Best Golf Socks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

While on the golf course, there are few things which are more irritating than when your feet are uncomfortable.  And no matter how much you attempt to block that sensation, it seems to always be lingering, which in turn takes your focus off of each golf shot.  When this occurs, your scores tend to suffer, which makes you more irritated.  When dealing with this issue, often times it is not your golf cleats that are the issue; rather, it is the kind of socks you are wearing.

Featured Recommendations

Champion No Show
  • Champion No Show
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Doubly Dry Design
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Performance Comfort Fit
  • Saucony Performance Comfort Fit
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra-Wicking Fibers
  • Price: See Here
Tesla Athletic Comfort with Mesh
  • Tesla Athletic Comfort with Mesh
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra Cushion
  • Price: See Here

Most golfers will tend to wear whatever kind of athletic socks they already own, which is perfectly acceptable.  However, over time those socks tend to have a different feel in them, or they might develop holes which don’t normally affect you on a day to day basis but could cause an issue while out on the golf course.  By owning a couple of pairs of golf socks, you can ensure that every time you go out on the golf course, you have a pair of socks which are in great condition and which feel good against your feet.  Since you will only be wearing them on the golf course, they will not wear out as fast, meaning your feet will feel good and protected during each round.

Within this buying guide, we’ll go over the different aspects of each kind of golf sock available on the market.  We’ll talk about material and size, and why those matter for certain environments.  After that, we’ll review ten of the top pairs of socks within the marketplace today.  Then, we’ll help you determine which kind of golf sock is best for you and your needs.

With all of this in mind, let’s get started!


10 Best Golf Socks


Champion Men’s No Show Socks, 6-Pack

best golf socks

We are eager to talk about another quality brand that has shown dedicated towards the active gear community. The Champion Men’s 6 Pack No Show Socks are perfect for individuals that want a trusted brand without the price tag of a name brand. With that, they are also one of the most durable active gear manufacturers in the industry and these socks do not disappoint. Let’s talk about what makes them special.

Double Dry Design

When it comes to a quality design that users will appreciate, these socks are it. These socks are designed with a moisture-wicking technology that double dries. Meaning, they wick away moisture from the feet for a more dry experience when out an about on the golf course or cycling through town. With that in mind, users will enjoy that the socks are also breathable and allow for air flow to travel through the socks.

The Materials

When it comes to quality, the materials of these socks are also what make it one of the best. The materials are designed for better arch, heel, and cushioned support. However, the true joy is felt thanks to the spandex better fit design. They contour to the feet so individuals have a perfect fit and never feel constrained by the socks or the material. With that, these also have a Natural Latex Rubber Nylon material blend for added comfort and stretchiness.

Cost And Value

It’s time to talk about cost and value for these particular socks. When it comes to quality, we can say that these socks are designed with comfort in mind. However, it is the fact that they are made of a stretchy spandex material that the true value is shown. For individuals that plan to wear them and use them all day long, these socks are the ideal socks for sports lovers. With that, users can expect to pay a relatively low price for 6 pairs, depending on the size and colors chosen.

  • These are high-quality socks that can really withstand the test of time and numerous rounds of golf.
  • Thanks to the stretchy spandex fit, these socks are one of the more comfortable golf products on today’s list.
  • These socks are easy to maintain and only require regular washing in the washer machine.
  • The company also infused some arch support into the design of the sock.
  • Consumers have the option between two different colors.
  • This is a great price tag for six pairs of socks.

  • Golfers have mentioned that these socks can be a bit tight, hindering golfing performance.

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Saucony Men’s Multi-Pack Performance Comfort Fit


When it comes to a brand that has delivered time and time again exceptional products, we are unsure why they are not more touted or famous. With that, we are eager to talk about the Saucony Men’s Multi-Pack Performance Comfort Fit socks, a quality step towards a more comfortable golfing experience. Here are two important points as to why they are one of the best socks available today for active wear users and sporty individuals.

Ultra-Wicking Fibers

It is not common that the activewear gear industry has created products that help fight moisture. However, this brands ultra-wicking fibers are considered one of the best designed to ensure maximum support, comfort, and dryness. With that said, they are designed with a Moisture Management Technology, which includes a blend of materials to help fight off moisture and bad odor.

