and forth to get your golf ball? Well, say goodbye to your problems with this product. In efforts to alleviate this, the manufacturer created a ball-return system – for those times when you happen to sink the putt, or accidentally miss the hole completely.

Real Green Materials

One part about this product that previous consumers cannot get enough of is how real the green material actually feels. The mat was designed to mimic a real golfing experience, which is definitely helpful when it comes to golfing on the actual green.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value are concerned, this specific product is priced slightly higher than the number one spot on today’s list. Now, before you judge – consider the value that this product offers. This is one of the only brands that designed their indoor putting green with a ball-return feature and utilized nearly-real materials to mimic a true putting experience. Doesn’t that sound worth it?
  • Practice mat comes with a ball return feature.
  • The materials used to make this product mimic a real putting green.
  • This is a portable practice course – so users can bring it anywhere, anytime.
  • There are guides to help golfers, including 3, 5, and even 7 feet distances.
  • Becomes too easy after many uses.
  • Not durable or heavy duty.

4. 77Tech System

4. 77Tech System
The 77Tech Golf Putting Green System could be seen as the dream indoor putting green for golfers all around the world. This product features everything that a golfer could want and more. With numerous different design options to pick from, this is great for the individual that is passionate about improving their putting game.
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High-Quality Putting Green

If you are looking for the pinnacle of quality, this is it. This specific putting green is made from EVA plastic materials and professional green turf grass in order to mimic putting on the green at a golf course.

Multiple Different Course Options

When it comes different products in this market, it’s important that manufacturers do something different in efforts to stand out. Well, this company understood this, and more. Not only can consumers purchase this high-quality and professional-grade indoor course, they can select from 12 different other indoor putting green courses, should one not be enough.

Cost and Value

Without question, this is the most expensive indoor putting green on today’s list. In fact, when we first got to see what this product was all about, we were quite taken aback by its price tag. However, as we began to explore its numerous features, what we quickly discovered was that this putting green is not a simple, beginner practice mat. In fact, this is truly a high-grade professional putting green.
  • Consumers can pick from 12 different indoor putting green courses.
  • This may be the largest putting green course on today’s list.
  • Made from some of the best materials in the industry.
  • This can be used inside and outside, thanks to the waterproof feature.
  • The turf is prone to shedding.

5. FORB Home 10Ft

5. FORB Home 10Ft
The FORB Home Golf Putting Mat is another great option for golfers that are seeking to bring the game of golf into their home. Designed to be 10 feet long, golfers can practice their putting skills in their own home, challenging themselves with three different holes and an inclined experience. So, if you are looking for some training, this product is a worthy competitor.
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Great for Training

When it comes to training and becoming a better putter, it’s important that find a putting green that’s designed for training purposes. With three different holes, golfers can practice their aim and angled putts, while also standing on different parts of the green.

Inclined Design

What captured our attention with this putting green is how it was designed. The green itself is not 100% flat. In fact, using a higher-quality foam padding, the company designed this practice tool to mimic a small hill. So, if you need to work on your inclined putts, this is great for you.

Cost and Value

This specific item is considered competitively priced – and is often not viewed as very expensive to consumers. Now, it is more costly than a few other indoor practice mats on our list today; however, it’s most certainly a valuable consideration, especially if you are looking to work on inclined putting.
  • Over 10 feet long.
  • Designed with an inclined to offer a bigger challenge.
  • Three different holes to aim for.
  • Made from some great materials.
  • Bottom of product is made of foam.

  • Consumers have complained about the original smell of the product.

6. Wincan

6. Wincan
The Wincan Golf Putting Mat Green is a great option for golfers that are looking for a casual indoor putting green for help practice before their next tee-time. With two different holes, three bonus golf balls, and a high-quality design, you can’t go wrong with a purchase like this.
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Automatic Ball Return

Sometimes, when putting, the ball happens to go farther than what you would like. With other putting greens, it forces the golfer to walk around and go pick up the ball. This product is designed with an automatic ball return feature so that, if you miss, the ball will gently return to you.

Two Holes, Two Sizes

Sometimes, using the same type of hole when putting can prove to be ineffective. I mean, you need to give yourself some sort of challenge, right? Well, this brand sought to add some difficulty to the golfing experience by not only adding an incline, but an additional hole, and a smaller one at that.

