Best Golf Balls Reviewed & Rated for Quality and Performance

Whether you’re an intermediate golfer or a tour player, having the best golf balls is crucial to enhancing your game. Distance off the tee and better control around the greens is what every serious golfer is looking to attain and the equipment you own not only test your abilities against the odds but also enhance your strengths on the course. By the looks, it seems just like a piece of sporting equipment, but cut one in half and look inside, you could actually see there’s some ingenious technology at work. After all, this is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot.

Featured Recommendations

Wilson Titanium
  • Wilson Titanium
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Trusted Brand
  • Price: See Here
Callaway Supersoft
  • Callaway Supersoft
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multiple Colors
  • Price: See Here
Pinnacle Soft
  • Pinnacle Soft
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Consistent Flight Design
  • Price: See Here

Aside from the fact that it’s the only piece of equipment you use on every stroke, these products aren’t created equal. Hundreds vanish in the thin air at courses each year. While losing one might seem like an afterthought as the rounds you play rise, you should probably start paying more attention. The different materials used on the covers can have a significant impact on your putting performances and driver distance.


10 Best Golf Balls


1. Wilson Titanium

1. Wilson Titanium
When it comes to these types of gear, there needs to be a balance of durability, quality, and power for them to be considered quality. With that in mind, we are eager to share with our readers the top ten, and at the number one spot is the Wilson Wilson Titanium Ball, a quality product that is premium designed for maximum energy transfer and distance. With that said, let’s look at two design features.
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Trusted Brand

This brand has been known to produce and manufacturer some of the best quality products in the industry today. With that in mind, users can expect that these are expertly designed with quality and endurance. More so, they are designed for maximum velocity so individuals can feel a perfect transfer of energy from the club to the ball.

Different Packs Available

So, one aspect that is really great about this particular brand is that they offer many different packs at many different prices. Whether an individual is wanting an 18-pack, a 10-pack or even a 1-pack, individuals can pick exactly how many they get. With that said, users can expect that these will be designed with quality in mind and be created for maximum endurance. With that said, let’s talk about cost and value!

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these golf balls, we can say that they are expertly designed for both amateurs and professionals. Individuals will appreciate the texture quality alongside the design of the golf ball. With that in mind, they are priced really well for the value and can withstand the test of time.
  • Quality from a trusted brand.
  • Plenty of positive reviews, 1K+ to be exact.
  • Composite design.
  • 2-piece construction design that includes a powerful titanium core.
  • Maximum energy transfer and distance design.
  • Long lasting covers.
  • 18 in one pack for all day players.
  • Users have mentioned that these are best for practice and putting.

2. Callaway Supersoft

2. Callaway Supersoft
When it comes to a quality brand that ensures the best possible manufacturing process, this brand is it. Many of their products are highly touted and designed for long-term durability. Therefore, we are not surprised to introduce them in the #2 spot. Let’s talk about the Callaway Supersoft and what users can expect from this brand. Here are two important points to take into consideration.
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Soft Ball Design

So, this brand has made the softest version of this gear they have ever created? Why? Well, with a soft compression design the spin is reduced when an individual hits the ball. With that said, the low compression design allows for increased distance, making this the best for individuals that want to easily be able to hit a hole in the run. With that said, users tout the quality of these and how well built they are alongside the long lasting durability.

Multiple Colors Available

Did you ever dream of being able to pick your ideal golf ball color for your perfect day on the course? Well, this brand allows individuals to do just that. For example, they offer many different color choices so individuals can pick exactly what they desire when golfing. For example, an individual can pick pink golf balls, white or yellow. However, if you are feeling festive and what to celebrate the course, opt-in for the multi-colored package which brings white, orange, green, and blue all in one.

Cost And Value

So, how much is a set of a dozen? Users should expect that a great quality golf set will be worth the price. However, it is not over the top. With that said, it is the primary quality of this golf set that makes these golf balls ideal for the everyday golfer. Users will appreciate the quality of the golf balls alongside the brand's dedication to providing quality golf products.
  • Trusted brand with years of experience in the golf industry.
  • Well-priced and worth it.
  • Quality golf balls that are soft and lower spin.
  • Compression design is high quality and durable.
  • Durable design for everyday ware and tare.
  • Many different color choices to choose from.
  • Users have mentioned that they can be overpriced for only 12 balls.

