Best Adams Golf Clubs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

We have talked about a wide variety of different golf clubs in this industry. The most notable names that individuals are used to are Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, and Titleist, because they run the gamut for the most innovative and ingenuity filled designs in the industry. However, at times there are specific brands that make an impact on the industry and get noticed right away. That is exactly what happened to this brand after the success of the Tight Lies Fairway Wood became a highly notable name because of commercials and infomercials in the industry. With that, names from Bill Rigers to Jack Whittaker have jumped on board the bandwagon of this brand.

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Tight Lies Fairway Wood
  • Tight Lies Fairway Wood
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Super S Club
  • Super S Club
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  • Red
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We are eager to share with you Adams Golf. If you are not familiar with Adams Golf is because they were primarily known for producing quality custom fitted golf clubs. However, in 1988 Barney Adams acquired the company and moved the headquarters to Dallas Texas, where they would forever change the name of the golfing industry when it comes to quality and performance. This is when Adams Golf was created.

With that, we went on a search to find the top ten best Adam’s Golf Clubs in the industry and we are eager to share with our audience the top ten best brand available today. Designed for masterful quality and overall craftsmanship, these golf clubs have been crafted from some of the best and top of the line materials in the industry for an overall successful design that is highly touted and noted. So let’s talk about the top ten best Adam’s Golf Clubs and what individuals can expect as far as designs, value, and performance.


10 Best Adams Golf Clubs


1. Tight Lies Fairway Wood

1. Tight Lies Fairway Wood
The first fairway wood and golf club on the list, we wanted to start with a quality product that is designed for endurance benefits and quality design. The Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood is a wonderful design that is both highly durable and trusted in the industry. Here are two features of this particular product that individuals can expect today.
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The Head Design

One of the best designs of this product is the larger impact area below the ball. This essentially means that this item is a low profile upside down design that is easy to use and high quality. With that, the design allows for better contact with the ball in a different level of endurance and magnitude.

Tri-Level Sole

This product comes with the brand’s signature tri-level sole design. This design reduces the overall amount of turf interaction that an individual will have with the product, giving headway for increased performance on the green. With that, it allows for better performance on the rough and on turf.

Cost and Value

It is important to note that high-quality specialty clubs will come at a price. Therefore, these are designed to be durable, functional, and also high quality. With that, they come in a variety of different flexes such as ladies, regular, and stiff. Alongside this, individuals can choose between right-handed performance or left-handed performance. On top of that, the loft comes in various degrees so individuals have the chance to choose their ideal range.

Tri-level design promotes better performance.

Reduces the amount of turf interaction.

Better on the rough.

The playability style is enhanced.

Perfect club to hit par 4’s and 5’s.

Great for seasoned golfers.

Quality technology and design.

Different loft sizes.

Different flex’s available.


Not enough for distance.

Takes a while to come up with consistency.

2. Super S

2. Super S
This next product is quite versatile in that it can be used as an iron and wedge. The overall design from this brand is well designed and allows for a better experience when golfing. With that, the increased characteristics and dynamic range allow for a better and more comfortable swing. Here are two features to consider of the Adams Golf Super S.
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New Level of Performance

The design of this product has a thinner and deeper crown slot. What are the benefits of this? Overall, the benefits of this design make it easy for individuals to have quality performance and an enhanced experience. With that, the crown slot is even more durable than before, allowing for longer shots and better distance.

Alignment and Design

The club head of this item is highly durable and also looks larger due to a specific design quality. The matte white color blend improved the overall clubhead design, allowing for a more comfortable and larger experience. The contrasting PVD face also improves alignment and allows for a better swing and distance shot. With that, the combination of these two features enhances player confidence.

Cost and Value

Now that we have talked about two features, let’s talk cost and value for this item. Overall, the design is very comfortable and the grip happens to be one of the best. With that, the ultra hot stainless steel design resembles more expensive and costly clubs, without the outrageous price. If you are new to the club game, then this may be the perfect club for you.

