Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Reviewed & Rated for Quality

There are times when you are on the golf course and just continue to get frustrated because your golf shot consistently is either too short or too long. You think you have the right yardage, but you clearly don’t as the ball hits either the back of the green and bounces off, or doesn’t even reach the green and even could end up in a bad sand trap. You have decided it is time to have a tool to tell you exactly how much yardage you have to where you want to hit the golf ball, and have concluded that having a Laser Rangefinder is the right tool to help you accomplish this goal.

Featured Recommendations

TecTecTec VPro500
  • TecTecTec VPro500
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Technology
  • Price: See Here
Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt
  • Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Design
  • Price: See Here
Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11
  • Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to Read
  • Price: See Here

Within this buying guide, we’ll give you some of the important attributes within rangefinders you should look for, so you have an idea of what is available. We’ll also offer reviews of 10 of the top rangefinders within the marketplace today. After that, we’ll help narrow down your choices by figuring out what characteristics are most important to you.

With all of that in mind, let’s get started!


10 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders


1. TecTecTec VPro500

1. TecTecTec VPro500
When it comes to a quality golf laser rangefinder, what are individuals looking for? Of course, they want it to be trustworthy, but most importantly to work as accurate as possible. If an individual is trusting a laser range finder to do the ideal job or properly displaying the ideal range, it better work well. With that said, we are eager to share the first golf laser rangefinder on the list that is perfectly designed for accuracy and quality. Here is the TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder, a quality laser range finder for the professional golfer. Here are two important points to take into consideration.
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The Technology Behind The Finder

So, when this nifty product came on the scene, every golfer was both skeptical and excited. Reason being is that golf laser range finders introduced a new way for individuals to play the sport. With that said, the technology had to be out of this world. We can guarantee individuals that are interested in this golf laser range finder that this product will work effectively and well. With that said, this laser rangefinder can measure up to 540 yards with perfect accuracy and continuous scan mode so it never skips a flag, tree, or body of water. This is one laser rangefinder you can trust!

The Optics Design

So, what makes a laser range finder a quality product? The optics sensor system and this one is of the most premium design quality. For example, users can expect that this laser rangefinder will work both effectively and effortlessly to measure accordingly. This is done with an ultra-clear and premium multilayered optics that is easy to read and will display everything from the proper distance to battery and measurements. With that in mind, this is premium technology that cannot be beaten.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular product, we can say that we were surprised at the price of a worthy laser rangefinder. With that said, we realized that they are certainly worth the price for the value. For this one, in particular, individuals can expect quality alongside expert craftsmanship. With that said, we believe they are worth it for the price and users will find days of golfing value.
  • Quality Laser Rangefinder with a premium design that is of quality.
  • 540 yards with a continuous scan mode design and an advanced Pinsesor technology.
  • Durable and water-resistant body that users will appreciate for maximum endurance.
  • Lens display with an ultra-clear multilayered optics design that is easy to read.
  • Lightweight and portable design that only weighs at 185g.
  • Water and dust resistant design that is perfect for hunting, surveying, and golfing.
  • Full package with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Users have mentioned that this one is actually not as good as more expensive ones.

2. Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt

2. Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt
So, we were incredibly surprised by how expensive a laser rangefinder can be. However, this one jam packs a punch of value in a quality rangefinder design. With that said, it is expertly designed from one of the top companies in the world in the golf gear industry. The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Range Finder is expertly designed for individuals that want premium technology alongside an easy to use design. This may be the crème de la crème of the golf gear range finder industry! Let’s talk about two features to take into consideration.
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The Range Design

So a quality laser range finder users an optics range system to find and reach the desired outcome. However, depending on the quality of the laser range finder and the technology, users can expect it to reach anywhere from 200 yards to even 1,000 plus. With that said, this laser rangefinder accurately reaches from 5 to 1,000 yards and also 400+ yards to a flag. With that said, users can expect 100% accuracy and quality with every reading from this laser range finder, an aspect that is crucial in the game of golf.

