Best Golf Cart Seat Covers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

If you are an avid golfer, then you will most likely that your golf gear, clubs, and equipment is like having another kid. You want to protect your gear, you want to ensure your clubs are clean, and of course, you want to build a bond with your equipment that allows you to perform excellently. With that in mind, one of the pieces of equipment that golfers are the most fan of, but does require a lot of maintenance is a golf cart. A golf cart is like having what individuals call a ‘big boy toy.’ It is fun to ride, it is exciting to be in. However, it does require maintenance and care and a bit of money, much like a kid!

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Classic Accessories Blanket
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    Our rating
  • Choose Your Color
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Nif Tee Bench
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So this article is all about taking care of your golf cart with one of the top ten best golf cart seats covers an individual can buy today. If you have not yet checked out our article on golf tires to consider, we recommend that as well if you want quality tires. However, for today we will cover the top ten best seat covers an individual can buy.

Before we get to product number, here are a couple of reasons an individual may need a seat cover.

  • You bought a used cart and the seats are torn. A cover will cover that.
  • To protect the seat from rain or now.
  • To protect your legs from a hot summer leather cart seat.
  • To protect the seat from fading or sun damage.
  • To ensure the seat lasts the test of time.
  • To keep the seat more durable.
  • To cushion the seat a bit if it is too hard.

With that in mind, let’s move forward and talk about the top ten best seat covers an individual can buy today.


10 Best Golf Cart Seat Covers


1. Classic Accessories Blanket

1. Classic Accessories Blanket
Sitting at the top of the list with close to five stars in reviews and 321 total reviews is the Classic Accessories Blanket. Designed to protect your golf cart seats from wear and tear, we want to share with our audience two features of this product that make it a worthwhile item to consider.
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Reversible Features

So, one of the best elements and features of this product is that it is reversible. Yes, this golf cart cover is reversible! It has a water resistant cover on one side that is designed to be durable and protect against the weather elements and the second side has a warm blanket design to warm individuals while wearing it during the cold weather months.

The Design

The design of this particular seat blanket is actually really cool. The design of this blanket is intended for it to actually zip into its own built-in carrying bag, allowing the blanket overall to be easy to carry. With this design, individuals can expect the blanket to be easy to use and very simple to carry. Store it on the go and take it out when you need!

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, we want to share that this is a really high-quality blanket and it is very durable. Made from quality polyester, individuals can expect the blanket to withstand the test of time and be very functional. Overall, we recommend it to individuals that want to protect their golf seats with quality protection.

Polyester design that is highly durable.

Reversible design that can fend off the water.

Warm blanket on the second side.

The top is quilted and backed with fleece.

Instant protection from dirt or grime.

Easy to carry and easy to store.


Smaller than some people expect

Handles can be a hindrance.

2. Yamaha

2. Yamaha
This next brand on the list is one of the best designers of multiple sportswear products including bikes and more. With that, they have produced a fully customizable experience for anyone that wants a custom designed seat cover. Here are two features of the Yamaha Seat Cover.
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Choose Your Color

So, since this is a fully customizable experience, you first pick which golf cart your seat cover is for and then the particular color. With that, there is a large variety of colors to choose from. In fact, individuals can choose from yellow, blue, green, and even pinks and purple. Overall, the fully customizable experience is so simple that it has close to five stars overall from happy customers.

The Material Design

The material that this brand uses is a very high-quality vinyl. The vinyl is actually a marine grade vinyl that is very durable, tough, and can withstand dirt, stains, and the hot outside temperatures. Overall, you have a large selection of custom seats to choose from and individuals can have it specifically ordered in a certain way or color.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that a customer service such as this is unique to an individual. With that, overall the cost and value ratio is actually one of the best. This service may cost individuals hundreds of dollars if they go with another brand. However, for this particular brand, we highly recommend it for the price, which is really affordable.

Custom made vinyl seat for your golf cart.

Choose your own color from the chart.

