Best Golf Club Cleaners Reviewed & Rated for Quality

As far as of golf gear, having the right equipment ensures longevity and proper performance. However, there is another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration to ensure proper performance and quality and that is taking care of the item. For golfers that want to ensure the longevity and construction value of their clubs, woods, drivers, etc. we can say that having a quality and one of a kind groove cleaner and club cleaner make life a whole lot easier.

Featured Recommendations

  • TruGroove
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Aircraft Aluminum Body
  • Price: See Here
  • Stixx
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Spikes
  • Price: See Here
Groove Tube
  • Groove Tube
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Price: See Here

Not only that but not properly cleaning your club can cause diminished performance on the field. If the club is not clean an individual will not be able to perform properly, use the item properly and the club will not work effectively. Think of this, what type of contact would a club head and ball have if in between is a whopping piece of mud? Not a good one! With that in mind, we want to share the top ten best golf club cleaners that an individual can buy today. Let’s begin with club cleaner number one!


10 Best Golf Club Cleaners


1. TruGroove

1. TruGroove
When it comes to having properly cleaned golf clubs, it is important to have the right gear that will not scratch or harm your golf clubs. With that in mind, we want to share the first quality item on this list designed to keep safe your golf clubs and keep then clean all through the year. This is the TruGroove Golf Club Cleaner. Here are two unique features of this cleaner.
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Regrove Ability

When it comes to a golf club, after long-term wear and tear, the golf club grooves may fade. This is when individuals tend to replace their golf clubs. Don’t replace with this particular brand, regroove them. The groove sharpener allows individuals to extend the longevity of their golf clubs.

Aircraft Aluminum Body

When it comes to an item such as this, the right material quality is what ensures longevity and durability. With that in mind, we can say that this is one of the best-designed cleaners in the industry. This particular cleaner comes with an aircraft aluminum body design that is intended for masterful durability and exceptional quality, so it can be taken anywhere and withstand the test of time.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this item, we can say that this is one of the best golf club cleaners in the industry for the price. It is not only 4.5+ stars, it has thousands of positive reviews and it is 100% USA made. For your next golfing trip, this is the best golf club cleaner to get today.
  • Different color choices available from blue to yellow, red, and silver.
  • Allows you to extend the life of your golf clubs.
  • Complies with the R&A regulations.
  • Complies with USGA regulations.
  • Works with U-grooves.
  • Difficult to tell if they improve the spin rate of the ball upon impact.

2. Stixx

2. Stixx
Now that we have introduced what a groove cleaner is for, let’s talk about another type of cleaner that has brass bristle and plenty of great cleaning options. This is the Stixx Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner and it is highly touted with 4.5+ stars and plenty of positive reviews. Here are two unique features of this particular golf club cleaner.
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Nylon Bristles and Brass Bristles

When it comes to cleaning your golf equipment, the right material is detrimental to ensure that the product can withstand the test of time. With that said, you do not want to use cheap items that can scratch or harm your equipment. With that said, this brand has constructed a two-part brush that has brass bristles for cleaning irons as well as nylon bristles for cleaning woods.

The Spikes

One other great benefit of this particular brush is that it comes with a spike end. The spike end is used to clean golf shoes. With this end, an individual can easily clean off their golf shoes and remove any dirt or grass for their shoes.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we can say that this is one of the best-designed all-in-one cleaning tools in the golf community. The brush is high quality, the design is easy to use, it is multi-functional and offers plenty of benefits. It is perfect to be carried with you in your golf club set. What is also most surprising is the price, making it one of the most affordable tools in the industry.
  • Quality cleaning tool with multi-use functionality.
  • Clean your golf shoes and golf clubs.
  • Zip-line cord for easy use and storage.
  • Heavy-duty clip to attach to golf bag.
  • High-quality design and very durable.
  • Plenty of positive reviews.
  • Individuals have mentioned that the spike may break off after too much use.