All Is Included

When it comes to trusted laser range finders, users have to take into consideration all of the different aspects that they need to ensure is in a package. For instance, this laser rangefinder from this brand brings everything an individual needs to start off the bat. This brand has included a premium carry case, a battery, and a 2-year limited warranty. With that, users can expect a quality design that is only matched by the premium quality of this expert golf brand. However, how much does it cost with everything included?

Cost And Value

Well, it can be said that this may not be the best product for a starter golfer to buy unless they plan on using it for years to come. With that said, this laser rangefinder will set an individual back couple hundred dollars, which can even be a car payment. Therefore, users should expect to pay a pricey amount for this quality product. Now, the price is only matched by an excellent amount of value that users have come to know from this particular brand. Therefore, durability, quality, and assurance are a given when it comes to any of this brands products.
  • Pin seeker design with a jolt technology feature that provides excellent accuracy.
  • Vibrating reinforced bursts that tell the individual that the laser has laced the flag.
  • Accurate readings that range from 5 yards to 1,000 yards.
  • Trusted brand with years of experience.
  • One of the best laser range finders available today.
  • Premium carry case and everything included.
  • Durable body design with a fast focus technology feature.
  • Users have mentioned that the battery does not last as long as they would like.

3. Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11

3. Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11
The next laser rangefinder on the list is from one of the top brands in the camera industry. This next laser range finder was a surprise to us because we did not know this brand made such products, but after further research, we discovered this may be one of the best laser rangefinders for the novice golfer. With that said, we are eager to share with our readers two important features to take into consideration about the Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11 Laser RangeFinder. Let’s begin!
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Easy To Read Design

What makes this one of the best laser rangefinders in the industry is the easy to read design. The screen itself displays a 1-meter/yard intervals display that is uncluttered and gives individuals a clear reading. With that, users can expect that the product is also very easy to use and easy to understand making it the ideal rangefinder for the novice golfer.

Compact and Durable

One of the best quality features of this particular brand is that they have expertly designed this rangefinder to feature a top of the line compact design, much like many of their products. With that said, the material is strong and durable and allows for a perfect grip thanks to a grip-traction design that makes it easy to use. With that said, users can expect that this product is compact and easy to use for an everyday carrying experience.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, one of the most important aspects of this particular laser rangefinder is that it is designed with a durable exterior that makes it ideal for the novice golfer. With that, users can expect a quality product that is ideal for an everyday compact experience. For the cost, it is not jam packed with features. However, it is perfectly designed for users that want a simple reading from a trusted brand.
  • Quality range finder from a trusted brand that is very common in the digital and technology field.
  • Trusted laser range finder with simple features.
  • Uncluttered and easy to understand display
  • Can measure from 6 yards to 550 yards away.
  • Perfect for hunting, golfing, and target shooting.
  • Ideal for the individual wanting a compact design.
  • Reasonably price.
  • Users have mentioned that this one in particular does not lock onto a golf flag as well as other laser range finders.

4. Simmons 801600

4. Simmons 801600
Now we are talking about the more simple laser rangefinders that are easy to use, compact, and offer only a small amount of features. With that said, users can still expect a great amount of durability and design appeal. This is the Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Range Finder. In any case, it is still a quality laser rangefinder for the individual wanting quality and simplicity without breaking the bank. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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Simple Design Operation

When it comes to a properly designed laser rangefinder, it is either designed with a slew of features and maximum premium quality, or it is designed for the amateur individual that wants a simple to read laser finder. With that said, this one is not only simple to read but simple to use. With a one-button operation, users can expect an easy to read in-view liquid display that is crystal clear. With a vertical design and good grip, users can expect quality and durability.

The Measurement Design

The way that a laser rangefinder measures are somewhat common with all laser range finders, with some having better quality laser designs than others. However, the way that the measurements are displayed is universal. For example, many brands offer either a meter display or a yard display for better accuracy for the individual. With that said, this one, in particular, can display in both and can read from 10 yards to 600 yards.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular product, users should not be shocked by the great quality for the price. In fact, this may be one of the less expensive options on the list. However, it is still a great alternative to the premium name brand designs or companies offering the same features. With that, users can expect an accurate display, an easy to read system, and easy to use configurations. Alongside this, users can also expect a quality user manual to accompany their laser rangefinder.
  • Vertical range finder that is easy to use and offers good value for the price.
  • 10 to 600 yard range design that is easy to read.
  • 1 yard accuracy and can display and measure in both yards and meters.
  • User manual is easy to use and very effective.
  • Trusted brand that users appreciate.
  • Users can opt in for a binocular option.
  • 1 button operation design with an in-view liquid crystal display.
  • LCD display is a nice touch of quality.
  • Phenomenal alternative to many other brands that are more expensive.
  • Not as many features as other laser range finders.