Custom made seat cover.

Trusted brand with years of experience.

Very durable design and material.

Plenty of satisfied customers.


The wait time is up to ten days.

3. Classic Accessories Fairway

3. Classic Accessories Fairway
This next seat cover not only protects the seat of a golf cart, but it also protects the backrest of the golf cart. The Classic Accessories Bench Seat may be one of the best in the industry for individuals that want a quality design and a very sporty look. Here are two quality aspects of this cover that individuals will like.
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Stretch Fabric

This brand has made this seat cover from one of the best materials in the industry, Polyester. With that, they have also designed the cover with stretchy features so it can easily fit over many different styles of golf cart covers. The fabric can stretch and therefore, it easily adjusts to your seat without wrinkling or getting distorted.

The Durability

There are many reasons why this product is considered highly durable. First, the fabric stretches and fits well on the seat. The second is the diamond shape texture of the mesh weave which allows for better comfort and air circulation. With this, the seats will never trap air causing the seat below to get hot and shrivel. With that, the overall cover looks really cool!

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss cost and value for this seat cover, shall we? First, it is made with a backrest cover as well. Second, it is highly durable and made to stretch. Third, it actually comes in three different color choices to match your style and the cart. Lastly, and the fourth best valuable feature is that right now it is discounted in price. We now understand why this product has 200+ reviews at around five stars.

Quality polyester which is very durable.

Stretch fabric can fit on many different golf carts.

Technical and sporty look.

Comfortable and durable design.

Three color choices to choose from.

Polyester is very durable.

Protects seats.


Individuals have mentioned that it may not fit as tight on small carts.

Stains easily.

4. Eevelle Greenline

4. Eevelle Greenline
This next quality golf cart cover boasts some of the same design features as the first one on the list. Let’s talk about the Eevelle Greenline Golf Cart Seat, which is designed for comfort and durability With a couple of cool design elements, this product is rather simple to use. Here are two features if you are considering a seat cover.
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The Material

So, much like the first product on the list, this item has two different sides to it. The first side of this product has a weather resistant polyester material that is very durable and water resistant, protecting the seats from any damage. The second side of this product is designed with a plush fleece design that protects an individual from cold seats in the winter.


Part of the design of this item that we really appreciate and can say is well throughout is the trim of the item. The trim of the product actually has reinforced stitching and lining for better quality reinforcement and design. This way, individuals do not have to worry about the stitching getting caught on anything and it not functioning.

Cost and Value

So, we have mentioned that this product actually is much like the first one. The only difference, which is good news is that it actually is slightly less in price. The only bad news is that it does not have many reviews to affirm the quality. The reviews that it does have do tout it as a quality product to consider. Overall, we have put it on our list because we can see a lot of value in this product.

Convenient outside pocket sleeve design.

Reinforced stitching for better durability.

Two sides for better quality.

Easy stow size.

Can easily fit in a golf bag.

Five-star reviews.


Not too many reviews.

Does not protect backrest, only seat.

5. Classic Accessories Neoprene

5. Classic Accessories Neoprene
It is time to bring up the quality notch from this brand. We have already shared two different seat covers from this brand, but in efforts to impress consumers even more, they have designed this particular product even better. This is the Classic Accessories Neoprene Paneled cover and here are two features to consider.
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What is Gardelle?

Gardelle happens to be a unique fabric system that ensures the best quality durability. For instance, the fabric this brand has used will not shrink or stretch and it is in fact, water resistant. With that, the fabric will wick away moisture in the hot sweat sun and it will not shrink in the cold.

Attachment Designs

One of the many benefits of this particular seat cover is that it comes with a variety of different attachment designs. For instance, this product comes with an attachment hook system alongside an elastic hem and hook that is a secure and comfortable design. With this, individuals can rest assured that their product will be able to withstand the test of time.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this system, it is important to take note that this happens to be the best quality seat cover so far when it comes to measures to ensure quality and durability. With that said, the price is not that bad, only a few dollars above the standard price which is $20. Lastly, it also comes in two color choices for individuals to pick from.