Cushioned Comfort

When it comes to activewear products, we are always amazed at how brands tend to take products and create the best out of them. With that, these socks are designed with expert craftsmanship for a better and more comfortable wearable fit. This craftsmanship includes a cushioned sole support for better arch and heel support as well as a light cushioning ankle support that helps against impact. With that said, users can feel safe running, hiking, cycling, and wearing these socks all day long.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we cannot help but keep in mind that these socks are designed for maximum comfort and security. With that, these socks help individuals perform better thanks to a cushioned support and moisture-wicking design. More to add to the value of the socks, they come in a pack of six, nine, or three, and the price can vary accordingly. However, for all-day comfort, it is easily a no-brainer of a purchase.

  • These are perfect socks for consumers that are looking to golf, run, and other active sports.
  • This product is one of the higher-quality choices for golfers today – especially those who are seeking socks that can last.
  • To enhance durability, the company made these golfing socks machine washable.
  • There is a cushioned sole to increase the protection of the bottom of the sock.
  • Pull on closure makes them easy to wear and easy to adjust.
  • Dry moisture-wicking design allows moisture protection.

  • Users have mentioned they are very thick in the toe area.

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Adidas Men’s Superlite Low Cut Socks

best golf socks

When it comes to brands that are highly touted for their expertise in the activewear industry, this is one of them. We are eager to share the Adidas Men’s Superlite Low Cut Socks and what users can expect from these quality socks. Touted for their great ventilated low-cut design, these socks are perfect for active wear individuals, golfers, and individuals that want comfort alongside a trusted brand. Let’s look at two important points worth taking into consideration.

Odor Resistant Finish

Are you an individual that worries about the potential odor of all-day wear socks? Well, these offer a great solution to individuals that happen to sweat a lot or want to keep their feet fresh all day long. The odor-resistant finish technology ensures that the socks do not cause or soak a lot of odor. With that, it is designed with a 360-degree mesh ventilation design keeps the feet dry and cool during long workouts or days on the golf course.

The Materials

Now, unlike many brands that do material blends, this brand has specified which materials they use, which makes them even more transparent and trustworthy. The materials are even better than we thought! They are chosen for maximum comfort, support, ventilation, and breathability. The materials for these particular socks are also extremely durable as machine washable socks. These socks are 58% polyester, 40% cotton, and 2% spandex. With this in mind, we believe the materials makes them one of the best socks for an all-day active individual.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these socks, we can say they are designed with expertise in mind and premium comfort. With that, users only get a pack of three with these particular socks, and the price can be compared other brands that offer a pack of six. However, the price may even go up depending on the sock style and color that an individual chooses. With that said, the price only reflects the high quality of the socks and users can expect them to last a long time.

  • These are considered one of the highest-quality socks, which are designed to withstand the test of time.
  • The spandex materials make them stretchy for all-day wearable comfort.
  • Odor-resistant technology that keeps feet dry and allows for maximum ventilation.
  • Athletic socks designed for balance and strategic performance.
  • Many color choices to choose from ranging from black to white.

  • This is considered one of the more expensive pairs of golf socks.

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Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks


As another great six-pair pack of athletic socks, we are eager to share one of the most high-quality socks with a premium comfort design that users will highly enjoy. As the next sock manufacture on the list, we had to include Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks, quality socks with style and comfort. With that said, there are two specific features we want to share that make them the go-to premium socks for you. Lets’ begin with number one!

Premium Comfort Design

This manufacturer does not just supply quantity, they supply quality. In fact, these socks are highly touted for their premium comfort fit thanks to cushioned soles that give off an athletic feel without losing the comfort of the spandex material. Yes, these socks have a spandex blend as part of the material quality which makes them great for shape retention, compression, and foot support. With that, users feel more comfortable when wearing their golf shoes for long periods at a time.

Breathable Zone Mesh

This may be one of the best benefits of these socks! Since highly active people such as sports lovers and golfers will be using these socks, they are designed with a lightweight synthetic blend that allows users to feel more comfortable even while sweating. With that, it keeps feet cool thanks to a breathable and moisture wicking design that keep the feet dry and cool while any sports or exercise. This ensures an individual focuses more on the game than the potential discomfort of their feet.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these golf socks, we can say that they are touted as one of the best fan-favorite socks in the industry today. Not only are they designed with quality in mind, they also come in a pair of six socks. With that, users can also choose between four different color options, black, grey, white, and multicolored. For great ventilation, plenty of choices, and a padded comfort feel, users should opt in for these specialized golf socks.

  • These are high-quality golfing socks that golfers will find very comfortable.
  • Thanks to the premium comfort fit – golfers will be able to wear these all day long.
  • This company offers their consumers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • There are four different appealing colors for consumers to pick from.
  • Most golfers have positively praised this product.
  • The smooth toe seems eliminates the bulky seams caused by low-quality manufacturing.

  • Golfers have shared that these socks may run small.

