Best Golf Hats Reviewed and Rated for Quality

Here you are, standing on the 18th green.  Your putter has been very ineffective all day today, and now you are staring at a 15-foot putt to close your round out.   Knocking in this putt would give you an emotional boost, and allow you to end this day on an emotional high.  As you stare at the line, your eyes are squinting because of how bright it is outside.  Even with your sunglasses on, the sun has been so bright during your entire round that it has thrown off your putt on each hole.  As you approach your golf ball, you do not feel confident at all with the line you have selected.  You strike the ball, only to see it skirt by the hole, meaning you have yet another 2-putt on this day.  It is at this moment you realize you need to invest in a golf hat.

Featured Recommendations

Wonderful Ivy Gatsby
  • Wonderful Ivy Gatsby
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Traditional Style
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour  Hat
  • Under Armour Hat
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester
  • Price: See Here
Nike Golf Hat
  • Nike Golf Hat
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Water-Repelling
  • Price: See Here

A golf hat will provide you with extra protection from the sun, for both your eyes and the skin on your head and neck area.  It will also ensure your eyes don’t squint as much while on the golf course, allowing you to keep better track of your own golf ball, as well as the golf balls of any of your playing partners.  However, as with everything within the realm of golf, there are options which are good, better and best.  Within this buying guide, we’ll cover some of the most important aspects of any golf hat.  We’ll also offer up some reviews, as well as a guide to help you choose the best one for you and your game.

10 Best Golf Hats

1. Wonderful Fashion Cotton

1. Wonderful Fashion Cotton
Sometimes all a man wants is to look a bit, Gatsby, while swinging a golf club. Yes, this next specialized gold hat happens to be one of the most traditional and quality looking hats in the industry. If you do not want to appeal to the typical golf attire, but instead rather stand out with a quality hat that will turn heads and say, “that is the next winner”, we have the hat for you. Let’s talk about the Wonderful Fashion Cotton Flat Cap Ivy Gatsby hat and what users can expect from this quality daytime golf hat. Here are two important points!
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Traditional Style 

What comes to mind when you think of this hat? Is it the 1920’s, a golf caddy, or a classic cocktail? Either way, this specialized hat happens to be one of the best quality hats in the industry and users will love the quality of the hat and the style. The style, in particular, is an authentic Gatsby style with a lot of classic gentleman’s flair. Every individual that wears this hat will be highly touted for their bold move. With that said, the style is cool, modern, and urban while also keeping the authentic charm that made the Great Gatsby one of the best times of our history.

Many Color Options

When it comes to quality caps, individuals like variety. Therefore, users can expect from this quality hat many style options to choose from. Whether it is an all gray, blue, and even red hat, or a patterned cap with a nature-like style, users will love the many different color options. More so, this hat is designed with quality in mind and every style of the hat was crafted to be comfortable and look appealing. The best part is you can collect them all!

Cost and Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this quality hat, users will appreciate the style quality of the hat. More so, this hat is designed with 100% cotton that makes it extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable. Of course, no individual wants a hat that will break easily. With that in mind, for the price, we consider this one of the best hats available for a golfer that wants a bit of an edge. This may just be your next lucky hat!

Consumers have the option to pick from many different styles.

This golf hat is made from quality and comfortable materials.

A rear elastic band that is adjustable that fits well.

This hat supports a traditional appeal, which most golfers will value and appreciate.

Users will find that this cap is not only soft, it is easy to clean, thanks to being machine washable.


Users have mentioned the hat may run a bit small.

2. Under Armour Blitzing II

2. Under Armour Blitzing II
When it comes to hat brands that rule the industry, this brand is highly touted and known as one of the best. Not only that, they are practically one of the best active gear brands available today. Therefore, users can expect that this hat is going to be a quality design. With that in mind, users can expect a simple style with plenty of comforts. Let’s talk about the Under Armour Men’s Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap and why it is one of the best and worth your consideration. Here are two points to take away!
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HeatGear Sweatband

This manufacturer is known for producing quality products that users will love and appreciate. With that, they tend to innovate the wheel by creating and introducing new ways of making their products better. With this hat in specific, they created the HeatGear Sweatband design that allows for individuals to sweat and the hat will wick away moisture. With that, the design allows for better breathability and comfort.

