Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviewed

You have just arrived to play your round of golf with your buddies, which you were only able to pull off by guaranteeing you would be able to play a full round under four hours.  The only way to make this happen is by utilizing a cart, so you can get around the golf course faster.   However, when you get to the pro shop, they tell you all the golf carts at the clubhouse are out of commission.  Why is this, you ask; it is because all of the batteries are dead.

Whether you own your own fleet of golf carts, a single golf cart or want to ensure your local golf course does not run out of golf carts due to inoperative batteries, we have written this buying guide for you to review.  Within this guide, we’ll go over the various types of golf cart batteries, and what makes the difference between a low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade golf battery.  In addition to this, we’ll offer you reviews of five different models of batteries in the marketplace today.

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Our Top 3 Picks

  • TROJAN T1275
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to charge
  • Price: See Here
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent maintenance
  • Price: See Here
  • ML35-12
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High rate of discharges
  • Price: See Here

What makes a Great Golf Cart Battery?

Within the marketplace, there is a large assortment of batteries available which can power numerous types of electronics and vehicles.  You have smaller batteries, like AAA, D and 9V batteries.  There are also batteries which can help power a car, truck or a semi-truck.  In order to power a majority of golf carts, you need to use a 6, 8 or 12-volt battery.  However, not one single battery will operate a golf cart.  Most golf carts are comprised of a collection of between 36 and 48 volts, using a combination of the different voltage of batteries.  The housing for a golf cart battery is very similar to that of a car battery, where the batteries are all comprised within one place in a large plastic container.

What makes these batteries different are that they are known as deep-cycle batteries.  Most batteries in the marketplace are not deep-cycle, as they tend to just get off an initial charge in order to get your vehicle or device going.  However, with a golf cart, because of the numerous starts and stops that one makes while playing a round of golf, it is necessary to have one which can handle a lot of charges and discharges over a period of time.  Without this component, the golf battery would quickly die, and would need to be recharged more often.  Plus, it would be possible that more golf carts would die while out on the golf course, which would make players more frustrated during a round.

As with most batteries, how often they are used determines how often they need to be replaced.  Not only this, but the quality of the battery you purchase determines how long it will last.  The more inexpensive the battery, and the more often it is used, the quicker it will wear out.  A golf battery should last at a minimum of two years, but could last up to seven years.  Although it might be tempting to keep a battery for longer than seven years, it is recommended that you replace a battery at the seven year mark.  This way, you can be assured the battery will not fail on you during the most inopportune time.

Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Are you looking for a good quality golf cart battery? We reviewed the best golf cart batteries available this year and rated each for quality. Check out our top 5!


Trojan T-105 6V Golf Cart Batteries

best golf cart batteries

Trojan is one of the most well-known and trusted brands within the industry.  This deep cycle battery is made up of a collection of 6-Volt batteries.  The battery comes to you fully charged, and you only need to check the water level of this battery once a month.  It should be noted that you should only use distilled water within this battery, to ensure longevity and proper care.  This battery is meant to be used often, and is ideal for golf courses, as it is a durable and long-lasting battery.

  • Pros
    • Well-known brand
    • Arrives to you fully charged, so you can pop it in and be ready to go
    • Very durable, meaning it will work when you need it to
    • Easily check the water level as needed
  • Cons
    • On the higher end of the budget for acid based batteries
    • Battery does not come packaged, and are heavy

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Trojan T-875 8-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

best golf cart batteries

This golf cart battery from Trojan is well made, and comes from a very trusted source.  This battery pack has a capacity of up to 48 volts, as it is comprised of six different 8-volt batteries.  The water source is very visible and easy to see, and will allow you to check the maintenance level as needed.  This battery is very durable, and will last you for a very long time.  The 48 volts of power will ensure your battery will provide the amount of power needed to get thru any round of golf.

  • Pros
    • Will arrive to you fully charged, so you can plug and play this battery into your golf cart
    • Long-Lasting and Durable, so you can feel confident in its ability to perform as needed
    • Dependable Brand
    • Powerful Battery will provide you with the necessary power each and every day
  • Cons
    • Batteries are very heavy
    • Very expensive option compared to others within the market

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ML35-12, 12-Volt AGM Battery, 2-Pack

best golf cart batteries

When you purchase this AGM battery, you will receive two batteries within the package.  This allows you to have a spare for when the original battery outlives its usefulness.  This AGM powered battery has a very high rate of discharge, while also providing you with a recovery that is very deep.  This allows the battery to perform at a high level for a long period of time.  This battery can operate while in any position while also resisting vibrations and shocks.

