Best Golf Wedges Reviewed and Rated in 2017

Your golf ball is sitting 95 yards out from the hole, and the hole is below your feet.  This is way too close to use a Pitching Wedge, yet the Sand Wedge isn’t really the right club either to make this shot.  You go into your bag, and realize you don’t have any other club to choose from.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a wedge which would give you the proper amount of loft and distance, which you could control easily with how much backswing you took?  There are wedges out there which meet this specification, as well as other scenarios, and these wedge sets are available to you in a wide range of materials and cost.

best golf wedges

Within this buying guide, we’ll cover what goes into making a the best golf wedges sets and what makes each wedge within a set unique.  After this, we’ll review various different golf wedges which have been tested and are now ranked to help you know which ones are best.  After this, we’ll help you create a checklist of what you need to look for in order to find the right wedge for you and your needs.

With all of this in mind, let’s get started!

Our top 3 Picks

Wilson Golf Wedge
  • Wilson Golf Wedge
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 5 Angles
  • Price: See Here
Pinemeadow Golf Wedge
  • Pinemeadow Golf Wedge
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Max Loft
  • Price: See Here
Cleveland Golf Wedge
  • Cleveland Golf Wedge
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Steel
  • Price: See Here

What makes a Great Golf Wedge?

When it comes to finding the best golf wedges for your game, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.

Different Types of Wedges

The most common types of wedges you will find in any standard set are a Pitching Wedge and a Sand Wedge.

A pitching wedge is the strongest of any of the golf wedge clubs, as this club is best for any shots from within 115 to 140 yards.  Once you are closer than this, even though you can shorten your swing, the ball is harder to control from both a distance and loft standpoint.  A pitching wedge typically comes in a loft of between 46 and 48 degrees, meaning it will run a little bit more on you once it hits the green, or any other surface.

best golf wedges

Although the sand wedge is designed to be used for when your golf ball finds the sand traps, it can be used on other surfaces as well.  The distance for this club is between 80 to 105 yards when on the fairway – based on this alone, you can tell there is a lot of variance with this wedge.  The typical loft for the sand wedge is between 54 to 58 degrees; the higher the loft, the higher the ball goes vertical and has a chance of staying in place on the green when it hits.  Because there is less roll, this is a great club to choose when you need to stick the ball close and don’t want it to run.  However, because there is such a wide variance on both the loft and the distance, this golf club is very tough to master for every circumstance.

There is a wedge which is in between the Pitching and the Sand wedge – this is the Gap Wedge.  The gap wedge has a distance of 90 to 110 yards when striking the ball on a fairway and the loft angle on this wedge is between 51 and 53 degrees.  This allows you to strike the ball with a greater amount of loft compared to the Pitching Wedge, yet it can run the golf ball more than it would when you use a Sand Wedge.  This is a great secondary wedge to carry in your bag for when you play on a course which has a lot of par 4’s, as your drive will have a greater chance to land the ball in the 100 yard range from the green.

The last type of wedge is the Lob Wedge.  This wedge has the highest amount of loft compared to all of the different golf wedges, as its loft is between 58 and 60 degrees.  This will cause the golf ball to be more vertical compared to any other club, and it should allow your golf ball to stick exactly where it lands.  This type of wedge is great for approaches which don’t require, or won’t really let you, run the ball up towards the green.  Because there isn’t much run with this golf club, if you hit the ball short or long, then there is little chance of the ball getting any closer to the hole.  This club requires lots of practice and precision in order to master the full breadth of options this wedge can provide you while on the golf course.

Shaft Length and Grip

When it comes to finding the right wedge for you and your needs, another very important aspect is ensuring you have the right length of wedge, as well as making sure the grip is good for your hands.

When it comes to the right length, hopefully you have already figured out how to properly size your irons.  If you have not, here is what you need to do; stand in your normal stance with the golf ball on a flat surface.  Then, put your arms out to where they hang comfortably, and grab an iron and grip it.  If your hands are towards the top of the grip section, then you need to have longer clubs; if your hands are towards the throat of the grip, then you need to have shorter clubs.  Within any Pro Shop, they can typically adjust the shafts by a couple of inches in either direction.

best golf wedges

When it comes to finding the right grip, this is something which can be easily changed and adapted to ensure you have the same grip along all of your golf clubs.  There are many different types of grips available for you to choose from, so it really comes down to finding a grip which works well with your hands, and sticking to that grip for all of your clubs.  Most wedges have their own standard grip when you purchase them; however, the grip is the easiest thing to change out on any golf wedge, so if you find the right golf wedge with the wrong grip, just remember that this should not deter you from buying that wedge.  It doesn’t cost much to change a grip out, and it’s amazing what kind of an effect changing the grip has on your golf swing.