Cost and Value

When it comes to comparing the cost of this product with others on our list, we can say that this one is priced quite fairly, and evenly, especially once you consider the value of the course itself. While this does not come with a lengthy or wide practice mat, it’s designed with an automatic ball return feature and two different sized holes to help improve one’s putting game. So, if you are looking for an advanced yet simple putting green – this is it.
  • Built with an automatic ball return feature.
  • Comes with 3 practice golf balls.
  • Product is designed with 2 holes, both which vary in size.
  • There is an incline on the practice mat to help practice and add difficulty.
  • Consumers have complained that the handles may break.
  • Not incredibly long.

7. Abco Tech Green Grassroots

7. Abco Tech Green Grassroots
The Abco Tech Golf Putting Green Grassoots Mat is quickly become a popular option among beginner golfers because of its great price tag and practicing opportunities. If you are looking down the road to becoming a professional golfer, this practice mat may be a great purchase to fine-tune your putting skills.
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100% Risk-Free Purchase

Purchasing an indoor putting green can be quite risky – especially if you are not 100% familiar with the brand. Well, in efforts to offer some assurance to new consumers, this brand comes with a 100% risk-free purchasing guarantee. So, should you find any fault or unhappy with the purchase, the manufacturer is there for you.

The Perfect Gift

Purchasing a gift for a golfer may seem like an easy thing, right? Well, if you have any friends that are a golfer, you know, typically, they have almost all the essentials. So, what do you get them? This putting green has been known as one of the best gifts for a golfer. Not only does the course offer some practicing opportunities, it comes with everything a golfer might need to practice, including 3 golf balls.

Cost and Value

Picking out the best indoor putting green means knowing whether or not you are getting your money’s worth for a purchase. This specific product comes at, what we believe, a great price given its value and the competition. With the products featured on today’s list, you are looking at a similar or higher price tag and, in some cases, less value. This is great for beginner golfers and most certainly worth consideration.
  • Putting green can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Comes with 3 golf balls.
  • Manufacturer offers a 100% risk-free guarantee.
  • Designed to help improve one’s skills.
  • Simple design and course.
  • Not great for advanced golfers.

8. VariSpeed System

8. VariSpeed System
If there is one product that we were excited to share with you today, it was the ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System product. There is so much to do with this single putting green, ranging from practicing different putt lengths and speeds, but also games and more! Let’s check out a few features.
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Adjustable Speeds

Now, when it comes to the art of putting, professional golfers understand that there is a science and art behind the amount of power and speed you put into the ball. If you are not in a place or have mastered this – this specific product is great for this type of putting. With four different adjustable speeds, golfers will have the chance to really fine tune their skills.

Informational Booklet

One part about this product that we really liked was that the manufacturer provides all standard purchases with an informational booklet all about putting and a few different practicing games that the entire family could do.

Cost and Value

It’s important to know that this item is priced slightly higher than some of the competition. However, this is not just a regular or standard indoor putting green. It is advanced and designed to help individuals that are already quite inclined in the putting department. So, with that being said, the value of this product most certainly weighs to measure the cost of the product itself.
  • Golfers can track the precision of each putt with this mat.
  • Comes with an informational booklet on games to play.
  • Very easy to store and travel with.
  • Has 4 different adjustable speeds (7.5-13)
  • Not great for beginner golfers.

9. Upstreet

9. Upstreet
When it comes to golfing at homes, so many different practice mats limit the golfer as to how far away they can put. The Upstreet Putting Green Indoor Practice Mat empowers the golfer to place the mat anywhere in a room, or outside, and putt from whatever distance they see fit. With that being said, this product is quickly becoming a popular gift for golfers and a game at the office.
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Great for Practice or Fun

As we were saying above, this indoor practice mat is not only optimal for practicing at home – it’s also a great product to have some mini-golf fun at the office or with the family. Whatever the need may be, this product can essentially do it all.

Optimal Materials

When reviewing different products, what we learned was that creating a practice mat to mimic a putting green can be challenging for some manufacturers. However, as previous consumers have mentioned, this company had no problem at making theirs from golf-turf-like materials.

