Best Golf Sunglasses Reviewed & Rated for Quality

You’ve reached the 18th green with a one-shot lead on your playing partner.  Although there is no real stake in who shoots a better round, your playing partner has beaten you the last three times you’ve played.  To your benefit, your playing partners shot is away…they step up to the putt, and drain it, which forces you to have to make this putt in order to win.  For most of the round, the sun has been behind the clouds, making this a very enjoyable round.  However, now that you need to sink this putt, the sun comes out and attempts to blind you; and you are not wearing any sunglasses.  This putt will be very difficult to make with your eyes being squinted.

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  • Duduma
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • The Design
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  • Torege
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • The Lenses
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  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Polarized Lens
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To ensure you don’t find yourself in this kind of a situation, it is always wise to have a pair of sunglasses with you.  Even if you do not wear them on a consistent basis, there will be times where you are out on the golf course, and it’d be nice to have something shielding your eyes from the rays of the sun.  Not only this but the way some golf courses are laid out, it is difficult to always gauge the distance and yardage of the green as it is either surrounded by trees or has nothing but a blue sky canvas behind it.  Because of the various ways, golf courses are set up, the course could play very differently if you play it in the morning versus the afternoon or evening.

Having a pair of sunglasses will help ensure you are ready for any scenario and help drive you to a lower score.  Within this best golf sunglasses buying guide, we’ll go over the various options out in the marketplace when it comes to golf sunglasses and we’ll offer our top 10 sunglasses out in the marketplace, along with showing you our #1 choice.  Then, we’ll help you narrow down the choices for your own eyes, so you can determine which ones are best for you.

With all of this to get to, let’s get started!


10 Best Sunglasses


1. Duduma

1. Duduma
As the first golf sunglasses on this list, we are eager to share with our audience one of the first quality sunglasses that is also priced well and offers plenty of cool design features and benefits. As the first on this list, we wanted to share a simple style with an overall quality design that users have come to expect from sports sunglasses. With edgy lines and a cool sidearm design, users can expect the Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses to be one of the best sports glasses available today. Let’s talk about two cool nifty features that users can expect from these quality sunglasses.
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Upgraded Structure

We are pleased to say that this is one of those brands that truly cares about customer feedback. As one of the best brands today, they truly care and listen to their customers. With that said, users can expect the upgraded structure from the first generation to include a seven-layer TAC polarized lens alongside a polycarbonate material made from Germany that enhances the durability, longevity, and structure of the overall sunglasses. With that said, users can expect the overall quality to be enhanced and much better than the last generation.

The Design

One of the best aspects of these particular sunglasses is that they are designed with lightweight use in mind. Since individuals, such as golfers and other sports individuals need to easily be able to move around, walk, run, and swing with them on, they are designed to be lightweight but also stay on. With that said, users can expect that the design is very durable and perfect for all sports use, thanks to the polycarbonate material design.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these particular sunglasses, we can easily say that they are perfectly designed for individuals that want quality and comfort. Now, they are designed more like sporty sunglasses. Therefore, individuals can expect them to be windproof, sand proof, and even block sunlight, offering protection against UV and UB rays as well as wind, dust, and insects. Now, for the cost, users can expect it to be relatively low from what they normally would expect from other sunglasses makers. The brand itself is somewhat unknown, therefore the prices reflect that.
  • Quality sunglasses designed with outdoor use in mind or golfers and other individuals.
  • Multiple lenses colors are available for individuals that want to trade out the lens.
  • Soft microfiber pouch included alongside a hard case and a soft cloth.
  • Second generation design that is of quality and includes a durable exterior.
  • Multiple colors to choose from, including, black and yellow, white and blue.
  • Lifetime breakage warranty on the lens and the frame.
  • Thirty day money back guarantee if users are unhappy.
  • Provides 100% eye protection thanks to a polarized coating.
  • Users have mentioned that the sunglasses are not polarized as advertised.

2. Torege

2. Torege
As the second product on this list, we are eager to share with our readers the Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses with five interchangeable lenses. These sunglasses are perfectly designed for individuals that want a lightweight design that is flexible and very durable. Thanks to a rimless jacket design, users can expect a comfortable feel without the rigidity of regular sunglasses alongside a lightweight feel. With that in mind, let’s talk about the Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses and what users can expect from these sunglasses today. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Lenses

One of the best aspects of sports sunglasses is the lenses. If designed properly, the lenses can offer plenty of comfort for an individual that is sensitive to outside light or wants UV protection. Well, this brand takes this level of care an extra step by offering the sunglasses with five interchangeable lenses. These lenses include a Revo multicolor lens, a clear transparent lens, a black polarized lens, and even a yellow night vision lens. With this, users can expect 99.9% UV400 protection alongside protection against dust, insects, and bacteria thanks to a wrap-around design that covers most of the face.

Durable and Unbreakable

When it comes to proper sports glasses, especially for golfers that are out all day, the sunglasses need to be durable and also comfortable. Now, this brand has designed these with an unbreakable, flexible, and durable design that makes the frame bendable and lightweight, without the oppressive feeling of many sunglasses that feel tight on the head. With that said, these are perfectly designed for individuals that want to ensure they will be comfortable all day long.