Quality design that is very durable.

Will not stretch or shrink.

Reinforced areas for better durability. Easy to put on with attachment hooks.

Two color choices to choose from.

Does not stain easily.

Waterproof design and material.


Did not fit as expected.

May take some time to set up.

6. E-Z-Go TXT Custom

6. E-Z-Go TXT Custom
Now that we have talked about many different products, we want to bring it back really quickly to the custom golf cart seat cover style. This next brand also produces some of the highest grade custom seat covers in the industry. With that in mind, they are fully made to order and designed with expert craftsmanship in mind. This is the E-Z-Go TXT Custom Seat Cover and here are two features to consider.
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Made To Order

As we said above, this product is completely made to order. Therefore, individuals can expect the item to last a long time and be highly durable. Overall, the quality even extends to the livelihood of the item as being highly durable and able to withstand the test of time. Part of the made to order process includes the golf cart style you desire, the color choices, and the overall sizing.

The Color Choices

As one of the best features of custom ordering a product, this item comes with many different color choices available. Part of these color choices is all white, beige, and even bright colors such as yellow or pink. With that, the marine grade vinyl is extremely high quality and feels luxurious.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we want to say that the overall design is high quality and highly beneficial. With that, part of the quality of the product is in the manufacturing process, where everything from the measurements to the stitching is done to excellent value. In fact, this brand has five stars from their consumers. Now, compared to the last custom made order brand on the list, this one is actually a bit cheaper.

Quality custom made to order product.

Five stars from consumers.

Highly durable.

Different color choices available.

Measures to your desired length.


May take up to ten days.

7. Cart Logic Print Fleece

7. Cart Logic Print Fleece
This next golf cart seat is a bit different than most just because of the color. This golf cart seat protector is actually very high quality, made to last, and made from one of the best materials. Let’s talk about the Cart Logic Print Fleece Fitted Golf Cart Seat Cover and two features individuals can expect from this durable product.
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The Design

The design of this product makes it very easy to set up and place on the cart. The slips easy on/off design ensures a comfortable fitting that does not overstretch. With that in mind, the sturdy Velcro straps are designed to offer a secure and convenient fit alongside a valuables pocket to secure important items.

The Style

The style of this item is actually a colored camo style. The cover is made of Realtree Xtra print high-quality fleece, which is highly durable but made to withstand the test of time. With that, individuals can be guaranteed that it will be comfortable to wear and perfect for the cold winter months.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this item, it is important to note that this product is actually made from high-quality materials and printed to a comfortable and stylish design. The price does make it one of the more expensive items on the list, but it is well worth it if you consider it as high quality and comfortable to use.

Durable design that is high quality.

Xtra-print high quality fleece.

Secured with Velcro straps.

Resistant ripstop nylon fabric.

Convenient secure with Velcro.

Easy to set up and take off.

Dries quickly when wet.


Only few reviews.

8. Pre-2000 DS Cover

8. Pre-2000 DS Cover
This next golf cart cover is different than the custom covers we have shared. Yes, it is from a different brand but the design is also slightly different. Made for durability and quality, the Up To Par Covers Club Car Pre-2000 DS Cover is made to order. Here are two features to consider.
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The Design

The design of this cover is a two-part design. So, with this cover, unlike the custom manufacturer covers we have shared comes in two color choices. With this brand, individuals actually have two different color choices to choose from when it comes to the cover with the primary color being the exterior lining and the secondary color being the stripes.