Different quality variations to choose from.

Super S has a new sole slot design.

Ramps up ball speed on impact.

Stainless steel clubface design.

Durable grip and well-designed shaft.

Left and right-hand orientation.


Can be hard to get used to.

The shaft is considered short.

3. Tight Lies

3. Tight Lies
This next club is a simple quality design for the new golfer that wants expert quality and benefits. The Adams Golf Tight Lies Club is fun to use and ensures better quality speed and forgiveness. Here are two features of this product if you are considering it as your next club purchase.
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Tri-Level Sole

As we said above, one of the best benefits of this product is the Tri-Level Sole. For instance, the sole design of the item reduces turf interaction which allows for better performance overall. With that in mind, individuals can expect a better impact on the ball and better distance when using this club.

Ghost Slot

This product comes with a specific design known as ‘Ghost Slot.’ The Ghost Slot design is a level of increased technology which actually hides the crown of the slot but keeps the overall benefits of higher ball speeds and better forgives.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we first want to say that it is better designed for amateurs that want to practice with a well-designed club. Overall, we recommend it as a great quality product with plenty of features. With that, this item even comes with various lofts and flex’s available.

Ghost slot technology is well designed.

Different loft and flex’s available.

Sturdy design and quality flex

Tri level sole for less turd interaction.

Better performance.

Better quality shot and distance.

Quality and expert grip design.


Not as high quality.

4. XTD Ti Driver

4. XTD Ti Driver
This next driver is also a high-quality product to consider if you want innovation and quality craftmanship. As product number for on this list by this brand, the Adams XTD Ti Driver is a fun driver for any occasion. The design is crafted with a durable grip and well-designed graphite shaft for better lightweight comfort. Here are two features to consider if you want a fun grip.
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Maximum Cut-Thru

The XTD driver is designed to offer some of the best cut-thru technology. The slots are made with a progressive thickness design that allows for the best maximum ball speed. With that, it also allows for a quality shot on on-center and even on off-center shots. With this, the design is very comfortable to use and trustworthy.

Includes Upgrades

This item is known as one of the most popular club heads. Therefore, why not come one of the most popular head designs with upgraded finishes. That is exactly what this brand did! This club is made with upgraded components that offer quality and enhanced craftsmanship. For instance, the grip is a new Iomic grip and the shaft is a new Matrix Ozik Red Tie quality shaft made for power and performance.

Cost and Value

Let’s talk about how much this product cost and what individuals can expect to pay as far as value. This product is designed with a masterful design that allows for better performance on the green. With this, the overall design ensures maximum cut-thru as well as ease of use. Overall, we recommend the design for its benefits and its overall value.

Cut-thru slot design with progressive face thickness.

Maximum ball speed on and off center shots.

Hottest face design in the industry.

Includes upgraded finishes.

Comfortable to use grip.

Durable design.

Quality reviews.


Lower clubhead speed.

New shaft is heavier than old shaft.

5. Red

5. Red
This next golf club has a unique design element and trademark design that allows for better ball speed and overall durability. The design allows for quality distance even on off-center shots. If you want a trustworthy club, we recommend the Adams Golf Red. Here are two features we want to share with you!
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The engineers of this product focused their attention on the overall versatility of the product. The versatility allows for better quality shots and a wide stance when using the club. Individuals can use this product for a wider variety of difficult shots and allows the golfer to hit them from all conditions on the course.

Patented Upside-Down Head

The design of this product is quite different than many other clubs as it features an upside-down design. This design brings the overall CG lower and promotes a better-quality confidence in the relationship between the player and the ball. With that, it is a well-designed product that allows for better and easier launch and greater demand from all off shots.

Cost and Value

The cost for this product happens to be a bit more than most we have talked about on this list for various reasons. For example, the design is more durable and the head is of better quality. With that, individuals can expect the product to promote an easier overall launch design and greater demand as far as value. With that, it comes with various flexes and loft degrees. However, the shaft is made from graphite for an overall quality experience.