The Material

The material of this hast is synonymous with many different hat brands in the industry. Users can expect a quality hat that will perform really thanks to the 100% Polyester material. With that, users will enjoy the comfort and also the fact that it is machine washable. With this in mind, we highly recommend this hat for comfort and effective use.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we cannot help but take into consideration the near-perfect track record of this brand. With that, users can expect to pay a bit more considering that it is a name brand that has become a household name within the active gear community. With that said, the price will range depending on the colors and individual picks, the style, and the size, which can get a bit pricey.

This product represents high-quality construction and designs, which golfers will enjoy.

This is one product that was designed to be universal for women and men.

This hat is perfect for an individual that loves all outdoor sports.

Consumers can pick from a wide selection of colors and designs.

There are many different sizes for consumers to select from.

This product is made from one of the most reputable brands in the industry.


This product may be considered pricey by some consumers.

3. Nike Golf Legacy

3. Nike Golf Legacy
We are eager to bring into the mix another name brand that is highly touted and has been running the gamut as one of the best brands in the active gear industry. Specifically designed for gold, this next hat offers a slew of color choices and comfort benefits that one would expect from this quality brand. Let’s talk about the Nike Men’s Golf Legacy Adjustable Hat and what users can expect from this quality hat manufacture today. Let’s begin with the first of two important points worth taking into consideration.
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Ultimate in Comfort

When it comes to quality design and comfort, this brand is known for only using some of the best quality manufacturer products and materials in any industry. With that, users can expect a lightweight and comfortable hat that will not feel too heavy or compressed in the head. With excellent breathability, users will enjoy the comfortable style of this unique golf hat. With that, the one size fits all ensures maximum comfort for an all-day experience.

Dri-Fit Technology

This is known as a soft cap rather than the more rigid baseball-style caps. The reason for this is clear. One, this cap is designed for maximum comfort for golfers that want to spend all day out on the course without worrying their gear will get uncomfortable. Two, the cap is designed with a moisture-wicking and breathable technology also known as, Dri-Fit Technology by Nike. This allows users to wear the cap all day long and not get hot. It allows users to sweat and not worry about potential damage to the hat.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular hat, we cannot help but keep in mind that it is manufactured by one of the best brands in the industry. With that alone, users can expect that the hat will cost a pretty penny. However, for quality, we believe it is completely worth it. With that said, users can expect a slew of options, color choices, and many different styles of this cap. Now, is it worth it? We believe that if you are a fan of this manufacturer and want to show your support, of course. However, you can also get the same quality from lesser known cap manufactures.

This is a quality product that all golfers will value and appreciate each use.

This specific hat was designed to withstand months and even years of extensive golfing and other outdoor sports.

Consumers may choose from different colors, all which are bright and vibrant at no cost difference.

Given the producer of the hat, it's assumed that this hat is made from a high-quality design and high-quality materials.

Thanks to the unique properties of the materials, the color and design will not fade over time.

The unique design of the hat is infused with breathability to reduce moisture buildup and odors.


This is a hat that can get pricey for some golfers.

4. Ted and Jack Street

4. Ted and Jack Street
Following the classy footsteps of other hats on this list, we want to talk about another quality cap that although is a bit more subdued, will still turn heads the next day you are out on the course. To match your striped shorts and high-quality golf polo, we want to talk about the Ted and Jack Easy Traditional Newsboy Cap, a step towards a classier golf experience. What can users expect from this cap? Here are two important points about this quality hat!
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Modern Style

Once again, this cap is known for its style quality. It has a lot of old-world charm with modern style. Consumers will love the striking roofline of the cap that fits perfectly on top of the head without being too bulky. More so, the hat is designed with quality in mind so the style is both universal and appealing. Users will love the Newsboy look with the traditional flair that made this hat the go-to cap back in the day. Bring out your inner Gatsby look with this hat and win the next gold tournament against your buddies!

Fits Comfortably

No golfer or even hat user wants to wear a hat that will fall off with a simple blow of the wind or fit too tight on the head. With that in mind, this cap is designed to fit comfortably and offer one of the most comfortable design styles available today. Users will not even notice the cap is on and with that, they can wear this wonderful sports cap all day long. For a comfortable fit that is traditional and appealing, we recommend this gold cap.