3. Ace Golf

3. Ace Golf
As the next cleaner on this list, we are eager to share a high quality and multi-functional cleaner with plenty of handy tools. Think of this as the must-have tool on any golf course. Let’s talk about the Ace Golf Golf Brush and Club cleaner and two unique features that individuals can expect from this high-quality cleaner.
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2-Feet Zipline

One of the best benefits of this particular cleaner is that it has a two-foot zip line design with a clip that is highly durable. The clip allows for the functionality that an individual can easily place the clip on a golf stand bag and use it to clean any item they need.

Clip on Cover

One of the best benefits of this particular brush is that it also comes with a clip-on cover. With the clip on the cover an individual can cover the bristles and the groove pick when not in use and be able to store the brush away without worry that it will get damaged. With that in mind, this feature extends the livelihood of the brush and allows the owner to travel and store it anywhere.

Cost And Value

When it comes to the price and the value of this item, it is slightly more expensive than most but it has a quality design that makes it ideal for everyday use. With that said, it has 4.5+ stars and individuals tout it as one of the best. For the price, individuals are guaranteed to get quality and durability in one simple package.
  • High quality and durable design.
  • 2-feet clip line for easy positioning.
  • Wire bristles are very durable.
  • Nylon bristles for cleaning woods.
  • Groove pick for cleaning groves and 2 spare picks.
  • Clip-on cover for easy storing.
  • Individuals have mentioned that the retractable wire gets stuck sometimes.

4. Frogger Golf BrushPro

4. Frogger Golf BrushPro
As the cleaner on this list, we have to say that this happens to be one of the top quality brands in the industry. Not only do they create quality items such as golf sticks, they also create functional items such as cleaners and more. With that said, we want to talk about the Frogger Golf Brush Pro retractable Dual-Bristle Cleaner and the two unique features that individuals can expect from this cleaner.
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The Nylon Brush

When it comes to the design of this particular item, individuals are guaranteed to receive a high-quality nylon brush. The nylon brush is durable and it is specially designed to handle a lot of scrubbing and cleaning with a densely populated thin bristle system.

Replaceable Design

This happens to be one of the most unique features of this particular item compared to many other cleaners we have shared. This one, in particular, comes with replacement parts where an individual can replace the brush heads, the retractor, and the groove cleaners. With a design such as this, this can stay in the family for years to come.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value, we can say that this is one of the best cleaners on this list. Not only is the brand highly touted and trusted, it is one of the most durable. Everything from the easy grip handle to the strength of the bristles makes this an excellent choice. We highly recommend it for the price, which is slightly above average.
  • Ergonomic handle design with easy grip.
  • 2.5-foot retractable cord with clop.
  • Bronze groove cleaner.
  • Superior patented combo brush head technology.
  • Effective cleaning design.
  • The carabiner plastic clip is somewhat cheap.

5. Groove Tube

5. Groove Tube
As the next golf club cleaner on this list, this cleaner is nowhere near as aesthetically design and innovative as the last ones on this list, but it is still worth your consideration if you want a quality golf club cleaner. Let’s talk about the simple design of the Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner and what individuals can expect from this particular cleaner.
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Simple Cleaning System

The particular design of this cleaning system is quite simple. In fact, the tube cleaner stores water in a leakproof container tube that can be squeezed out of a hole in the brush portion of the cleaner. With that said, it makes it easy for individuals to properly clean their clubs, remove mud, dirt, and other debris.

Lightweight Design

This particular golf club cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. Although it is not as lightweight or innovative as other cleaners on this list, it is highly durable and very functional. With that in mind, the item can get slightly heavier one water is added to the reservoir. With a simple attachment system, it can be loaded quickly and used right away.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we were pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive this item is. Of course, it does not have the nifty features of other cleaners, but it is still highly durable and worth the consideration. With an easy-release clip, an individual can take it anywhere.
  • Quality simple club cleaning simple.
  • Priced very affordable.
  • Large nylon bristles to clean clubs.
  • Attached to any golf cart bag and has a quick-release clip.
  • Lightweight design and easy to add water.
  • Maybe a bit heavy when water is added.
  • Not as many features as other cleaners.

