About Golfoid.comThis web site is designed to help new players and those with experience find the best products to assist them in improving their game and their golfing experience. Here you can find recommendations, tips and reviews of some of the most popular and effective items on the market today for golfing enhancement.

The best gear for golf makes the experience getting to and around the course more comfortable. A more comfortable experience leaves your body at ease and eliminates excess strain that can affect your athletic ability. Being at ease just makes your game more enjoyable period. You can also find gear to help you work on your game even when away from the course.

We made this site to help you discover products you never knew of or to offer more insight on those you may have been curious about. Use the reviews and tips available here when shopping for new golf products to get the best items for your lifestyle and get the most for your investment.

As the creator of this site, Benjamin Franco welcomes you to a whole new world of insider knowledge about developing your golf game. He has played golf seriously since college where he first developed his own skill after years of watching his father play before eventually moving on to become a coach in the sport, and he has taught every level of golf player from the extreme amateur to professionals.

Aside from instruction, his main focus is researching and recommending gear and providing tips that help players improve. He sought to compile this information for developing players to find basic equipment that can make their game easier, and this site was born. He hopes players of all levels can appreciate how the right equipment can make your experience (and your skill development) much easier.

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