Cost And Value

It is time to talk about the cost and the value of the hat. Considering that it has much of the same design elements of the last cap we just talked about, we would expect the price to ring around the same field. It does! However, the price does range differently depending on the color and style of the cap, unlike a fixed price. With that in mind, users can still expect to pay the same price they would for a regular day cap or baseball cap. Now, for all-day style and comfort, we think it is considered a great bargain.

This product represents a high-quality style that all golfers can appreciate.

What makes this hat so popular is the unique, urban feel while also being universal.

The newsboy cap has become synonymous with the Gatsby look.

The materials used in construction are durable, helping the hat to withstand many years of use.

Consumers can pick from a wide selection of designs and colors.

Thanks to the soft materials, this hat is comfortable for all-day use.

This hat comes with a cost-friendly price tag.


Users have mentioned that if it gets dirty, it might be hard to remove stains.

5. Voberry

5. Voberry
Let’s talk about a different kind of gold hat. This next golf hat is not just a hat, it is a piece of golf gear that users will want to bring everywhere. For the more enthusiastic sportsman, this golf hat is both quality and sportiness in one neat package. With many different style options to choose from, let’s talk about the Voberry Men and Women Snapback Cap, a unisex quality cap that users will tout and appreciate. Here are two important points to take into consideration!
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The Material

This hat is designed with comfort, quality, and durability in mind. We can see this clearly due to the quality materials the hat Is made out of. In fact, the material of the hat is designed for quick-dry comfort, so it does not soak in a lot of water. It is also breathable, so users do not get terribly hot as they would a cotton hat, and the design boasts a comfortable mesh look that allows for airflow and durability. With that in mind, this is the ideal outdoor sports cap for users that want quality and style.

Sunscreen Hat

Now, this cap does have a mesh and breathable top part of the hat around the head. However, the area of the hat that sits on top of the eyes is completely sealed so the sun does not hit an individual’s eyes. With that, the hat is designed to offer maximum protection against the rays of the sun so users can focus on the game without being distracted. With that in mind, users will love and tout the fact that they get these same benefits no matter the color that they choose.

Cost And Value

As one of the most important aspects of picking out a hat, we are eager to talk about cost and value. In fact, what do you think this specialized quality sun-blocking cap cost? Consumers are pleasantly surprised that for all of this value, the cap is only about half the price of what we have shared today. Yes, the cap is priced to sell quickly. In fact, why not get two? For the value, users can expect quality, durability, breathability, and comfort. We highly recommend it!

Most golfers have touted the impressive and fashionable design.

This is made from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry today.

This hat is designed in a unisex style, meaning both men and women can enjoy this hat.

The consumer can select from an assortment of colors, designs, and sizes.

This hat was infused with quick-dry technology to eliminate the risk of moisture building up.

This is a great cap for individuals that love to play golf in any type of weather, sunny or rainy.

Thanks to the breathable top-layer, this hat is great for all-day wear.


Some golfers have mentioned that the materials feel cheap.

6. ELLEWIN Summer Quick Dry

6. ELLEWIN Summer Quick Dry
Let’s talk about another quality hat that offers a unique quick dry technology feature that golfers and sports enthusiasts will love. With many different color choices to choose from, an individual will tout and appreciate the quality of this hat. This hat is designed with quality in mind meant to last the test of time. If you are looking for a sporty hat with plenty of fun flair, this is it. Let’s talk about the ELLEWIN Summer Quick Dry hat and what users can expect from this quality golf cap.
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The Material

Sometimes we are so excited to share a product with our readers that we want to take up the sport just to be able to use it. This cap is designed with one of the best materials when it comes to breathability and quick-drying benefits. The 100% Polyester Mesh is easy to clean, dry quickly, offers loads of breathability, and is flexible enough for an all-day comfort. Users will appreciate this type of comfort and will not have to worry about getting too hot on bright sunny days.

Adjustable Design

When it comes to quality caps, users should expect quality features. This happens to be one of those quality features. This cap is designed with quality in mind and users will appreciate one of the best benefits of this cap, the adjustable strap design. The design allows individuals to easily adjust the cap to fit their head without worry that it will be too tight or too loose. More so, the cap is designed to stay comfortable on top of an individual head so they do not have to worry about it falling off.

