Best Golf Drivers Review Guide in 2017

Using the correct golf drivers and golf equipment in general is the key to maintaining a consistent game. The tee box is the one stroke where you have to take advantage of the lie of the ball. Failing to utilize the first shot on any hole has the potential to determine your fate against making par.

We are here to be your “caddy” in your research for the best golf driver of 2017. We will present an overview of the top golf drivers and review each of them individually.

Our Top 3 Picks

With technology increasing in the golf word, a top golf drivers review must look at the total package offered within the model. Many of the best golf drivers today allow for the player to customize their golf driver to their standard game performance.

The ability to correct the most commonly faced poor golf fundamentals, thus increasing distance and accuracy of the drive, is a baseline for which the best golf drivers of 2017 are determined.

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme
  • Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Hosel adjusts the face angle to Open, Square or Closed positions to improve accuracy and trajectory
  • Price: See Here
Callaway Men's XR Golf Driver
  • Callaway Men's XR Golf Driver
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Produces maximum shaft load during the downswing loading zone for greater energy transfer to the ball
  • Price: See Here
Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815
  • Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • It has all the best driver technologies that we use for the lowest CG, forgiveness and a hot face
  • Price: See Here

How to Choose the Best Golf Driver

There are many steps that you can take to find the best golf driver to compliment your game and physical abilities. We all are unique human beings and what may work for one person, may not work for the next. Unless you are privileged enough to have the ability to have a golf driver custom built to your specification, you will have to sort through the manufactured options available and find which one is best for you.

The following tips offer you a guideline on what to look for when choosing your next driver. Overlooking, or underestimating, even the smallest of details could sacrifice success in the strongest of golf games.

Even if you are having a custom made driver built just for you, consider these areas before choosing your design.

Swing Analysis

If you are serious about your golf game, and truly want to make sure you get the best golf driver for you, take a few minutes and visit your local golf professional for an analysis of your swing.

When you are going to be investing money in a piece of equipment, it may be wise to make sure that the equipment you are getting is what you need as a golfer. Spend the time and money to get a computer-generated analysis. The data that a computer can provide is much more detailed and beneficial than the naked-eye analysis of even a professional.

What will you learn in an analysis, you may ask? Just for a start, you will learn your club swing speed, which is very important information as you read further into these tips. You will also learn what you club is doing at the MOI, or Moment of Inertia, or impact. Is it open, closed, or neutral? What’s the plane of your club face head? Where are your hands?


As you search for the best driver in golf for you, start by learning what you need to be in the market for. Get an analysis done.

The Data

Once you have completed an analysis of your swing, you will have a good idea about what golf driver you need to find to compliment your deficiencies. You will know what manufactured characteristics you need to search for in your golf driver, and which ones you can look over, if necessary.

Let’s take a quick look at the design options you will likely face.

The Loft

Each driver is manufactured with a built in loft angle on the club head. Off the tee, the goal is to get maximum distance while keeping the ball in the fairway. To do this, the golf driver is designed to launch the ball off the tee, at the moment of impact, and get it high into the air.

The speed of your swing is very important to know when determining the degree of loft you choose. The faster your swing speed, the lower degree you can safely go and still achieve the desired distance. Typically, over 90 miles per hour and up can complement a lower driver loft angle.

For those who are not as experienced with a perfected swing, a higher loft degree will assist you in getting more air under the ball, longer carry in the air, and ultimately more yards on your drives.

While loft ranges are typically 8 to 11 degrees, there are many unique configurations. Typically, try to find a loft between 9 and 11 degrees. To low of a loft will result in your ball flying low to the ground, relying on the roll to get your additional yardage. This can be problematic if you are on a course that is wet, or with slow moving fairway grass.

Club Head Size and Forgiveness


Let’s be realistic. Most of us are not skilled enough to overlook the fact that with each swing, we are rolling the dice as to whether we are going to hit the “sweet spot” and get the perfect drive. We are not consistent enough in our swing to guarantee success.

When looking for the best golf driver for your game, consider the “forgiveness” of the club, which generally means it gives you a larger “sweet spot” to hit. This allows room for error, not requiring a “perfect impact” to gain distance on your hit.

The larger headed clubs, which typically are around 460cc, will promote consistency for those of us who are average players. If you are looking for more control versus increased “forgiveness,” you can go for a smaller headed driver, but you will likely be sacrificing distance in exchange for that control.

