Best Golf Trousers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Are you looking to get all dressed up for your next golf game? Maybe the autumn months are upon you and you want to look sharp and ready for the course? Perhaps you already purchase a new pair of golf socks and shoes; however, there is one piece of crucial clothing missing. With that in mind, we share with our audience the top ten best golf trousers that they can buy today. These golf trousers are not only designed to offer maximum comfort and durability, they are designed for the individual looking for a specific set of trousers.

Featured Recommendations

Haggar Cool 18
  • Haggar Cool 18
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Professional
  • Price: See Here
Columbia Silver Ridge
  • Columbia Silver Ridge
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pocket Design
  • Price: See Here
Amazon Essentials
  • Amazon Essentials
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durability
  • Price: See Here

Whether you are looking for suitlike specialty or comfortable flexibility from your trousers, we are about to share a wide and excellent selection. They vary by brand, material, color choices and more, making it easy for our audience to find their ideal set of trousers. For the individual that wants quality and comfort, let’s start with the first trousers on the list.

Stay tuned for the criteria and FAQ portion of our article later on. Let’s begin!


10 Best Golf Trousers


1. Haggar Cool 18

1. Haggar Cool 18
Nothing is classier than a man wearing quality pants while on a golf course. With that said, as the first trouser on our list, we want to share the Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Golf Trousers. These are designed for quality in mind for individuals that want to look sharp and classy on the golf course. As the first, here are two important features to consider.
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The Design

Do you want the quality of ironed pants without the ironing? Well, these are the trousers for you. If you want some of the best quality pants in the industry, designed to be comfortable and look classy, these are it. These no-iron dress pants have a flat front design that makes them look like they are ironed without actually ironing them.

Professional Look

These pants are not only perfect for everyday golfers, they are ideal for individuals that want to look professional all day long. They are comfortable and have plenty of pocket space, large enough to fit a cellphone and wallet. With that in mind, the professional look is very classy, and a gentleman will only look better with a club in hand.

Cost And Value

As the best quality golf trousers, we can say that these are designed for quality in mind and comfort. This brand, in particular, is largely known for their high-quality items and individuals will not be disappointed by these trousers. Now, these do come in a large variety of color choices, which causes the overall price to fluctuate. However, as the perfect everyday golfer trousers, we highly recommend them.
  • Large selection of color choices to choose from.
  • 100% polyester material that is very durable.
  • Machine washable that stays flat.
  • No-iron dress pants with an expandable waist design.
  • Side-slant pockets with a professional look.
  • Plenty of sizes to choose from.
  • Can get quite expensive.

2. Columbia Silver Ridge

2. Columbia Silver Ridge
Now, if you are looking for trousers that are designed for durability then these are the one for you. If you happen to be golfing during the rainy season, these are the best pants due to the design quality and the material. Let’s talk about a phenomenal outdoor sports brand that has excelled in the clothing industry. This is the Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Pants. Here are two points to consider.
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Perfect For The Rain

If you are a rainy day golfer and you cannot get enough of the golf course during rainy wea[et_social_share_media]t[/et_social_share_media]her, then these are the cargo pants for you. The material is made of 100% polyester but has the Omni-Wick design that gives it a moisture-wicking technology. With that said, they also offer sun protection thanks to the Omni-Shade technology.

The Pocket Design

These cargo pants are perfect for individuals that want to go golfing during the rainy season and also want to protect their gear, With zip-closed security pockets, individuals can rest assured that their cell phone or wallet will be safe. Other than that, the adjustable waistband design makes them a perfect fit for all golfers.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into though, it is the durability of these pants that cause the price to spike. However, the price will never reach as high as the trousers above, which are meant more for a professional look. With that said, these trousers are perfect for rainy days on the golf course and individuals that want a comfortable golf course experience.
  • Quality golf trousers designed to withstand the test of time.
  • 10% polyester that is also moisture wicking.
  • Gusset detail and straight leg design.
  • Exterior adjustable waistband for a better fit.
  • Trusted brand with years of experience.
  • Plenty of color choices to choose from.
  • Omni-Shade protects against the sun’s rays.
  • Not as classy as other trousers.

