Best Callaway Putters Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Before we get to our product list, we want to talk a bit about the putter. Did you know that the putter is actually the most important item on a golfer’s stand bag? Universally, every single golfer needs a putter. The reason being is that the putter is the bridge between the ball on the green and getting the ball in the hole. If you are great enough you may just get it directly in the hole using an iron or wood. However, only the most skilled golfers around the world have the ability to do that. Us normal folk, we have to use a putter!

Featured Recommendations

Hot Pro 2.0
  • Hot Pro 2.0
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Professional Putter
  • Price: See Here
Black O-Works
  • Black O-Works
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Proven Head Shape
  • Price: See Here
N.I. V-Line
  • N.I. V-Line
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Headcover
  • Price: See Here

With that, the putter is also known as one of the most fun clubs to use. Now, the specific design of a putter is made intentionally to ensure quality performance. Since a putter is used for relatively short and low-speed strokes, the intention is to get the ball in the hole from a short distance away. With that, the putter is specifically designed with a low-loft striking face and a low profile to ensure maximum quality roll. The most fun part is that putters are made with some of the most unique design features in the industry.

For instance, there is a large variety of putters out there that are made to be extremely stealthy looking, aesthetically pleasing, and even somewhat futuristic. This next brand we are about to share does design their putters in many different varieties, as you will see below. However, most are refined for quality and ensured for maximum performance. So, without further wait, let’s talk about the top ten best Callaway putters and what individuals can expect from this brand in this industry. Let’s begin!


10 Best Callaway Putters


1. Hot Pro 2.0

1. Hot Pro 2.0
As the first putter on this list from this brand, we are eager to share a quality item designed for individuals that want performance and value. The putter has long been known as one of the most fun clubs to use, and this one sure matches up when it comes to value. Here are two unique features and design elements of the Callaway Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter and what individuals can expect.
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The Pro Putter

This particular product has been known as the #1 insert on the tour. With that, this putter is actually the improved version of the last version. With that, this brand has designed this putter with specific head shapes and designs that allow individuals to pick their exclusive head shape for their most comfortable fit and performance. Such variety allows for individuals to pick their ideal product!

Different Options

This product comes with many different options available. For instance, individuals can pick between the standard grip or the jumbo grip, which is a specifically designed grip by the brand. With that, there are also many different sizes available, many different styles available, and even the selection between left handed or right handed.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value for this product, we first want to say that it is perfectly designed for value and performance. This brand has designed a unique item that individuals will appreciate. However, we expect nothing less from this brand. With that, the price of this item can range deeding on the size, shape, and overall design. It is considered more of a professional’s product brand, but even amateurs will find an overall enhanced performance with this product.

Different sizes available.

Proven head design.

Proven head shape.

Better design with major winning head.

Quality and durable shaft.

Quality and durable construction.


Certain heads will be difficult or uncomfortable to use.

2. Black O-Works

2. Black O-Works
This next putter may be one of the stealthiest looking in the industry. As a branch of the Callaway family, we decided to also combine Odyssey on this list for individuals that are unfamiliar with this brand. This brand was acquired in 1997 and is known for their quality putters and designs. Here are two features of the expertly crafted Odyssey 2018 Black O-Works Putters and what individuals can expect as far as design.
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Proven Head Shape

This item comes with the new tour head shape design, which is a specifically designed head shape that is better than ever before. With that, the new tour head shape is made with a wide range of profiles so individuals can pick. Whether you want a narrower head shape, a wider head shape, or even a head shape made for impact putts, they have them all.

Different Styles

This brand has designed the 2018 series with a wide variety of styles. There are styles for narrow putters and wide putters. With that, the design is known as the Black Series and they are all coated with a black anti-scratch color which is designed for maximum protection and quality. With that, there are also different grips available.

Cost and value

To discuss cost and value, it is important to note that although the name is Odyssey, it is from the Callaway brand. Therefore, this is true-to-heart Callaway craftmanship and it is excellent. As a five star putter, we can see why this brand excels in quality performance. With many different varieties available in the Black series, we recommend all of them. It all just depends on your style.