Cost And Value

These sunglasses, in fact, are not just for golfers, but they are perfectly designed for sports individuals and people that want durability and a lightweight design. Alongside this, users can expect that the design will be able to last the test of time and be comfortable enough for an all-day wearable experience. With that said, the price is about the same as the above lenses. However, users may find more value with these if they want to be able to easily interchange the lenses. This brand holds a 4.5+ star title with about 1.1k reviews.
  • Super light PC frame that is bendable and very lightweight.
  • The frame is designed with a sporty look for individuals that want comfort and durability.
  • Polarized lenses will help eliminate the reflected glares when golfing or riding bikes.
  • Includes one cleaning soft cloth and a fabric sunglasses ouch.
  • Unbreakable frame that can withstand the test of time easily.
  • Plenty of different color choices to choose from.
  • Soft rubber nose pad design that is perfect for fishing, golf, running, and more.
  • Comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Not all of the lenses are polarized.


It is time to introduce a more traditional pair of sunglasses. These next sunglasses are designed with comfort in mind alongside a traditional comfortable design, well apart from the last two sporty styles we have introduced. Now, these have a frameless bottom design, with an all-black appearance that makes them both stealthy and really cool looking. For individuals that want tradition, comfort, and stealth, let’s talk about the SUNGAIT Men’s Polarized Sunglasses. Here are two aspects to take into consideration when it comes to these sunglasses.
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Exclusive Polarized Lens

When it comes to golf sunglasses or any sports sunglasses, individuals want a quality polarized lens and we can say that these are some of the best in the industry. Individuals can expect that these lenses are designed with an exclusive polarized design that offers eye protection up to UV400 alongside blocking glare technology. As added benefits, the lenses also have high definition vision design with a true color lens for a better and more colorful experience when out in nature. With that said, we can highly recommend these exclusive polarized lenses as being one of the best in the industry.

Quality Material Design

When it comes to exclusivity, these glasses are designed with some of the best and most quality aviation materials. For example, the material is a lightweight Al-Mg Alloy Metal that is strong, durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. With that said, the full metal frame and sporty design are perfect for individuals that want a comfortable and stealthy look without the bulky weight of sports sunglasses. The TAC polarized lens is perfect for a day out on the course or riding around in a golf cart. Your choice! Now, let’s cover cost and value.

Cost And Value

When it comes to cost and value, users can expect these specialty sunglasses to be perfectly priced, much like the last. Although they do not have a five-lens interchangeable design, users can expect that they are still worth the cost of the build and the value. With close to five stars, users can expect one of the best full metal and sports style sunglasses that is harmless to the skin, durable and offers everyday protection against dust, UV rays, and much more. We highly recommend these as the more traditional sports sunglasses.
  • Clear and extremely lightweight durable lens design offering all day comfort.
  • Suitable for outdoor sports, golf, and more with a fashion design that is stylish for all individuals.
  • Stylish color design and seven different color choices to choose from.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Lifetime brakeage warranty thanks to the material design.
  • Blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.
  • Multifunctional design comfortable for all day wear.
  • Users have mentioned that the frame can be too big.

4. Cosver

4. Cosver
As the next top sunglasses that we wanted to share, these offer the same traditional style as the lasts one alongside many different benefits. Not only are they sport designed, but they also have a luxury look and feel at a fraction of the cost of premium sunglasses. For the golfer that wants innovative quality, alongside a comfortable design and many different cool specs, we are eager to share the Cosver Men’s Polarized Sunglasses, quality sunglasses for everyday comfort. With that said, here are two points to take into consideration for these quality sunglasses.
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The Frame Design and Material

When it comes to the important aspects of a frame, the design and the material are crucial to the overall quality of the sunglasses. With that said, these offer a sporty and traditional design alongside maximum durability. The glasses are a rimless jacket frame for a clear lower field of vision alongside an unbreakable design. In fact, they are designed for sports lovers, golfers, and other active enthusiasts alongside premium comfort. With a soft and rubber nose pad, users can feel the comfort while the dizzy side effect of many different other sunglasses.

The Lenses Design

When it comes to sports lenses, especially for individuals that are outside often, it is crucial to have a proper design that is comfortable and lightweight. With that said, the lenses of these sunglasses blocks 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays. With that said, they are polarized to eliminate any glare that an individual may receive while out on the course. This design allows an all-day comfortable wear for individuals that want to golf all day long, love to golf in the morning, or during the evening hours when the sun is peaking through trees.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we can say that these sunglasses are masterfully designed to offer a lot of value. What we have discovered is that many of the sunglasses are all priced around the same scale. So, what can users expect the same cost as other sunglasses? These, in particular, come with tiny screws for maximum durability where it matters most. They also have a self-regulating design that fits all face types and to build more trust with the user, they come with warranty card with a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. For this, we think they are worth it!
  • Aluminum-magnesium metal design that is perfect for all different sizes.
  • Nose pads are comfortable and specially designed for all day ware and tare.
  • Blocks 100% of all UVA and UVB rays and are polarized to reduce any potential glare.
  • Extremely durable and comfortable design that users will appreciate.
  • Cosver warranty card ensuring that individuals have a thirty-day money back guarantee and a lifetime breakage warranty.
  • Trusted brand with years of experience offering quality at a reasonable price.
  • Users have mentioned that the nose pads may be a bit flimsy.