3. Adidas Climalite

3. Adidas Climalite
As one of the most prominent brands in the sports community, we are eager to share these quality golf pants that are designed for everyday wear. With that said, they are classy, have a unique style, and are meant to last the test of time with endless durability. Let’s talk about the Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Pant and two important features of these quality trousers.
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The Stretchy Material

These pants are designed for all-day comfort while on the golf course. This is due to a two-part creation process. First, the pants are made of 100% polyester, which makes them highly durable already. However, the brand has included a Pure Motion Stretch design that makes them more flexible and stretchy than most trousers in the industry today. This design makes it easy for an individual to wear them all day long.

Trusted Brand

Now, it goes without saying that this is one of the most trusted brands in the active sportswear industry. With that in mind, an individual can expect that these golf pants are particularly designed for golfers and formulated to offer some of the best design elements in the industry.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we want to say that this brand is the perfect purchase for any individual wanting quality trousers. Not only do they offer the sporty feel that an individual can enjoy, they also are designed for comfort and style. These pants come in a wide variety of color choices and individuals can expect that the pants price will change alter depending on the color and sizes. Either way, they are on the less costly end of this list without sacrificing superb quality.
  • Trusted brand with years of experience in the sports industry.
  • 100% polyester material with a flat-front design.
  • Pure-motion stretch technology for better comfort.
  • 2 on-seam side pockets and back pockets.
  • Quality design that is comfort bale to wear.
  • Plenty of color choices available.
  • Individuals have mentioned that the length can run short.

4. Amazon Essentials

4. Amazon Essentials
As one of the most talked about brands in the industry, this brand has excelled at creating everyday products that individuals need. Whether they were clothing items, house gear, or golfing gear, we can say that Amazon Essentials has excelled at creating quality trousers. We want to share with our audience the Men’s Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Pleated Chino Pants. Here are two points to consider.
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The Design and Durability

This brand not only excels at creating quality products, but they design them in a way that individuals can enjoy. These, in particular, have a comfortable classic style fit that one would expect from premium dress pants. Other than that, the classic fit sits at the waist and is stretchy enough for an all-day wearable experience. Other than that, they are wrinkle-free and are designed to last a while.

The Comfort

Not only are these pants stylish, but they have an all-day comfortable wear that makes them ideal for golfing. This is due to the material quality. These are the first pants on the list with a 60% cotton blend with 40% polyester. With that said, they are easy to wash and can last the test of time. In fact, cotton is known as one of the best and premium materials that trousers can be made out off.

Cost And Value

What is most surprising to us about these comfortable everyday trousers is the price. The price, in fact, is one of the lowest prices for pants that one can purchase. That is because this brand is dedicated to supplying everyday essentials that individuals need. With that said, do not let the low price fool you of the quality. These are designed to last and made to be very comfortable.
  • Priced incredibly affordable.
  • Can last the test of time and are machine washable.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Plenty of different color choices to choose from.
  • Comfortable fit that looks premium.
  • Side pockets and back button pockets.
  • Individuals have mentioned that they are a bit loose.

5. Under Armour Match Play

5. Under Armour Match Play
Now that we have introduced a couple of brands known for quality but are reasonably affordable, we want to share a premium brand known for their masterful craftsmanship. This is the Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants, one of the best quality golf pants for individuals looking for quality and style. Here are two important points to consider.
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The Fabric Blend

So, this particular brand is known for their sporty items. However, these trousers look classy and can be mistaken for dress trousers, while still staying true to the brand’s craftsmanship quality. These trousers have an amazing fabric blend that includes 54% nylon, 43% polyester, and 3% elastane. With that in mind, the fabric blend of these trousers is excellent and make it one of the most comfortable and stretchy materials in the industry.


One of the best elements of these quality golf pants is that they come with four pockets. Two front pockets with a flat front design and 2 back pockets in the back are large enough for individuals to carry a cellphone, gold balls, and any other important item.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value for this brand, we want to say that they are known for their masterful quality and a large selection of items. With that said, these golf trousers will not disappoint even the pickiest golfer looking for comfort and quality. For the price, we can see why one would think they are expensive, but they are completely worth it. The price may be a bit less depending on size and color choices.
  • Quality brand with years of experience.
  • Soft and stretchy material that is designed for comfort.
  • Stretch-engineered for better mobility.
  • Excellent comfort design.
  • Embroidered UA logo.
  • Can seem costly.