Length Matters

When deciding on the length of the shaft for your new driver, it is important to consider what you ultimately need to improve your golf game. Are you out of control on your drives and need to reel it in? Or are you consistently in the fairway, but just struggling to get any yardage off the tee? Either way, the length will become a tradeoff between control and distance.

The longer the shaft length, the quicker the swing speed. It you are looking for more distance, increasing your swing speed may be the best decision for you, so get yourself a longer shaft. Speed equals distance. Club shaft lengths of 45 inches and up are generally considered longer clubs.

On the other hand, if your drives are crossing into the next fairway and you are in need of control, it may be wise to lower your driver shaft length. The shorter shaft that you are using, the more forgiveness you have for minor mechanical errors. The longer club is going to have more play in the head at contact, making it difficult to guarantee the club face is square at impact.

In the end, regardless of what you want, find the club length that allows you to play the best golf you can. While distance may look great in the moment, when your over-par score matches your longest drive yardage at the end of the day, a little control may be the best alternative to lower your overall score.

Wiggle Room


Another characteristic to consider when purchasing your new golf driver is the flexion in the club. Does it bend or whip during the swing, or does it stay rigid and stiff? Your swing speed, again, discovered through a professional swing analysis, will determine which flexion is best for you.

The more flex a driver has, the more it will bend with force during the swing. This “whipping” motion allows for increased speed and inertia at the moment of impact. If your swing speed is slower, the flexion will compliment your lack of speed, to produce longer distance drives.

There is a downside to be aware of, however. The more “play” that is present in the shaft, the more susceptibility there is to inconsistencies during the swing.

Opting for a more rigid driver shaft will give you more control and accuracy, promoting a more consistently straight drive, with less chance for an erratic miscue. When creating distance is not an issue for your game, looking for less flex may assist you in tightening up your game.


Technology has begun letting manufacturers create golf club drivers that are customizable to each player. With built in sliding weights, the player is able to disperse the weight at locations on the head to fit their golfing style.

Move the weight to the center to tighten up the sweet spot for longer distance drives, or put the to the sides for a larger “sweet spot” and more forgiveness for mistakes.

Drivers are also manufactured to allow the user to adjust the angle of the head, allowing for the loft of the club to be interchangeable, depending upon the player. Increase the angle to get the ball up in the air quicker, allowing for more carry, or lower the angle and let the ball fly lower to the ground and get more roll in the backend.

The Down and Dirty

Ultimately, find out what areas of your swing need assistance and look for a new golf driver that addresses as many of these needs as possible. Before you open your checkbook, take the models for a test drive. Pick the one that meets these requirements AND feels best to you. You will be in long relationship with your driver, and very dependent upon it… if it doesn’t feel right, move on to the next one. Don’t commit until you know it is the one for you.

 Top Golf Drivers Reviews 2017


♣ Men’s R15 460 Driver

golf drivers

TaylorMade brings the technology to the golf driver in their R15 460 driver. This top driver is manufactured with sliding split weight technology, which allows you to adjust where the 25 grams of weight is dispersed on the head to deliver the energy where you need it most.

TaylorMade produced this golf driver with four different degrees of loft off the tee, a larger sweet spot thanks to the new Front Track system, and a lowered center of gravity, promoting lower spin off the tee.

The R15 Driver also comes with a 4-inch loft sleeve for fine tuning of your game. Combining all these technological advancements, it is no wonder why the R15 is described as “our most technologically advanced driver ever.” amazon button 3

♣ Men’s AeroBurner Driver

golf drivers

This top golf driver of 2017 is just as it name implies: aerodynamic. With an aerodynamic shape to the head, a rounder toe, and raised center crown, this golf driver will increase your swing speed with its reduced drag.

With the sweet spot enlarged thanks to the new Speed Pocket, The Aeroburner driver will reduce the spin coming off the tee, giving you more leniency in those off-centered hits. The Aeroburner golf driver keeps its weight down with a graphite shaft, which comes in four different levels of flex: Regular, Senior, Stiff, and X-Stiff. Depending on the speed of your natural swing, these varying levels of flexibility in the shaft will allow you to match you swing speed with the right amount of flexion.

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♣ Men’s M2 460cc Driver

golf drivers

TaylorMade brings their maximum distance with leniency golf driver, the M2, to the table. With its “massive” sweet spot at all points of impact on the face, the M2 is developed with TaylorMade’s Inverted Core Technology and Speed Pocket, allowing for more freedom in off-centered hits.

The M2 golf driver carries a center of gravity low and to the rear of the head, minimizing ball spin and increasing the launch angle. As part of the M family of golf drivers, this TaylorMade driver offers increased distance, accuracy, and consistency off the tee.