6. Ace Golf Brush Set

6. Ace Golf Brush Set
Now that we introduced different quality golf groove cleaners in this list, we want to share a quality club groove cleaner that is designed with masterful quality and craftsmanship. The Ace Golf Brush Club Groove Set may be the best set with everything an individual will need to easy and effortlessly clean their clubs and golf equipment. Here are two unique features.
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The Brush

This particular set includes the Ace Golf Brush that we shared before. This particular brush happens to be one of the best that we have shared so far. It has a grip handle design with innovative bristles and even a clip on cover to protect the item. With that in mind, the brush alone is worth an individual's consideration when it comes to this item.

Different Choices

When it comes to quality sets, this brand has many different options to choose from. In fact, this set comes in a red deluxe package as well as a green and pick deluxe package. The difference is that the color of the set and items changes depending on what an individual desires.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration for this set, we believe this happens to be one of the best-designed items on this list. Not only does an individual get a quality brush, but they also receive convenient tools that will help extend the life of their golf equipment. Although the price is slightly above a regular quality brush, it is still a great quality set, even as a gift.
  • Quality set design with different color choices.
  • The brush is high quality and highly durable.
  • Plenty of positive reviews.
  • 2 feet 7-inch retractable zip line design.
  • Groove sharpener included.
  • Pivot tool as a bonus.
  • Individuals have mentioned that the pieces are smaller than expected.

7. Club Cleans Kraft

7. Club Cleans Kraft
Now that we have talked about different cleaners, we want to upgrade this list by sharing what some consider America's Original No. 1 Club and Ball Cleaner. This cleaner is masterfully designed to efficiently clean your balls, clubs, and everything in between. Here are two unique features to consider about this item.
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Enhance Gameplay

This particular ball cleaner allows for every dirt, spec of dust, and a piece of mud to be cleaned from the grooves of a club and the ball. With that in mind, this enhanced system allows for better gameplay by providing better ball flight, a cleaner club groove, and better backspin when golfing.

Re-Use Plug

This particular golf club and ball cleaner comes with a reusable drain plug. The drain plug is where individuals can easily remove all dirty water, dirt, and dust from the reservoir. This type of system makes it easy for an individual to use the club cleaner in no time.

Cost And Value

This particular club cleaner is different than most. Due to the quality design, it is actually more costly than most club cleaners but is known to be one of the most efficient and durable. With that said, we highly recommend it for its innovative patented design that is used by golfers all around the globe. It may not be for everyone, but it is a great quality item.
  • High quality and trusted ball cleaner.
  • Can effortlessly clean your clubs and balls.
  • Different color choices to choose from.
  • Easy mount system with universal mounting bracket.
  • Single chamber design for ease of use.
  • One of the most costly cleaning systems in the industry.

8. Yoport

8. Yoport
Since we changed it up a bit, now we want to share the Yoport Golf Club brush and Club Groove Cleaner. The particular design of this item is standard among many cleaning brushes but it is highly praised for the quality and simple use. Here are two unique design features of this brush.
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The Handle

When it comes to cleaning a golf club, individuals can agree that it can be a tedious task where your hands may get tired. With that said, we can say that the design of this particular golf club makes it easy for individuals to clean effortlessly without their hands hurting. The grip handle design makes it easy for individuals to spend hours cleaning.

Double-Brush Design

It seems that this design is synonymous among many brushes in the industry. This one brush also has a double-sided design with wire bristles and nylon bristles. This design element allows individuals to clean the brush all day long. Clean woods or clean irons with this easy brush design.

Cost And Value

This brush is slightly less expensive than most brushes on this list, in part because the brand is not as knowledgeable as most. With that in mind, we can say that it happens to be one of the best-designed brushes and individuals can expect it to work efficiently. The retractable zip line, the bristles, and the handle make it an ideal companion on the course.
  • The aluminum carabiner is high quality.
  • Stylish brush design with ergonomic handle.
  • Easily attaches.
  • High-quality clip.
  • Different color choices available.
  • Individuals have mentioned that they only last for about two seasons.