6. Royal & Awesome

6. Royal & Awesome
It is time to appeal to the fun golfers that want a unique design with a comfortable appeal. These pants primary feature is the color choices. However, they are designed for comfort and an all-day stretch. Let’s talk about the Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Pants. Here are two points to consider about these golf pants.
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The Material Quality

This manufacturer has designed these pants with some of the best materials in the industry. In fact, they have blended comfort and stretch in one simple package. With 97% cotton and 3% spandex, these pants are stretchy and offer an all-day comfortable experience. With that said, individuals will enjoy wearing them all day long.

Plenty of Fun

These pants are not only designed for comfort, they are designed to be fun. In fact, this brand offers an endless amount of color choices to choose from all with unique patterns and styles. Have you ever seen those golf caddies on TV shows that wear the really colorful clothing? Yes, this is what they wear and we love it!

Cost And Value

When it comes to cost and value, these pants do not sacrifice comfort for style. They are a perfect balance of everyday comfort and style in one simple to use package. The pants are actually designed for long-term wear and tear and are machine washable. With that in mind, they can range in price depending on what an individual chooses but never too costly.
  • Fun pants for fun golfers.
  • Many different color choices to choose from.
  • Zipper closure for comfort.
  • High-quality design.
  • Machine washable.
  • Individuals have mentioned that the waist is small, and the legs are long.

7. Adidas Puremotion

7. Adidas Puremotion
We try to always include one of each brand on our top ten lists. However, this brand excels at creating quality trousers. Therefore, we had to include these on the list. We are eager to share the Adidas Golf Men’s PureMotion Flat Front Pants. Here are two important points we can take into consideration for these quality pants.
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Trusted Brand

This brand is known for their exceptional active wear items. With that in mind, we can say that individuals will appreciate the 100% polyester design that makes these pants excellent for comfort and durability. With that said, these pants are also machine washable and will not fade or shrink.

Looks Stylish

The Puremotion technology of these flat front pants allows them to have a more comfortable fit than most pants. With that, it enhances a golfer’s ability to move about, swing comfortable, and enjoy a day on the golf course without hindrance. Now, this comfort element only enhances the stylish look by making them somewhat or sporty trousers than classic trousers.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we want to say that this brand is known for their exceptional products and reasonable prices. Now, the price of these pants may change slightly due to the design and color choice, but they are still worthy of considering for the durability and style. With plenty of color choices to choose from, individuals will not be disappointed by this brand.
  • Quality brand with years of experience.
  • Plenty of color choices.
  • 100% polyester that is very durable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Silicone inner waistband for better durability.

Individuals have mentioned that they can get hot in the summer.

8. Nike

8. Nike
It is time to introduce what some call the best activewear brand in the world. This next brand excels at creating some of the best activewear products and they have been around for ages. Therefore, it is no surprise that even their golf trousers are designed with maximum comfort. Let’s talk about the Nike Golf Pants and what individuals can expect.
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Dri-Fit Technology

The same technology that this brand uses in much of their quality products, they have even used with much of their classic style items. These golf pants, which are classy in appearance are made from the same technology that many other activewear products are made from. This brand has added their signature Dri-Fit technology to these pants, which is designed to wick away moisture and offer endless amounts of comfort.

The Material Quality

When it comes to quality materials, we can say that this brand excels at blending materials together. For instance, these pants are made with 95% polyester and 5% elastane. This is designed not only for durability but a comfortable stretch. With that in mind, we can say that this material blend ensures the most quality fit in the industry, as we have come to expect from this brand.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we can say that this brand excels at creating some of the best, top of the line products available today. Not only are there activewear products designed for excellence, their classic style items are comfortable too. These pants were one of them. With this said, the price can be considered one of the pricier items on the list, but it is because this brand is known for supplying the best.
  • Quality design by a masterful brand.
  • Pockets are large and comfortable.
  • Wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • 95% polyester and 5% elastane material.
  • Button waist and zip fly for a more comfortable fit.
  • Neutral color selection.
  • Can get pricey.