The M2 graphite shaft comes in four choices of flexibility, including Regular, Senior, Stiff, and X-Stiff, to customize it to your natural swing speed.

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♣ Men’s M1 460cc Driver

golf drivers

If you are looking for a customized golf driver, the TaylorMade M1 may be what you are looking for. The M1 can be customized in multiple options allowing the golfer to create the perfect golf driver. Adjustments can be made for your desired ball trajectory and flight pattern.

The TaylorMade M1 design allows for personalization from the beginning with its options of stock shafts or no cost upgradable premium shafts. Continue your customization with multiple loft angles for both right and left handed golfers.

The M1 golf driver will have you feeling like a professional with the precision of this driver in your bag. With all the modifications available, this driver will feel as if it was manufactured for you by TaylorMade.

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♣ Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

golf drivers

If you are looking for length and leniency in your drives, The Callaway Big Bertha 815 may be your top golf driver of 2017. Using it’s RMOTO face technology, which allows for a lighter, thinner face wall, it increases ball speed on impact.

The Callaway Optifit allows you to make adjustments to your loft and lie angles to accommodate for your natural swing. Combine that with their patented adjustable center of gravity technology called Gravity Core, the Callaway Big Bertha 815 promises to maximize your distance gains.

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♣ Men’s XR Driver

golf drivers

Callaway brings swing speed to the front of the class in the Callaway XR Driver. Among the best golf drivers, this model encourages speed in the swing. From the aerodynamic head and crown, RMOTO technology face, to its Maximum Shaft Load, this driver is efficient in its aerodynamics.

The XR Driver also utilizes Callaway’s Optifit technology, allowing for 8 different adjustments in your loft and lie angles to the ball.

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♣ Men’s Big Bertha V Series Driver

golf drivers

The Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series comes with multiple components that set you up for longer drives. The lightweight shaft, aerodynamic design, and the OptiFit technology, where you adjust the club to your game, allows for increased distance, and control.

Speed is the name of the game with the Big Bertha V Series and speed equals more distance. As the newest golf driver in the Big Bertha line, the Speed Optimized Technology, combined with lower club head movement thanks to the High MOI, your drives will be longer and more forgiving.

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♣ RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

golf drivers

The Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme builds onto Callaway’s RAZR Fit driver. The Shot Shaping options of the Xreme will allow you to customize your club face angles, bias angles, and height differences. If you are looking to work on your trajectory and accuracy, this top golf driver will work for you.

Construction from lighter materials on the head allows for the wall thickness to be designed to improve accuracy off the tee. The Optic Fit Technology allows for open, closed, or squared up face placement to match your golf game.

The RAZR Fit Extreme will lengthen your drives and improve your accuracy with its built in technologies.

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Review of the Best Cheap Golf Drivers of 2017

The top cheap golf drivers are determined by the value of the club to the player with cost as a consideration. While not as technologically advanced as many of the more expensive top golf drivers in 2017, they still offer the player an opportunity to increase their playing ability using premiere construction design and function.

♣ Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

golf drivers

Adams Golf brings into play its Blue Driver for right-handed golfers. This golf driver promises to put the ball in the air with each swing. With the center of gravity positioned low and back, you will find more speed through the shot.

Adams Golf Velocity Slot Technology will help produce the speed through the swing and the SlimTech Shaft (.3” smaller than “other products) offers more “kick” and launch on impact.

Adams Golf Blue Driver, among the cheap golf drivers of 2017, comes in three flex levels: Regular, Senior, and Stiff, to suit all types of golf games.

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♣ Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver

golf drivers

With its oversized club head, at 500cc, Pinemeadow’s PGX 500 driver, provides the player with an increased sweet spot that is difficult to miss. While it is constructed to a size that exceeds the USGA legal head size, it is available to a recreational golfer.

The PGX 500 lowers the center of gravity, allowing for an increase in the flight angle and longer distances on the back end.

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Golf Drivers FAQ

♣ Q: Can I try a new driver before I buy it?

Chances are, you will not be able to swing a brand new club before taking it home. Unlike buying a new car, you will not be test driving the club off the showroom floor. However, don’t hesitate to ask if there is a used demo model available to test out before your purchase decision.

♣ Q: Should I buy new or used clubs?

Depending on your certainty about the right club for you, if you can find an inexpensive used model to try on the course, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity. However, finding a used model for sale that is the exact model you are looking for may be difficult. Also, make sure you check golf driver reviews and user ratings before making your final decision.