5. Oakley Flak XL

5. Oakley Flak XL
Now, we thought we would switch it up a bit for golfers and other sports individuals. Alone by the title, users will be able to tell that this is one of the most quality brands in the industry today. With that said, consumers can also expect quality alongside a premium design and feel. Now, casting all cost concerns aside, this is for the consumers that want premium quality and a trustworthy brand that is highly touted. Let’s talk about the Oakley men’s Flak Sunglasses and what our reader can expect from these sunglasses.
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Oakley Quality

Now, when anyone hears the name of this brand, they know that they are designed with quality in mind. For individuals that want name brand status alongside quality, these are the sunglasses to get. With that said, these are perfectly designed with a plastic and durable material, made in the United States and offer a frame and lens with a comfortable closure design. Alongside these, they are designed for the sporty individual that wants a sporty and cool design that will turn heads on the golf course.

Sun Protection

One of the best qualities of these sunglasses is that they are designed with 100% UV coating protects against the sun. With that, it is important to mention that they are not polarized, so individuals will not receive glare-free quality. However, they are still very comfortable and durable for an all-day experience. Users can expect to have twenty different color choices to choose. Now, how much does an average pair run an individual?

Cost And Value

When it comes to cost and value for these sunglasses, the name brand alone says they are designed for quality. However, they are also known for being one of the most expensive sports brands in the industry. With that said, users can buy close to ten of the last four we have talked about for the price of one. However, for individuals that want quality, style, and comfort to match their everyday sporty wear, these are it.
  • There are over twenty different color choices for consumers to pick from, all which are designed with comfort in mind. 
  • The plastic frame used to construct this product are durable and long-lasting. 
  • This pair of golf sunglasses were made in the United States of America. 
  • This product offers golfers 100% UV protection from the sun's rays. 
  • The plastic lens design actually matches the frame, giving it a stronger visual appeal. 
  • Consumers have mentioned that these sunglasses are more expensive than others on the market. 
  • Golfers have mentioned that these are not fully polarized, which may prove to be ineffective for some people.

6. Tifosi Jet Wrap

6. Tifosi Jet Wrap
Now that we have shocked our audience a bit, we are eager to share more quality sunglasses that are geared towards comfort, durability, and sporty use. These are expertly designed for the sporty individual that wants quality and peace of mind as they enjoy their sunglasses, golfing, running, or during any other outdoor sport. Let’s talk about the Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses, properly designed sunglasses for everyday wear and tear. Let’s look at two important aspects of these quality sunglasses.
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The Durability

It is exciting for us when we discover quality and durability in one simple package. Most individuals tend to find at least one flaw with numerous items. “If only this were different?” We can say that these quality sunglasses are perfectly designed for everyday use. First of all, these sunglasses have an integrated hinge design that makes them fully durable for long-lasting comfort. They are lightweight and seamless. The integrated hinge ensures they do not break when opening them. Alongside this, they also have a soft nose piece with a comfortable material that is designed from a hydrophilic rubber material. All this together makes up the quality and durability of the sunglasses.

The Material

We have talked about plastic sunglasses, metal sunglasses, and even sunglasses made from quality aviation materials. However, these are made from a specialized Nylon material known as, Grilamid TR-90, which ensures maximum durability alongside lightweight use. Other than that, they can resists UV damage, chemicals, and are also heat resistant for a comfortable all day wear experience. With that in mind, they offer sports activity and longevity in one simple design.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we can say that these are a bit above the first ones we have talked about, but well below the Oakleys on the list. With that said, most of the cost is in the value of the material design of the sunglasses and the Nylon material. Now, users can expect other design elements that bump up the cost. However, we highly recommend them for their everyday durability and longevity. Lastly, users have plenty of color choices to choose from and will feel comfortable wearing them all day long.
  • Integrated hinge design for an all day comfortable design that is durable and long lasting.
  • Soft nose pieces to ensure no dizzy feeling and all day comfort.
  • The material is specially designed to be resistant towards UV damage and chemicals.
  • Comes with a specialty designed shell case, cleaning bag, and instructions.
  • Plenty of positive reviews and happy customers.
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that are premium designed.
  • Multi-use lenses that are comfortable.
  • Users have mentioned that they fit too snug.

7. JiMarti TR15 Falcon

7. JiMarti TR15 Falcon
This next brand may be completely unknown to most, if not all of our readers, but they have designed quality sports sunglasses for golfers and outdoor individuals that want a simple and sporty design all with quality. With this said, users, can expect that these sunglasses will be expertly designed for everyday wear and tear and perfect for a sunny day ahead. Let’s talk about the JiMarti TR15 Falcon Sunglasses and what users can expect. Here are two points to consider.
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The Lens

When it comes to the quality of the lenses, it is crucial to have an important design that is also very durable. These in particular wrap around the eye and eyebrow to properly protect an individual. They are designed for a polycarbonate lens that is non-polarized, but it is 100% UV protection. With that said, users can expect maximum protection against the suns rays, dust, and different elements.