5. Halo XRT

5. Halo XRT
As the first of this brand on this list, the next two come from the Wildgame Innovations company and they are expertly designed with quality in mind. With that said, this one is more of a hunting laser rangefinder but offers amazing features that come in handy on the golf course. Let’s talk about the Halo XRT Range Finder and what users can expect from this quality rangefinder other than quality, durability, and lifetime use. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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Scans The Area

When it comes to a quality rangefinder, users don’t only want the exact range from the rangefinder to their objective, they also want innovation. Well, this brand answers the call with this laser range finder’s innovative design that allows it to scan the surrounding area. With that, users receive a more accurate reading as well as a reading of what may be around their intended objective. This is a design that is only introduced in many of the best tier and quality laser rangefinders.

Durable Resistance

When it comes to individuals that love to be out in nature, durability is very important and crucial for the success of any product. With that said, this laser rangefinder is properly designed for exterior and outdoor use, even during the rain. In fact, this product comes with a water-resistant shell that wicks away moisture and water while also offering maximum grip thanks to small ridges in the grip. With this, the eyepiece is comfortable and allows for individuals to use it all day long.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular laser rangefinder, we can say that it is designed with maximum quality in mind. With that said, users can expect it to be worth close to that of a premium designed laser rangefinder. Now, for the value, we can say that it is worth it considering it has a couple of quality features that lower end products do not have. With that, this is the first of this brand on this list and we are eager to share the second one.
  • Quality range finder that is easy to use all day long.
  • Good grip design that allows for use even during rainy days.
  • Perfect for the individual wanting a quality laser range finder.
  • For novice to seasoned golfers.
  • Great for hunters and adventure seekers.
  • Frame is waterproof and has an excellent design.
  • Scan mode to find various targets within the viewfinder screen.
  • Magnify up to 6xs and provides up to 500 yards of an accurate reading.
  • Users have mentioned that it may not work for individuals that have to wear glasses unlike many other brands that have a better viewfinder.

6. Halo Ballistix 600

6. Halo Ballistix 600
As the next laser range finder on this list, we are eager to share the WildGame Innovations Halo Ballistix 600 Range Finder, the second one from this particular brand. This laser range finder, in particular, offers great quality features much like the last one, with a durable and easy to use design. With that said, let’s talk about two of the most important features that users can expect from this quality laser rangefinder. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Magnification

This brand of laser rangefinders is known as one of the best thanks to a 6xs the magnification design that allows users to zoom in on their target. With that said, the magnification is crystal clear thanks to a quality viewfinder and easy to read display that is uncluttered not filled with a lot of information. Now, the magnification is easy to adjust thanks to a quality design and users can even scan the area thanks to scan mode, which allows information on the items surroundings.

600 Yard Reading

What users can expect of this laser rangefinder compared to another laser rangefinder is that it has a 600-yard reading display that allows users to easily zoom in and catch their target. With that in mind, it only offers a slightly longer range than the last one. In any case, this laser rangefinder is still of great quality which also accounts for slopes and the surrounding area.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular laser range finder, we still believe that this is one of the best laser rangefinders in the industry today thanks to an easy to read and easy to use design. This is much like the last one only offering subtle differences such as the design and the grip. For the price, users can expect the standard novice rangefinder features plus couple extra cool features. However, it is properly designed for the novice golfer or hunter that simply wants an accurate reading with an easy to read display.
  • Can measure out to 600 yards in range.
  • Great tool for golf, fishing, and hunting.
  • 6x’s the magnification for an easy to understand and easy to use design.
  • Will account for slopes and other different items in the range.
  • Quality brand with years of experience.
  • Great reviews for the price and the quality.
  • Reasonable price for the novice individual.
  • Durable design that can withstand the elements and the test of time.
  • Compact design is easy to store and easy to take with you.
  • Users with big hands may find this one uncomfortable.

