Best Golf Irons Reviews and Guide in 2017

Has this ever happened to you – You are 165 yards out on the 18th hole, and are one shot up on your playing partners. However, your golf irons have been giving you trouble all day. You set up your shot, and take the swing with an iron that just doesn’t feel right in your hands, and you hit it into the sand trap that is surrounding the green. You take out your Sand Wedge, but you have hit it this shot fat all day. You line it up, take your swing, and once again, you shoot the ball well past the hole. You end up shooting a double bogey, while your playing partner hits a par, and they beat you by one stroke.

Maybe recently, you have upgraded your Driver and your Putter, as you know that those are two very important elements to your golf game. However, your iron set is the third important element to help round out what could be your stellar golf game. By having an iron set which you are comfortable with each and every time, it will allow you to hit the right shot you need in order to tuck the ball in tight to the hole, where you can then use your putter to help deliver a great score on each and every hole.

Within this guide, we are going to show you what you should be paying attention to when you are picking out the right iron set. In addition to that, we’ll review some companies, and see what each company has to offer you. Then, you can look over some reviews of different iron sets, so you can see which set might be best for you. After the reviews, we’ll help you come up a checklist to help you determine which iron set you will be best for you, then answer some frequently asked questions.

Our Top 3 Picks

Callaway  Strata Set
  • Callaway Strata Set
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • More Control
  • Price: See Here
Wilson Velocity Set
  • Wilson Velocity Set
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • More Distance
  • Price: See Here
Primeadow Hybrid Set
  • Primeadow Hybrid Set
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Straight Shots
  • Price: See Here

What Makes up the Best Golf Irons Set?

As with any of your golf clubs, there are four different factors which can go into making a great golf iron set. These factors include the following:

  •  The Grip
  •  The Length or each Iron in your Set
  •  The Club Head Size
  •  The type of Shaft

Because there are four different factors, you need to ensure you understand each component, so you can determine what fits you best within each component.


Within the marketplace, there are various types of grips available to you on each golf iron set. Most iron sets come with a standard grip, which is just what the manufacturer has decided to put on their iron sets. However, that standard grip may not be what is best for you, and to help keep your driver and iron set the same, it’s important that they have the same grip. If you have a different grip between your Driver and your iron set, then it will be difficult to fully get used to the grip you have. However, if they are the same, then your comfortability will increase with each swing, allowing you to know the right amount of strength you need to have every time you grip the clubs.
You might have a grip made out of rubber or perhaps leather; it could be a rigid or a smooth grip. This is why it is important to try out a few different types of grips, as the grips on an iron set can be easily changed out. Most local golf stores have a large selection of grips to choose from, and due to this, you can easily change out the grip for one which meets your needs.

Shaft Length

When it comes to finding an iron set which fits your stance, it could be tough to find a standard set which matches what your preferred stance is. Depending upon the brand of irons you purchase, the standard length of the shafts will vary by a few inches when you compares similar irons. Clearly, a 3 iron is going to be longer than a pitching wedge, but that is not the varying amount of length we are talking about. If you compare a 3 iron from one set to a next, and line them up, you will see the difference in the length of the shaft within each brand.

In order to figure out the right length for your iron, you should stand in your normal stance with the golf ball on a flat surface. Then, put your arms out to where they hang comfortably, and then grab a club and grip it. If your hands are towards the top of the grip section, then you need to have longer clubs; if your hands are towards the throat of the grip, then you need to have shorter clubs. At any pro shop, they can typically adjust the shafts by a couple of inches, and it’ll be important to know this as you are searching for the right iron set for you. If you can find a set which matches your length as a standard length, then you will actually save money from having to have your shafts resized.

Size of Club Head

When looking at the head of an iron with the naked eye, you will think that each head size is the same, no matter on the brand or the club. However, this is not truly the case. There are many factors which can be different with each head size; the size of the front of the head, the depth of each head, and how much the head weighs. All of these are significant factors in figuring out which type of iron set is best for you. The best for you to figure out which one is best is going to a pro shop which has a simulator, and taking some different irons into that simulator. This way, you can get a feel for each type of club, and determine which one is the best fit for you.