Quality designed shaft material.

The focus is on versatility.

Smaller club head design.

Different flex available.

Trusted brand.

Close to five stars on all reviews.

Makes it easy to master your tempo.


Takes a bit to learn the design.

More costly.

6. Club Blue

6. Club Blue
This next golf club is designed for masterful players that want a quality design that is durable and also designed with unique features. Here are two aspects to consider regarding the Adams Golf Club Blue and what individuals can expect as far as design and performance. Here are two features to consider!
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The Shaft

This is a very unique quality to consider but the shaft of this product is considered a SlimTech shaft, which is slimmer and offers easier launch than many others. With that, the shaft is made from graphite, which is lightweight and more durable than many other products. We recommend it when it comes to a quality flex that is also lightweight.

Velocity Slot Technology

This item comes with a sole slot design that gives individuals better flex and more speed. With that, the larger area of the face is designed for quality and gives golfers even better performance than before. This level of technology enhances the overall speed and aerodynamics of the club when in motion.

Cost and Value

The cost and value for this item are one of the best when it comes to quality benefits. The reason being is that individuals can expect it to be highly durable and efficient as far as the design. With that, it is also a very durable club design that allows for better hits and distance, even on mishits. With that, it comes with two loft variations and two different flex’s.

Quality club head design.

Velocity slot for better performance.

Low back design.

SlimTech shaft is very durable.

Better launch quality.

Beautiful head design.

Five star reviews.


Only two loft degrees available.

Cheap headcover design.

7. Idea A12OS #4

7. Idea A12OS #4
This next product is known as the #4 and it happens to be a quality design that is considered highly touted. Overall, the price makes it into the amateur category, but individuals can expect the value to be well worth it. This is the Adams Golf Idea A12OS #4 and here are two features to consider if you want a quality club for your next golf game.
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Widened Sweet Spot

The design of this product has a design element that is commonly known among premium brands. This item comes with a widened sweet spot design. This widened sweet spot allows for better forgiveness and improved performance when it comes to the overall launch conditions. With that, it does not impact spin but will allow for better performance.

Spring Effect

This item has a spring-like effect face. This design is an energy-return design that functions with an overall quality spring effect that allows for the product to offer maximum ball durability and also ball function. With that, the spring effect allows for better launch and higher velocity and spin.

Cost and Value

To discuss cost and value, we believe that this product is highly durable and well designed for the price. It is a less costly choice for various reasons, but it allows for masterful quality function and overall performance. If you are a novice golfer looking for quality performance, we recommend this product.

Ultra-thin face design that makes it easy to hit.

Velocity Slot Technology for better forgiveness.

Better launch conditions through out.

Improves overall forgiveness and launch.

Widening the sweet spot design.

Higher launch without impacting spin.

Fan favorite club.


Not as high quality as other brands.

8. M2657503 Fairway Wood

8. M2657503 Fairway Wood
We are coming close to the end of our list and we want to share a fairway wood that is designed for a quality purpose and also perfect for the novice golfer that wants a quality design. With five stars throughout, this product is one of the most durable and best designed for speed shots. Here are two features to consider.
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More Flex

The design of this product has the velocity slot technology. This level of technology only enhances the overall flex of the product, giving individuals better feedback when using the item. Alongside this, it also covers the head a lot better with a larger surface area for better forgiveness and quality features.

More Spin and More Speed

The design of this product has a better spin and speed process than one would expect. Overall, the design ensures better spin and more speed because of a low and back design. Alongside this, it allows for easy ball launching off of the tee.

Cost and Value

The cost and value for this item are what make sit well worth it. For instance, the cost is actually not pricey at all, while the value is primarily found in the overall design. With that, it is better left for amateurs that want a quality fairway wood that does not have too many features, but it is highly supportive and designed for quality.