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Huso Men’s Digital Printed Wicking Athletic Socks

best golf socks

It is time to talk about a brand that has brought a unique flair to the active gear industry. Users tend to find socks, especially in the active gear industry to range between black and white, with traditional styles and minimal design qualities. However, these socks are designed to stand out not only with comfort but with aesthetics. Let’s talk about the Huso Unisex Fashion Digital Printing Sports Crew Socks and what makes them one of the best in the industry today. Here are two points to take into consideration.

Health Benefits

When it comes to active gear socks, manufacturers have had to step up their game due to the many discoveries of potential dangers of wearing all day sweaty socks. With that, this brand has designed these extremely colorful socks with a moisture and odor control design that makes them antimicrobial. With that, users can expect a breathable mesh upper design that ensures maximum airflow to the feet to keep them dry. Other than that, the dry-fit fabric is perfect for wicking away excess moisture and resistant odors even during the worst of conditions.

The Fashion Style

Now, what makes this active sports socks even more intriguing is not only the technical design behind them but also the fashion printed design. In an industry that is saturated with different versions of the same product, or brands that offer the same color choices, this brand has taken color and style to an extreme. In fact, the fashion design of the socks makes them one of the most appealing for active wear users and the digitally printed design is high quality and machine washable.

Cost And Value

These socks are striking to the eye. With that, the cost reflects the unique style of the socks. Users can expect to pay about double or triple what they normally would but it is because this brand has blended design benefits with style. With that, users can expect that the socks are high quality and able to withstand the test of time. Most importantly, the socks are designed for active wear users so despite the color fashion sense, they have not lost their roots. For users that love the eclectic style, these are considered one of the best.

  • Consumers may choose from many different, eye-appealing colors and designs.
  • These are the best socks for an individual looking to golf all-day or other activewear socks.
  • These socks are praised to be one-of-a-kind.
  • The design on each sock is unique and digitally printed.
  • Extremely durable thanks to the materials: 55% Polyester, 15% Spandex, 21% Elastic, 9% Cotton.
  • These socks are incredibly comfortable and flexible.
  • Thanks to the breathable moisture-wicking design, users will have no problem releasing sweat.

  • Users have mentioned that they “don’t stay up,” meaning the leg area tends to lower down after hours of use.

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Tesla Athletic Socks Comfort with Mesh


When it comes to quality socks, individuals are looking for comfort alongside value. With that, golf socks and sport socks are intended to supply maximum support and comfort. Therefore, we are eager to share one of the best quality socks on this list. With plenty of choices to choose from, we want to talk about the Tesla Athletic Comfort Socks with Mesh design. Here are two important points about these quality socks.

No Show Design

When it comes to quality, these socks cannot be beaten. However, what makes them even better is the design. Recently, there has been a trend in no-show socks. More people wear socks with shorts and slip-on or shoes. Therefore, these quality socks are designed like no-show socks so individuals can be comfortable and still look athletically appropriate. Have you ever worn socks with shorts and realized it just looked odd? Well, that is no problem with these high qualities no-show socks.

The Extra Cushion

Since in golf individuals have to walk around all day and spend many hours standing, this manufacture created an even more comfortable design that allowed individuals to feel even more comfortable. With an added cushion in the heel and in the toe region, individuals will have no problem wearing these socks for hours. With that said, individuals can trust that their feet will be comfortable and their back properly supported. The only thing that can enhance the quality of these socks, is the quality of great golf shoes.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these quality socks we were impressed by how many pairs of socks come with this quality manufacture. Individuals can rest assured that they will be getting quality alongside quantity at a reasonable price. In fact, individuals can expect six pairs of socks. Now, what makes this manufacturer even better is that they offer these socks in virtually every color. Whether an individual is wanting lime green and black, or white and blue, you can get them here.

  • These are high-quality sports socks that are designed with ample flexibility.
  • Thanks to the high-performance, low-cut design, these socks are great at efficiency.
  • These are great socks to wear all day, thanks to the comfortable materials.
  • These products will not slip down during any golfing experience, thanks to the heel tab.
  • There are many different styles and colors for consumers to pick from.
  • There is an arch-compression band that helps with stability and support.

  • Users have mentioned the ankle area of the sock can be small or uncomfortable.

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Kentwool Men’s Tour Profile

best golf socks

It is time to switch it up with these next socks. Although they are not that well known, these socks are designed with comfort in mind and users have touted them as being one of the best in the industry today. Let’s talk about the KentWool Men’s Tour Profile Socks and what users can expect from these quality socks. Here are two points to take into consideration.