Cost and Value

As far as cost is concerned, this indoor practice mat is actually the cheapest on today’s list. The reason behind this is that it does not come with any special innovations and features, aside from high-quality materials and a slim design. With that being said, if you are looking for a gift for a golf lover or just to improve your own skills, this purchase is not costly, making it worth anyone’s consideration.
  • Made from similar materials mimicking golf turf.
  • Great for individuals that are looking to practice from far away distances.
  • Perfect gift for a golfer.
  • Can be used for practice or for fun.
  • Very small.
  • More for fun rather than serious practice.

10. Abco Tech

10. Abco Tech
For the last product on today’s list, we are going to talk about the Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Practice Mat. Now, again, this is another popular manufacturer of golf practice product, hence why they are on this list again. This specific practice product is designed with some great features and comes with a great gift. So, put aside your irons and wedges, let’s see what this putting green is all about!
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Return the Ball Feature

One feature that we always look out for with putter practice mats is an automatic ball-return feature. Reason being, we know that golfers will find more appreciation with a product that will return the ball for them, rather than having to walk back and forth numerous times. With that being said, this company created their product with this feature, which is known to be very helpful.

Extra-Long Putting Experience

Sometimes, when purchasing a putting green for inside the house, golfers are limited to 10-12 feet of practice. This brand sought to stand out in this market by making their golf mat much longer. This way, golfers can truly practice, feeling as if they are really at a golf course, on the green.

Cost and Value

As the last product on today’s list, we can say that this product is one of the most cost-friendly options on today’s list. Now, we were quite surprised to see this, especially after seeing some of the features and benefits of this item. So, if you are looking for an advanced practice mat, 3 extra golf balls, and one of the longest putting greens on today’s list, this may be for you.
  • Comes with three golf balls.
  • Made from golf-turf-like materials.
  • Easy to pack and travel with.
  • Designed with a ball return feature.
  • Not many reviews of the product.

3. Putt-A-Bout

3. Putt-A-Bout
You might recognize the name of this brand from the first product on today’s list. Now, that alone should be a testament to the quality that this brand puts into their products. The Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat is one of the largest and widest products on our list today, making it a great option for a golfer who is seeking a true practice experience.
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Large and Wide

The reason why this product is so high on our list is that of its pure size. Not only is the length a great practice size, it’s wide enough so that the golfer can stand on the mat as well. So, if you are looking to practiced angled putts, this product is most certainly for you.

Premium Materials

When it comes to picking out a quality product like these, it’s important to review the materials used in making it. This specific one is made from premium materials to ensure the best putting experience. Additionally, the company utilized special materials on the bottom of the putting mat to prevent any sliding or skidding.

Cost and Value

In terms of the price tag, this specific training mat and course is probably considered one of the most cost-friendly items on today’s list. While this mat and course is simplistic in nature, it provides golfers with the opportunity to practice their skills at different distances and angles, which is not like other indoor putting greens.
  • Wide enough for golfer to stand on mat as well.
  • Made from premium materials.
  • Underneath of mat prevents sliding or creases.
  • Constructed from a famous indoor putting green company.
  • Green can rip easily.
  • May have a lump, which hinders experience.

Now that we have shared the top ten best putting greens, what do you think? Whether you want a professional putting green or a simple at home putting green for the kids, we have them all on this list. With that in mind, we know that they cannot replace a day out in the field, but they can at least suffice on a rainy afternoon. With that said, they are compact, easy to maintain, designed for quality, and offer exceptional practice for a young golfer. If you happen to be looking for a quality putting green, we recommend these top ten.

Well, it is time to talk about our research in the criteria portion of our article. Below is what we know as our criteria to evaluate the top ten indoor putting greens. This criterion serves as general guidelines that we follow in many of our articles to ensure we share the top ten best products. Since there is such a wide selection of items, our intention is to showcase the best and we do this through proper research.

Without further wait, let’s move forward towards the criteria so you too, can conduct your own research.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Indoor Putting Greens

It is time to talk about the criteria to evaluate the best indoor putting greens. When conducting our research we found that there are universal rules when it comes to putting greens and many similarities that unique their structure and the way brands design them. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that we only shared the best of the best. Although there is a large variety of different putting greens, there are only a select few that we found to be the ideal putting greens that we wanted to share. Now, we want to talk about the first criteria that we found to be one of the most important when it comes to picking out the top ten, the quality and the reviews.