7. Halo XL450-7

7. Halo XL450-7
Now we have officially found the cheapest product on this list! We were shocked by the Halo XL450-7 ability to be so inexpensive but still offer amazing features. We are eager to share this particular laser range finder for individuals that are skeptical of the rangefinder design and want an inexpensive solution. With that, here are two important features to take into consideration this quality laser range finder today.
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The Reflective Range

Now, once we did our research we realized why this rangefinder is priced as well as it is. This rangefinder has a 450-yard reflective range that makes it ideal for individuals that short range golf and want a simple to use the quality rangefinder. Now, the range is minimal, but it is one of the most accurate thanks to a quality sensor that also has 6xs the magnification value. With that said, users can simply press, point, and read!

Does The Job For The Price

Now, this may be subject to scrutiny, but the price is very reasonable and in fact, really low. With that, users have mentioned that it is not as well designed as many other products on this list. However, you get what you pay for. For the price, users can expect a durable design that is well built, easy to use, and allows for maximum efficiency when out on the range so an individual knows what club to use and how hard to swing.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we can say that this is one of the best rangefinders in the industry for individuals that want a standard and easy to use the rangefinder. It is not exceptional by any means or stands out from the crowd, but it is properly designed for efficient and effective use. With that in mind, users can expect it to be of quality and be able to withstand the test of time.
  • 6x’s the magnification that allows for users to zoom easily.
  • Great rangefinder for individuals that love to golf.
  • Priced for the novice individual.
  • Easy to use and easy to read.
  • Quality rangefinder with minimal hassle designs.
  • Powered by a powerful battery that is included.
  • Not the best of quality at finding and keeping the target.

8. Simmons 801405

8. Simmons 801405
It is time to bring back the intermediate range-finder. As another great quality brand on this list, users will appreciate the great design of the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder and what they can do with the simple design of this quality rangefinder. With an LCD display that is easy to read, users tout this as being one of the best in the industry. Let’s take a look at two important points that make this one of the best laser rangefinders available today.
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The Operation

When all an individual wants is to find the range of their target, the last thing they want to do is have to climb over mountains to do so. Well, with this rangefinder, individuals can expect a clear and easy to understand one button configuration design. With one button an individual can easily learn and operate the range finder. Other than that, this range finder offers vertical configuration for a better feel, display, and understand of the overall information. Giving individuals more comfort and variety!

The Technology

What makes this one of the best operations available today? Maybe it’s the 4xs the magnification which allows users to zoom in on their target. Maybe it’s the 5 to 600 yard capacity. In any case, users can expect an accurate reading that does not change because the laser cannot hold properly. That is one of the major benefits of buying from a seasoned brand, their technology is better.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, one aspect to keep in mind is that this laser range finder is more for individuals that have already used one before or are seasoned in the art of golf. With that said, users can expect an easy to understand design and long lasting durability for an all day wearable experience. With a simple one-button operation, this is an easy to use rangefinder worth the price.
  • One handed operation design that is easy to use.
  • One button system.
  • Vertical configuration offering better value.
  • 4xs the zoom and magnification.
  • 5-600 yard display capacity for a better viewing range.
  • Durable design that is easy to hold and can withstand the test of time.
  • Clear in-view LCD display that is high quality made.
  • Users have mentioned that it does not go as far as 600 yards.

9. Halo XRT6

9. Halo XRT6
As the second rangefinder from this brand on the list, we are eager to share the Halo XRt6 Range Finder, a simple to use and quality rangefinder that offers maximum grip and durability. With that in mind, we believe that this is one quality rangefinder despite the brand being somewhat unknown. For users that are not familiar with this manufacturer, let’s talk about two important points of this laser rangefinder.
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The Range And Magnification

When it comes to a proper rangefinder yard range, this brand excels at supply quality and quantity. For example, the yard range design of this particular rangefinder is about 600 yards and also offers 6x’s the magnification, so individuals can easily zoom in on their target. With that in mind, users can expect a quality design that is precise and allows for better use and accuracy. We highly recommend it for the quality of the laser alone.