If you tend to have a higher club speed in your swing, then you will want to go with a lighter head and shaft. If you prefer a slower swing pace, but a powerful swing, then you will want to go with a heavier club head. No matter which style you prefer, it is vital that you know the difference as you go in to purchase your new iron set.

Shaft Type

To go along with the club head, the shaft you have can have an effect upon how you swing your club. If you need a lighter club, than going with a graphite shaft is the perfect fit for you. If you want a heavier club, then there are plenty of steel shaft options for you. However, not all of manufacturers have each type of shaft available. And although most pro shops can shorten and lengthen a club, changing out the shaft on your clubs is a little bit trickier. Most pro shops can change them out, but you want to ensure they are done properly.

If you don’t have much faith in your local pro shop, you can always send the clubs into the manufacturer, and have them do it, or you can special order the type of clubs you want ahead of time. However, there is typically a hefty restocking fee done if you end up returning your clubs, so make sure you truly know the kind of shafts you want on your clubs when you purchase them.
After you have selected what characteristics of your iron set are important to you, you will then need to decide which brand of irons you want to go with. It is recommended that you stay with one brand for all of your clubs, as they will typically have the same feel and balance. If you continue to use different branded clubs that have a different balance, it will throw your swing off, which will lead to worse scores overall.

What Companies Make the Best Golf Irons Sets?

Callaway – Over the last few years, Callaway has been the dominant brand among Professional golfers. Since 2010, they have helped both men and women’s Professional golfers win more than 75 events, 450 worldwide tour events and close to $700 million dollars in winnings. Callaway has a very wide assortment of iron sets to choose from, allowing you to pick a standard set which closely resembles what you need out of your golf irons. Not only do they have a large assortment of golf irons, but all of their iron sets completely customizable to fit your needs. With the customization, you can shorten or lengthen your shaft by up to 2”either way (in .25” increments). In addition to the shaft length, they have a very large selection of grip options available to you. You can also add up to 1/8” of Grip Wrap onto each club. Coming mostly in the classic silver iron color, Callaway is a great set for those who have been playing the game of golf for a while, and need a step up in quality.

Ping – When it comes to having a mid-level iron set, Ping has some options for you to choose from. Most of their iron sets are made from a steel material, in order to provide both performance and balance. Their iron sets come with a variety of different shaft options to choose from, depending upon the model of iron set you purchase. With the shape of their heads on the iron sets, they provide you with a high forgiveness factor. Their iron sets come in an assortment of colors, so you can show your personality on the golf course while still swinging a smooth stroke.

TaylorMade – TaylorMade has a few different iron sets for you to choose from, all of which can help you maximize your efforts out on the golf course. Each of their iron sets offer you something different, with each having different starting loft angles and size heads to start from. They have models for men and women, as well as both left handed and right handed. All of their iron sets are completely customizable, allowing you to change the length of the club by 1.5” in either direction (in .25” increments), as well as changing the tipping adjustment up to 1” in either direction. You can add up to 1/8” of extra grip wrap, and you can even decide if you want the logo to be facing up, or facing down.

golfer-1615609_1920Cobra – Cobra has a wide assortment of iron sets for you to choose from, as they want to ensure you receive the right iron set for your needs. They have iron sets which are available for both men and women, as well as left handed or right handed golfers. When you customize your Cobra iron clubs, There are many different variables you can adjust in order to have an iron set which is perfect for your needs. There are over 30 different grip types to choose from, with some being standard, and some costing more. They have many standard shafts to choose from, but some shafts are specially made, and can cost up to an extra bit of money. For the length of the shaft, you can go 1” in either direction, in ¼” increments. You can add extra grip, up to 1/16”, in 1/64” increments, all of which is free.

Pinemeadow – Pinemeadow, among the brands for best golf irons on sale, offers their iron sets at a discounted rate compared to the rest of the industry. They specialize in seeing what the trends are, and then implement those trends into their own iron sets, but at a lower cost. Their iron sets are not very customizable, but since you are paying such a lower cost for their iron sets, you can take them and have them adjusted at your local pro shop. Their iron sets are typically 25%-40% less compared to the same type of technology found on the other brands of golf irons. Their iron sets come in a variety of different colors, and they have them available for men and women, for kids and juniors, as well as sets which are specific for left-handed and right-handed players.