Marine Grade Vinyl

As we have come to expect from custom seat cover manufacturers, the quality material that they use is vinyl. Vinyl happens to be the most common material, which is expertly designed for durability and comfort. The vinyl that this and many brands have used is a marine grade vinyl that wicks away moisture and water, is water resistant, does not shrink or tear easily, and can retain its color for years to come.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss cost and value for this product. It is important to note that with this product, individuals are actually picking a custom design and two color choices, which brings up the price. However, the price difference between one color choices and stripes is actually only about a twenty dollar difference. Overall, the value and quality are still about the same. As a side note, it has been recommended by consumers to order the swatches in the mail before picking a specific color because the color may vary.

Quality designed made custom.

Two color choice design.

Stylish and modern.

Marine grade and durable vinyl.

Highly comfortable and moisture resistant.


Colors may look different in pictures than in person.

9. Nif Tee Bench

9. Nif Tee Bench
This next seat cover actually has a different material composition than we have come to know. Designed for quality appearance and comfort, the Nif Tee Seat Golf Cart Bench Seat Cover is durable and highly effective. Here are two features to consider if you want a high-quality seat cover during your next golf cart ride.
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The Material

The material quality of this product is what impressed us the most. The material of this item is a highly durable and quality machine washable material. It is 100% cotton terry cloth which is designed to last the test of time and be easy to clean. Overall, the material also ensures a better quality and durable experience.

The Design

The design of this seat cover is very simple than one would expect. The design is made to easily be unpacked and set up in sixty seconds. Essentially, you place the seat cover on the seat and then you fasten it with a high-quality Velcro closure.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to note that the material of this product is somewhat different than most we have talked about. However, it's a comfortable and quality material that is machine washable. With that, this brand has not only designed the seat cover, they have also included a backrest cover as well in the design.

Quality terry cloth design.

Fits all standard golf carts.

Backrest cover included.

Durable 100% cotton material.

Many different color choices to choose from.


Individuals have mentioned only receiving a seat cover, not the backrest.

10. Classic Fairway Blanket

10. Classic Fairway Blanket
As the last seat cover on this list, we want to share the Classic Fairway Golf Seat Blanket. Made to protect your legs from the heat as well as the seat from any possible weather elements, this product is functional and durable. Here are two aspects to consider.
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Fleece Bottom Comfort

The design of this product is made from a fleece bottom material. With that, the product is actually water resistant and can easily be wiped clean from any debris or hazardous materials. Alongside this, individuals can expect it to protect the golf cart seats really well.


This item is actually also very durable and portable. The reason being is that it actually packs away into a carrying case that is included with the purchase. With that, the case is very durable and the product is stitched to ensure no ripping or any possible wear and tear. Overall, it installs easily in a matter of seconds.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this last seat blanket, we want to share that it is high quality and stitched really well. Overall it does not have too many reviews, but the reviews do tout it as being very durable. Alongside this, the design is comfortable and comes in handy on a hot summer day or a cold and rainy day.

Water resistant design.

Installs in seconds on the armrest.

Trim stitching is made to be durable.

Ultra portable fleece bottom design.

Packs easy with carrying case.

Can be wiped clean fast and easy.


Little to no reviews online.

So, you have gotten to know the top ten best golf cover seats that you can buy for your cart today and you are interested in now getting to know what are the most important factors to look out for. Well, before we get into it, which of these cart seat covers did you find to be the one that suits your needs the most?

With this in mind, we want to move forward and talk about our criteria to evaluate the top ten best seat covers. This is where we break down the most important factors to look out for when it comes to a product and our specialized way of weeding out the best products from the products designed to fail. Without further wait, let’s move on and talk about our criteria to evaluate the top ten best golf seat covers.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Golf Seat Covers

As our specialized criteria, we first want to say that it is our intention to always share the top ten best products when it comes to any industry. With that, we do so by focusing on the major guidelines that we follow when conducting our research. These guidelines serve as a roadmap to finding the best products. When it comes to golf seat covers, we discovered that there are different brands with the same design style and only a handful of different details. So, let’s cover the three major criteria that we took into consideration when selecting our top ten seat covers. Let’s begin with the first one on the list!