Different available head sizes.

Different head styles to consider.

Different quality grips available.

Quality grip made for traction and durability.

Maximum performance and coated to be anti-scratch.

Counter Core technology available.


May be extremely costly.

Can be heavy.

3. White Hot RX 2Ball Vline

3. White Hot RX 2Ball Vline
This next putter from this brand is a dual layer injected molded putter that is made with a softer core and designed for quality speed and feel. This is the Odyssey Men’s White Hot RX 2Ball Vline Putter and it features a slew of great features. Designed with a blue and silver coating and made for overall better roll value, this putter is worth considering for two reasons.
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V-Line Head Shape

This brand has designed one of the largest varieties of putters in the industry. With that, they have come to realize which products are better for specific reasons. This one, in particular, boasts the very famous V-line shape, which is designed for better alignment and accuracy for individuals. When looking down at the putter head the v-line shape acts as a direct line from the putter to the ball and offers better performance shots.

Oval Design

Part of the design quality of this product is an oval design insert that is made of a quality urethane insert pattern that ensures better roll. With that, this design is more durable than ever before and it is expertly crafted for better quality consistency on putter shots. Also, this design ensures a better energy return overall for the individual.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to say that this is a quality product that has five stars overall. In fact, individuals have nothing negative to say about this product. Overall, it is designed for value, for quality, and for durability. The coating is stylish and the design centers the eyes for better alignment. Individuals have mentioned improved performance when using this product. The only downside is that it is only sold by specific sellers and it can be costly to purchase.

Quality putter with invisible line of sight design.

V-line fang ensures better accuracy.

Multiple grip options available.

Textured clear coat for better durability and increased friction.

Designed to last.

A fan favorite product.

Durable grip.


Sold by specific sellers.

Can get expensive depending on the size.

4. Toe UP #1 w/ Superstroke

4. Toe UP #1 w/ Superstroke
Let’s talk about another quality product from the Odyssey brand. Designed by Callaway under this brand, the Toe Up #1 Superstroke Putter is a quality product that is supremely crafted for better stroke balance and overall quality engineering. With that, if you want better consistency and overall alignment, this is the putter to get. Here are two unique features of this quality putter!
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Precision Crafted

This item is made and crafted with precision quality in mind. For instance, this item is made with the Metal X-Face technology, which is a perfectly flat face with a chemical etching that adds quality benefits to the product. With that, the Oval Roll Technology is used to enhance the quality of the product as well as the overall durability and performance.

Three White Lines

We are highly impressed by this brand’s ability to produce an excellent quality product that also allows for a better line of sight. With the famous three-line design that has worked well for the MarxMan series, this product also has the three lines. The lines pop off and are highly apparent at the top of the product and stand out really well from the charcoal PVD finish. With that, this design allows for better play, with the middle line acting as a line of sight sweet spot.

Cost and Value

This may be one of the best products when it comes to original value and benefits. With that, the cost and value for this item are superb. This putter is well designed, it is durable, and it is highly comfortable to use. Overall, the design is created to give individuals a better and easier way to find the sweet spot. Now, this product is only sold by specific sellers so it is important to keep that in mind. With that said, we recommend them for overall value and overall design benefits.

Made to last.

Durable design that is very forgiving.

Stroke balanced for better consistency.

Reduces torque during putting.

Chemical etching for an oval roll design.

Quality grip and different sizes available.

Five star product design.


Great balance and overall feel.

5. N.I. V-Line

5. N.I. V-Line
This next quality product has the V-line design that has made this brand synonymous for quality and performance. With a unique hot dual layer injected molded design with a softer core for better feel and speed, this product is well worth it. Here are two excellent features to consider of the Odyssey Works N.I. V-Line Putter that individuals can expect.
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Silver, Black, and White

This is the overall color design of this item. Not only is it stealthy, but it is highly beneficial. The reason being is that it is specifically chosen for a purpose. Overall, the silver coating is the most prevalent and it is designed for a stealthy look. However, the top of the putter has a black T design with a white line over the center to ensure better line of sight. This only enhances the quality of the V design to ensure better positioning, forgiveness, and better strokes for the golfer.