Titleist – Titleist has spent much more money over the years focused on their golf ball compared to making clubs, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have any options for you to choose from when it comes to their iron sets. Their iron sets are fully customizable, as you can adjust the shaft length by 1.5” in either direction, in .5” increments. You can change your grip size up to 1/16”, in 1/64” increments. However, you cannot change the grip on these clubs when you order them, but you can choose the type of shaft you want, and these shafts should be available in the colors of White, Red, Black and Blue.

Wilson – Wilson has some great options for those golfers who are just starting to get into the game of golf, and need a solid set in order to play. With the Iron sets, you will see their clubs in the standard steel, with normal size heads, so you can get used to having a solid and balanced club. You have three different flex options, depending on how much flex you want in your golf irons. In addition to this, you can also choose left hand or right hand. The more expensive versions of their iron sets do come with a technology which helps disperse the amount of energy you swing with, allowing you to keep most of the impact energy on the golf ball, where you hit it, which reduces ball dispersion.

Best Golf Irons Reviews

♣ Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Pro Individual Iron

golf irons

There might be times where you only need to change out one iron within your set, rather than having to purchase an entire set. With Callaway, you are given that option, and this club is one example of this. This Men’s X2 Hot Pro iron can be bought to help replace either your 6 iron or your 8 iron, and is made out of a Steel material. The shaft on this club is stiff, so there is not much flexibility felt when you swing thru the ball. This club can be purchased for a golfer who is either left-handed or right-handed. The head on this Callaway iron is thinner, which also allows you to have a bigger sweet spot, which is great for those golfers who need some additional forgiveness.

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♣ TaylorMade Aeroburner HL Steel Iron Set

golf irons This iron set comes in two different styles; one set has a shaft that is a regular stiffness, and the other set comes with a shaft that is stiff. Both sets are made out of a steel material, which is ideal for those who want to still hit it far without having to generate a faster swing. This set is only intended for those who are right handed. These irons have a higher loft compared to other sets, which means you will hit higher and more arching shots, allowing you to not have as much roll on your shots, so you can place the ball within the fairway or the green more precisely.

The faces on these TaylorMade irons are thinner, which provides you with a bigger sweet spot and leads to a greater amount of forgiveness within each shot. These irons are designed to best suit golfers who have straight shots, or ones who prefer to hit a draw.

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♣ Cobra Men’s Bio Cell Combo Golf Iron Set

golf irons These Cobra Bio Cell Combo irons can be purchased for either the right-handed or left-handed golfer. They come with a standard option of three different types of options. You can purchase an iron set with a graphite shaft, to go along with a hybrid that also has a graphite shaft. You can purchase an iron set which comes with a steel set of irons, along with a graphite hybrid. Or, you can purchase a set which has a combination of graphite, steel and iron. Depending upon which kind of clubs you like to swing, these options provide you with a great variety of options.

You also have the option of two different kinds of iron sets – you can go with a set which has a hybrid as your 3-iron and 4-iron, and then have standard irons as your 5 iron through your wedges. You can also go with a 4 hybrid and a 5 hybrid, and then have the 6-ron thru wedges as a standard iron set. The way these golf irons are designed, you are given more distance in each shot, along with a healthy dose of forgiveness.

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♣ Callaway Women’s X2 Hot Individual Iron

golf irons

This Women’s Callaway Iron comes available both left-handed and right-handed golfers. The shaft is made from a graphite material, allowing you to create a faster amount of club speed in your swing. This particular iron comes available as either a 7-iron, or in two different wedges. This Callaway iron comes with an undercut which allows for more flexibility, so your hands won’t sting after any shot. This Iron also provides you with great balance, speed and power, allowing you to hit the right shot at the right time. You can also purchase this iron with a shaft that can either give you a regular feel, or a stiff feel, depending upon how you like to hit your golf ball.