The Material of the Cover

As the first primary criteria that we focused on, it is kind of a given as to why the material quality of the cover is crucial. A seat cover is designed to protect the seat. With that, the cover has to be even more durable than the seat. Therefore, the material quality was a detrimental factor when we were selecting our top ten best products. With that in mind, when it comes to the material quality of the cover, we found that there are two primary materials that were used to make the cover.

Now, it is important to note that these details are only for covers that are double-sided. Some covers are designed to cover the whole seat and be snapped or Velcro into place. With that in mind, the double-sided covers have two material qualities.

  • Nylon – This is the most common material when it comes to golf cart seat covers. Nylon is known as one of the most durable materials in the industry. With that said, the nylon that we encountered the most is a high-grade marine nylon that is designed for excellent durability and quality features.
  • Fleece – This material quality is designed for double-sided covers and it is intended for the cold weather months. Fleece is highly warm and reflects back warmth from the body. Therefore, when individuals use fleece covers they can expect that the seat of the golf cart will not be freezing as it normally would be if it had no cover.

Now that we have shared two of the most common materials in the industry, it is important to note that these two are also the most durable, hence why they are used.

The Designs

As criteria number two that we took into consideration, we found designs to be a common and important criterion to consider because there are a wide variety of designs when it comes to golf seat covers. So, we not only wanted to ensure variety, but we wanted to ensure that they were made and designed well. Here are a couple of the most common designs that we encountered when it comes to covers.

  • Flat Covers – These covers are better designed for the golf seat itself and are easy to place on top of the seat as well as remove. These covers tend to have cut-outs of the armrests on the side of the cart to ensure that it can be placed over the seat and cover the rest. With that, they may have safety straps such as Velcro or snaps to ensure it stays in place.
  • Wrap Around Covers – These covers are the second most common that we noticed. These covers are designed to wrap around the whole seat, and the brand at times may even include a backrest cover. With that said, these covers are designed for individuals that will not be taking it off often because they can be a pain to remove once put on.
  • Customized Covers – The third common cover that we came across is custom covers from brands that will create covers specifically designed for a golf cart. With that in mind, we noticed that this can be looked at as the seat itself. However, we wanted to share a couple of brands that specifically focused on golf seat custom covers and seats.

The Reviews

As the third criteria that we focused on, we wanted to ensure that all of the products were designed for quality. Therefore, we focused much of our attention on the reviews of individuals. With that, we can say that many of the seat covers we have shared are actually in the four-star tier and up and have a handful of quality features to accompany the brand. Many brands, however, do have a return policy that if an individual is unhappy with their product, they can return it.

So, these are our top three criteria and now we want to move on to the frequently asked questions!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the brand include a back cover?

A: This is one of the most asked questions because there is a bit of confusion when it comes to covers. In fact, brands have shared pictures of a back-rest cover with the regular seat cover. With that in mind, it is important to note that some brands may require to purchase the backrest cover separately. Therefore, it is important to look into the description and details of the product.

Q: How do I strap the cover in?

A: As one of the key questions, when it comes to removable back seat covers, there are a couple of different ways individuals can strap the cover. The most common safety measure is Velcro and the second is a buckle snap design. With that, each is intended to have the best stitching quality to ensure that the cover stays in place.

Q: How do I clean the cover?

A: If you notice that your nylon cover is starting to get dirty or may stain, it is important to clean it with a damp rag and wipe it down. When it comes to a synthetic leather cover, individuals can expect it to be easy to clean and not attract dirty easily.

Q: Is the cover moisture wicking?

A: When it comes to a moisture-wicking cover, the most common are made of nylon. With that, nylon is designed to be water-resistant and highly durable. However, fleece is not as moisture wicking as nylon.

Q: Does the cover slide?

A: This last frequently asked question is concerning covers that are easily removable. With that, no they do not slide because of the straps or safety measures that the brand has included to ensure it stays in place. With that, it is important to measure your seats to ensure the cover can fit comfortably and well over the seat.


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