The Quality of The Green / Reviews

This particular criterion is one of the most important when it comes to picking the top ten best products in the industry. The primary reason is that we only want to share products that are designed with quality features in mind. Part of the method in which we distinguish the best products is by reading the reviews to confirm the quality of the item. With that in mind, we can say that when searching for the best-putting greens, we found that many of them were designed with quality in mind. Of course, some of the most highly touted are actually designed by professional golfers and so, they tend to have a specialized designed and material quality. Which brings us to the next most important criteria, material!

The Material

As the second most important criteria that we took into consideration, material quality was crucial when finding the top ten best products in the industry. The reason being is that we wanted to ensure that the item would withstand the test of time and be highly durable. We found that most adult putting greens are designed with artificial grass to simulate a textured golfing experience. With that in mind, the bottom aspect of the green is designed from either a rubber backing or foam to ensure it does not slip on any surface.

The Design

As the next most crucial criteria, the design happens to be one of the most important aspects and reasons an individual purchases an indoor putting green. We can say that the design of these particular putting greens are intended to simulate what a real-world golf course would be like. For example, the putting green, of course, has a starter section as well as a hole for the ball to end up. However, many putting greens also include what would be known as sandtraps or water spaces. This particular design ensures that an individual will enjoy the putting green for many days to come. Some putting greens even add the added benefit of being able to interchange the pieces of the green so individuals can create their own custom experience. Which brings us to the next criteria, the pieces included.

The Pieces Included

As the next criteria that we took into deep consideration, we found that many putting greens that are designed for professional use do not include any major pieces other than the putting green itself. For example, certain putting greens do not include golf balls or a putter with the purchase, just the green. The reason for this because individuals have to use the same putter or clubs that they normally would on the field. With that in mind, we can say that all of the pieces included are designed for quality in mind.

Cost And Value

Now that we have shared different criteria that we took into consideration, let’s talk about one criterion that is one of the most common in many of our articles, the cost, and the value. The reason we made this criterion part of the evaluation is that we only wanted to share premium putting greens that were designed with quality materials in mind. Not only that but we wanted to ensure that individuals were getting exactly what they were wanting for the putting green, such as style, design features, and of course quality. It was our dedication to sharing a wide variety of putting greens that offer different styles, benefits, and features, which brings us to the last and one of the most defining criteria when it came to choosing the top ten best greens.

Extra Features

As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we found that individuals were most enticed by the extra features that a putting green manufacturer may have included in the creation. The most common asked about feature is an automatic return ball design. With that said, extra features tend to raise the product of an item. Therefore, we also took that aspect into consideration. Extra features we found that were universal among many putting green manufactures is a raised sand and hole space, acting as if it was a small hill. This would also create a space for the ball to get trapped. Other than that, most putting greens are relatively the same only different structural designs.

Now that we have talked about the top ten best criteria to take into consideration for a putting green, we hope you have found new information when conducting your own research. Now, let’s move forward and answer some of the most common questions individuals are having.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the bottom material of the green?

A: As the first most frequently asked question, we can see why this is a crucial question when picking out the best putting green. No individual wants the putting green to damage their floors or have it slide across their smooth hardwood or tile. Therefore, most brands have designed putting greens with a thick foam for a real-life experience as well as some have designed the green with a rubber bottom to ensure that it does not slip while a person is playing.

Q: How many balls does a set come with?

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions and many brands actually do not include a ball and a putter. Most brands that are designed with high-quality materials for professionals require that individuals buy and use their own putter or golf balls. More amateur style greens will include a couple of golf balls usually a pair of two.

Q: Does it return the ball automatically?

A: This particular question is one of the most asked questions and it also happens to be one of the most asked about features when it comes to golf greens. With that in mind, many golf greens do not have a ball return feature. However, some have a design that ensures the ball will return back the moment it lands in the hole. However, this feature is not subjective to all greens and it truly depends on the style of green that an individual buys.

Q: What is the material of the top layer of the green?

A: As one of the most asked about questions, individuals can expect that the most common material of many of the greens is an artificial grass that simulates real grass. The purpose of this is to create a life-like and real experience when an individual is putting.


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