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♣ Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set

golf irons This iron set by Cleveland Golf can be purchased for either the right-handed or left-handed golfer. You can purchase this set with either a steel shaft for your irons, or a graphite shaft, depending upon how much club face speed you want to generate with each shot. It can also be purchased with three different types of shaft flexibility; if you want a stiff shot, a regular shot, or if you want a senior approach. There are a variety of different combinations of sets you can purchase, starting with a 3-iron thru wedges, all the way down to a 6-iron with wedges. These irons also allow you to adjust the angle of the iron, so you can maximize its effectiveness no matter what your lie is on the golf course. To find out if these irons might be the best fit for you, you can research them more by clicking on this link:

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♣ Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

golf irons

This Cleveland Gold Iron set comes with the capability of being purchased in either a graphite material, or a steel material, depending upon how much power you want to be based upon how much club face speed you generate. These iron sets are available for those who are either left-handed or right-handed, and come with a regular flex option only. There are three different options available to you, depending upon the number of wedges you want in your set. You can either go from a 3-iron down to a pitching wedge, a 4-iron down to a pitching wedge, or a 4-iron down to a gap wedge. The heads on these golf irons get progressively bigger towards the lower irons, allowing you to create the right amount of touch with each shot as you get closer to the green. These irons also come with a vibrating dampener, which is made out of an aluminum and polymer insert, so your hands do not sting as much after each shot. To see if this is the perfect iron set for you, you can click on this link to find out more information:

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♣ Cleveland Golf Black 4-Iron thru Pitching Wedge set for Left-handed Golfers

golf irons This Cleveland golf iron set, intended for left-handed golfers only, is black in color, and comes with a graphite shaft. These graphite shafted irons will allow you to create a higher amount of club head speed, which can help your golf ball travel further, especially on fairways which tend to be harder and will allow your ball to roll more. The center of the golf club has been moved to be deeper and lower on the club face, where a majority of the players who play golf hit their golf balls, allowing you to hit the sweet spot within the club more often. This will also allow you to play golf with a greater chance of creating spin, so you can place the golf ball on the green exactly where you want it to be. The club head is thinner, which also helps in creating the larger head and a bigger sweet spot.

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♣ Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Progressive Hybrid Set

golf ironsgolf irons These Pinemeadow Men’s Progressive Hybrid Irons are made out of a graphite shaft, so you can create a higher amount of speed with each swing. Due to these hybrid irons having a bigger head compared to other iron sets, you have the ability to create a higher amount of MOI. The center of gravity within these hybrid irons are up to six times deeper compared to other sets within the market, which means you get a higher loft with each shot, which allows you to hit more precise shots. The longer irons come with a wider sole plate, which provide you with a greater amount of forgiveness, so your shots will be less errant and will be hit more on the straight and narrow. The shorter irons have a more narrow sole plate, so you can be even more precise with each and every shot.

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♣ Wilson Velocity HDX Men’s Right-Handed Eight piece Steel Iron Set

golf irons This iron set from Wilson is for Men who are right-handed, and comes with eight pieces – all the irons you need from the 4-iron down to the Pitching and Sand Wedges. These golf irons come with a low center of gravity, allowing you to have a smooth and balanced shot, so your shot will go longer with each stroke. The deeper cavity of these irons create a better distance chance with each shot, while also creating a better environment of forgiveness for each shot which might not hit the sweet spot. The shafts have a stiff feeling to them, allowing you to hit more powerful shots while not having to increase your club face speed.

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♣ Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club set, with Bag

golf irons If you are in the market for golf irons, but wouldn’t mind also getting a couple of new drivers and a putter, then this set is for you! This set comes with 12 different golf clubs, and can be purchased for those who are either left-handed or right-handed golfers. Within this set, you will receive a Driver and a 3-Wood, along with a 5-Iron Hybrid golf club. The standard irons range from the 6-iron down to the pitching wedge, and then this also comes with a putter. The irons come with the progressive sole width technology, where the shorter the club, the less sole, but the bigger the sweet spot, so you have easier control over each shot. You will also receive head covers for your driver and 3-wood. If you are in the market for a great beginner iron set, which also comes with a couple of drivers, a hybrid and a putter, then this set is looking at, which you can do right here:

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How Do You Choose the Best Iron Set for You?