Cost And Value

Let’s take cost and value into consideration for this hat. When we look at the fact that it is made to last, made to withstand a bit of rain, designed for breathable comfort, and designed to look aesthetically pleasing in rain or show, we can see a lot of value in this particular cap and the manufacturer. With that in mind, users will appreciate that despite the many benefits, it is priced to be one of the best cost-effective caps in the industry today. We believe that the cost and value work in perfect harmony so individuals get exactly what they are paying for.

This is a quality golfing hat that golfers will enjoy wearing during each experience.

This is one of the most comfortable hats on our list, thanks to the quality of the adjustable strap.

This hat was designed to minimize the buildup of moisture, which can be seen from the polyester mesh and quick-drying technology.

Consumers can pick from different colors, offering an added degree of personalization.

The six-panel design is enhanced for durability and comfort.

This hat was designed for both men and women.


Users have mentioned that individuals need to be careful with the mesh or it may rip if caught on something.

7. Headsweats HDSW01 Race

7. Headsweats HDSW01 Race
It is time to bring back the authentic race hat sportsman cap look. As a great golf cap for individual looking for simplistic style and traditional appeal, we are eager to share this next cap with you. This is the Headsweats HDSW01 race Hat, a quality cap designed for a comfortable all day wearable experience. Let’s look at two points that users should be aware of before buying this hat. Let’s begin!
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Two-Great Breathable Benefits

Thanks to the material of the hat, which is 100% polyester, users will be pleased with the two breathable benefits of the hat. The first one is that it is moisture-wicking, meaning if an individual sweats the hat will not be ruined, and if it begins to rain, the hat will not soak in the same amount of water as they normally would. The second great benefit is that the manufacturer has designed the hat with a CoolMax Terry Sweatband that allows for perfect breathability all day. Therefore, on hot and sunny days, users can still get the benefit of their eyes being covered against the sun without the worry of their head getting too hot.

Machine Washable

This happens to be one of the best benefits of quality-built hats and we are eager to share that this one is machine washable. The fear of non-machine washable hats is that if they get stained, the stain may ruin the hat. Also, if an individual washes the hat, the fear is that the hat will be ruined. Not with this particular manufacturer, users can expect that the quality of the hat is great enough to withstand the test of the time and the many machine cycles that it may go through. With that, we recommend individuals read the washing instruction before washing it.

Cost And Value

Let’s take cost and value into consideration for this particular hat. We can say that the quality of the hat happens to be one of the best and we believe users will tout and appreciate the hat aesthetic appeal and the material. With that said, it is price effective and sits right around the same range as other hat manufactures. Therefore, we highly recommend it if you are an individual looking for simplistic quality alongside comfort and minimal appeal.

This hat was made from 100% polyester materials, which is great for breathability and comfortability.

Given the material used in construction, this hat is great for handling both wear and tear.

This hat was designed with moisture-wicking benefits and properties.

The quick-dry technology infused into the product is great for minimizing the buildup of sweat.

There are numerous color choices for consumers to pick from.

This hat is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the machine washable feature.

There is a black under visor, which is great to reduce glare on the course.


Golfers that have used this product have mentioned that it may run a bit larger than anticipated.

8. Travis Matthew B-Bahamas

8. Travis Matthew B-Bahamas
When it comes to quality, durability, and simplistic style, no brand does it better than this one. As the next cap on the list, we believe this hat is designed for collectors and golfers that want to share their passion for Travis Mathew. We want to share the quality of the Travis Mathew B-Bahamas Golf Cap and what makes it one of the best. For daily inspiration while on the course and quality style, this is the perfect cap for golfers. Let’s talk about this hat and what makes it worth your consideration.
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Flex Back Design

This cap offers a flex back design, which not only is extremely comfortable but also allows for the cap to look as minimally designed as possible. With the flex back design individuals trust that the hat will fit comfortably while also not having the odd look of a snap or buckle design. This design element makes this cap urbaner than traditional golf or sports caps, and it also makes the hat more appealing. With that in mind, the flex back adjusts to your head and with four different sizes to choose from, users can trust there are a style and size perfectly fitted to each individual.

