Best Golf Club Grips Reviews and Guide in 2017

best golf club grips

There have been many advances made with golf clubs over the last twenty years, which has brought in a whole new wave of innovation and comfort.  Between having the choice of playing with hybrids, to utilizing a graphite shaft and the enlarged head with your drivers and irons, there are more choices available to you concerning your golf clubs than any time in the history of purchasing golf clubs.  And while you might spend a lot of time researching the brand of clubs, or finding just the right clubs to fill your 14 club bag, there is one component which often gets looked over.  Which, is weird, since it the only part of the club you actually touch while in your swing.

This part of the club is the grip.

Most golfers tend to go with the grip that either comes standard on the golf club, or go with one that they think is best without actually trying various grips out.  There is a very large assortment of grip options available to you, all of which have different capabilities and allow you to feel the golf club in a different way.

Within this best golf club grips buying guide, we’ll review all the different types of grips available, and go into depth on what each grip can offer you.  After that, we’ll give you a review of the top 10 grips within the marketplace.  Then, we’ll help you narrow down your choices so you can find the best golf grip for you and your needs.

Let’s get started!

Our Top 3 Picks

Winn Grip
  • Winn Grip
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Usable
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Golf Pride Grip
  • Golf Pride Grip
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Rubber
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Pride New Grip
  • Pride New Grip
  • 4.2 out of 5
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  • Powerful
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What makes a Great Golf Grip

When it comes to finding the best golf club grips, there are a few different components for you to know about so you can make the most educated decision.


The most common materials when it comes to grip are thermoplastic and rubber.  Each of these materials has their own advantage.

A rubber grip provides a little bit of a harder grip, which tends to allow you to have a tighter grip on the golf club, because there is not as much flexibility within the grip.  Not only this, but it tends to be very durable, as it will hold up to the weather a lot better compared to other types of grips, especially when playing in more damp conditions.  Most rubber grips have a non-slip tendency to them, so even if your hands tend to be sweaty, a rubber grip is a great choice.

The thermoplastic or even a synthetic rubber material is a much softer material for you, which makes holding the golf club more comfortable.  Not only this, but there is a greater sense of feeling with each stroke of the ball, while also providing less vibration, so your hands do not feel the sting of any poorly hit shot.  In addition to this, this material offers up a tackier feel, so your hands will not slip while they are gripping the golf club, which is a solution to earlier models where golfers complained this material slipped within their backswing.

Size of Grip

When it comes to the size of the grip, there is a common theory out in the marketplace, which is normal sized hands just need the standard size of grip.  However, as more science has been introduced into the marketplace, there is a growing consensus that no matter the size of your hands, you should be tested to see what size of grip works best for you.  Because the right size of the grip is actually determined by the type of swing you have, rather than by the size of your hands.

There are five different sizes of grips available in the marketplace, including jumbo, mid-sized, large standard, standard and under-sized.  You might think that your hands wouldn’t work with a Jumbo or an under-sized grip, but this might not be the case.  Even if you are fitted for a grip, it is important that you swing a golf club using all five sizes of grips, but only after you figure out the type of material you want.  Once you know the material, it is easier then to narrow down the choice of which grip size is best for you and your hands.

It is very important to take this step, and here is why – studies have shown that having the wrong grip on your clubs could cost you up to five strokes every round.  This is due to the comfortability of the grip, as well as the speed and velocity you can swing the club, and the accuracy of the club by not having it slip in your hands.  There are not many things which are as inexpensive and easy to change out as the grips on your golf club which can deliver that kind of results on the golf course.

How often should you replace your grip


Perhaps you have had the same set of golf clubs for five years, and haven’t changed out anything on the golf clubs.  Which, there is no issue, but there is a standard which has been put into place for you to adhere by.  Because of the all the elements you will deal with, whether it is the scorching sun or some heavy rain, and even some sweaty palms or even any rings you might have on your hand while playing golf, all of these elements effect the grip and will wear it down.  Overall, grips should be replaced every 60 rounds, on average.

The grips are thinner towards the head of the club, and this is where your thumb has the most effect on the grip.  If your grip starts becoming loose, or seems thinner than normal, then you will know it is time to start looking to replace the grip.  If your thumb ever starts to slip on a swing, it will completely effect how the golf club will swing.  This errant swing will have your golf ball flying in the wrong direction, and will add more shots onto your round.  The one good thing about changing out a grip is that you do not have to do them all at once.  There will be clubs you use more often compared to others, and those are the clubs you need to really focus on first when it comes time to changing out the grips.