Color Choices and Options

If individuals love the quality of these sunglasses, the positive news is that there are plenty of color choices to choose from. If an individual wants bronze with a black frame or blue with a white frame, this brand has it. With that in mind, the frames and colors are designed for long lasting durability and anti-chip or scratch. Now, users should still be careful in the event they are outdoor for hours on end.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, these do not offer much of the same features as other specialty sunglasses. However, they are comfortably designed for everyday wear and tear. Other than that, these sunglasses offer plenty of sportiness and quality for a simple design. Users can expect different colors to choose from, lightweight quality, and a durable material that frames the lenses together. For the cost, they are a great design.
  • The TR90 frame is perfectly designed to handle everyday wear and tear. 
  • Golfers can expect that the non-polarized design of this product are of the highest-quality.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the polycarbonate lens is both comfortable and durable. 
  • The memory frame used in the construction of this product is bendable and comfortable for longer wear. 
  • There are ample positive reviews supporting this product. 
  • Users have mentioned that these sunglasses are somewhat cheap.

8. Under Armour Igniter

8. Under Armour Igniter
Now that we have added a bit of variety to the mix, we are eager to share one of the best brands in the sportswear industry. If an individual wants maximum quality and durability, these next sunglasses all users will want to enjoy. Perfectly designed for everyday wear and tear, we are eager to share the Under Armour Men’s Igniter Sunglasses. Let’s talk about two different features from these quality sunglasses and what users can expect from this brand.
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The Lens Material and Design

By now, we have come to realize that two of the most important elements of quality sunglasses is the frame and the lens. With that said, users can expect that these lenses are designed with maximum comfort and viewing. The lens, in particular, is coated with a special material that eliminates visual obstructions such as scratching, staining, and smudging. Another cool aspect is that these sunglasses also repel water to offer a more comfortable wearable experience.

The Durable Design

When it comes to this particular brand, we would expect nothing less. This brand, in particular, has masterfully designed these sunglasses for golfers and other sports enthusiasts that want the assurance that the sunglasses will last the test of time. The sunglasses, in particular, are designed with a Titanium and Grilamid material that is lightweight and impact resistant. With that said, they hold their shape well and are 10 times stronger than a traditional polycarbonate lens.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this brand, we should keep in mind that this brand is known for their quality activewear products. With that in mind, users can expect to pay more for these sunglasses than they would for other non-known brands. However, they are completely worth it for the price and the quality. Users can expect maximum quality and durability with this brand, alongside expert customer service.
  • Quality brand that is known for producing some of the best active wear products.
  • Titanium infused frame that is masterfully designed for comfort and durability.
  • 100% UVA, UVB, UVC coating offering maximum sun protection,
  • Different color choices to choose from that individuals will like.
  • There are many positive reviews from fellow golfers touting this product. 
  • ArmourSight Polymer Lens is not only durable, it's comfortable. 
  • Given the name of the brand behind this product, consumers can expect only the best customer service. 
  • The biggest downside to this pair of sunglasss is that they are non-polarized. 

9. Siplion

9. Siplion
Before we end this list, we want to share one of the stealthiest looking sunglasses on this list. These are designed with stealth in mind and comfort. We are eager to share the Siplion Men’s Polarized Sunglasses that offer remarkable eye protection alongside a comfortable design that is both polarized and offers UV protection. With that in mind, these are one of the best sunglasses for individuals that want budget sunglasses with a cool look. Here are two points to consider!
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The Lens Design

The lens design of these sunglasses is designed as one of the best in the industry, thanks to a polarized coating. With that, golfers should expect that the lens will withstand the test of time and offer plenty of protection against the suns rays and glare. With that, golfers can golf morning and evening comfortably thanks to to the 100% UV400 protection that blocks UVB rays and UVA rays. By reducing glare, individuals can expect that they will have a more comfortable experience with these sunglasses.

Stress-Resistant Material

When it comes to sports sunglasses, users want a material that is durable and long-lasting. With that said, users can expect the material of these sunglasses to be both stress-resistant and highly comfortable. The material is a TR90 material that is perfectly designed for a lightweight and durable use. Alongside a stealthy look, these offer premium quality comfort at a fraction of the price of premium sunglasses. With that said, let’s cover cost and value.

Cost and Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these sunglasses, we can say we have gone to our native roots of sharing quality budget sunglasses for individuals that want all day golfing comfort. With that in mind, users can expect these sunglasses to be very comfortable and with four different color choices to choose from, users will be very comfortable and enjoy the sunglasses. By no means are they exclusive premium sunglasses, but they are comfortable and durable.
  • Remarkable eye protection design with 100% polarized comfort.
  • Protective coating that is UVA and UVB resistant thanks to UV400.
  • Stress-resistant material and design for everyday wearable durability.
  • Each purchase from this brand comes with a standard 30-day money back guarantee. 
  • This company also offers some of the best customer service in the industry. 
  • Mirror sunglasses that users will tout and appreciate.
  • Users have mentioned that the mirror finish is not true to quality.