Water Resistant Design

When it comes to a quality outdoor product, we love when brands go out of their way to offer value and quality. With that said, users can expect that this rangefinder is also water resistant, which brings up the value of the item. With a water-resistant design, users can also expect it to offer great grip and hand-traction so it does not fall off even in rainy weather.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, this is one of the best rangefinders for individuals that want a quality water-resistant design. With that in mind, users can expect a great field of vision and an accurate display that has a couple of features. With easy to touch buttons, users can expect it to be designed for effective and efficient use.
  • 600 yard range design that is easy to read and easy to use.
  • The magnification is superb, offering great quality viewing.
  • Scan mode allows individuals to scan the area for constant ranging.
  • Precise scanning design.
  • Water-resistant exterior with a good grip.
  • Plenty of positive reviews to take into consideration.
  • Great product for the price.
  • Users have mentioned that the product can get foggy in the rain.

10. Suaoki Digital

10. Suaoki Digital
As the next product on this list, we believe that we left the best for last! We are eager to share this one because of two distinctive features that make it one of our favorites. It is not designed like a premium rangefinder and it is not even one of the top of the line brands in the industry, but we believe it is worth everyone’s consideration. Here are two points to consider about the Suaoki Digital Scope!
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Digital Exterior Display

Yes, this rangefinder offers an external LCD display that gives accurate information that an individual would see from the interior display. Meaning, an individual does not need to look through the eyepiece the whole time to get the required information. Simply, power on, pick your mode, focus on your target, and then read the external LCD display once you have reached your desired outcome and focus. This removes excess strain that may happen when focusing on an object for a long period of time.

Adjust Focus and Design

So, we are still shocked at the quality of this particular laser rangefinder for the different technical features that it offers. For example, users can expect everything from a flagpole lock, to a gold distance correction and a fog mode that allows users to adapt the laser range for whatever use. With that said, it also comes with a maximum accuracy of up to 6x the magnification within 1 meter. This is unbelievable value, but at what cost?

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value we believe that this may be one of the best, if not the best laser finder for the price. In fact, it offers features that hundreds of other laser finders at the same price do not offer. Users can expect to pay for this laser finder well below what they would other laser finders for the same features and value. With that in mind, we saved the best for last and we highly recommend this laser finder.
  • Long range finder with a max range of 600 meters.
  • Maximum accuracy that one would expect from a quality laser finder.
  • Convenient design that is easy to read and adjust.
  • Portability design with a rainproof laser rangefinder is lightweight.
  • Convenient belt-mountable bag with a lanyard design.
  • Mobility and portability in one simple design.
  • Correct measurement reading.
  • Exterior LCD that is easy to read and offers the benefit of not looking through the eye piece constantly.
  • One of the best quality brands for the price that users can expect.
  • Users have mentioned that the grip is not that well.

Criteria Used to Evaluate Golf Laser Rangefinders

Now that we have covered the top ten products, we are eager to share with our audience the way that we research and selected these items. To start, we want to say that our intention was to discover and share products that golfers exactly wan; long range, durability, and accuracy. With that said, before we began our research we started by taking into consideration the many different features of these products

To help us better decide the top ten we came up with a list of criteria that became the guidelines for which we conducted our researched and picked the best ones. With that said, users can expect that we went through rigorous research and ensure that users will be very pleased with the top ten laser range finders on this list. Whether you want a regular and simple laser rangefinder that is designed for short-range precision or a laser range finder designed for long range accuracy, these are how we found them! Let’s begin with the first criteria we take into consideration, the quality of the brand.

Quality of The Brand

To ensure only the best products, we take into consideration the quality of the brand and how well they compare to each other. With that said, one of our primary goals was to share both well-known brands and brands that may be slightly new or unknown to the golfer. What we did discover was that there is a small niche of premium laser rangefinder brands and most stick to the basics when developing ane of these golf products. Now, when it comes to quality we looked at the history of the brand, what they are known for their reviews, and how well they stack up to an ever-changing industry.