Best Golf Club Grips Reviews for 2016

We searched for the best golf club grips and compiled a list of the best ones for 2016!


Lamkin Golf Club Grips

golf club grips

These grips, which are made out of a synthetic and natural material, comes with a design in a crossline pattern.  This pattern allows your hands to gain a better grip compared to other designs, as the extra compound along the grip adds tackiness to the grip you wouldn’t otherwise have.

  • Pros
    • Crossline Pattern gives the grip breathability
    • Extra tackiness allows you to be confident when taking your shot
    • Comes in five different colors, including Orange, Blue, Black, Red and Teal
    • Surface will not allow your hands to feel the sting of a bad shot
  • Cons
    • Only comes in Standard and Mid-Size
    • Grips a thinner than expected, and can twist easily after some use

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Karma Neion II Grip Kit (13- Piece)

golf club grips

This kit allows you to ensure you have the same grips on all of your golf clubs, no matter if they are a driver, iron or a wedge.  This set is available in four different colors, and the design allows for a resistance to any slip while in your swing.  You will also receive a 4 ounce bottle of solvent to apply the grips to your own clubs.

  • Pros
    • Receiving a complete set allows you to have the same grips for all of your clubs
    • Available in Neon colors of Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink
    • Receive a bottle of glue and a vise clamp to apply grips yourself
    • Grips are resistant to any slippage during swing
  • Cons
    • Can’t buy only one, have to buy entire set
    • Only standard sizes

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Super Stroke Legacy 3.0 Putter Grip

golf club grips

A grip intended for your putter, it comes in seven different colors to allow you to match your own personality.  This grip is USGA approved, and used by PGA professional golfers to allow them to have a strong and durable grip on their own putter.  The grip is 10.5” long, so it should be able to fit upon any and all standard putters.

  • Pros
    • Cross Traction Material which increases tackiness as well as feel
    • Comes with glue and double sided tape, so you can install yourself
    • Available in seven different colors
    • USGA Approved
  • Cons
    • Can only be used for the Putter
    • Only comes in Standard Size

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Lamkin Right-Handed Training Grip

golf club grips

This grip is actually used as a training tool for women.  The design of the grip help women who are right handed to know exactly where they need to place their hands in order to properly grip a golf club.   This kind of grip is not regulated for use during an actual round of golf, and should only be utilized on a driving range.

  • Pros
    • Allows women to figure out where to grip the golf club
    • This is for right handed players
    • Helps create the ideal golf swing
  • Cons
    • Not for use with any of your normal golf clubs
    • Only comes in Black
    • Only for Women

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Winn Excel Soft Oversize Copper Grip

golf club grips

This oversized grip from Winn provides you with extra protection, allowing your hands to not feel the sting of any poorly hit shot.  Three is an extra amount of tackiness on the grip, which will ensure your hands do not twist or slip during your swing.

  • Pros
    • Oversized grip means the grip absorbs any extra vibrations
    • Made out of a Soft Polymer/synthetic rubber material
    • Classic design with a leather look
    • Great grip for those with arthritis or suffer from hand fatigue
  • Cons
    • Only comes in Large Standard Size
    • Available in only one design and color

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Set of Winn Dritac AVS Mid-Size Golf Grips

golf club grips

These set of grips comes in a pack of nine or thirteen.  These grips are made out of a rubber material, which means they will be durable and easy to grip.  They come in a normal design, in a black and blue color.

  • Pros
    • Available in a set of nine or thirteen, so you can fit any or all of your clubs so they have the same grip
    • Rubber design allows these grips to be slip-resistant
    • Comes with an oversize of 1/8” to allow the club to feel great within your hands
  • Cons
    • Only comes in Mid-Size
    • Not sold individually

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Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

golf club grips

Available in five different colors, this grip for your putter is USGA approved.  It comes in a 10.5” length, so it can fit most standard putters.  The design of the grip allows for both hands to have an equal amount of pressure, which makes your stroke even and smooth.

  • Pros
    • Has an extra layer of tackiness to ensure your hands do not move once they have gripped the putter
    • USGA Approved
    • 5” length allows it to fit most standard putters
    • Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green and Orange
  • Cons
    • Grip is only for your putter
    • Only available in a Standard Size

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Golf Pride New Decade Standard Grip

golf club grips

This golf grip from Golf Pride comes to you in five different colors.  It is made out of a rubber compound, with a slightly different feeling for both your upper and lower hand.  The upper hand portion of the grip has an added texture to allow for extra stability in your downswing.