3. Wilson Staff Zip

3. Wilson Staff Zip
We rarely introduce two products from the same brand into the mix, with that said, we are eager to talk about the next quality product that is perfectly designed for the professional individual wanting quality performance. Let’s talk about the Wilson Staff Zip and what users can expect from these quality golf balls. Here are two important points to take into consideration that make them ideal for everyday use.
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The PHD Cover

So what individuals are not aware of when it comes to higher-quality products is that they are designed in two ways. There is an inner core is designed for durability and endurance and there is an outer shell that is designed for speed, this shell is known as the ‘cover’. With that said, this brand has created an outer PHD Cover design that minimizes drag when an individual hits the item. With that said, users can expect that every time they hit the ball, it will effortlessly glide through the air without any drag delivering perfect traction and control once it lands.

The Inner Core

Now that we have talked about the outer shell of this particular golf ball, let's discuss the inner core. The inner core of this golf ball includes a high-performance rubber core that is designed for a soft feel that is also durable. Now, the interior blended core allows users to expect low compression alongside durability and endurance, making this the ideal everyday golf ball for individuals starting out. Other than it is manufactured by one of the tops of the line brands in the industry.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular gold ball, we have to keep in mind that it is perfectly designed for everyday use for individuals that want a quality experience. With that said, this brand is highly touted and offers plenty of durability alongside a great design. For a 24-ball pack, we are impressed at how low and reasonable the price is, making it ideal for individuals that want a lot of golf balls for a low price. We highly recommend them.
  • Quality design from a trusted golf ball brand maker.
  • 24-pack is a great value pack for the money.
  • Shallow dimple design for less drag.
  • Shelled-exterior offer great grip and a nice design.
  • White color is very appealing.
  • Stable ball flight design for less drag.
  • Great for the starter individual.
  • Not the best set from this brand.

4. Titleist Pro V1

4. Titleist Pro V1
So, if you think some of the prices on this list are expensive for the dozen, then you do not know this brand yet. Known as the ‘#1 in golf’ users can expect this brand to offer one of the best spherical designed products that offer an amazing amount of durability and endurance. Let’s talk about the Titleist Pro V1 and what users can expect from this quality brand. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Exterior Layer
As we discussed, the exterior layer is detrimental. For example, some brands create an exterior layer that is specifically formulated for quality and durability. However, this layer is special compared to many others on the list. For example, the exterior layer of this golf ball is more think than others and allows for an ionomeric responsive design that enhances the speed when an individual hits the ball on a full shot.

Consistent Shot

Have you ever hit multiple gold balls and felt like you received a different experience every time? Well, that is not good, because in any sports game, if you are trying to perfect your hot, you need consistency. That is exactly what this brand offers, a consistent shot every time. Thanks to the multi-component design, users can expect a specially engineered golf ball that allows for total performance and a quality experience. With that, the design allows for a consistent shot that allows users to perfect their swing.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular golf ball set, we want to say that this brand may just be the crème-de-la-crème of the golf community. With that, you get what you pay for and users should expect that the quality of the golf ball will match the price. Therefore, users should not be shocked that they may have to pay double the price for the same amount of golf balls that they would get compared to other brands on this list. In any case, we highly recommend them as the #1 golf ball for the everyday player.
  • Quality brand with years of experience in the community.
  • Trusted design.
  • Multi-component design that is precisely engineered for better performance value.
  • Users will enjoy the consistent design that allows a perfect hit every time.
  • Long-lasting durability that can handle wear and tear.
  • Can be ordered in white and pink.
  • Expensive brand.

5. Chromax High Visibility

5. Chromax High Visibility
Now that we have discussed the top tier in gold ball design, we want to introduce a fun golf ball design into the mix. The next golf balls are perfectly designed for the individual that wants to stand out for quality and fun. These golf balls are perfectly designed with a high visibility factor that will make the individual the most unique on the course. Let’s talk about the Chromax Golf Balls and what users can expect from these golf balls.
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Translucent Coating

Are you a golfer that wants to golf during the evening hours? Maybe, you have been trying to find your golf balls on the course and to no avail, found them within reason. Well, this is why brands like this come up with innovative ways to stay in the game. These golf balls, in particular, are perfectly designed with a revolutionary look that makes them both timeless, and ideal for the individual wanting to find their golf ball. With different color choices and arrangements to choose from, users will love the translucent easy to see high visibility color design.