Machine Washable

What makes these socks evidently one of the most durable in the industry is that they are machine washable. With that, thanks to the 100% other fibers design, users will appreciate the durability and comfort of these socks. Not only that, but the socks are designed with a lifetime blister-free guarantee and users will appreciate the low-profile design. Now, the materials are merino wool, nylon, Cocona polyester, and even spandex. Which brings us to our next point!

Spandex Comfort

When it comes to spandex, users in the activewear industry have quickly found out why it is so beneficial. Spandex is known as one of the most comfortable materials in the industry, not just for comfort but also for breathability purposes. With that said, the spandex material in these socks allows for a comfortable all day wear that ensures no blisters, and even heel and arch support.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these particular socks, we believe that the quality of them is evident once an individual reads the materials. They are durable, manufactured for comfort, designed to withstand the test of time, and are also moisture wicking. With that, users can pick many different styles to choose from. However, these socks for the price only offer one pair, which can be seen as somewhat of a hefty price.

  • These socks are made in the United States.
  • These are high-quality and designed to be worn all-day.
  • Golfers can easily wash these socks like any other pair of socks.
  • These socks come with a moisture-wicking technology that ensures better breathability.
  • These socks are designed to be naturally odor-resistant.
  • Thanks to the quality of materials, these socks are designed to withstand many years on the golf course.
  • These are a great pair of golf socks for both casual and professional golfers.

  • Unlike other products on today’s list, there is only one pair of golf socks in this package.

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Yannik Men’s Warm Soft Comfort Crew Winter Socks (5-Pack )

best golf socks

These next socks are for golfers that happen to golf during the cold winter months. If the cold does not stop you from getting out on the course, well at least you can enhance your golf skills with one of the most comfortable winter sock brands out there. We are eager to share the Yannik Men’s Warm Soft Comfort Crew Winter Wool Socks for two particular reasons. Let’s begin!

Extremely Warm

If you are an individual looking for extreme warmth and comfort, these are the socks for you. The reason being is that these socks are perfect for the cold winter months and sports lovers looking to keep their feet warm while out and about. The warmth is due to the blend of wool, cotton, and polyester. With that, users can expect a warm design style that ensures no cold air will get through these socks. What we can say is that they are only great for cold winter months, unless you really want to feel the warmth during hot comfy days.

Extremely Comfortable

Now, other than protecting warmth really well against the cold winter months. These socks are designed to be extremely comfortable thanks to the comfort materials of the socks. With that, users can expect a thick cushion between the socks and the shoe that allow for better arch support and heel support. Users can expect an extremely comfortable support that allows for an all-day wearable experience.

Cost And Value

One of the most important aspects of these quality socks is the design. With the design, users can expect that the value of the socks will become apparent during the cold winter months. Now, the socks come in a pair of five and what is even more impressive is the cost of the socks. With that said, the cost is relatively low even though they are designed with comfort and warmth in mind to protect active gear individuals during low temperatures.

  • Five colored socks in a well-designed packaging for a low cost.
  • Perfect for individuals that want to be active during the cold winter months.
  • The manufacturer is offering their consumers a full-refund guarantee, should you be unhappy with your product.
  • These socks are very comfortable are great at heat-retention for the colder days.
  • These are five colored socks in a well-designed package.
  • These socks are one of the more affordable ones on our list today.

  • Users have mentioned that if you are not careful, the socks may rip or tare.

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Oakley Men’s Performance Low Cut Sock

Oakley Men's Performance Basic Low Cut Sock 5 Pack

Let’s talk about another quality brand that is known for their premier products and high-quality items. We are eager to share and talk about the Oakley Men’s Low Cut Socks and what users can expect from these high-quality socks. With many unique style elements and quality in mind, here are two points to take into consideration for these socks.

Low-Cut Socks

These socks are primarily designed for golf enthusiasts and professionals. With that, they are designed with a low-cut design so individuals can wear them even with shorts. Now, the materials including nylon and elastane, the socks are designed with maximum stretchiness and comfort without losing the heel support they need to stay on and not scrunch down when walking. With that said, users mention they are comfortable and easy to wear.

O-Hydrolix Fabric

When it comes to innovation, this brand has created one of the best moisture wicking designs in the industry. With O-Hydrolix, a blend of acrylic, polyester, nylon, and elastane, individuals can rest that the socks will dry quickly and help keep feet comfortable for longer. The purpose of this technology is so individuals can easily wear the socks all day long and not get uncomfortable due to sweaty feet.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these socks, we believe they are priced as one of the best socks available today and users will appreciate the high-quality design of the socks. Not only that, but this brand is highly trusted and known as one of the best for quality products. Now, the fabric is intended for maximum comfort and the value showcases that. For the cost, it can be seen as somewhat pricey, but users are getting five pairs of quality socks with this purchase.