With that said, this is what we learned! The Callaway brand has been often known as one of the premier brands in the golfing community and of course, they develop the best laser rangefinders around. However, a brand such as Nikon, who is primarily known for camera gear and cameras has also developed an item of consideration. Of course, they differ in price, but our goal was to share a wide variety that users can appreciate and get the best value out of.

Laser Range Accuracy

Golfers use lasers as a way to measure the distance between where the ball is and where the flag is, so they can better pick the best club or wedge ensure fewer swings. Now, what is the most aspect of a laser range finder? We think it would be accuracy! Without accuracy, the whole purpose of a laser range finder is completely lost and users would not be able to use it properly.

Now, as we said, we wanted to ensure variety so we shared a slew of finders that would allow individuals to measure as little as five yards or as long as 600 yards. Some laser rangefinders even had the ability to measure the distance in meters. With that in mind, users can expect that most laser range finders have premium accuracy. However, there are only a few that have expert features, which are they?

Features of The Laser Range Finder

Another important criteria we knew we had to take into consideration when it comes to a laser range finder is that the finder had to have good features for the cost. Now, a laser range finder is an expensive piece of equipment as it is, which we will talk more about in the ‘Cost and Value’ section. However, the simpler laser range finders offered basic features such as measuring distance by meters or yards, a good field of vision, great clarity, and even some offered 6x’s the magnification. With that in mind, we took into consideration that the pricier brands may offer even better features.

These features include everything from a high-quality LCD display measuring yards and meters to the ability to show a vertical or horizontal display. With that said, most high-powered laser range finders that were from a high-quality brand offers a slew of other options. These options include everything from a water-tight and water-resistant housing to an external LCD display or a comfortable foam padded eyepiece. As we said, features were criteria we took into consideration when picking out the best products and our intention was to always offer value for the cost. Now, as another important criterion to keep into consideration, let’s talk about durability and why it is so important.

Laser Range Durability

The last thing that a golfer wants is for their new golf gear item to break in the middle of a game of golf. So, durability was really important when it came to picking out the best product. The reason could not be clearer other than that when an individual is out in nature, you never know what Mother Nature will throw on the course. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that the material that the laser rangefinder was made out of was out of the best materials. Most casings were made from a durable plastic material while some offered a rubber grip to ensure comfort and durability.

Now, one important aspect that we took into consideration was if the laser rangefinder was water resistant or moisture-wicking. For example, some laser range finders were designed with a moisture-wicking design that allowed individuals to use it even during rainy days. While some other laser range finders were designed with a waterproof seal to the point it can be tossed in water and nothing would happen. All of this only adds to the durability, user ability, and comfort of the product.

Laser Range Comfort

As another very important criteria to take into consideration, we wanted to know if the product was comfortable to use. For this, we had to go straight to the consumer and read a lot of reviews about how comfortable and easy for the product to use. First, no individual wants a product that is hard to understand and get to know. Therefore, we had to ensure our readers that these laser range finders were designed with user comfort in mind. With that said, one important aspect we took into consideration was how easy and comfortable it was to use as far as design, learning curve and comfort on the hand.

What we discovered is that all laser range finders are designed with somebody design and hand positioning. However, some have both a vertical and horizontal display, so users can adjust their hand comfort and how they wish to position the rangefinder. With that in mind, another important aspect as far as comfort that we discovered is that some brands offered a single-button system instead of two, for better ease ability and better design quality. All of this together, alongside features and common traits, determined the value and cost of the product, the last criteria we want to share.

Cost And Value

As the last criteria on this list, we cannot skip cost and value. This happens to be our most common criteria because we want to share with our readers that we take into consideration where they are investing their money. Therefore, cost and value are very important for us when considering a product.

What we can say is that these products are expensive as we speak and so, users can expect to pay well over one hundred dollars for a decent one. Our intention was to find the best deals for the price, alongside the occasional product where to some individuals, money is no worry! With that said, users can expect variety and value for the cost of each product that we shared.

How to Pick the Best Product For You?