100% Polyester Material

The material of the hat is what also adds to the quality of the cap, the cap is made from 100% polyester, which adds to the quality of the cap and makes it both breathable, but easy to clean and comfortable to wear. With that in mind, this material is synonymous with many different that manufactures because it happens to be one of the most comfortable and easy materials to clean. Alongside this, the hat offers an icon logo in the front and a signature design in the back so fans can wear it proud!

Cost And Value

When it comes to cost and value, the reality is that what brings up the value of a hat is the manufacturer, their fame, and what they stand for. With that in mind, this particular cap offers much of the same benefits as caps that are about half the price. However, it is the maker behind the cap that brings up the value. If you don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks and want to wear your fan-roots proud, we highly recommend this hat for quality and comfort.

This is one of the best-designed caps for avid golfers and fans.

This hat represents a clean and underrated design, which golfers will thoroughly enjoy.

There are minimal design elements in this hat, making it simple and easy.

This hat was designed with flex back, making it easy to adjust and fit.

There are a wide variety of colors for consumers to pick from at the time of placing an order.

This hat is easy to clean and maintain.

This golf product is great for avoiding the buildup of sweat, thanks to breathable materials.


This may be considered somewhat pricey for certain individuals.

9. Oakley Golf Ellipse

9. Oakley Golf Ellipse
This next cap can easily be seen as a fan favorite. In fact, this brand can compete with many industry professionals and is known as one of the best active gear brands out there. With that said, we wanted to change it up by introducing another quality brand with a different style. Let’s talk about the Oakley Men’s Golf Ellipse Hat and what users can expect from this quality cap. Here are two points to take into consideration if you like the style of this cap.
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Breathable Design

When users are out in the sun all day long, they want gear that is lightweight, breathable, and can withstand the pressures of the day. With that, this is one of the best outdoor sports caps and hats for individuals that want a breathable design and UV protection. With this design, users can expect quality and assurance that they will be protected all day long while out and about in the sun.

100% Polyester

The reason that it is breathable is that of the 100% polyester material that is used. With that, the cap also is very lightweight and easy to wear all day long. Therefore, users rarely feel the pain and pressure that comes from wearing a cap all day long. With that, one of the best benefits of 100% polyester is that it is also machine washable. With this in mind, we can say it is designed to withstand the test of time.

Cost And Value

As we talk about cost and value, we cannot help but compare this hat to many other industry professionals on this list. Now, what brings up the price is the name brand alone. However, is it worth it for the price? Well, there are many different brands that offer the same quality for half the price. What tends to happen is that individuals trust the quality of this manufacture, and because of that, paying a bit extra is no problem. We believe, that for the style and the benefit, it is worth it.

This hat is made from one of the most popular brands in the industry today, boasting a positive reputation and excellent designs.

This product was designed to withstand the test of time.

Thanks to the unique design and materials, this golf hat does a great job at UV protection.

This hat can be worn all day long and golfers will feel minimal discomfort.

There are numerous options offered by this trusted brand for consumers to pick from.

This product can be washed in the washer machine.

This golf hat was designed with breathable materials to help prevent the build-up of sweat.


This golf hat can be considered a bit pricey for some golfers.

10. Adidas Tour Mesh

10. Adidas Tour Mesh
This next hat is designed as a quality cap for users that are a fan of nature and golf. With a camo design, the Adidas Tour Mesh Camouflage Fitted Golf Hat comes from one of the best active gear companies in the world. With that, we can safely bet that this hat is quality. We are eager to share with our readers to important points about this hat and what we have found out from our research. Let’s begin!
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Mesh Design In The Back

When it comes to wearing a cap all day long, users not only want comfort, they want breathability. With that, we can say that this cap is comfortable enough to be worn all day long. In fact, it is designed as an all-day cap thanks to the mesh design in the back. The mesh design allows users to have the benefit of a breathable hat while the front looks intact. The mesh fits perfectly with the camo look as well for an all-natural style and look users will enjoy.