  • High-quality socks that are highly touted and designed to withstand the test of time.
  • These are great socks for golfers that are looking for all-day wear experience.
  • Thanks to O-Hydrolix Fabric – golfers do not need to worry about the buildup of sweat or moisture.
  • The materials used to construct this sock are both durable and comfortable.
  • The company also tried to include support for both golfers’ heels and arches.

  • Some golfers have complained that the socks run smaller than anticipated.

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Puma No Show Sport Socks


When it comes to a brand that knows about quality and style, there may be no better than this one. Their range of active gear products scale from shoes to bags to now, golf and sports socks. What we can say is that these socks are not only highly comfortable, they are designed to withstand the test of time. With a comfortable design that makes them perfect for an everyday wear, let’s talk about the Puma No Show Sports Socks.

Mesh Breathable Design

When it comes to maximum breathability, these socks offer the best design. These socks are designed with a mesh ventilation design that makes them ideal for everyday wear. Areas of the sock have a mesh design so individuals can wear them easily without any discomfort. With that, they are perfect for individuals that sweat but are active all day. Although this breathable design has become synonymous with many active wear socks, these are one of the best.

Sport Cushion

When it comes to sports comfort, this brand knows premium design benefits to enhance the sports support of many of their products. With that said, there is no surprise that this brand offers a unique sports cushion design that ensures individuals can wear them all day long. What we can say is that the sports cushion is great for moisture control and arch support.

Cost And Value

When it comes to cost and value, what easily brings up the price of these particular golf socks is the brand itself. With that in mind, there is a reason why they have become one of the most trusted and highly touted brands in the active gear industry. With this in mind, we believe that individuals will find the arch support beneficial and the mesh design one of the highest quality designs in the industry. Now, a positive is that these socks come in a pair of eight, unlike a couple brands that come in a pair of six for the same price.

  • This sock is made from one of the most well-known manufacturers in the entire world.
  • The product is designed with mesh ventilation to help promote greater ventilation and breathability.
  • There are two different color options for consumers to pick from: grey and black.
  • These are no-show socks, which is great for golfers that enjoy wearing shorts and loafers on the course.
  • These are great for golfers who also enjoy other outdoor sports.

  • Golfers have shared that the arch support can be a bit too restraining.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Golf Socks

After seeing our reviews of the top 10 socks available in the marketplace today, you may have found the perfect socks for you and your needs.  Then again, you might want to take some time and figure out the pair of socks which will be best for you, so you can narrow down your choices.  Here are some things to consider as you start to figure out which pair of golf socks will be best for you.

The first aspect you need to consider is the material.  You need to analyze the type of weather you typically play within and start from that point.  If you play in weather which is typically colder or windier, then you should go with a Cotton or Wool sock.  If you play in weather which is warmer, then going with Wool or a Polyester/Microfiber material would be best.  If you play in weather which is damp and wet, then a Wool sock is for sure the best choice to make.

If you are on a budget when it comes to finding your golf socks, then you may be limited to cotton socks.  There is nothing wrong with a cotton sock, but you should make sure you bring a second pair of socks with you to each round.  This way, in case it is hot outside, or you happen to step in some water while looking for a golf ball, you have another pair of socks with you to change into.  Playing a round of golf in soggy socks can not only lead to you being uncomfortable, it could lead to you developing blisters or a foot fungus.

If you are not on a full budget leash, then you have the choice between polyester/microfiber and wool.  Wool socks tend to be thicker than microfiber, which makes them ideal for colder, rainier and windier conditions.  The microfiber material is a very breathable material, and is great for hot, sunny days, to ensure your feet do not become too uncomfortable.  Both materials do a great job of repelling water.  Because the wool socks are thicker if you have golf cleats which are already tight, having wool socks could make your feet feel very tight, making them uncomfortable.  In contrast, the microfiber/polyester material is very thin, and so if your golf cleat is already loose, it will be even more so with these socks.

After you have picked your material, you then should decide if you are going to go with more low-cut or high-cut socks.  It is ideal for you to have both sets of socks within your drawer, as you’ll want to be prepared, from a sock perspective, to play a round of golf within any conditions.  However, they don’t need to be split 50/50 – if you play in warmer temperatures, then you should have more low-cut socks.  Likewise, if you play in colder temperatures, then having high-cut socks is the answer.  Another way to look at it is this – if you typically wear pants while playing golf, then go with high-cut.  If you wear shorts more often, then go with the low-cut.