9. Oakley 2.5 Take

9. Oakley 2.5 Take
Now that we have shared numerous quality brands, we want to share another brand that is known for producing classic sportswear items and everyday wear gear. This is the Oakley Men’s 2.5 Take Pants and here are two points to consider about these quality pants.
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O-Hydrolix Technology

This brand, much like the last one, focuses on innovation and quality. With that said, they have designed one of the best moisture-wicking technologies in the industry with their O-Hydrolix Fabric which manages moisture and dries quickly. With this in mind, the technology is designed to keep an individual comfortable all day long, even during hot summer days.

O-Stretch Technology

This brand innovative trends do not stop at moisture wicking. Their specialty team has also designed O-Stretch witch is a technology designed to allow better movement and comfort when wearing this pants. With this four-way stretch material, individuals will enjoy plenty of movement and comfort with these everyday pants.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we can say that this brand is known for their masterful design qualities and trends. Most importantly, these pants are perfect for long-term wear and tare alongside comfortable. Not only will an individual be comfortable, but they will look sharp and classy with these pants. We highly enjoy and recommend then white pair.
  • 94% nylon material design alongside 6% spandex quality.
  • Designed with moisture wicking technology.
  • Regular fit comfort.
  • O-stretch is a four-way stretch movement material.
  • Comfortable and resilient.
  • Plenty of great color choices available.
  • Can fit snug on an individual.

10. Puma Golf Tech

10. Puma Golf Tech
Now that we have shared some of the best-designed items in the industry, we want to finish this list with another brand that is known for premium quality. As one of the best brands you can choose today, Puma has been recognized by individuals all around the world. Therefore, we had to talk about the Puma Golf Men’s Tech Pant and what individuals can expect from these pants today.
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Stretch Technology

Much like we have come to know from premium brands, this brand offers different technologies as well alongside their masterful craftsmanship. This brand’s version of a stretchy fabric is known and dryCELL, which is also moisture-wicking for superior comfort. With this, individuals can expect to be comfortable all day long while wearing these pants.

The Material Quality

Alongside this technology, one aspect that makes these pants ideal for an all-day wear is the material quality. The materials of these pants include 97% polyester and 3% elastane, which is highly durable and stretchy. With that said, they are machine washable and can withstand the test of time so you can golf all-day long.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value for these pants, we want to share that this brand is great at producing high-quality sports gear. Therefore, these pants are intended to offer years of comfort. Not only that, but these trousers are classy looking and come in three different color choices to chose from. We were actually surprised by the reasonable price and can see why they are a fan-favorite.
  • Durable polyester and elastane material.
  • 3D Cell fabric that allows for better air flow.
  • Strech dryCELL technology that is moisture wicking.
  • Hand pockets and back pockets are very comfortable.
  • UV protection UPF 50+.
  • Premium brand pants at an affordable price.
  • Only three-color choices to choose from.

Now that we have shared the top ten best quality trousers that you can buy today, which are your favorite? Whether you are wanting everyday comfortable trousers designed to wick away moisture, or you want to look classy in the field, we have the right trousers for you. With that in mind, we believe that it is important to develop a set of guidelines before writing any of our articles. This is not only to give us a sense of direction of where to go with the article, but how to find the best products for our audience.

Therefore, we bring you the criteria to evaluate the best golf trousers. This criterion is designed and set-up to offer individuals guidelines for finding the best trousers. Since brands change, materials are different, and the variety is endless, we wanted to ensure the top ten best quality. Now, without further wait, let’s talk about the criteria in the case you want to conduct your own research.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Golf Trousers

When we come up with our criteria we first come up with a set of questions we seek to answer. These questions can be relating to the comfort, style, or color choices individuals are seeking. With that, the primary questions are: what do individuals desire from their trousers? Of course, what one person may deem an important quality of trousers, other individuals may disregard. Therefore, it was vital to include a wide variety. In that process, we designed this quality list of guidelines to help us determine which were the right trousers to share with our audience. As the first guideline on the list, we wanted to ensure that the trousers were designed with overall quality in mind and that reviews from individuals mirrored that quality.

The Overall Quality & Reviews

As the first criteria on the list, we can say that the overall quality of the item is the first guideline we considered when researching the best trousers to include on this list. The primary reason is that golfers are always seeking quality alongside durability. Quality golf products not only enhance an individual it creates a flow for their golf game, allowing them to perform at optimum levels. This is quite important when it comes to wearable items. No individual wants to be uncomfortable especially when their perfect score is at risk. With that in mind, one of the main key aspects in finding the best quality trousers was the reviews and what individuals had to say about the item. In this process, we can say that all brands on this list are highly touted with 4+ stars per item.