  • Pros
    • Different textures for your lower and upper hands
    • Available in Gray, Blue, Red, Green and Orange
    • The feel of the grip allows for extra absorption so your hands do not sting
    • Helps increase power and reduce tension
  • Cons
    • Only available in Standard Size
    • Smaller opening does not allow this grip to fit all clubs

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Golf Pride Golf Club Grips Tour Wrap 2G

golf club grips

Available in up to six different colors, this grip has two different styles of texture for both your upper and lower hands.  The feeling within the grip provides you with the necessary confidence to hit every shot with the maximum amount of performance.

  • Pros
    • Available in Black, Blue, Red, White, Green and Yellow
    • Can be used for those who need a Standard and a Mid-Size grip
    • Made out of a rubber material
    • Will work on all of your golf clubs
  • Cons
    • Could twist easily on the club after longer uses
    • Become slippery when exposed to water

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Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

golf club grips

Available in all five sizes of grips, this grip is also available in seven different color combinations.  This tapered grip is made out of a synthetic material which means the grip will feel soft on your hands.  There is a slip-resistant texture added to this grip.

  • Pros
    • Can utilize this grip, no matter the size of grip you need
    • Comes in Grey, Blue, Grey/Blue, Grey/Pink, Navy Blue, Black/Blue and Black/Red
    • Shock absorbent material means your hands will not sting after a bad shot
    • Can be used on all of your golf clubs
  • Cons
    • Will absorb moisture when they get wet, rather than repel it
    • Re-Gripping process can be difficult

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How to choose the best Golf Club Grips for your Needs

After reading the reviews of the top 10 best golf club grips within the marketplace currently, you might be wondering how do you narrow down from all the choices which are available.  This list here will help you determine what your exact needs are when it comes to finding the right grip for your golf clubs.

Material – When it comes to deciding between the materials you need for a grip, you have a couple of different choices to pick from.  The main material choices are a rubber material, and a thermoplastic or a synthetic rubber.

The rubber material tends to be a harder material, which means that you will actually have better grip as it does not slip as much while in your hands.  If you tend to play in condition where it is a little bit more humid or damp, then having a rubber material for your grip is best.  Plus, it is a very durable material meaning it will last you for a long time.

The thermoplastic material, or synthetic rubber, tends to be a little bit softer.  This makes the grip more comfortable, but there is also more of a chance of your hands slipping along the grip.  Although manufacturers have attempted to change this perception by adding on some non-slip grip, which makes it stickier while in use, it is still slippier than actual rubber material.

If you have a fairly solid grip, then going with a non-rubber material should do you well.  If you have a grip which tends to be a little bit looser, than going with a rubber material is best.

Size of Grip – There are five different sizes of grip which you can choose from, which are jumbo, mid-sized, large standard, standard and under-sized.  Although you might think that the size of your hand is what determines which size of grip you should go with, this is not actually the case.  Most pro shops will measure your hand, and then put you into that size grip.  If you have this done while you are attempting to find new grips, you need to stop them and ask to see clubs that have all five size grips.

If you measure for one size, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best grip size for you.  Once you have decided on the material, then you should take a five-iron of every size grip, and take four to six swings with each club.  From this, that will determine the best grip size for you and your hands.   Because it really does not come down to the size of your hands, but the type of swing you have.   The grip is the only portion of the club you hold throughout the round, so you need to make sure it fits and feels proper to your hands.

Color and Design of Grip – Once you have figured out the material you want, and what size the grip should be to maximize your performance, then you get to decide what color and design you want on your grips.  This is the portion of the assessment where you get to show your personality off by choosing from a large assortment of colors which are available.  The color of the grip does not really matter when it comes to the performance of your swing.

In addition, you can have a grip which has a design, if you’d like.  You can choose from a grip which is just a plain color, or it might have a diamond design.  You could choose one with an animal on the clubs, or you could choose a different design for each subset of clubs.  You have the choice, as there are a myriad of options available to you to choose from.

Decision Time

Hopefully thru this best golf club grips buying guide, you see the importance of grips to your golf swing.  With numerous studies showing you could shave between four to six strokes off your score every round by having the proper grip, this is a very low cost way of increasing your productivity while on the golf course.  It does take a little bit of time, as you need to take around twenty-five swings testing out each grip five times; but, practicing for twenty-five swings to help save five shots over each round seems like a great trade off.

Once you have decided on your grip and size and design, we wish you nothing but luck and success on the golf course.  Please write to us and let us know all about your new grip, and how it is helping you out on the golf course during each and every round!