Lastly, don’t forget that you are allowed to wear almost any design you want on a golf sock.  No matter how conservative you might want to be with a solid design of one color, or how bold you want to be with your color and design choice, all are acceptable on the golf course.  You can find socks which meet your personality, so ensure you take the time to find the ones which best speak to you!


This is the most important factor in finding the best golf sock for your needs.  You need to have a sock which is comfortable but also will be durable and long-lasting.  If you have a material which is too thin, and you play out in a lot of cold, windy or rainy weather conditions, then your feet will not feel good during the round.  Likewise, if you have thick, wooly socks, but play in conditions which are above 85 degrees or the humidity is high, then your feet are going to sweat profusely, which will also cause you to be uncomfortable.  In today’s market, there are three main types of material used to make golf socks.

Wool – this material has been around for hundreds of years, and there is a reason for that.  Wool can be a little bit more expensive, yet it is long lasting and durable.  Although wool is typically thought of for when you are playing in colder conditions, this is not necessarily the case.  Recently, socks have started to mix together different materials in order to find the right hybrid combination to make the most comfortable and highest performing sock within the market.  Almost all of these hybrid combinations involve wool, as wool is smooth to the touch, and provides comfort and warmth when needed.

In addition to this, wool tends to not absorb any wetness, whether it is from rain or from sweat.  When it comes to socks, is there any worse feeling than putting back on a pair of sweaty socks?  With wool, you don’t have to worry about this, as the material will repeal most moisture, allowing you to put these socks back on after a hot summer day, and not feel gross about it.


  • CottonThis is the most inexpensive material when it comes to socks, and there was a trend even ten years ago where every sock on the marketplace was made out of cotton.  This is due to its ability to be flexible, so a one size did almost fit all feet.  Not only this, but they are very inexpensive to make, and can be bought in a bundle, rather than by individual socks.  Cotton socks are so inexpensive, that if you end up having a pair which develops holes, or becomes quite thin due to being worn one too many times, there is no shame in throwing them out, as you can easily go purchase another pair.

However, cotton socks do not hold up well to adverse conditions.  They are a little thinner, which means that wind, cold and rain will penetrate right thru the cotton.  Not only this, but cotton is absorbent, which means that it will absorb any and all water which it comes in contact with, which will make your feet either very cold or very grimy.  Once the sock becomes wet, it is nearly impossible for it to dry quickly, meaning you will have that feeling throughout the rest of your entire round.  It is always recommended that you bring a spare pair of cotton socks with you if this is the material you choose for your feet.

  • Polyester/Microfiber – A big trend among golf shirts is the shift away from cotton and into a Polyester or Microfiber material.  Companies have started to see if this same kind of trend will work with socks as well as it has with shirts.  This kind of material is great from a feeling perspective, as the material will feel very smooth and nice against your feet.  Not only this, but they are typically very lightweight and thin, yet very strong and durable.  They will not easily get snagged, nor will there be any loose threads which pop up with these socks.

However, because they are so thin, they are not great to wear if you play in weather conditions which are windier or colder.  They will repel water, but they will not add much protection to keep your feet warm during cold conditions.  However, when it is warm outside, they do a great job of ventilating your feet, to ensure they stay nice and cool during those conditions.  Another thing to be aware of with these socks is because they are so thin, your shoes will fit differently compared to when you wear cotton or wool socks.  It could cause your shoes to be off by as much as a ½ size, which could make a huge difference for when you are swinging your golf club.


When it comes to golf socks, there are two main sizes to take into consideration.

You will have a low-cut sock, which will just cover your ankle.  These low-cut socks are great for when you play in warmer conditions, as you will not be hampered by having socks which go up to your calves.  They protect your feet just enough from the inside of your golf cleat, while not being too big or bulky.  Depending on what kind of athletic sock you normally wear, the feel of a low-cut sock will feel just right, or it might take some adjustment to get used to; either way, if you play in warmer conditions, this is the kind of sock you want to go with.  It is especially a good sock look for when you are wearing shorts while playing a round of golf.

There is also a golf sock which typically can be pulled up to your calves, which is a high-cut.  These socks are perfect for when you are wearing pants while playing golf.  There are a certain fashion faux-pas which exist if you wear pants while also wearing low-cut socks.  The reason you are wearing pants is to not expose any part of your leg, so you need socks which will help cover your feet, ankles, and calves while wearing pants.  These socks are great for when you are playing in colder or windier conditions, as they will help keep your feet warmer compared to the ankle high sock.