10. BluPond

10. BluPond
As the last sunglasses on the list, these are primarily designed for unisex. Consumers can expect a stylish design and color quality that ensure maximum comfort, durability, and sporty style. For the golfer that wants cool sunglasses that are comfortable, these are it. Let’s talk about the highly desired and comfortable BluPond Sports Sunglasses for men and women that are safe enough for shooting, comfortable enough for golfing. Here are two points to consider!
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The Material Frame and Lens

When it comes to a quality frame design, users can trust this frame due to the level of endurance and durability. In fact, the material is made of a durable shatterproof polycarbonate lens that is perfectly designed for all-day comfort. The ergonomic design offers full-frame security thanks to a rubberized support system. Other than that, they are designed for golfers, but also for active sports and individuals that want to be active all-day long.

Sleek and Stylish Design

One of the coolest aspects of these sunglasses is the design. The design offers an ergonomic look at style and sportiness. With that said, there are three different color choices to choose from, so individuals can choose between silver, black, and silver with blue. Now, for the quality of these sunglasses, let’s talk about cost and value.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we can easily say that these sunglasses are one of the best in the industry and as the top ten spot, we highly recommend them. With that said, users can expect quality sunglasses with comfort in mind that offer UV400 protection, reinforced hinges, and even a black anti-slip nose bridge. For the many design qualities, users will appreciate the quality of the sunglasses.
  • HD polarized lenses protects individuals from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Perfect for hunting, shooting, golfing and other sports.
  • Lightweight and shatterproof design that is perfect for all day ware and tare.
  • This is a great pair of sunglasses for both men and women. 
  • The maker of this product is considered a highly-valuable and trusted brand that golfers appreciate. 
  • The materials used to make this pair of sunglasses are high-grade materials and are both comfortable and durable. 
  • Golfer will appreciate the unique and sleek design. 
  • Golfers have complained that these glasses reduce glare very slightly. 

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Golf Sunglasses

Now that we have talked about the top ten best golf sunglasses that an individual can buy today, we are eager to share the criteria that we developed in picking out the top ten best sunglasses. This criterion serves to help individuals get a glimpse as to how we pick our products. Part of the reason that we do this is so our golfer friends that rather spend time on the course than doing research can get out there faster. The second reason we do this is to ensure maximum quality when conducting our research. With that said, let’s move on the criteria that we take heavily into consideration when picking out our top ten best products

Now, we had to ask ourselves what individuals consider quality when it comes to golf sunglasses. Therefore, we had to figure out what individuals want in quality golf sunglasses to ensure maximum protection, comfort, and durability while out on a sunny or rainy day. With that in mind, we can guarantee that individuals will discover their ideal sunglasses with this list. As the first criteria, let’s talk about the quality of the sunglasses.

Quality of The Sunglasses

When it comes to quality, we had to take different aspects of quality into consideration. With that said, quality is really defined by the material design and the brand, something we will cover later. Since first impressions are crucial to the success of the product, we wanted to ensure that the sunglasses were created with quality in mind and that individuals can get a sense of that. Therefore, we passed them through a comfort test, sun test, and other durability tests to ensure that the item was of the best quality design and features.

Now, quality is the overall structure of the product. The pillars that hold quality in place are the many different criteria that we share below. Therefore, we are eager to share one of the most important criteria that we took into consideration when it came to picking the top ten best golf sunglasses, the material.

Sunglasses Material

As one of the most important criteria to take into consideration, the material of the sunglasses was very important for us to take into consideration for many reasons. Reason number one is because we wanted to ensure the material was safe enough for an all-day golfing experience on the green. We wanted to ensure the materials were non-toxic and designed with quality in mind. With that said, one of the most shocking revelations is that many brands use unconventional and high-quality materials to construct their sunglasses.

Some, in particular, use a high durability material that is in the aviation industry. Whether it’s a high-quality material or a regular material such as plastic, we wanted to ensure that the material design was of sound structure and it would be able to withstand the test of time. The second reason the material was very important is for durability and comfort, which we will cover later on. Which brings us to another important aspect when it comes to the criteria we used as our guidelines for picking the best golf sunglasses, the design.

The Design

When picking out the best golf sunglasses, one aspect we took into consideration was the design quality. Not only did we want to share sporty design elements, we wanted to also share traditional and unique looking designs. With that said, we realized and discovered that most of the sunglasses that are designed for sports include some kind of wrap-around feature of the lens to ensure maximum protection for the individual. Now, this isn’t for all of them, as readers will see that we shared more everyday style traditional sunglasses. However, most sunglasses had a unique element that surprised us upon research. Most of the sunglasses have a frameless bottom design so the individual’s field of vision is more covered.

Now, the design is very important for multiple reasons. First, the design has to be made to be very durable, which we will cover next. Another important aspect is that the design has to be made for everyday comfort so it also has to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. With that said, many brands will have some kind of rubber nose guard to ensure that it is comfortable to wear around the nose and eye area. However, another aspect that brands take into consideration when designing their sunglasses is the fitting design. Most brands will create the sunglasses to have a flexible frame that form fits an individuals head without having the compressed sunglasses feeling that many tight sunglasses have. This gives users more comfort and reliability as they wear the sunglasses.

The Durability

With all of this in mind, now that we have covered the design and shared a bit about why we wanted to ensure proper design qualities, we want to share how the design also affects the durability of the product. For example, frameless sunglasses, how durable can it be, if the lens is exposed? Therefore, durability was a huge factor. As far as for frameless glasses, the frame tends to be of a mailable and bendy design to ensure that it is durable if it falls and it can withstand the test of time.