  • Pros
    • Can operate at its full potential whether in cold or warm temperatures
    • Maintenance free, and can recharge as often as needed during its lifetime
    • Very high rate of discharges available within each charge
    • Easy to Charge
  • Cons
    • This package is the batteries only, no mounting hardware or wires
    • Best for use with Gas Powered golf carts only

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Universal Power Group 12-Volt AGM Battery, 4-Pack

best golf cart batteries

This 12-Volt battery from Universal Power Group will allow you to power any golf cart which needs be run with either 36 or 48 volts.  Because it is made out of the AGM material, there is very little maintenance which needs to be performed with this battery on a regular basis.  This battery is very durable and long-lasting, and will perform at a high level for a long period of time.

  • Pros
    • 4-Pack of batteries will ensure you have the same kind of battery for all the units you need power for
    • AGM material allows you to feel confident in the long-lasting and durable power it will offer
    • An excellent maintenance free option
    • Delivers a high rate of discharge when needed, and will perform numerous times during each charge
  • Cons
    • Each battery weighs close to 100 pounds
    • Comes with only the battery, you will need to purchase the mounting kit and wires separately

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Trojan T1275 12-Volt batteries, 4-Pack

best golf cart batteries

This deep cycle battery from Trojan is a 12-Volt battery with deep discharge capabilities.  Because this is based upon an electrical component, there are no flammable gasses or fumes coming from the battery.  The charging time with this battery is very quick, which will help ensure you will have batteries which are ready to go when the time is right.  Although most batteries typically will last for only up to seven years, because of how these batteries are made, these will last for up to ten years.  This longer life will help reduce the overall yearly cost for these batteries.

  • Pros
    • Has a very long life, as each battery can last for up to 10 years
    • 4-Pack of batteries will ensure you have the same type of battery with all of your components which need 12-volt batteries
    • These batteries are easy to charge, and will charge quickly
    • Will not combust due to any fumes or gasses
  • Cons
    • Only comes with the battery; there is no mounting hardware or wires
    • Cost is very high in comparison to other batteries within the marketplace

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How to Choose the Right Battery?

When it comes to picking out the right battery for you and your needs, you have a large assortment of choices in which you need to narrow down.  The first choice you need to make is if you want to purchase a new or a used battery.  Although a used battery is much cheaper in price, there is not sure way to know how much life is left in the battery.  With a new battery, you have an approximation of how long the battery should last for, although there are no guarantees with this.

If you have decided to go with a new battery, then you need to look at various aspects of the new batteries to see which one will be the best fit for you.  There are batteries which are made out of a Gel material, as well as an AGM (absorbent glass mat), both of which are free of maintenance.  Another type of battery available is one made out of a lithium material, which does not utilize the deep-cycle technology.  This is a very new technology within the Golf Cart batteries, which means there are some issues with the battery which need to be worked out.  Most of these batteries have not had one full cycle yet, so you can’t tell for sure how long they will actually last.  You can also look for batteries which offer you different features, like how long does it take to recharge, and how efficient is it when it comes to recharging.  How many times can it discharge before it needs to be recharged?  Can you check the water level within the battery easily, or do they have this part of the battery concealed?

Another aspect you can consider when it comes to taking care of your golf cart battery is using different additives to help extend the life of the battery.  By utilizing additives, you can help keep the amount of corrosion down on the battery, which will help extend the life.  You can also ensure that the charging cables are fully secured on the battery, ensuring you have a full charge each and every time.  Lastly, when a battery is not charging, you might not need to replace the entire battery.  It is worth your time to look at all the possibilities, including replacing the cables and connections, and ensuring that they are all properly secured, as well as ensuring your charging station works properly.


When it comes to finding the best golf cart batteries, there are many options for you to choose from.  There are many ways for you to narrow down your choices, depending upon what you are looking for.  Once you have thinned down the choices, then it will come down to personal preference, as well as figuring out the right cross section between performance and budget.  Another aspect to consider is knowing how many volts you need to power the unit you need the battery for, and seeing which battery will provide you with the power necessary to move the golf cart that you have.  Once you have purchased a new golf cart battery, please let us know which one you chose and how well it performed, so we can let others know.  Thank you for reading this guide and good luck on finding the right golf cart battery for you and your needs!