When it comes to purchasing correct golf irons for sale, there are many factors to consider:

Iron Swing Balance – Each iron within each set weighs a different amount, from the grip to the shaft to the head. Due to this, the actual balance of the iron is very important to how effective it will be for you. In addition to this, how the head within the iron is weighted will have a big impact on how you swing thru your golf ball. Each iron head is a different size, and due to this, they will weigh more based upon size and what material they are made out of. Finding the right iron set is more than just what looks good; you need one which provides you with the correct amount of balance and stability. If you are constantly taking a step after each swing, then you don’t have the right iron set, as your feet should stay planted each time you swing. Even if each iron set looks the same, they are not, so it is important to take a few swings with each iron before making a purchase. It is all about what is most comfortable for you, and once you figure that out, you can move onto the next step.

Shaft Weight – There are typically two kinds of weights when it comes to the irons; you have the heavier irons made out of a steel shaft, and the lighter irons which are made out of a graphite shaft. The heavier steel shafts typically provide those who might want a little bit slower of a club head speed, allowing you to have more control with each shot. In contrast, if you want a faster club head speed to generate a further distance with your shots, then you want a graphite shaft. By using the heavier steel shaft, you will typically hit the ball where you want it to go, but the ball will spin less, meaning less distance from a long roll. By using the lighter graphite shaft, you have less control over the placement of your golf ball down the course, but it provides a faster ball spin, which allows you to hit the ball further.

Length of each Iron – When you purchase a standard iron set, the standard length does vary by manufacturer. As stated before, a 3-iron will be longer compared to a pitching wedge, so when you do your comparisons, you will need compare the same club within each set to see which one has a standard length which is best for you and your stance. You need to find out where you are most comfortable when swinging at a golf ball so you can have the highest results. Would you rather stand up more upright in your stance? This means you will need a longer shaft for each of your irons. In contrast, do you like to be hunched over more when you swing your irons? If so, a shorter shaft would be better for you. You may have a different stance for your iron shots than you do your driver, so it is important that you ensure you fully understand your stance when you hit irons, so you can zero in on which set of irons will be best for you.

Grip – When it comes to picking the right grip for your iron set, you need to make sure it is the same as what your driver is. This may mean that you have to change the grip on your driver to match what your iron set is, which might be less expensive in the long run. There are wide assortments of grips available to you, so instead of just picking on, you should try out a few different grips so you can see which one is most comfortable for your hands. You want to ensure the golf club does not slip while you are in your swing, as this will cause you to have an errant shot. The more errant shots you have, the less confident you will be with each shot, and it could cause you to think you need a new iron set, when instead, you may just need a new grip. Sometimes, it is the little things which can make the biggest difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I measure for correct length?

When you are determining the correct length for your iron set, there are some steps you should take to ensure you find the ones which are most beneficial for you, so you can hit a pure shot each time. First and foremost, you should find your normal shot taking stance, and be in that stance without a club in your hand. There is an assortment of stances you see with golfers, but the most standard approach is bending at the hips slightly, with your shoulders back.

Your eyes should typically be looking at the inside of the heel of the golf club. By having your eyes looking at the heel of your golf club, this allows you to move your arms and hands back without attempting to adjust your swing as you are in the middle of it, and overcompensating. Once you have found your most comfortable stance, then you should place a golf club in your hand (typically a 5-iron works best), and see where it falls along your hands.

If you have to bend over more than just slightly, or if you are not bending over at all, then you have the wrong length for your iron set. Remember – it is important for you to not change your stance based on your iron set, you need to have golf irons which naturally fit within with your normal stance. This may change over time, which is understandable, so you need to ensure you have irons which meet your needs for your next round, and not worry about what they will be like ten years from now.

Q: How do you measure for the correct lie of your golf irons set?