Now, for more traditional designs, the durability factor was found in the quality of the materials. Since many of the brands use some of the best quality materials to create their products, we can ensure that the durability of all of the sunglasses featured above is of the best design quality and can withstand many days on the course and plenty of wear and tear. Now, let’s talk more in detail about one of the most important aspects of golf sunglasses, the lens.

The Lens

With any outdoor sport, an individual needs maximum protection from the sun and the elements. Therefore, when it comes to proper eyewear for any sport, the lens is of the most importance. With that in mind, individuals should expect that all of the lenses that we shared are of the best quality. Now, what did we take into consideration when looking at the different lens of many brands. Well, the first aspect was the durability of the lens. It has to be made of the best plastic or material to ensure that it does not break easily.

Another vital aspect that we realized was crucial to many golfers is that the lens has to be polarized. Therefore, we included some of the best brands with polarized lens. The reason being is that when an individual is out on the green and the sun is shining bright, they may encounter a lot of glare if they are wearing non-polarized lens. What is a polarized lens? Well, essentially it’s a specially designed film or coating on the lens material to ensure minimal glare when an individual is out on the green. With this type of design, an individual is ensured that there will be no glare and they will be able to easily see the green to the best of their abilities. Now, another important aspect of the lens that we took into consideration is sun protection.

As another important element of the lens, sun protection is vital. We can say that every single lens in this list offers the best sun protection to protect against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. With that, many different brands use different amounts of protection, with some using UV400 coating and some brands using others. With that said, it is very important that individuals look at the quality of the sunglasses and read the description to ensure maximum protection.

As another element of the lens that we took into consideration, we also wanted to include a couple of brands that design the lens with a moisture or water-resistant coating. In the case of rain, we wanted to ensure that an individual would not be hindered by raindrops on the lens.

Now, this may be the most important lens element that we can share today; many of the brands offered an interchangeable lens design. For example, certain brands include the purchase of different lenses that an individual could easily change out. For example, some of the lenses are designed for night time use while some are designed for rainy days or sunny exposure. To hold the lenses together, another criteria that were important to us when choosing the top ten is the frame.

The Frame

As far as the frame of sunglasses, we realized that many brands have different styles of frames. Whether they are more sporty or traditional, the frame has to be made of the best quality materials and design to ensure everyday comfort. With that said, individuals can expect that the frames we shared are designed for everyday wear and tear. Some of the frames are more modern, some are thinner, some are larger. But, in any case, we wanted to ensure they would be able to last and withstand the test of time.

With that in mind, many of the frames we shared had either the brands logo on it or some kind of special design. Some are formulated with a wrap-around lens to ensure maximum protection and some are more simple. Therefore, it is important for individuals to take into consideration exactly what they want in the frame design of their sunglasses and how it is best suited for their head. Now, here comes the fun part!

Colors and Available Options

Who does not love having multiple options? As one of the most important criteria we took into consideration, we wanted to make sure that individuals felt there was a variety of designs. However, we wanted to take it a step further by sharing brands that offered a variety of different colors and available options. With that said, individuals can expect that there will be plenty of color choices to choose from.

Keep in mind, that not only the frame has different colors, but also the lens is designed with a colored film, depending on the brand. Lastly, to ensure durability we read multiple reviews to ensure that color quality was true to the picture and that the color did not easily chip or fade when in the sun. With all of this quality, it is time to talk about cost and value and what individuals can expect to pay for quality golf sunglasses.

Cost, Value, and Brand

Now that we have discussed the top criteria that we took into consideration when picking out the best sunglasses, one important aspect that we wanted to ensure was that the quality and value matched the price. With that in mind, individuals can expect to pay the same price for quality sporty sunglasses. We were somewhat surprised by how inexpensive quality golf sunglasses are. Of course, the brand has a lot to do with how the item is priced. Therefore, we wanted to share multiple different brands.

A brand that is highly known in the sports industry, such as Under Armour is more likely to produce more costly sunglasses than a brand that is only slightly known. With that said, individuals can expect a wide variety of different brands on this list alongside many different design qualities that make the brand worth it. Unless it is a premium brand, an individual should not expect to see sunglasses that are worth hundreds of dollars.

Our intention is to always provide value and quality at a price point that is cost-effective and worth it for our readers. With that said, we can ensure that each of the sunglasses we shared is priced for value and quality, alongside durability and comfort.

Now, to top of our list, let’s talk about the frequently asked questions and what individuals can expect from their sunglasses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the frame interchangeable? If so, how many in one package?

A: As one of the most frequently asked questions, we can see why this is a common question for individuals. The primary reason is that some of the brands do not clearly state how many interchangeable lenses come in their package. With that said, certain brands do offer interchangeable lenses and depending on the brand, an individual can expect to receive four to five. Some are used for nighttime use, some are for grey and rainy days. It is always best to read the description of the product and what users can expect from that particular brand.

Q: Are the lens polarized?

A: As another frequently asked questions, we have only included a couple of lenses that are not polarized. Some brands, in particular, do not polarize their lenses. With that, it is always best for individuals to read the specs and see if the lens are polarized or at least resistant towards the sun’s rays and potential glare. Now, it is important to say that out of the interchangeable lens designs, users can expect only one, the primary lens, to be polarized. Speaking of the sun, this next question is another common one that users can expect!