The Exterior Design

Other than the exterior coating design that is made to withstand the test of time, users can expect that these golf balls will be perfectly designed with a unique dimple pattern that is common in the golf industry. The dimple pattern allows for the ball to spin at maximum distance and control. With that said, users will appreciate the exterior design that has a good grip, so it does not slip out of a person's hand. With that said, we highly recommend them.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for these particular golf balls, we can say that they are expertly designed for high visibility. In fact, the golf balls main feature is the translucent metallic color design that is really unique, making them stand out on the golf course like no other golf ball in the industry. With that said, users can expect that for six balls they will be priced similarly to that of 12 ball packs because of the design. In any case, they are perfect for the starter golfer wanting to know where the golf balls are.
  • Quality golf ball design that is ideal for an everyday golfer.
  • Translucent design that is easy to find in low light.
  • Pretty color choices to choose from.
  • Many different color choices to choose from.
  • The exterior is designed for maximum spin.
  • Great brand with good reviews.
  • Users have mentioned that they are too expensive for the amount of golf balls.

6. Wilson Smart Core

We were shocked to notice that his brand makes this list not only once, or twice, but one more time. We are eager to share another quality golf ball design by the Wilson brand that allows for a durable design that is both convenient and also packs a great punch and spin. Let’s talk about the Smart Core Golf Ball design and what users can expect in this pack of 24. Here are two points to take into consideration for this particular branch of golf balls from this premier brand.
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Responsive Design

So, the moment an individual hits the ball, the ball has a mind of its own. With that said, we wanted to ensure that we were sharing the best golf balls that are designed to enhance a players reaction and swing. The responsive design of these golf balls is due to the smart-core technology that reacts to a player’s club swing and will react with accuracy and speed. With that said, there is another feature that minimizes the lag and drag of the golf ball.

The Exterior Design

Other than an interior smart design, this golf ball has an exterior design that users will appreciate everyday use. The design has a durable ionomer cover that allows long-lasting playing capabilities alongside durability and functionality. With that said, users can expect the golf ball to work in a range of conditions.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration, we believe that this brand is highly touted as one of the best and we were eager to share another quality branch from their golf lineup. With that in mind, these golf balls are ideal for the everyday golfer that wants a great pack of gold balls that are designed for accuracy and quality. Whether a short-range golfer or a long-range golfer, users will appreciate the quality of these golf balls.
  • Smart-Core design that reacts to the swing of an individual.
  • Lowers the spin for a better control design.
  • Minimizes spin for better distance and accuracy.
  • Durable exterior cover that provides better durability and accuracy.
  • Firm response design that maximizes distance.
  • Perfect for the starter golfer.
  • Users have mentioned that these golf balls lack distance.

7. TaylorMade Distance Plus

7. TaylorMade Distance Plus
We were wondering when this brand was going to make the list and we are eager to share it with you! This next brand offers some of the best golf balls available today and users can expect a quality design that can withstand the test of time and everyday wear and tear. Let’s talk about the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball, designed for mid to high handicap golfers that want range and distance. Here are two points to take into consideration.
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The Exterior Design

So TaylorMade offers some of the best golf balls in the industry today. With that said, users can expect that the exterior design of this golf ball will have one of the best designs thanks to 342 dimples and plenty of durability factors. The design itself allows for maximum durability and speed alongside minimal spin, which is ideal to hit the perfect hole and one.

Trusted Brand

When it comes to a trusted brand with years of experience, this is one of the best golf brands available today. With a slew of available gold options ranging from golf cart bags to clubs, users can expect that this brand offers confidence to every individual. With that said, these golf balls are designed with durability and range in mind for individuals that want long-term use. With that said, we highly recommend these golf balls. But, how much are they worth?

Cost And Value

Well, considering that this is one of the most trusted brands available today, users can expect a 60 ball count alongside a reasonable price that is very durable. With that said, we highly recommend them not only for the design but the brand quality that has followed this brand around for years. With that said, there are two different color choices to choose from, yellow, and white, so users can have their pick.
  • Durable brand that users can appreciate.
  • Trusted brand with plenty of positive reviews.
  • Pure distance ball design that can go the extra mile.
  • Minimal spin and maximum endurance.
  • Quality design that is ideal.
  • Users have mentioned that these balls are perfect for the starter golfer.
  • Not for professionals.