Velocity slot technology gives golfers more flex.

Better overall spin and larger forgiveness.

SlimTech shaft is durable and well designed.

Keeps the CG low and better spin value and consistency.


For amateur use primarily.

9. XTD Ti

9. XTD Ti
This next product happens to be the Adams XTD Ti, which is a quality designed club made for better quality performance and speed. If you want an expertly crafted club from this brand, this is the one to get. The Adams XTD Ti has very cool features and a couple of benefits we just have to mention with our audience. Here are two of them!
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Progressive Face Thickness

This design is actually the first from this brand that has a progressive face thickness design. This design is intended to offer better speed and better off-center hits overall. With that in mind, the thickness allows for close to 30% more speed and durability.

Trusted Design

This may be one of the most common and trustworthy designs in the industry. Overall the design is intended to offer maximum support value and quality. With that, the overall performance of the product is well designed and intended for everyday use and practice.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value for this product, individuals can expect it to be highly durable but also well designed for supportive use. Individuals can expect comfortable long-term use from this product overall. With that, this is the first that is designed with one of the most unique qualities of this brand. However, it is nowhere as expensive as other premium brands. With many variations available, it is a quality purchase to consider.

Different flex’s available.

Loft degrees will vary.

Two different hand orientations available.

New fast fit design.

Includes upgraded components.

Better club face for more spin.


Little reviews.

Not as high quality as other brands.

10. New Lady Fairway Sand Wedge

10. New Lady Fairway Sand Wedge
This item is a simple product with plenty of benefits. The Adams New Lady Fairway Sand Wedge is a quality sand wedge designed with comfort in mind. Individuals can expect this product to be well designed and offer excellent quality. The design overall is a graphite shaft that is durable and designed for comfort in mind. Here are two features!
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The Shaft Durability

This product has one of the best shaft designs and materials. It is a thin shaft made of graphite, offering excellent value for the design. With that, individuals can expect the shaft flex to be a ladies flex and offer maximum quality support for the design.


This item is also very highly durable. Although it is a simple sand wedge with a simple design, the grooves are high quality and the head is easy to clean. With that, it can quickly get any ball out of the sand and back into the game.

Cost and Value

We are highly impressed by the cost of this product. In fact, this item is known as one of the most affordable products in the industry, offering incredible value for the price. If you want a sand wedge from this brand, then this ladies sand wedge with golf design is the one to get.

Quality sand wedge design.

Nice club at a great price.

Great quality for the practice.


Not too much information online.

Now that we have shared a wide variety of different golf clubs, which one do you see more fitting and suits your style. Whether you want a quality driver or want a simple putter, this brand has designed many of their products with minimal details in mind and more on balanced performance and quality durability. With that said, share your thoughts below and let us know if you have used an Adam’s Golf club before. Before we move on, we want to share a fan fact that we did not share before. Adam’s Golf was actually acquired by TaylorMade in 2012!

Now that we have shared the top ten best products in the industry, we want to move forward and talk about the criteria to evaluate the top ten best golf clubs by this brand. Let’s begin!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Adams Golf Clubs

As our criteria to develop the best golf clubs with this brand, we are happy to share a wide variety of products made for success and performance. With that, we had to ensure the best quality products were shared. However, since this brand is not as highly touted as other more notable brands, our criteria is a bit more detailed than ever before to ensure the best quality products were chosen. With that, we want to cover everything from the overall quality, to the value and reviews, to the design, and the overall construction, as well as variety. With that, let’s begin with criteria number one!

The Quality / Customer Service

Although this brand has long been known for their excellent customer service and profound quality designs, we wanted to ensure that each aspect of the club was designed perfectly. This meant, observing the overall design qualities that make up each individual club. Since every club is individually designed with specific features for that purpose club, we wanted to ensure that no feature was overlooked or designed aspect with skipped out on. For instance, a putter has a unique design compared to a fairway wood. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that each product was designed and taken care of to the best of the construction quality.