With your normal athletic sock, you will typically have the choice between all white, or mostly white with a few different colors of stripes to choose from.  However, with golf socks, it has become the norm that the more outlandish the design of your sock, the more acceptable it is on the golf course.  Obviously, if you want to go with an all-white design of your sock or even a solid design of any color, you are more than welcome to do so.  However, if you want to go for more of a bold design choice, you are encouraged to do so.  There is no limit to the number of colors or designs which are available to you when it comes to golf socks, so you should continue to look for the ones which match your personality the best!

Criteria Used to Evaluate Golf Socks

We have come to what is known as some of our viewers favorite section, the criteria in which we pick the best items for you. With this we give our readers and viewers a closer insight as to how we pick the best golf socks and what makes them the best in the first place. With this we aim to make the process of finding the best products much easier for our viewers. With the criteria below users can see what was expected of each product before adding it to the list. We did the work, so you don’t have to!

With that, we are eager to share the criteria’s below as well as the questions many consumers are asking about the brands that we have added on to our list. Before we begin, the way we pick our criteria is based on some strict guidelines that help us find the best golf socks. With that, we asked golfers and individuals what they want from their golf socks, and this is what they shared with us. Let’s begin talking about the different aspects of golf socks and how we chose the top ten to share with you. Let’s talk about the overall quality of the socks!

Quality of The Socks

When we aim to find the right products, our first train of thought is to discover and get to know the quality of the socks. This is done by actively reading the reviews and what people have to say about the socks. With this, we then begin creating other criteria’s and elements to help us discover the right socks for you. Now, what determines the quality of the socks?

Well, overall it seems that individuals wanted socks that would not break, can withstand wear and tear, and not be used for only short periods at a time. A quality socks is manufactured by a trustworthy brand that has focused on the little things. To us, the little things may range from better breathability to adding spandex materials in the sock to ensure better flexibility and a more comfortable fit. With that, we want to share what led us to the next criteria and one of the most important aspects of golf socks.

Materials of The Socks

Golf sock, or for that matter, sportswear socks are designed and manufactured a bit different than regular socks. How so? Well, first of all, golf socks are intended for long-term wear and tear and individuals that plan to be wearing them all day. With that, manufacturers took into consideration that the materials used to make the socks would determine how it impacts the user’s experience. With this, we can say that all the materials of the socks we chose were heavily tested and researched. This is what we found out.

Many brands use a cotton material for comfort. Cotton is machine washable and allows users a better-cushioned comfort fit. Another material that was very common when it comes to active wear socks and gold socks is polyester. Polyester is very durable and can withstand the test of time and is also machine washable. Now, what impressed us the most were the brands that took the comfort of the socks a bit further by adding spandex or mesh inserts.

How does spandex help the comfort of the socks? Well, spandex is extremely durable and it is also known as one of the most flexible and comfortable materials out there. By adding spandex, users get a perfect comfort fit every time they were the sock. Spandex acts as a stretchier version of cotton and allows users to comfortably wear the socks all day long.

Lastly, the mesh was inserted in the socks for better breathability. This allows individuals to not get extremely sweaty feet while all day on the golf course or get smelling feet as well. With that, we can say that this criterion became the starting point for which we chose the socks. However, the real question is how durable are the materials?

Durability of The Socks

When it comes to durability, our goal is to always aim for the best and most durable sock brands. With this, we came to the conclusion that durability is really determined by the materials of the sock as well as the length of use an individual plans to use the socks for. Now, individuals want to be able to buy socks that lost a long period of time without having to buy more. Therefore, we can ensure that all of the socks on the list are designed to withstand the test of time.

Now, another important aspect that was extremely crucial to the durability of the socks as if they were machine washable. We can say that most, if not all socks, are machine washable whether on a heavy cycle or a light cycle. Users should always read the labels and the washing instructions before placing them in the washer.

Price Per Package

This was another extremely important and crucial aspect when it came to picking out the best socks. Socks are unlike anything else such as shirts or jeans. In fact, it is strange to find a sock brand that only sells one pair of socks at a time. With that said, we had to take into consideration the price per package. As a viewer, you will see that there are many different package options.\

We were able to tell that some brands would sell them in pairs of three, six, or nine. However, there are brands who are materials, quality of the socks, and design are expertly crafted and so they only sell one pair for the same cost as about three or six pairs. This is up to the user to decide what the best choice is. However, it seems the most common trend is to sell socks per package and we wanted to make sure to highlight that when picking out the best socks.