  • Distance

Most products start at 450 yards for an accurate reading, so you know that it will show you the necessary distance of your shot. The whole point of utilizing one of these products is to provide you an accurate reading, so you know that it will for any shot you have. There are some rangefinders which can go up to a mile, which sounds great, but unless you participate in another activity where you can use these features, then this shouldn’t matter as much. So, determine what, if any other activities, you will use the item for, and then decide upon what the maximum distance is you need. Once you have figured this out, then you can move onto the next step.

  • Size and Weight

There are some that are compact, and some which are bulkier. Although one kind does not perform better than another, the most important aspect to consider with this feature is how it fits in your hands. If you tend to have bigger hands, then you will need a product which is bigger and bulkier. However, you need to ensure you have a secure way of carrying it around within your golf bag, as you won’t be carrying it with you. If you have smaller hands, then going with a more compact version will be important for you. This way, it feels more comfortable in your hands, and the buttons will be easier to access. Make sure you have a rangefinder which fits well within your hands, and if properly balanced by weight.

Other aspects to consider

If you ever do play in a tournament, you will need to have a rangefinder which is USGA approved. If you don’t have that, then you won’t be able to use yours during tournament play, which can mess you up mentally if you start to incorporate the rangefinder within each round you play. If you do not plan on playing within tournaments, then this is not as big of a deal, but it never hurts just in case, as you never know what will happen within the next couple of years.

Having a budget will also help narrow down your search. You should always look at rangefinders which are 15% above your top price, as there will be times they could go on sale. In doing a comparison of these rangefinders to what is within your budget, you can also see if the features or durability available is worth the extra amount of money.

Lastly, you should always take into account the reviews which are left by customers who have used this particular rangefinder you have decided upon. This way, you can see which features do work the way you want, and see if there are any glaring weaknesses which you might not have thought of during your research. In addition to this, you should feel comfortable in leaving your own feedback for others to read, as the review you offer can help others make their own decisions concerning whether or not the rangefinder you have is best for them as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the distance of this laser rangefinder?

A: Now, this is somewhat of a general question to answer. However, for every product, it seems to be the most common. It is important to say that all will share with the consumer and the audience what the range is. With that, they can range from 5 yards to 600 yards, and users should consider that the longer the range, the costlier the product will be. As a safe bet, it is always important to check the product description or ask the manufacturer.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: As another question that is most common, we can see why users want to know if the item is waterproof. The primary reason is that laser rangefinders are not just for the course. They can be used to survey an area, for crossbow hunting, regular hunting, and even fishing. With that said, a waterproof or water-resistant design comes in handy when an individual plans to be in nature all day long and it may rain.

Q: Is the display vertical or horizontal?

A: As another frequently asked question. Most quality laser range finders will offer the LCD display in both a vertical mode and a horizontal mode. With that said, users can expect that it may cost a bit more, but it allows for better viewing and more flexibility. As a measure of security, users should read the product description of the item.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: We can see why this is a frequently asked question! What if you just got yours and discover that it did not last the test of time on the course and after a couple of months it broke. This is how brands get bad reviews! However, most come with either a two-year warranty or a lifetime warranty in the case of accidents or emergencies. What we can say, is that it is always best to secure this with the brand before buying.

Q: Does it have a grip?

A: As the last most frequently asked question, we believe that this one is really important and we can see why users ask it often. Having a grip on any product, especially when that you use when out and about is crucial to the product does not fall out of your hands. With that said, most come with a specialized grip design that is anti-slip even in rainy weather. In any case, even the most basic and simple of laser range finders have some kind of grip design for comfort. Whether it is siding ridges or rubber, brands know the importance of proper grip.


Rather than being frustrated on the golf course because you keep hitting the golf ball short or long, having a laser rangefinder will ensure you hit the ball to the proper spot. Having this tool will help ease some of the mental game, and allow you to have more confidence in your shot. The more confident your shot is, the better you’ll strike the ball and the purer your shot will become. Once you have purchased your golf laser rangefinder, feel free to let us know which one you picked, how it has helped your game and whether or not you would recommend that model. We wish you nothing but success in your next round with your new golf toy!


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