Includes Head Cover

This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions when individuals buy a specific golf club. This particular putter does come with a quality ensured head cover. The head cover is designed to keep the head putter safe and secure during transport. With that, it matches the putter with a signature silver and blue color choice that is highly appealing.

Cost and Value

Let’s discuss cost and value for this item. Not only is it comfortable to use and quality made, it also aids in the process, making it easy for individuals to identify their line of sight. Because of the stealthy design of the white line, individuals receive a better experience. Now, even though it is the V-Line design that this brand is known for, this product is actually quite affordable and one of the cheaper products on this list.

Quality putter design made to last.

Hot dual layer injected molded insert.

Softer core design that delivers quality feel and better speed.

Mallet style is comfortable to use.

Headcover is included.

Quality grip design.

Five star product


Grip cannot be changed.

Headcover may get damaged easily.

6. 2017 Red #7

6. 2017 Red #7
Let’s discuss a quality putter that is also aesthetically one of the most pleasing in the industry. Looking like it came out of a Star Wars movie is the Odyssey Works 2017 Red #7 Putter, which is a specifically designed putter with quality features and an overall quality design that has never been seen before. This item is modern, different, and beneficial. Here are two features.
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Three Dots

This item has a beautiful red color design and coating. However, it actually has three dogs on top of the coating at the top of the product that ensures a better line of sight for the individual. With that, the item also has two lines between the U-Shaped design to ensure individuals can get a better center point shot. Alongside this, this level of craftsmanship and color quality is designed not to fade easily.

Micro Hinge Face Insert

The face insert of a product such as this is one of the most important elements to consider. This product comes with a new micro hinge face insert. This insert is designed for value and better performance, giving individuals a better experience overall with the product. With that, the insert is designed for better roll and allows a better energy return process from the head of the club to the ball.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value for this modern and beautiful putter. First of all, it is expertly crafted for design quality and performance. However, it also is made for durability and aesthetics. This putter is unique and stands above the crowd. It includes a head cover, and it comes in various sizes. With that, we can say that we highly recommend it when it comes to design and quality.

Quality putter design made for perfect shots.

New tour proven head design.

Black and alternative red color choice.

New micro face hinge insert.

Designed for better shots.

Three dogs for better eye placement.


This is one of the most expensive putters.

7. Works 7 Versa

7. Works 7 Versa
We are eager to share this next putter, which is a combination of modern style and traditional benefits. The Callaway Odyssey Men’s Works 7 Versa Putter is a fun putter with many different factors to consider. There are multiple sizes so picking the best one won’t be hard. Here are two features to consider if you want this quality item.
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Face Balanced Design

This product comes with the traditional V-line shape that has made this brand as famous as it is. The face balanced design is a quality design that ensures a better straight-back performance and overall quality straight-through putting process. With that, this face balanced design ensures a better quality experience overall when putting.

Different Lengths

This item comes with right-hand orientation only. However, it does come with four different shaft lengths to choose from. The shaft lengths ensure a better quality putting experience for individuals that prefer a longer or shorter length. With that, it allows for better variety when it comes to picking the best product from this brand.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value from this brand, we want to share that this happens to be a great product in the industry for the design and the benefits. Overall, we can say that it is a quality product that ensures better alignment and positioning on the course. The face design is durable, the shaft is high quality and individuals have various options to choose from. With that, we recommend this product if you like the design because the price is well worth it.

Quality design.

Coated for durability.

Different shaft lengths available.

Silver and black color to highlight the sweet spot.

Face-balanced V-line shape is made for better straight-through.

Quality mallet design.


Individuals have mentioned that it is hard to control.