Q: Does it protect against the sun?

A: As another frequently asked question, we can see why protection against the sun is vital for individuals in the sportswear industry. Not only do they need to be ensured that their body and skin is protected against the sun’s harmful rays, but their eyes need to be protected as well. With that in mind, individuals can expect all of the sunglasses on this list to protect against the sun with UV400 protection. Always read the description to ensure maximum protection!

Q: Are they waterproof?

A: This next question is a common question and we can say why. For the golfer, waterproof sunglasses are not as important as for a swimmer or individual that commonly fishes or is in the watersport industry. However, water-resistant sunglasses may be important in the case of potential rain during the day. In a state like Florida, where it is sunny one minute and rainy the next, individuals want their sunglasses to have enhanced durability. With that said, some of the brands do offer water-resistant designs. However, if they are not, individuals should be aware the lens may have a water glare or the frame may potentially fade.

Q: Does it come with a case? 

A: As the last most commonly asked question on this list, users want to know if the brand of sunglasses offers a case. What we can say is that 99.9% of the time the brand will offer some sort of protection. Some brands offer a soft case pouch with a strap while other brands offer hard cases. In both cases, most brands also include a soft cloth cleaning cloth so individuals can keep their sunglasses clean. With that said, individuals should expect for all of the cases to be of the best quality and only enhance the safety and protection of the sunglasses.

Q: How Do You Choose the Best Golf Sunglasses for Your Eyes?

A: When it comes to choosing the best golf sunglasses for you and the needs of your eyes, you have an enormous amount of choices within the marketplace.  Here are a few factors to choose between when narrowing down your choice to find the right pair for your eyes.

  • Lens Quality

A plastic lens will suffice when you do not need to wear your sunglasses very often.  Although they are not shatterproof or scratch resistant, along with a golf course there should not be too many times where eyes would be in danger of something getting near them.  These types of lenses don’t normally have a UV filter on them, but that coating can be added.  Overall, these are very inexpensive glasses and offer your eyes some sort of protection from the rays of the syn.

Polycarbonate lenses are both thinner and lighter compared to a plastic lens, which means your nose and ears will be more comfortable from not being weighed down as much.  There is also a natural UV inhibitor within these lenses, although that typically only protects from the normal UV rays and not the other three kinds of UV rays.  Other coatings can be added to enhance these lenses.  The price point on these lenses is higher than plastic but is still not exorbitant.

The highest quality of lenses are the High-Index lenses.  They are similar to the Polycarbonate, but are even lighter and thinner in comparison, and offer even more protection from scratches and are more shatterproof.  The vividness of the colors is more pronounced, which will help your eyes adjust even more to the surroundings of the nature around them.  These lenses do cost the most but are the most durable and longest lasting of the three types of lenses.

  • Lens and Frame Shape

When it comes to the shape of the lenses on your glasses, you have to go with a shape which is most comfortable for your face.  The frames are fully determined from the shape of the lenses, so if the frames do not feel comfortable along with your ears or nose, then you need to find the right combination of lens shape and comfortability of the frames.  Within golf, you shouldn’t need lenses which provide 100% protection from all angles, but they are available; once again, it all comes down to what you are comfortable with.  Just know there are all kinds of options available, and you do not have to settle for a pair of sunglasses you don’t like.  You won’t know all of this until you go into a store and start trying some out, possibly even taking some swings with the glasses on to see how closely they stay on your head during your swing; you don’t need a distraction of wiggling glasses while you are swinging.

  • Lens Coatings – There is a wide assortment of coatings you can choose from to apply to your sunglasses:
    • UV Protection
    • Fog Protection
    • Anti-Glare
    • Hydrophobic

You have to figure out what kind of conditions do you normally play in, and do you need to have any of these coatings added onto your glasses to help deliver the best performance possible within each round.

  • Frame and Lens Color

Concerning the color of your frames, within the game of golf, the color of the frames do not have any effect on your game, so you can choose a style and color which best compliments your personality.

Concerning the color of the lenses, you have to know what effects your eyes the most.  Do you have a blue and green colorblindness?  If so, then you should go with a Yellow lens.  Do you want something which helps protect your eyes from squinting as much as possible?   Then picking out a darker colored lens is best.  If you want glasses which help protect your eyes but still allows you to see everything in a vibrant way, then you can go with the orange colored lenses.   There is a colored lens out in the market which is best for you to help give you the best chance to succeed in each round of golf you play.

Q: What makes a Great pair of Sunglasses?

A: When it comes to picking out the best golf sunglasses, you might think that a regular pair of sunglasses will easily do the trick, and you shouldn’t need a separate pair of glasses.  Although this makes logical sense, this is not necessarily true.  Most regular sunglasses out in the market are good for everyday wear and will help your eyes stay protected.  However, on the golf course, you are dealing with more precise needs when it comes to sunglasses, as you need to ensure you can see the green, as well as the golf ball.  If your eyes even squint just a little bit, it could severely alter your shot; this will lead you to have a worse score than necessary.  In addition to all of this, the materials of the sunglasses for Golf are intended to ensure they perform in all kinds of weather conditions, allowing you to stay confident with what your eyes are showing you before, during and after each shot.