100% Polyester

Another great benefit of this hat is the material that it is made from. As we have discussed, polyester is designed for lightweight breathability and functionality. With that in mind, users can expect that the hat is perfect to be worn all day long and can withstand the test of time. In fact, polyester is extremely durable so users can switch between golfing and hiking with this hat. However, for golfing, the camo look and style give it a more relaxed and authentic feel.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we can say that this is one of the best quality hats available today if golfers are wanting a more relaxed style. The style and color choices is not for everyone, but we wanted to include a hat that users would enjoy and believe was comfortable enough for an all-day wear. What we can say is we highly recommend it for the comfort and breathability factor. More so, the cost is not as high as other name brands on this list.

This is a high-quality golf cap that is comfortable enough for 18-holes.

The manufacturer designed this hat with a mesh backside for enhanced breathability.

This hat models a style unseen by other brands, thanks to the quality 6-panel design.

Golfers will enjoy knowing that this hat is easy to clean.

The FlexFit design was used in this hat to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Most golfers will take pride in knowing they are wearing a hat from this reputable brand.


Some golfers may not like the camouflage look of this golf hat.

So, when you are out on the golf field, what is your next golf hat? We were eager to bring this list to our many passionate readers that want quality over quantity. These hats are all somewhat different while having much of the same aspects that we look for in many of our products: quality and style. Whether you are a more traditional cap kind of person or want to look spiffy and neat while out on the golf course, we can ensure you will find the best cap for you on this list.

With that in mind, we believe all of the caps here are designed for perfect style and functionality. Whether you want a breathable design or a lightweight unique look, it is time to express yourself on the golf course as the next winner! We hope you have found a quality hat and feel free to share with us which one was your favorite. With that in mind, let’s move onto the favorite part of some of our readers, the criteria, and FAQ. For the many questions you and many other people are asking, we share below how we pick out the best hats as well as what people want to know about each cap.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Golf Hats


When it comes to such a vital sport or hobby such as golf, individuals that are passionate about the sport consider it a lifestyle. With that, we feel that to stay true to the integrity of sport we wanted to share the best products and gear that would enhance the individual’s passion, sport, hobby, and overall golf lifestyle. With that, every product that we write goes into heavy consideration before including it on the list. How does it make the cut?

Well, every product goes through a criteria process. This criteria process is developed beforehand and ensures that we pick out the best of each product. Before we begin even looking at products we develop what we consider the best features, quality elements, and thinks to look out for from each individual product. Then, shortly after the search process begins. Why do we do this? So, you don’t have to! The last thing a golfer fan wants to do is spend hours inside when they could be spending hours outside. Therefore, we do the research for you!

Now, without any further wait, we want to share with you the criteria that were used to pick out the best one for you. Let’s begin with the quality of the hat and why it is so important.

Quality of The Hat

The quality of the hat is what we consider every pillar that makes up the criteria put into one. The quality of the hat is extremely important because without it individuals will not trust the durability nor the brand itself. Now, how is quality determined? Well, we focus on the overall brands quality, the materials that the hat is made out of, the durability of the hat, the style of the hat, and overall, what people say about that particular golf hat. With this in mind, we want to ensure our viewers and readers that each hat was designed with quality in mind.

Lastly, the reason we take the importance of quality into heavy consideration is not just because of the cost, but because a quality golf hat is also used to block the sun from the eyes and protect an individual against the sun or rain.

History of The Brand

When we started this list, we realized that the history of each brand was extremely important. The reason being is that each brand has a tale to tell as to why they develop such products and why they should be considered as an individual’s ‘go-to’ golf brand. With that in mind, the history of the brand says a lot about the brand and the products that they offer. Therefore, we concluded that this was a vital criterion to include just because it would add more credibility to the brand itself and the products that they offer.

With that in mind, individuals will notice that almost every brand they know very well. Maybe not by history, but surely by name. These brands include Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

Durability and Materials

Now, this is what we call the meat and potatoes of a hat. This was obviously one of the most important criteria that we had to include. The reason being that no individual wants to buy a cheap quality hat that will break within hours of use. More so, the durability and materials have to withstand the elements that an individual will be encountering. Whether you are looking for a mesh hat, a quality visor, or a cotton hat, all golf hats should be designed to withstand the test of time, and that was our focus.