Now, let’s move onto one of the criteria that we believe is one of the most important when it comes to quality, the material and comfort of the item.

The Material / Comfort

Material and comfort go hand and hand. No individual wants to be golfing with uncomfortable trousers. Therefore, we focused much of our research on ensuring that all of the trousers we shared were designed with quality materials in mind for better comfort. When it comes to materials we found as the most common, cotton, polyester, and elastane were some of the most common. The primary reason is that polyester is designed for durability and longevity, which we will talk about next. When it comes to cotton, cotton is known as one of the most luxurious fabrics and when created correctly, can offer endless comfort and appeal. As far as elastane, this material is used as a moisture-wicking and also flexible and elastic material used for all-day comfort. Not all brands use each material, which can also determine your selection process. Most sporty trousers will use elastane and polyester, while luxury trousers may use 100% cotton and polyester in the creation process.

With this in mind, let’s discuss how the design and durability go hand in hand alongside material and comfort.

The Design / Durability

When it comes to properly designed trousers, or any gear for that matter, the design is crucial. If a design is impractical, then there is no reason why an individual would buy it. Therefore, properly designed trousers were crucial when finding the best products to share with our audience. In that process, we discovered that design has to work alongside durability. It is not a smart move for a brand to design a product that cannot last the test of time, especially when it comes to golf. Therefore, not only does it have to be designed for comfort and enhanced feel, but also be practical enough to withstand wear and tear. In that process, we discovered that most brands offer trousers with different design elements. Whether the trousers are moisture wicking, designed for air-flow, or elastic enough for better flexibility, we can ensure that all of the trousers on the list are durable enough to be machine washable and last the test of time.

Now that we have discussed some of the key criteria that we found to be the most important, we want to share the next three as second most important elements that determined our selection process.

The Variety

When it comes to variety, we wanted to ensure that all individuals can find their ideal trousers on this list. Some individuals are looking for a classy golf look, while some desire more of a sporty and fun design. With that said, we can say that this is a list filed with variety for individuals that want to express themselves. Whether you want trousers for everyday golfing events or trousers for a special evening golf run with the misses, we can say that there is a wide variety here.

The Cost and Value / Brands

Now, cost and value we take into serious consideration when it comes to sharing our products. Not only because we want to make sure that our audience is getting a great bang for their buck, but we also want to make sure that the trousers will offer maximum value for the price. With that in mind, we discovered that most of the cost and value is determined by the brand itself. As one may have noticed while reading the list, the top tier of brands in the sporting industry tends to offer the most quality alongside a matching price tag. This is because brands that are known for premium sporting items tend to be costlier than every essentials brand. With that said, we wanted to share brands that ranged in pricing as well as brands that need a moment in the spotlight.

Now that we have discussed the criteria that we used to evaluate the best golf trousers, we want to share some of the most frequently asked questions and what individuals can expect are common answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the trousers moisture wicking?

A: As the first question that individuals often take into consideration, we can say that this is one of the most common for obvious reasons. When golfing, individuals may be subject to rain or may sweat when out in the sun. Therefore, moisture-wicking golfing trousers allow golfers to be more comfortable when out on the golf course. With that said, some of the trousers on our list are designed with moisture-wicking qualities. However, it all depends on the material composition and the brand.

Q: Are the trousers machine washable?

A: As one of the key questions when it comes to durability, yes, all trousers are machine washable. However, the method may be different depending on the brand and the material composition of the item. It is important to always keep in mind what the material of the trousers is and to ensure that they can be machine washable.

Q: Do the trousers have enough pocket space?

A: As another important question, we can say that trousers would not be quality trousers if they did not offer pocket space. With that said, certain trousers will offer a different amount of depth and design when it comes to the pockets. However, all trousers on this list have pocket space to fit a cell phone, wallets, and other important items that a golfer may need on the course, including golf balls or even golf tees!

Q: Are the trousers flat front?

A: As another key question, we can say that this all depends on the material and the style of the trousers. Most flat front trousers do not need any ironing, which enhances the design and the usability of the trousers. However, some trousers are not designed with a flat front. This design element is all dependent on the brand itself.


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