8. Vice Plus

8. Vice Plus
We are eager to bring a unique brand that has made it on the list for their quality design and color choices. This brand, although it does not have much information online, we highly recommend them because of their positive reviews and style quality. Let’s talk about the Vice Pro Plus and what users can expect.
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Three Color Choices

When it comes to variety, users have three color choices to choose from when it comes to this brand. For example, they offer these in yellow, red, and black, which makes them ideal for the everyday golfer that wants a cool design look that is also very appealing.

Positive Reviews

So users can expect that this brand has a lack of information online. However, when in doubt, check the reviews! With that said, we highly recommend this brand for the positive reviews. Individuals have mentioned that the brand has a great compression rating and a nice finish that feels nice on the hand. With that said, we highly recommend them for the quality and the design.

Cost And Value

As far as cost and value, we can say that this brand offers some of the best quality golf balls. For individuals that want a quality golf ball design that will not break the bank, we highly recommend this brand. However, read the reviews if you do not find any information online and make sure you like what users have to say about this brand.
  • Quality brand that is designed for everyday golfers.
  • Three different color choices to choose from.
  • Positive reviews from many golf fans.
  • Trusted and tested.
  • Good value for the price.
  • No information online.

9. Team Golf NCAA

9. Team Golf NCAA
These next products are designed for the fan that loves the sport but wants to collect quality gear. These are designed and imprinted with a durable logo from any college an individual may desire. With that said, we can see why they are designed more as collectible than anything else. Let’s talk about the Team Golf NCAA and what users can expect from these golf balls.
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This pack offers three different versions, two white ones, and one blue one. With that, users will appreciate the durable logo that will not fade and will last a while. With that said, we can say that they are designed with durability and functionality in mind for the golfer that wants to support their roots.

Accompany With Golf Gear

With such a large collection of colleges to choose from, individuals can show their pride and match their golf balls with any gear they may desire. For example, if your golf cart bag is designed with the Arizona State colors, an individual can match the golf balls with the same college.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration for these particular golf balls, we can say that they are considered more of collectible golf balls than anything else. With that said, users can expect to pay a reasonable price for three balls. However, if an individual was to price it at a dozen, it would be considered somewhat pricey. With that said, users can expect these golf balls to be of quality and with a high quality printed logo.
  • High quality design that has an imprinted logo.
  • Officially licensed product design.
  • Three regulation golf balls that can be used.
  • A variety of colleges to choose form as the logo.
  • More of a collectible golf ball set.

10. Pinnacle Soft

10. Pinnacle Soft
As the last product on this list, we found this brand on accident and we were eagerly excited to share them with our readers. We want to talk about the Pinnacle Soft and what users can expect from this quality brand. With one dozen, consumers will appreciate the quality of these balls and what they offer an individual.
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The Core Is The Engine

This happens to be the motto of this particular brand. The core of these happens to be the main engine. For example, this brand has designed with the core with a very low compression design that creates a soft feel experience with low shock for the club but plenty of power. With that, it has minimal spin and users can expect a long distance range.

Consistent Flight Design

As we have mentioned, the exterior cover is designed for better flight and distance. With that, users can expect that the cover of these to be expertly designed for better flight and consistency. This allows users to have a better chance of distance and meeting their objective.

Cost And Value

One important aspect to take into consideration for these is the cost to value ratio. The product comes in a set of twelve and are durable and lightweight. However, the brand is not as well known as other brands on the list. With that said, the cost is well below many other brands. We believe that these balls, in particular, may be ideal and better for the starter golfer or individual wanting to test out their swing and does not mind losing the ball.
  • Quality golf ball design that is ideal for starter golfers and testing.
  • Three different color choices to choose from.
  • Peak performance design for everyday ware and tare.
  • Inner core is designed for great flight response.
  • Outer shell is designed for less drag.
  • Unknown brand.


Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Golf Balls

Now that we have discussed the top ten products that an individual can buy today, we are eager to share the reasoning and method that we came to add these into the mix. These top were specially selected and had to match a certain set of guidelines that we call our ‘Criteria’ portion of our articles. Many of our current readers know we take pride and value in ensuring that we review and talk about the best quality products, with that said, we wanted to make sure that our audience knows how do we pick the best ten.