Shaft Type

Lastly, there are two different types of shaft types which you can have when it comes to your wedges.

You can have a Steel shaft, which is the heavier of the two types of shafts; this kind of shaft will allow you to hit the ball farther compared to normal, as the weight of the shaft allows you to have a heavier hit when you hit the ball square.  This kind of shaft is typically best for those who are a little bit stronger, and don’t need as much help in generating club head speed to hit the ball further.

However, if you need some help in generating some club head speed, then you should with the graphite shaft.  This kind of shaft is lighter compared to the steel shaft, meaning you can quicken your swing speed.  Because it is lighter, you have an easier time of manipulating a shot, especially when you are dealing with wedges and inexact distances from the green for each of your wedges.

Golf Wedge Reviews for 2017

We reviewed the best golf wedges available on the market today and rated each for quality and performance. Browse through our reviews and discover our favorite wedges!

Fourteen Golf Men’s RM-12 Dynamic Gold Shaft Wedge

best golf wedges

This golf wedge comes with a 58 degree loft angle, allowing you to hit the ball near the hole from any distance within 75 yards.  This particular wedge is designed for Right Handed Men, and comes in either a chrome or a black finish.  The blade is designed in a way to allow more weight of the club to be along the upper portion of it, so you can have a smoother stroke while having more control of the club and where the ball goes.  The clubface is enlarged, allowing you to hit a great shot even when you don’t hit the ball in the sweet spot.  You can find out more information on it by clicking the link below:

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Warrior 52 Degree Gap Wedge

best golf wedges

This Gap Wedge from Warrior has a 52 degree loft, allowing you to hit the golf ball solid from anywhere between 90 and 110 yards.  You can customize this club to where it can be for those who are either left handed or right handed.  In addition to this, you can determine the flex strength of the shaft in four different ways.  The grooves on the club face are V grooves, which allow you to have a greater amount of spin control with each shot.  The shafts are made from a steel material.  You can find out more information on them by clicking here:

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Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge

best golf wedges

Mizuno has this wedge available for you, which can be customized to a certain extent. It is for right handed golfers, and the shaft is made out of steel.  You can however choose from seven different loft angles you would like on your club, which can range anywhere from 52 degrees up to 60 degrees.  This flexibility allows you to create a wedge set with various wedge lofts, which will have the same groove and club head design, allowing you to get comfortable quickly with this set of wedges.   To find out more on this wedge, you can click on the following link:

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Tour Edge Golf 1 Out Plus Sand Wedge

best golf wedges

This wedge from Tour Edge is made for the right handed golfer, and has a loft angle of 56 degrees.  The shaft is made from a steel material, and comes with an extra wide sole, so you can easily dig your ball out of any kind of sand trap.  The head is designed in a way to where the weight of the club face is at the bottom of face, to allow you to spring the ball out of the sand.  The grip system gives you extra stability and wrist protection, allowing you to swing thru the ball easily and comfortably.   To find out more information on this wedge, just click on the link below:

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Ray Cook Golf Shot Saver Alien Wedge

best golf wedges

Ray Cook offers this model of Wedge for you, which is intended for those who are right hand oriented.  The shaft is made out of a steel material, and the loft angle is 56 degrees, meaning this is an ideal Sand Wedge.  The club head is larger than your normal club head size, and the way the head is adhered to the shaft, it helps keep the club from twisting as much during the swing.  To see if this is the right wedge for you, just click on the information found here:

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Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge

best golf wedges

Callaway has many models of wedges, including this S-Grind Wedge design for you to look at and choose from.  This wedge can be customized in many ways, including the hand orientation, as either a left-handed or right-handed golfer can use this model.  The shaft is made out of a steel material, but you can choose to either make the steel shaft stiff or more flexible.  In addition to this, you have eight different loft angles you can choose from, ranging from 46 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees.  The groove and grind of this clubface allow you to hit solid shots each and every time, no matter the weather conditions outside.  To check this wedge out and see if it is the right fit for you, you can click on the following link:

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TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred ATV Wedge

best golf wedges

This wedge option from TaylorMade comes in three different loft angles, including 56, 58 and 60, which makes it a great option as a Lob Wedge.  This wedge is intended for those who are right-handed oriented, and has a Steel shaft.  This club face has the highest amount of groove shape and sizes which are allowed by the USGA.  The club face has a satin finish, but is made from the same steel material as the shaft.  To find out more information, you can click on the link below:

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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge, Black

best golf wedges

Cleveland Golf has this model of a wedge, which comes with multiple options for you to choose from.  You can choose the hand orientation, where it is for a right-handed or left-handed player.  The Shaft material only comes in Steel, but the loft has a large assortment for you to choose from.  There are nine different angles, ranging from 46 up to 62 degrees.  This allows you to have a full and complete set of wedges while staying all within the same brand, allowing you to get a better feel for each wedge you do choose much faster.  Check this out and see if this is the right set of wedges for you by clicking here:

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Pinemeadow Wedge

best golf wedges

This loft from Pinemeadow comes in a black finish, and has a low weighted head to help you swing thru the ball cleanly and easily, allowing you to gain the maximum amount of loft as needed.  There are five different loft angles to choose from, including 52, 56, 60, 64 and the unheard of 68 degree loft.  This wedge is available to either left-handed or right-handed golfers. The clubface is also enlarged, helping you to hit a quality shot even when you don’t hit the sweet spot, to check them out and see if they are the right fit for you, just click on the following link:

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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

best golf wedges

Our number one rated golf wedge on this best golf wedges list comes from Wilson.  This particular model of wedge has many options to choose from, including hand orientation and loft angle.  Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, this wedge is made from a steel material, meaning it will stay durable thru the years.  There are five different loft angles to choose from, including 50, 52, 56, 60, and 64.  This large assortment of wedges allows you to build a complete set of wedges, and ensure you have the right wedge for every shot within 130 yards of the hole, you can find out more information on these wedges below:

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How to Choose the Best Golf Wedges for you and your Game

When it comes to choosing the best golf wedges sets for you and your golf game, there are certain factors you should take into consideration.  By doing this, you will create a checklist of what is most important to you, so you can determine which of the four wedges you need in your bag.

How Many Wedges do you Need in your Bag

As outlined before, there are four different golf wedges.  You have the Pitching, Gap, Sand and Lob wedge, each of which have a different distance and loft angle.  Although you could just say you need to have all four, in reality, you’re only allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag at one time.  If you have four wedges, and a putter, that means you only have room for nine more clubs within your bag.

Of the four wedges, the Pitching Wedge is typically the one which makes the most sense to carry as it is the most versatile of the four wedges.  It has the longest distance, which you can control with your backswing, allowing you to have the control necessary for any shot within 140 yards of the hole.

best golf wedges

After the pitching wedge, it is really up to you concerning which wedge is the most important.  With their varying yardage and degrees, you can determine which one is best for you based upon the type of golf course is your home course.  Here is a quick recap of each of the remaining three wedges.

  • Sand Wedge
    • Distance – 80 to 105 yards
    • Loft – 54 to 58 degrees
    • Although this club is decent for sand traps, it’s not necessary for sand traps, as the other wedges will perform just as well.
    • The large assortment of distance and loft sizes can make this club difficult to learn how to fully utilize, but it does give you the largest amount of versatility among these three wedges.
  • Gap Wedge
    • Distance – 90 to 110 yards
    • Loft – 51 to 53 degrees
    • Not ideal for when you are in sand, due to the low loft angle, but can be a great wedge for when you are in the fairway or the rough.
    • The longer distance capability allows you to have better control, but the closer you are to the green, the harder it is to gauge your backswing and power needed to put the ball close to the hole.
  • Loft Wedge
    • Distance – 65 to 80 yards
    • Loft – 58 to 60 degrees
    • An excellent wedge for when you need to hit a high arcing shot, especially as you are closer to the hole, as it will land the ball softly so it will not roll.
    • Depending upon how comfortable you are with your other clubs in the bag, this club will only be used sparingly. You’ll be glad you have it when you need it, but how often that is will be completely up to you and your style of game.  If you do not have many shots within 65 yards of the hole, then you should be able to survive using other clubs.  However, if you notice you have multiple shots in a round from within 65 yards, then it might be worth having this wedge in your bag.

Once you have determined which of these four wedges you will have in your golf bag, then you need to determine the length of the club, and ensure you change the grip to meet the rest of the golf clubs within your bag.  Not only this, but you should ensure that the shaft type is available for each of the golf clubs as well.  Not every manufacturer of golf clubs makes every single type of wedge – it is alright to with a different brand for your wedges, but you want the same feel throughout all of your golf clubs.  If you have steel shafts for your irons, but graphite for your wedges, it will throw the timing and the speed off, and your game will be inconsistent.  Bottom line is, ensure you have the same shaft size and type, as well as the same grip, for your wedges as you do for the rest of your golf clubs.

Hopefully with this best golf wedges guide you have found the perfect wedge for your game!

Decision Time

Having a good set of wedges will make your game more versatile, allowing you to use a little bit more creativity while on the course to help overcome some difficult shots you may encounter.  There are many options available to you with wedges, and you need to find the right combination of wedges to help you conquer each golf course.  Each golf course will present its own challenges, so you should know which clubs you are most comfortable with as you tackle a new course, and after you play it, you can make adjustments to your club selection so you can shoot an even better round the next time.

We wish you nothing but success on your next round of golf, and to have as much fun as possible!