Socks Styles and Colors

This was one of the most important criteria because we wanted to include a wide variety of sock styles and colors. The colors and styles of socks depend on the needs of the consumer and what the manufacturer supplies. With that, on this list users will be able to notice a wide variety of colorful socks.

What stands out is the printed socks, which are designed for individuals that love art and want comfy but artistic socks. When it comes to the style, it all depends if a user is wearing jeans or shorts. Therefore, we wanted to share a wide variety of socks styles ranging from low-cut to regular socks. With this, users can tell there is a wide variety. Just make sure to look at the photos and read the style of the sock to ensure you get exactly what you are desiring.

Cost And Value

Ah, cost and value! It never gets old, does it? Well, this is because the cost and the value of the items that we pick are crucial. How do we determine the perfect balance? Well, cost is subjective but value really depends on the reviews of the product as well as what the brand is offering. For example, some people may see one pair of socks for the same price as three as expensive. However, the value may be increasingly higher for that one pair due to the design and aesthetics on the sock.

Now, when it comes to picking out the best products for you guys, we wanted to make sure that durability and quality were the two pillars of value. We can say that no matter what gold socks an individual purchase, they will be worth it.

Brand History

Now that we have covered durability, quality, style, and other important factors, we decided to look at the brand’s history as the last pillar for which we decided the best ten socks to share with you guys. We could have easily stuffed this list with the most famous active gear brands out there. However, that would not be fair to the little guys making headway in the active community. Also, everyone knows that the more famous a brand is, the more it may cost. So, we wanted to share a wide variety of brands, even if they were not well known.

However, before we did this we had to ensure the socks were quality. We did this by going to brands website, reading about their history, their manufacturing process, where the socks are made, and what people have to say about, not only the socks but also different products that they offer. With that in mind, we did not just find the best 10 golf socks out there, we found new brands we can share with our audience.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the socks water or moisture resistant?

When conducting our research, this was easily one of the most frequently asked questions out there. The reason being is that water or moisture resistant socks are the ideal socks for active wear individuals because they ensure better comfort. With that, we discovered that many different brands have a version of moisture-wicking socks.

Some brands offer materials that ensure moisture-wicking while some had designed the socks to have better breathability so moisture does not build up. With this in mind, it is always best to read the materials and benefits of the socks so an individual can find if they are in fact moisture wicking. Some sock brands go as far as developing specialized socks that help minimize foot odor.

Are the socks stretchy and comfortable?

When it comes to activewear individuals, this may be the most important aspect of socks. Especially golfers or runners who are constantly on their feet. Therefore, brands that care about their consumers focus on developing socks that add an extra layer of comfort. Some brands will create a specialized cushion in specific areas of the sock such as the heel or the arch. While some other brands develop the socks to be more lightweight, thin and stretchy. This aspect of golf socks all depends on the materials used and what the needs of individuals are.

How do you wash the socks?

This is known as another crucial aspect of socks brands of today. When an individual is out all day wearing active wear socks, the last thing they want to do is wash them by hand. Therefore, it is crucial that the socks are durable enough to be washed by machine. Now, some socks are meant to be handled with caution. Meaning, bleach should not be used or they cannot be washed in the heavy cycle. As always, reading the instructions is crucial.

What is the mesh area for?

This may be known as one of the best design elements of particular sock brands. The mesh is of a sock is known as the area of the sock that is designed for better breathability. It often looks like little holes and it tends to be really stretchy. This style of manufacturing has been common in many activewear products from socks to backpacks and shorts. With that in mind, the mesh is is great for breathability, minimizing sweat, and lowering foot odor.

How many come in a package?

This all depends on the manufacturer. What may be the most common is that brands include three to five different pairs in one package. As always, read the description of the product. Now, it is important to say that some brands will vary their prices depending on package choices as well as styles. Some brands will offer a pair of three all in black, or a pair of white and black together. It all depends!

Picking The Best Golf Socks

Finding the right pair of golf socks is very important, if for nothing else than to ensure your feet are comfortable within each round.  Don’t forget, your feet are in golf cleats, and the cleats are the only part of your outfit which is actually touching the ground.  If your feet are slippery, then you will not be able to gain the necessary torque and traction in order to hit the golf ball with any kind of power or speed.

Your feet need to be comfortable, but you need to be able to perform at a high level with as few distractions as possible.  Having great golf socks will ensure your feet stay relaxed, allowing you to focus your thoughts on each golf shot while on the course.

As always, thank you for reading and we hope that we have helped bring some insight into helping our readers find the best golf socks for them. As always, find the best deal, read the description, and from their make an informed decision. When it comes to comfort, our ten socks will ensure that an individual not only makes it to the golf course, but they win the game!


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