With that, we also help that this set of criteria helps individuals learn and discover a new way of finding their best golf gear. Users below will see that there are different factors that each product must meet and we hope we did a great job in finding you the best. With that said, let’s talk about the criteria that we used!

Quality of The Brand

It is no secret that there are only a few top-tier brands in the industry. From Callaway to TaylorMade, these brands are the most infamous in the industry and are known for supplying some of the best products in golf gear. With that said, we wanted to ensure that the playing field was even and fair while also supplies a wide variety of products. However, they all had to be of quality! We measured this factor by looking at the different elements that make up these items as well as the history of the brand and what users can expect as far as customer service.

With that said, we cannot go out on the range and test every single one, so reviews became our go-to to ensure that individuals were happy with the product. As far as quality of the brand, we had to separate it by tier to ensure that we were not comparing one everyday brand to a luxury brand. This is where variety and research came in. With that said, each brand on this list, whether a top tier brand or everyday gear manufacturer, they all take the quality of their product very seriously and ensure that individuals will be satisfied. With that said, how do the designs differ from each other?

Material Design

As another important aspect to take into consideration, we knew that design was very important to us when picking out the top ten. With the proper design, an individual is guaranteed that their new product will be able to handle the wear and wear of the golf game while also being able to work perfectly. With that said, the design tends to be the same due to the traditional spherical shape. However, it is the subtle differences that we took into consideration. For example, the dimples on the balls are different from manufacturer to manufacture, with some offering more than others. With that said, we will discuss the importance of dimples in the Golf Ball Exterior section.

Now, another important aspect of the design is whether the product was a soft or a hardball. What differentiates them both is the core and how the product reacts to the club when an individual swings. With a softball design, usually, there is less of a golf club with shock and vibration while allowing the product to fly easier. With a hardball design, it tends to have more momentum and power once in the air.


As another important factor to take into consideration, we were not even fully aware that each one had different core interiors. For the professional, this is an obvious fact. However, for a novice, this may be a new concept. With that said, we realized that the core can truly affect how the ball reacts to the club, how far it will go, and how well it will land. For example, some ball cores are made from a rubber material while others offer different compression values.

With that said, users should pick out the best ball designs and makers that suits their level of expertise to better play the sport and better practice. There are many different balls that are designed for amateurs, as people will be able to see in the pro’s section of our articles. Now, if the core is so important, is the exterior design as equally important?


The answer is that, yes the exterior design is as equally important as the core. A proper exterior material and design ensure that the product will have the perfect amount of traction alongside the perfect amount of speed. All of this is in part due to the dimple design. So, depending on how a brand creates and designs the exterior, it will either perform poorly or well. The dimple designs allow the ball to either fly faster and have smooth traction while on the grass, or not fly well at all.

Price Per Pack

Now that we have talked about the primary designs and pieces of importance, we are eager to share and talk about the price per pack and what users can expect. Now, as we said above there are certain brands that run the gamut as being the top tier in the industry. Therefore, users can expect that the price of the pack will be more costly than other unknown brands. However, this also adds to the value of the product. In this process, we noticed that there are three different pricing scales.

  1. The top tier brands will offer about a 12-pack for a pricey amount. However, they are considered the top of the line as far as the industry and their products are expertly designed with value in mind. With that said, they are pricey and the amateur individual should not use the brand unless they plan on tossing away three dollars per lost item.
  2. The second tier of brands is the low-end and medium-end everyday brands. These balls come in 12, 24, or 36 in a pack for the same price as a top tier 12-pack. With that said, these are the ideal products for individuals to be practicing with because there will not be much of a loss of money if they lose it.
  3. As the second tier of brands, we realized that some makers specialize in creating collectible items. Therefore, if an individual is wanting one that resembles the Arizona State logo or any other college, they can use this maker and pick their ideal sports team or college to get a cool design. It seems that many users only use this ball out on the field if they know they can retrieve it. Otherwise, they use it as a collectible.

Design & Colors

As the last criteria that we wanted to take into consideration, we were actually surprised at the variety of color choices. Some brands, in particular, will offer everything from multi-colored packs to pink and purple individual choices. With that said, this helps an individual distinguish his or herself on the course and also makes it easier to find while out on the course, which is an easier process compared to having all white.