With this in mind, sunglasses do have a variety of ways they are made, and here are some of the main differences.

  • Lens Quality

As with any kind of material you purchase, there is a large assortment and range of quality within the lenses of each pair of sunglasses.  Even if you are staring at two pairs of sunglasses which have the same look, the same feel and seem to weigh the same, there could be a drastic difference in the quality of the lens.  The main difference comes in what kind of material the lens is made from, and what kind of UV protection that lens offers your eyes.

The lowest quality of the lens you should consider is one which is made out of a plastic material.  The plastic material is made from a low-grade material, and they are not typically shatterproof or even scratch resistant.  There is no natural UV inhibitor within plastic lenses, which means that some manufacturers add a UV coating to the lens.  Although this sounds good in theory, the coating can actually cause a film to develop along the outside of the lens in certain weather conditions, which could hinder your shot at the most inopportune time.  If you are just looking for a low-grade inexpensive pair of sunglasses to help you out on an occasional basis, then ones with a plastic lens could be the right fit for you.

The middle grade of lenses and the ones which are most popular in the overall marketplace are comprised of a Polycarbonate material.  Polycarbonate is actually thinner and lighter when compared to plastic, but can provide you with a durability which also is shatterproof and impact resistant.  In addition to these properties, the lenses have a UV inhibitor within them naturally, so your eyes will be protected from these harmful rays and the glasses won’t develop a film on them.  There are four different types of UV rays, so you will need to look to see which kind of UV rays these glasses will protect your eyes from, as this might be a determining factor in which pair of sunglasses you purchase.

The highest grade of lenses within the marketplace currently is a High-Index lens.  You will notice a trend here, as these lenses are even thinner and lighter than the polycarbonate lenses we just discussed, meaning they won’t hurt your nose or ears from being weighed down.  They also come with a natural UV inhibitor material, allowing your eyes to stay protected no matter the outside conditions.

  • Lens Shape and Coating

The shape of the lens will give the pair of sunglasses the form of how the frames will look both on the shelf, as well as how they will contour on your face.  There are some lenses which are in an oval shape, and will just protect the front of your eyes.  There are others which will have lenses in an oblong shape, which attempt to offer some protection from the sides.  Then you will see lenses which are shaped in a way which fully protect your eyes from all angles.  Depending on what your needs are, and what you feel most comfortable with, there is certain to be a lens shape which will best suit your needs and personality.

No matter the shape of the lens that you choose, there are various kinds of coatings which can be found on the lenses.  As stated before, there are four different types of UV rays – UV, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.  Some lenses come with natural inhibitors for one or any of these types of UV rays, and other lenses do not have any protection at all.  You can have a coating added to your lenses, which allows you to find the right pair of sunglasses while still keeping your eyes protected in the ways you desire.

In addition to UV protection, there are some lenses which come with a coating to help protect them from any damage which rain might cause, which is called Hydrophobic coating.  This kind of coating is especially good for any screws which might be exposed to the glasses, to ensure they do not corrode or rust out from being exposed to water.

To help protect your glasses from keeping any condensation on them, you can add some fog proof coating, in case you play golf early in the mornings and the dew along the fairways can cause your glasses to fog up.

Lastly, even though sunglasses naturally protect your eyes from the sun, there are some days where the sun is so bright that there is a glare, even with glasses on.  You can add an extra amount of anti-glare protection to any set of lenses, which will ensure that your eyes will not squint even in the brightest of conditions.

  • Frame and Lens Colors

The frames of any sunglasses usually come in a large assortment of colors for you to choose from.  Although the most standard colors are black, blue and white, you will see there are lenses available in even non-standard colors, like neon yellow, purple and brown.  The color of the frames does not really affect your golf game in any way, so you can completely go with the style and color which fully matches your personality.

With the lenses, however, there is a good reason to go with one color over another.  You will see there are a good variety of colors of lenses to choose from, including black, blue, yellow, orange and even dark gray.  If you feel that you need help with depth perception when you are out on the golf course, then you should go with a darker colored lens.  These dark colored lenses not only help with depth perception but will enhance the other colors you will encounter out on the golf course.  If you have a color blindness which is centered around blue and green, then having a yellow colored lens is ideal for you, so you can easily see the difference between the green and any water which might be surrounding it.  An orange colored lens is a great mixture of the yellow and the dark colored lens and gives you a very neutral sight line.

Decision Time

As you stare down the putt on the 18th hole which would give you the win, you kindly ask your playing partner if you can borrow their sunglasses.  When they give them to you to wear for that putt, you notice how much easier it is to see the breaks within the green, which will allow you sink the putt with a calm and cool composure.  You now see what you have been missing out on by not having a pair of sunglasses with you on the golf course.

Although they are not a necessary component, they can be a very useful tool for you to have.  One of the most important senses you need on the golf course is your eyesight, and so you need to do everything you can to help protect your eyes, and ensure they do not squint that much while on the golf course.  A pair of golf sunglasses can help you achieve this.  We look forward to hearing from you on which pair you chose, and about how they helped you shoot a great round, no matter the weather conditions outside.


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