8. Exo White Hot

8. Exo White Hot
Let’s talk about a series from the Odyssey brand that is designed expertly for value and quality. The Odyssey Exo White Hot Putter is a quality putter that is made for endurance and performance. The design of this product allows for better overall durability as well as practice and performance on the green. Get it in the hole with this putter. Here are two features to consider!
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Maximum Forgiveness

This item is made with a multiple material construction quality. The construction overall ensures better forgiveness and durability. As far as forgiveness, we mean that it allows individuals to be freer when performing on the green while also being ensured that their shot will be the perfect shot. Therefore, if you misalign or get an off-shot, the forgiveness design will ensure a quality hit every time.

Micro Hinge Technology

This item comes with the micro hinge technology. This level of technology is a specific technology that ensures an overall quality experience when golfing. Overall, it is designed expertly for better forward roll and energy return immediately. This technology once understood can be used to achieve the perfect putter every time.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about cost and value for this product. Not only it is a well-designed item made for quality in mind, it is very durable and able to perform perfectly. With that, there are various styles to choose from, sizes available, and even hand orientations. With that, whether you want quality performance or better ingenuity, this item fulfilled all desired on the course.

Putter made to last.

Different variations available with different face designs.

Multiple-construction design for better performance.

Maximum forgiveness due to larger head design.

Face balanced construction.

Technology made for better forward roll.

Five star item.


The most expensive so far on the list.

9. Works SS 2B Fang Tang

9. Works SS 2B Fang Tang
This next product is called the Fang Tang for a reason. Boasting a two ball design and a large metal face, the Odyssey Works SS 2B Fang Tang is the creation of multiple putter benefits into one easy to use design. Let’s talk about two special features from this product that individuals can expect when it comes to design and benefits. Here are two specific features to consider of this item.
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Tank Counterbalance

This item is designed with a counterbalanced weight and design. This level of design quality ensures a better experience overall and a more stable and impactful flight design. In fact, the brand has touted that golfers have tried this item and have received a 60% better and more consistent path than ever before.

Faster Roll

The Counterbalance design allows for a faster roll overall. In return, this product also gives off a better energy return for the individual, making it easy for individuals to enjoy the product design and ensure a quality shot every time. Alongside this, the coating is made to be durable and anti-scratch.

Cost and Value

This item is touted as a fan favorite because of the two ball design. Essentially, this item is designed for increased leverage and performance on the green. With that, individuals will appreciate the forward roll and overall quality golfing experience this product brings. For the design, it may be difficult to use and somewhat hard to learn, but it is well worth it for the price.

Quality putter designed for performance.

Better forward roll and energy return.

Built to last design.

Consistent stroke quality.

Head cover is included.

More consistent path design.


Heavy putter.

10. Big T Versa

10. Big T Versa
This next putter is made uniquely for quality and a tour-proven shape design that ensures a quality experience. With a unique shape and overall quality design, the Odyssey Big T Versa Blade Putter is our last putter to share and we are eager to talk about two quality benefits of this item. Let’s begin!
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The Black Shaft

The first feature we noticed of this quality product is the black shaft design. The black shaft is made as a quality shaft that ensures better performance but also reduces glare for the golfer. Overall, it is a contemporary look that looks striking and stylish on the tour.

Dual Alignment Design

We mentioned the big T design earlier. Well, this product has it too. The Big T Technology is a simple over-the-top design that once an individual is standing over the putter, they will notice a large white T. This allows a better quality line of sight when golfing so every stroke is a stroke of genius.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we want to share with our audience that this product is made for performance and value. With that, it is a putter that is made to last and made to be durable. Alongside this, it serves a quality purpose and gives individuals better practice and performance. For the price, we highly recommend it if you want a quality design and simple product to use.

Made to last design.

Big T makes it easy to hit the best consistent putt.

Quality tour approved design.

Tour proven shape.

Ultra-thin stainless steel and X-pattern.

Quality feeling and exceptional alignment.

Different options available.


Few reviews online.

Not as high quality as others.

If you want a quality putter design, then there is no other brand that does it better than Callaway. Their value, their performance, and their overall designs are made to ensure maximum quality and bang for your buck. With that, they are known among one of the most premier brands in the industry when it comes to designs and aesthetics of products such as a putter. So, if you want maximum quality and performance, this is the brand to get!