Now, what determines the durability? Well, the materials! Therefore, we took heavy focus into the materials that the hats were made from. For example, we had to ask questions such as: Will the material fade in the sun? Will be the material be damaged by rain? Is the material machine washable? Can the material handle the extreme heat? Does the material block out heat? All of this together formed the criteria we call, Durability and Materials.

Which leads us to another extremely important criteria!


Breathability is crucial when picking out the right golf gear. No individual wants to focus on golfing and be distracted by extreme heat. With that, the hats that we wanted to share we wanted to include some form of breathability into it. Whether the hats had a mesh back or a mesh cutout, we wanted to ensure that individuals will be comfortable all day long.

Now, not all the hats have a mesh breathable design. However, they are designed to be comfortable enough that an individual can wear them all day long. This was important to us and we knew that it is important to the sport.

Colors and Sizes

Now, this is where picking out the best hats really got fun. What we really enjoy about this process is finding the perfect balance of all criteria’s and all-important elements that we know our viewers are looking for. When it comes to design, we know that golfers want to express themselves, their talent, skill, and what makes them unique.

With that, we wanted to include brands that would appeal to both urban golfers and traditional golfers. We wanted to include a wide range of colors and styles so individuals can feel that they had a medley of choices to choose from. However, there was another aspect that was even more important than that, size.

We knew that the sizes of that hat were crucial for the comfort of individuals. Therefore, you will notice that many of the hats range in size or have an adjustable back strap. This not only adds an element of comfort, but it also adds value to the individual.

Design and Appeal

The design of the hat was another really important aspect of the heat. Design-wise, there are many different types of golf hats. There are trucker cap styles. There are visor styles. There is wrap around hats. There are cotton, mesh, and other hats with a different blend of materials. Therefore, we took into heavy consideration the importance of the design and the appeal of the hat.

Cost And Value

All of these different elements together not only form the criteria, but they also form what is eventually the cost and value of the hat. Of course, and we include this many time in our reviews. Value has to dance with cost and offer individuals more than they are buying. With that, we wanted to ensure that each hat could pass the value test to see whether or not it was worth the cost. To pass the value test each hat needs to have positive reviews, offer a unique style that users will love, not be too costly, and be designed to withstand the test of time.

With that said, we can guarantee our viewers that each hat is designed with quality in mind and they will not be disappointed with the hats that are on this list.

Type of Golf Hat

  • Baseball-Style Hat

The most common type of hat you will see on a golf course is one which is designed to match what a baseball player would wear.  There is a reason for this, as baseball players have to deal with the sun on an everyday basis while playing in stadiums which have open roofs, and this is the design they have found to be best to protect their eyes from the sun.  Although with golf you are not swinging at a ball which is coming directly at you, you still need to have a way for your eyes to stay open and clear.  Any bright lights which your eyes have to deal with will hinder your ability to hit the golf ball; remember, there are many moving parts from your body when it comes to hitting a golf ball, and having your eyes open is a key component to being successful on the golf course.  If you are swinging your club blindly at the golf ball, the ball will very rarely go in the direction you desire.

Having a Baseball-Style hat will ensure your eyes are protected from all angles.  The bill of the cap is one that is flexible, so you can bend it as much or as little as you want.  And although most of these kinds of hats are fitted in today’s market, many manufacturers offer a large variety of sizes.  It is important that you find a hat which will fit on your head securely, and not twist and turn on you while you are on the course.

The one major downfall of having a fitted cap is that not much air gets to escape.  Science tells us that we lose a majority of your body heat thru our head, and if you are wearing a hat which then traps that heat within the top of your head, your head will become very sweaty very quickly, which could irritate you even further.  Most of these styles of hats are made from a cotton or polyester material, but because of the way they are woven, they are not very breathable.

  • Visor

Having a Visor as a hat will still give you the benefits of what a Baseball-Style hat will offer you, but it also allows your head to breath, as there are no barriers preventing heat from escaping thru the top of your head.  This will allow you to stay cool and comfortable while out on the golf course during a hot, sunny day.  Plus, the band on the visor is adjustable, so you can be assured that your visor will fit you now, as well as in the future, even if your head does become a little bit bigger or smaller.  However, the drawback on a visor is that the strap which is used to hold the visor on can be uncomfortable, especially across the top of your ears.  Plus, the visor will not provide you protection across all parts of your head and neck area, only the parts that the visor covers.  Overall, visors are more lightweight and are great for days when it is hot and sunny out; it is just a feel and a look you need to get used to having.