Now that you have found the proper stance for your irons, now you will take that same 5-iron into your hands, and have the bottom of the club face lay against the ground. The bottom of the 5-iron should be lying straight down on the ground; if it is not, then you need to have a different angled iron set. It is okay if the toe or the butt of the iron is slightly off the ground, but not by more than 2 degrees in either way. If the toe of the iron is off the ground, then you need an iron set which has a flatter lie. If the heel of the 5-iron is off the ground, then you need to have an iron set with a shaft that is more upright.

Q: Should I care about having a graphite shaft or a steel shaft?

Yes, you should care about the type of shaft on your iron set, as this is one of the most important aspects of figuring out if the iron set is the right set for you. The main reason you should care about having either a steel or a graphite shaft is due to the difference in weight between the two of them. If you want to go with a heavier iron set, then you should go with a steel shaft. The heavier shaft will provide you with greater power and more accuracy without having to produce a higher club head speed.

However, you typically lose ball spin with the steel shafts, which can cause your golf ball to not roll on fairways, and it is a little tougher to control on your approaches to the green. The graphite shaft is about 25% lighter than a steel shaft, which will help you generate a faster club speed. This club speed will allow your golf ball to roll further, while also being able to control the ball on your approach shots.

However, the higher swing speeds means your shots will be a little more inaccurate, and you could be hitting from the rough or the sand a little more often. Both steel and graphite offer you different options concerning the flexibility of your shaft, allowing you to hone in on which shaft option is better for you among more models of iron sets.

More and more golf courses are rolling their fairways to be faster, which is why graphite shafted clubs are more popular than ever. If you tend to play on golf courses which have rolled fairways, you may want to think about adjusting your swing to accommodate a graphite shaft, so you can get the most out of each shot. If you tend to play on golf courses which have heavier greens, then the steel shaft will be better for you.

Q: When should I replace my iron set?

Just because you buy a driver, does not mean you need to purchase a new iron set. Although technology is moving at a fast pace, on a year to year basis, there are not that many new innovations for each iron set. You can check out the new irons sets as they come are rolled out into stores, so you can see what is new and exciting, but you don’t have to purchase a new set each year. Once you have found the iron set which meets all the different specifications we have discussed in this article to help you maximize each shot, your iron set should be set for a while. If you notice your shot is changing over time, then you will know it is the right time to invest in a new set of golf irons and we advise you to find the best golf irons for sale. Just remember to keep in mind all the different aspects to look out for when picking out a new iron set, as you will need to go thru the entire process each and every time.

Q: Should I feel the shaft flex when I swing?

If you want to feel the flexing of the shaft when you hit a golf ball with your irons, this is a feeling which is based upon your own preferences while you are out at the golf course. Whether or not the shaft flexes or not during your golf swing should not have any effect on you as you are hitting the golf ball, but you want to ensure you have a consistent feeling while making your swing. If your mind is focused on feeling the flex, rather than focusing on the golf shot at hand, more times than not you will hit the ball towards a direction you don’t want it to go. When it comes to feeling the flexibility of the shaft when you swing, it truly comes down to whatever feels most natural to you.

Q: Will my clubs being in a hot or cold environment cause any damage?

No, keeping your golf clubs in an environment which is typically higher or lower in temperature will not have an effect on your golf irons, no matter if they are made out of steel or graphite. The temperatures would have to hit a drastic temperature, which unless you live in Antarctica or on the equator, you will not need to worry about it. You can keep your irons in the house, the garage, in your vehicle or even a storage unit – they will be ready to roll when you are.


When it comes to finding the best golf irons for sale, there are many different options out in the marketplace to choose from. This variety is a great thing for you, as it allows you to find the right set at the right price for your needs. It does take a little bit of time and effort, but the amount of time you invest in ensuring you have the correct set of golf irons will pay dividends each time you step onto the golf course after you make your purchase.

And then, the next time you are facing a 165 yard shot, instead of wondering how this shot is going to go, you will have the confidence in your shot, so you can tuck the ball in next to the hole, and walk away with a birdie to beat your golf buddies. When this happens, there is no sweeter feeling, and it’ll be due to you taking the time to finding the right irons for your golf game.