With that, we want to share with our audience the criteria to evaluate. This criterion serves as our guidelines for which we determine the best products to consider. Since we have shared many different criteria for putters and clubs before, we are going to skip out the details and show our audience what to look for when it comes to buying a putter from this brand. With that, let’s begin with the criteria to evaluate the top ten best Callaway putters!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Callaway Putters

As the criteria to evaluate the top ten best Callaway putters, we want to say that this brand excels when it comes to quality. Therefore, it was very difficult to only share ten. However, we did so with a specialized criterion, that individuals will get to know below. So, without further wait, let’s talk about the important aspect number one!

Reviews / Quality

So, since this brand is highly touted and known for their premium quality products, there is virtually no product that has ever disappointed their audience base. With that, this is the first criteria, their audience base! We went on the search for the clubs with the best quality reviews. The reason being is that by reading the consumer reviews, we got to know the best products from this brand and what individuals like about each individual putter. With that, we want to summarize bullet points of what makes Callaway putters a consumer favorite club and product.

  • They are made for durability.
  • The grip is designed for maximum traction.
  • They are stylish and beautiful.
  • They come with a quality headcover.
  • They are made for value and longevity.
  • They perform outstandingly well.
  • They have innovative technologies.

With that in mind, reviews and quality was the first primary criterion that we took into consideration when it comes to our products!

Design and Style

A putter, a universally used club by every golfer, is designed not only for durability but for the style. As the last putter that a golfer uses on the course, a putter is made to impress as well. Therefore, design and style became one of the most important criteria in our book. With that, not only did we want to ensure a quality list of products, we also wanted to consider many different styles and overall designs.

Whether you like the more stealthy and clean cut Odyssey Hot Pro or the modern Odyssey 2017 Versa, their putters are all made to stand out above the crowd. With that, we wanted to ensure that design and style did not take precedent over durability, which is our next criteria.

Durability / Functionality

As the third criteria, we found that durability and functionality is one of the key factors to consider when it comes to this brand. With that, we found that durability and functionality are crucial to the overall design and ensure maximum quality performance for the individual. As far as durability, there is no piece in any of these putters that are made to be less quality or cheaper in design. With that, this brand uses some of the highest quality materials to ensure maximum performance and value. For instance, they use quality grips ranging from regular sized to large grips for better cushion. They also use quality shafts designed with masterful flex’s.

Alongside this, the most important aspect of a putter is the club head, and the heads are always designed for comfort and the best shot possible. Many benefits of their heads include better forgiveness, better impact points, better ball rolls, and overall a better quality design. So, if you want quality and performance, this is the brand to get.

Cost and Value

As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we found the cost and value to be an important aspect of choosing the top ten. The reason being is that their products are not necessarily the cheapest in the industry. The reason being is that this brand has long been known for producing some of the highest quality items available to date. You mention the name Callaway to any golfer and they distinctively associate this brand with quality. As far as cost, you can expect these putters to be priced well above a standard set of golf clubs for amateurs. Each individual putter can cost hundreds of dollars. However, the value is an unprecedented piece of craftsmanship that is made for performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Odyssey and Callaway?

A: This happens to be one of the best questions because people are often confused as to why Odyssey and Callaway are on the same list together. Odyssey is actually an acquired branch of clubs from Callaway. With that, individuals can expect the same design benefits from Callaway in the many Odyssey products they produce.

Q: Does this item come with a headcover?

A: As one of the key questions, we want to share that all of the putters above come with a headcover. For this price, most clubs from any brand come with a headcover as an extra measure of customer satisfaction.

Q: How do you clean a putter head?

A: To clean your clubs putter head, it is important to wipe it down with a rag and remove any excess dirt or dust from it. That simple!

Q: What is the importance of the length of a putter?

A: Putters tend to have many different lengths available. With that, the taller you are, the longer the shaft length the better. It minimizes any mishits as well any potential back or leg pain that can occur from shorter clubs.


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