  • Straw Hat

A look which was made famous by such golfers as Chi Chi Rodriguez and Greg Norman, the hat combines the positive attributes of both the baseball style hat and the visor.  It will provide you protection from the sun, for your eyes as well as your forehead and neck area.  In addition, this kind of hat is not too tight to where it will keep heat from escaping.  This type of hat will provide you with the most protection out of any style of hat, while also making sure you do not stay too hot during the warmer days of summer.  The most obvious detraction of this hat is that it will not be very comfortable for some people.  Because it is made out of actual straw, it can rub up against your head and cause some irritation. Just like the baseball style hat, this is not a one that fits all style, as there is no good way to adjust the size of the straw hat.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a hat which will fit your head well.

No matter which style of hat you end up purchasing, you should always ensure you test the hat out before you buy it, so you know whether or not it will be comfortable.  Only wearing it for a few seconds will not tell you how it will do while you are on the golf course.  There is no shame in wearing a hat, and then going to take a few practice swings in that hat.  This way, you can get a feel of how the hat will do while you are in your swing, and how snug it is on your head.  Having a hat is useless if it does not stay on your head, so make sure you have a hat which will serve its intended purpose.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the hat water or moisture resistant?

A: One of the most common questions, when it came to individuals wondering about a specific hat, is if the hat was water our moisture resistant. With that in mind, many hat brands will include a water-resistant or moisture wicking material more for outdoor hats. Golf hats tend to be made more with durability and comfort in mind. Therefore, most golf hats are cotton or made for comfort. Now, if a hat is moisture wicking you can expect that the brand will definitely share it with their viewers as it is a great way to bring in more consumers.

Q: Is the hat breathable?

A: This may be one of the most important aspects of a golf hat. Since individuals are estimated to be out on the golf course 3+ hours at a time, a proper golf hat will be designed with breathability in mind. With that said, individuals can expect that if the hat is breathable it will include some form of a breathable mesh material that will allow for air flow to reach the scalp. Most importantly, the material will be durable enough to handle sweat and plenty of ware and tare. This breathable material also enhances the comfort of the hat.

Q: Can you adjust the hat size?

A: Still speaking about comfort, one extremely important aspect of a proper golf hat is whether or not the hat can be adjusted in size. Most manufacturers create and manufacturer some form of an adjustable strap in the back. Whether it is a clip-on strap or a strap that includes a buckle design, this enhances the value and durability of the hat. Individuals then have no fear or problem buying a hat, knowing the can adjust it to fit the comfort of their head. With that in mind, there are also varying hat sizes for women, men, and kids.

Q: Is the hat soft or hard?

A: This lastly is one of the most asked questions when it comes to picking out the right hat. Now, individuals in golf want comfort but they also want durability and functionality. Buying a really soft that runs the risk of the hat not functioning properly or working well. With that in mind, individuals that want a golf hat want to know if it is soft or hard. If it is soft, it is most likely made of a cotton or spandex type of material. If it is hard it may be made of a performance fabric that is designed for ware and tare, it all depends on the style of the hat.


The next time you find yourself on the green, and struggling to read how a putt is going to break because of how much glare there is from the sun, you will know that you should invest in a golf hat.  A golf hat is not an accessory which needs to be worn for every round.  There are some days where the sun is not very bright when you are out, or the clouds can create a day of overcast.  However, having the right golf hat is vital for those days where the sun is at its brightest, and you need to have your eyes in full focus and not squinting.  This could be the difference between you shooting an okay round and shooting a great round.  Studies have shown that more strokes are lost on the greens than anywhere else on the golf course, which means your eyes need to be in full focus while on the green. Be careful to match your golf hat with your golf shoes and remain stylish. A golf hat can ensure your eyes are fully protected, while also providing you with great protection for the rest of your head and neck area from the UV rays of the sun.

Once you have purchased your new golf hat, please let us know which one you chose and why you picked the one you did.  We wish you nothing but success in your future rounds of golf and good luck on finding the right golf hat for golfing needs!


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