9. VersaGolf Brush

9. VersaGolf Brush
Much like the last items on this list, this particular brush has the same design qualities that make a brush the ideal companion to any golf club set. Let’s talk about the VersaGolf Cleaning Brush and what makes it such a high-quality companion to any golf club set.
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Pro Handle Design

The design of this brush makes it a pro-item for any professional or novice golfer. The handle is sophisticated looking, stylish, and has a high-quality easy grip that makes it easy for right-hand use and left-hand use.


Much like the many other brushes on this list, this particular brush is designed with a multi-functional system. The system is intended for efficient scrubbing and cleaning of any golf club. With the retractable clip, an individual can attach it to any golf club set securely without it falling off.

Cost And Value

The price for this particular brush is well below most. However, the reviews are not at the five star level as most of the brushes on this list. It is still highly durable but individuals have mentioned that it may only last a couple seasons before wear and tear starts to wear it down.
  • Ergonomic handle design for easy use.
  • Efficient scrubbing system with different bristles.
  • Cleaner clubs for better ball control and backspin.
  • Different color choices.
  • Money back guarantees from the manufacturer.
  • May only last a couple of seasons if not taken care off.

10. Callaway Golf CNC

10. Callaway Golf CNC
As always, we like to top the charts with a high-quality brand that all individuals know. This next brand is known for their masterful craftsmanship and high-quality design. We want to share the Callaway Golf CNC Groove Cleaner. Here are two unique features of this item.
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Properly Spaced Tips

When it comes to the design of this groove cleaner, it is nowhere like any of the other items on this list. In fact, this one has a hard cleaning end that does not chip away the clubs head but will clean the grooves effortlessly. With properly spaced tips, individuals can easily clean the grooves of their golf club sets.

Quickly and Easily Remove Dirt

With this particular groove cleaner, which fits in your pocket an individual can easily and effortlessly clean dirt from the grooves and indentations of the golf club. With that said, the design is very durable and can easily be taken anywhere.

Cost And Value

As we discuss cost and value for this item, we can say that it is one of the most simple to use groove cleaners in the industry. Although it does not boast the same design qualities as other grove cleaners, it is still highly durable and very easy to use. For the price, some individuals prefer a brush, but if you are a fan of this brand, we highly recommend this groove cleaner.
  • High quality and simple groove cleaner.
  • Cleans grooves and indentations easily.
  • Effective and easy to use.
  • Pint-sized and compact.
  • Individuals have mentioned that it only functions with select clubs.

As one that appreciates having things cleaned and proper, ensuring my golf clubs are clean is crucial before I go on the course. With that said, all of the gold club cleaners on this list are designed for maximum benefits and easy use. With any of these items, individuals can rest assured that their golf clubs will stay highly durable and mud free all day long. Not only that but with the many different features, individuals can ensure their grooves stay carved and the ball stay clean.

Now, how did we pick these top ten best products? Well, when conducting our research we come up with the criteria to evaluate a specific item and we can say that this is because of one of the most important criteria we have written. The method that an individual cleans his or her golf clubs is as equally important as the golf clubs themselves. With that in mind, if you have never even heard of a club cleaner, we want to share with you what they are and how to distinguish a quality club cleaner for a cheap quality club cleaner.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Club Cleaner

Now that we have talked about the many different club cleaners in the industry, we are eager to share the criteria for how we found the top ten best items on this list. While conducting our research, we found that club cleaners are all designed with universal features. Although there are different types of cleaners, most of them have different designs and benefits that ensure your clubs will stay clean all day long and properly. With that in mind, we want to talk about the first criteria that we took into consideration when picking the best products.

The Reviews

As one of the key criteria that we took into consideration, having the best reviews in the industry ensure that the product will catch our attention. With that in mind, we can say that all of the products on this list have phenomenal reviews. As part of our research process, we only wanted to focus on items that have four-star reviews or more, so this was a determining factor. Now, when it comes to the reviews of a club cleaner aspects that we were looking for is to ensure that the club cleaner caused more good than harm. Meaning, if an individual is cleaning the grooves of a golf club, we wanted to make sure that no scratches or damages would happen to the club head. With that, we wanted to also makes sure that the reviews confirmed that the product will act as it is intended. Now, a part of this has to do with the material composition of the product, which quickly became another critical factor during our research.