With that said, what we found most unique is the translucent design that we included on this list. We were shocked to discover that there are some brands that will offer a unique translucent coating so it is easier for an individual to see the ball at night. With that in mind, we hope we added a wide variety into the mix and of course, depending on the brand, an individual can even customize a product with their favorite college or sports team.


Another type of ball is designed to provide golfers with maximum control over each shot by reducing the extent to which it spins when it is hit by a club. This type helps you combat hooks and slices. For a right-handed golfer, a hook is hitting hard to the left, and a slice is hitting hard to the right. This is reversed in case of left-handed golfers.


This is the kind of product that actually causes the ball to spin more than normal. It is often the choice of professionals who like high trajectory shots. They can also harness the spinning attributes to cause the product to stop in a tight space on the green, or may as well hit it to go in the direction they want it to go. These create more side and backspin, which allows the ball to have a higher trajectory even though it goes a shorter distance. Plus they have better stopping control around the greens.


The larger and shallower the dimple, the higher the flight will be. Most have between 300 and 500 dimples, which affect the way it travels through the air.

Swing Speed

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing is the swing speed of the golfer. A golfer with lower swing speeds should use a harder distance ball, whereas golfers with higher swing speeds must use a softer ball as it offers more control on the green. You can determine your personal swing speed by purchasing a swing speed monitor from your nearest retailer or have them determine your swing speed instead.

That being said, despite all the modern technological advances in the golf equipment, the best way to pick out a ball is to simply put it into action and test it for yourself. Finding the right ball does not seem like an impossible task. Rather, by taking into consideration the type and construction of ball or your needs and skills that are needed to best meet your goals, you should be able to discover the best balls to perfect your performance on the course.

Choosing the Right Product For You

With the advent of technology, golf balls have become more performance-worthy – they fly farther and roll further than they ever had before. This technology has come a long way in the last couple of years. Today you can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you have. There are several different manufacturers vying for the business with each of them producing a wide range of models. Unless you come with a plan, it is easy to get frustrated and you end up buying anything that falls within your limited budget. Remember when you choose from a dozen of the cheapest products around, you are trading in performance for cost savings.

With an insane range of products on the market, it’s a bit complicated for an amateur with an average swing speed to select the best item that also delivers the best bang for your buck. Technically speaking, the more complex,  the more expensive. The quest of the perfect product depends on many aspects of your swing, as a top-rated item might not be the right one for you, but a decently featured with not-so-good ratings may be molded perfectly for your game. There are several products on the market that meet the needs of all golfers, regardless of skill level, because of this, you must take special care in choosing the ball you play.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this the latest model?

A: As the most frequently asked question, we discovered that many individuals asked this question when it comes to the brand they are interested in. Reason being is that they want the best and latest and much like technology, the golf gear game is constantly improving and changing. With that said, users should expect that most of the brands on this list are from this year.

Q: What is a ‘spin rate’?

A: So, this happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions because to the novice golfer, ‘spin rate’ may be a new concept. With that said, brands will offer different styles of that have different spin rates. The spin rate is what allows the ball to have plenty of momentum while in the air. Now, the spin rate is determined by the exterior design and the core. Therefore, it is important for individuals to do their research.

Q: How many come in a pack?

A: As another one of the most important questions, users sometimes overlook the description of the product or the brand does not mention it clearly. Depending on the brand an individual can expect between 12-36 per pack. However, some brands will offer as low as 3 or 6 because they are considered higher quality.

Q: Is there a carrying case?

A: As the next and last most frequently asked question, we were shocked to discover that many individuals are interested in a carrying case when they buy their golf balls. With that, this option is only fulfilled by the top tier brands that sometimes will include a plastic carrying case. Either way, individuals can add a carrying case as an extra option when buying their golf balls and done!

Decision Time

At the end of the day, it’s all about what feels great for the best of your particular swing and playing style. A ball that simply feels just right will help boost your confidence a bit on the course. Make sure to select a golf ball that feels good with your putter and putting style. After all, only a golfer will know how important putting is for his/her ability to score well in the game.

Now that you understand the concept and the different factors that make a good golf ball one among the best, it’s time to get out there and find the right product to fit your game and style. Just pick the one that works best for you and at the same time feels great. Get it right and you’d be one hell of a golfer!


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