Now, as another aspect of constructing quality that we took into consideration, we found that customer service is a key component in ensuring brand trust and overall respect between consumer and brand. With that, we also took into consideration the customer quality of this brand as well as their method regarding concerns and design structure of their products.

Customer Reviews

As one of the most important criteria that we consider when it comes to brands that we do not know much about, we found that customer reviews were an important factor in ensuring that the many products this brand offers were well designed. With that, it was our primary goal to only share products that were designed above four stars. We did find many online that did not have reviews or only had few reviews, but they were still quality reviews. Overall, this brand is trusted in the golf customer base and many individuals have touted that they are ideal for amateur players and seasoned golfers that want a quality product to use on the course.

The Design / Construction

This next criterion is common among many different golf clubs we have shared and different brands. The overall design and construction of a product is a crucial factor when it comes to the quality of the item. The reason being is that the design is as equally important as the construction and they both work hand in hand to ensure a quality product.

As far as design we found that this brand focuses primarily on simple designs. There is not one item that they offer that is an over the top item, unlike the Spyder Putter series, which is considered one of the most stealthy and unique items in the golf industry. With that, their designs are very minimal, simple and effective. However, their true value is found per construction. The construction of their items happen to be one of the best constructions in the industry when it comes to benefits and quality. The construction is sturdy, athletic, durable, and they have some of the best materials in the business. They use everything from graphite and stainless steel shafts to club heads that are precision cut and engineered for specific purposes.


As the last criteria that we took into consideration, we found a variety to be a crucial factor to consider when it comes to the overall list. Since we are talking about clubs in general, we wanted to ensure a wide variety of products, so individuals feel that they are getting a great glimpse and insightful look into the variety of this brand. With that, we were not only surprised by the variety of this brand but also by the different varieties within one product that they offer.

Take a club for instance from this brand. They not only have some of the best customizable features but they have such a wide and extensive variety of products ranging from loft designs to even shafts. With that, individuals receive a fully customizable experience when it comes to their products. Whether you want a shaft that is fiberglass or one that is made of stainless steel, they offer it. Whether you want a loft at twenty-two degrees or a lost at twenty-five degrees, they offer that too. With that, we were highly impressed by this brand’s ability to provide value, service, and also variety in a simple and neat package.

Now that we have shared four main criteria that we took into consideration when talking about our top ten best golf clubs and what to include, we want to answer some of the most common questions individuals may have when it comes to these golf clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a headcover?

A: This brand does not skip out on quality and they have designed all of their clubs with purpose. With that, to ensure the best quality safety measures, they even include headcovers with many of their purchases. Yes, specific clubs do come with headcovers. However, it is important to take into consideration the specific details of that club to ensure that the headcover is included.

Q: How do you clean your club heads?

A: This is very important! When it comes to quality performance, it is important to clean your club heads to avoid any potential dirt or dust between the club head and the ball. The way to clean your club head is either a ball washer bucket system, which we have shared before, or a simple wet rag and wipe it down. With that, for specific clubs that have grooves, individuals may have to clean the grooves as well with a grooving brush.

Q: What is the difference between a lady’s club and men’s club?

A: This question is determined by the specific club design. The difference between a lady’s club and a men’s club is determine by the quality of the club and the style. With that, the flex can be different as well as the length, either or. Take the Adam’s Tight Lies Fairway Wood, for instance, this club is actually designed for both ladies and men and the only major difference is the length of the club, with the lady’s club being shorter. This allows for a better stance and overall, better performance.

Q: What is the least heavy shaft?

A: When it comes to shaft design and weight, the shaft of a club will cause the overall club to differ in weight and performance. The design and material really matter depending on the individual, but overall the heaviest shaft material is fiberglass. Fiberglass is made for durability, but it is less heavy to ensure quality performance and easy use. With that, aluminum is also lightweight and the heaviest are stainless steel, wood, and steel.