The Materials

Now, this happens to be one of the most crucial factors of a club groove cleaner. A properly designed club groove cleaner ensures that the individual will be able to easily use the product. With that in mind, one aspect that we took into consideration is the material that each club needs. For example, nylon bristles are designed for woods only while wire bristles are designed for irons. This allows an individual to easily clean both items with the best material intended for that item.

Other material compositions that we took into consideration is the grove spike. Many club cleaners will have a spike at the end for individuals to easily be able and run the spike through the ridges of the club to ensure maximum value and longevity. With that in mind in mind, another important aspect when it comes to ensuring the cleaner works efficiently is the design.

The Design

The design happens to be one of the most important factors for many reasons. First of all, most club cleaners are designed with universal design elements. The cleaner tends to have a grip, then an end with two opposite brush materials for individual clubs and a spike to perform groove cleaning and edging. With that in mind, this design happens to be the most efficient and beneficial for many reasons. With this design an individual can easily clean their golf club, much like a toothbrush, the design is easy to use and offers excellent features. Other than that, some specific ball cleaners and golf club cleaners are different, such as the Club Cleans Kraft with Braker Kit, which is also efficient and easy to use, but not as compact.  With all of this in mind, there is one crucial aspect other than the brush materials that is highly important.

The Grip

The grip happens to be one of the most important factors when it comes to a properly designed golf club cleaner. The reason being is that the grip ensures that an individual will be able to clean the product properly. What we discovered during our research is that most grips are designed from a rubber material that ensures a good handle on the brush when scrubbing. This level of quality also ensures that the brush will not break when scrubbing extra hard.

The Cord

As one of the key design elements of a club cleaner, we decided to make the cord one of the criteria to consider. During our research, we read many reviews from individuals that say their cord was either too short or would get stuck when using it. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that all of the cords that we shared are included were designed for easy pull and retract and had a quality mechanism behind the construction of the item.

Extra Features

As another one of the most important criteria that we took into consideration, extra features was important to us because we found that many different brands would include small and unique features from their designs. For example, some brands would offer the club cleaner with a carabiner clip that allows it to easily be clipped to any item or surface. Alongside this, some brands have designed the cord to be longer than most cords so they were better quality.

With the criteria in mind, we now want to answer some of the most common asked questions from consumers that want to know more about club cleaners.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is the club cleaner for woods and irons?

A: As the first question that individuals are asking, we can say that this particular question is a key question in ensuring that you can your golf clubs properly. The method to clean woods is different than to clean irons. The method to clean woods is with a high-quality nylon bristle brush and the method to clean irons is with a wire brush end. With that said, using the wrong brush on your woods can heavily harm your clubs.

Q: Does the club cleaner clean ridges and grooves?

A: As another one of the most frequently asked questions, if you want to clean the ridges and the grooves of your golf clubs and irons, you want to ensure that the club cleaner has a spike on the end. The spike is usually a steel spike that is very sharp and normally is covered with a rubber tip as a safety measure.

Q: How long is the extension zip-line?

A: As another important question, this is all determined by the brand itself. The benefits of a well-designed zip-line are evident as they make attaching and using the zip-line much easier. With that said, the length of the zip-line depends all on the manufacturer and the design of the item. Thorugh our research we found that the most common length for a zip-line ranges between 2 feet and 2.5 feet. With that said, if this is an important matter to you, it is best to take that into consideration when buying your ideal grip.

Q: Does it come with a carabiner?

A: As one of the most asked about a question, this all depends on the manufacturer and the product at hand. For instance, most brands do come with a carabiner if it is a pocket-sized club cleaner that can easily be attached to a golf club bag. With that in mind, some brands that have a larger sized golf club and ball cleaners do not come with a carabiner. If this is an important aspect for you, then we highly recommend taking that into consideration during your purchase process.


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